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Seduce Me
Chapter One: The Sensations

by Anonymous

I heard him come in and it started again.

"Hi, mom. How's it going?" he said as I heard him sling his backpack onto the kitchen table, and come up behind me at the sink. He put his hands on my shoulders and leaned around to peck me on the cheek.

"Fine sweetie, how'd it go today?" I replied turning to face him, immediately feeling the charge from his presence and touch, despite the fact that his hands fell away as I turned. Bravely, or perhaps inquisitively, I looked into his lovely hazel eyes and saw them sparkle, as the feelings began again.

Somehow, lately, I was getting these very strange thoughts, and urges whenever he was around, and sometimes when he wasn't. To all intents and appearances, it was all quite innocent, but I was becoming more and more unsure.

"Okay, I guess, but I sure get confused by things."

I kissed him on the cheek, fighting the urge to kiss his lips, and said, "why don't you sit down and I'll get you something to eat and drink, and we can talk about it."

He grinned, and said, "gee thanks, that would be great," and I watched as he turned to drop into a chair at the kitchen table.

I went to the refrigerator and, looking inside, couldn't help but bend over, thrusting my hips and bottom in his direction, knowing I was tempting fate, or myself, or him...while the sensations grew.

Lately, the strangest images were floating in my mind whenever he was near. It started a few weeks ago when, as he was often wont to do, I let him rub my shoulders while I washed dishes in the sink. I think it was his way of saying "thanks" for a good meal, when he wasn't doing the clean up himself.

I was completely relaxed as only he could manage, when all of a sudden I had the sense that his hands were on my breasts. It wasn't so, because I could still feel them gently kneading my shoulder muscles, but the intense "impression" that he was cupping my breasts and rubbing my nipples was shocking to say the least. I'd shaken my head to clear the thought and he'd taken that as an indication to stop, and had withdrawn. But even as he left the room and I finished up the dishes, I couldn't stop the tingling that was spreading throughout my body.

Later, as I was helping him with his homework, leaning over the desk where he sat, another "sensation" struck me. I watched his hands on the desk, holding a book and pencil, but "felt" a hand sliding up my leg from behind, slipping fingers between my thighs, until they caressed the lips of my vulva through my panties. My knees almost buckled at the perception and I had to hold the desk to avoid collapsing. He seemed completely unaware of what I was going through, even as the "sensation" of a hand continued roaming under my dress and I "felt" the fingers slide across my bottom, dipping into the crevice between my cheeks, caressing my bum hole until it tingled outrageously. My entire lower body was afire at the "imagined touch" son?

And, on another occasion when I'd let him rub my shoulders as I did the dishes after dinner, I again knew his hands were gently attending to my shoulders but "sensed" fingers sliding down and around my bottom, cupping my cheeks and slipping in between my thighs. Even when I knew he was rubbing the back of my neck and not touching me anywhere else, I nonetheless "perceived" hands sliding around my hips, onto my stomach, tracing downward to gently caress and mingle in the triangle of pubic hair over my mons, while...what seemed like his hard penis rubbed between the cheeks of my bottom.

Even when I moaned, and whispered "thanks baby, that feels so good to these old muscles" and slid slightly backwards towards him, he stepped back so we avoided actually touching, except his hands on my shoulders. That movement was enough however, to break the reverie and I'd said, "but I'll never get these dished done if you keep it up" and he'd retreated...again.

And then there were the "touches" when he was near. That started, for real, a couple of years ago. Since room in the house was tight, there were always those occasions when we'd be standing close or going in opposite directions, and I began to notice gentle, timid caresses. First my bottom began to get "brushed." Every so often, my breasts would get a little "mashed" as we passed each other in the narrow hall or kitchen. And then, a couple of times, I felt him ever so briefly stroke my pussy mound when we stood close to each other.

But now, he could be sitting at the table on the other side of the room and I could still "feel" fingers sliding across my bra to gently squeeze my breasts and rub my nipples. More than once it seemed a hand would "rub" against my bottom, or fingers would "trace" the outline of my panties and "slide" along the valley between by cheeks, and I'd turn to see it was only my imagination. Every so often I would get the "impression" of my panties slowly sliding off my hips and down my thighs, revealing my love nest, and I'd stop and look to make sure I was still properly dressed. More and more in my own day dreaming, I was ever unsure if I was dressed or not, or if I'd remembered to put on a bra, or panties, and would pause to check. But even then, though sure I hadn't undressed myself (for some reason), I couldn't stop the tinkling sensations that often made me damp, no, wet... Nor could I stop the occasional thoughts of sexual play, or all its manifestations.

And it was getting worse. Now every so often, even when he wasn't around, the brief thought of his kisses on my thighs began to appear in my mind. More than once, I found myself wandering into the thought of him massaging and sucking my breasts, only to realize my nipples were quite aroused, and wanting attention. All too often of late, I'd pause in what I was doing to let my imagination ever so briefly wander away with the picture of him sliding slowly up from the mists of my mind until his tongue "slid" between my vagina lips and "tickled" my clitoris. And at least once, in the quiet of my bedroom, as I succumbed to self ministration, the image of his hard cock replacing my finger, sliding in and out of my hot and needy pussy, made the resulting climax far more real... almost fulfilling.

And now, as I moved about the kitchen preparing his snack, I felt the excitement growing to an alarming level. I was constantly aware of my entire body tingling nipples growing aroused as they rubbed inside my bra, my breasts feeling heavy and full, wanting the massage of his fingers, my pussy lips beginning to dilate and moisten, my bottom excited by the thought of his "touches," my thighs brushing each other as I squeezed them together to keep the juices from flowing, my bottom cheeks tensing at the thought of his penis rubbing against them, intent upon sliding up into me.

Finally, after putting a sandwich and soda down in front of him, and sitting down on the other side of the table, I asked, "so what's so confusing?"

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