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by Dingo164

I didn't really want to leave my friend, Mary-Beth, alone back at the folk's house. But I knew if I didn't I wouldn't be able to explore more of what life has to offer. Besides, she wanted me to go. Said that she would blame herself if I didn't go after what I believe in. Explore the world over.

After I had purchase my bus fare to Hollywood, I begin to feel the tension mounting, soon after I made my grand entrance inside the long gray bus with a dog on each side, chasing after something I had no control over. Eyes became more evident of what I have become. Straying and straining of what I had on under my tight, black leather skirt Mary bought me two days before my departure.

Planting my firm ass at the rear of the bus where I soon listen to the eerie sound the bus made just before we left the depot. Figuring out what Mary meant when she said, "You will be a star someday." Due to the roaming eyes of the sea, seated directly across the isle that seems nervous, but ready for action, at any price. As I study the blankness on his Italian face and the perky tent forming in his loose trousers that seemed fashionable for any occasion.

Eyes were getting lazy. Tired and weaken by this gentlemen's casual stares which he would casts, from time to time. In the general direction of my matching leather vest and eventually down onto my lap where I begin to perspire. Even when I close my eyes I can still see him looking over at me. Thinking out loud, of how many ways he could perform oral sex with me.

Trying desperately to rid these thoughts racing through my mind, visions of how I would want him to stroke my pussy, or directions in which my bosoms should be rotated once day turns into night.

Traveling these highways, back- roads, and back onto another route. Feeling faint and fruitful as I would awaken from a brief nap in a cold sweat and glance over my shoulder to his swelling I simply couldn't avoid not seeing...anymore!

"Miss. You ride alone?" He asks, studying the opening of my vest as if he yearns to taste the perfume, Mad Passion, from my irresistible breast size that captures his romantic lids to such perfection.

"Yes. Ah, all alone." I reply. Finding myself Staring down onto his enormous bulge, full of life, that made my knees tremble and mouth dry of such envy. Not to mention my wet pussy craving his obnoxious shaft, which makes me, tingle to the thought of me climbing aboard his vessel. Figuring out a way to examine more of him without anyone else noticing where my radiant eyes were yearning to be at, this very moment. Then realizing he was taken, from the silver ring on his finger, knowing I wouldn't like it if my spouse were to engage another member of the opposite genre. But he was different than most men I have been with. Charming, inventive, and so polite with his words. Tone that encourages me to jump his hard boner or simply direct his attention to my sheik slender legs that I unconsciously begin to expose the harder his eyes were, looking, taping into my well of life.

"I think you're a beautiful creature, Miss." He says. Again gazing atop my breasts and down onto my orchard that I wanted so desperately to give him. And reside the role of Juliet.

"Thank you. You're a true gentleman." I said, worshiping him with my eyes, like he were some prince out of a fairy tale.

(2 hours later)

I had woken from a nap when suddenly I broke out in hives. Shifting my eyes over to see him sleeping, but to my surprise wasn't sleeping at all. But rather stalking me in the dark, figuring my eyes were still shut as he had taken his vital organ from his britches and masturbates while gloating over my affectionate torso. Damn! He made me so horny that I began to finger myself under my squeaky skirt, posing as a bimbo, whore, when my back fell against the window and my legs tossed over the outer arm rest where I watch him jack-off while his beady baby-blues were all over me. Especially under my leather where I'd lured his eyes to with my foolish behavior this stranger couldn't seem to get enough of my hair womb. Posing a threat to his bodily functions when he read my lips that were say, "Do you want to eat me?" Using my finger as a guide.

Nodding as he shifts his eyes all around the restless sleepers and those that were snoring that I could use to our advantage.

Suddenly this stranger was all over me. Rubbing my hairy puss. Kissing my lips as he slid the muscle inside me. Soothing the anxiety in my bosoms with such massaging effect as I went down on him to enjoy the lusty cherry knob that excites me into not just any raging affair. Giving him my all, and he delivering what my body had craved, since our eyes met.

"Umm." I gestured. Feeling the excitement in his strokes while I thrust upwards as to try and regain control over this mad man interested in my, now, soaked pussy that begs him not to stop until I finish fucking his cock raw. Raging in fear and pleasure as I sent my taste buds down his throat, and we on the floor, rolling around, scooting me up the isle with his shaft pumping like two twin engines.

Feeling good inside when I grasp hold of the chair leg behind me. Anticipating such a surge that made us both cum instantly.

"Oh, let me suck the cum off your rod." I said, with sweat dripping down the opening of my vest.

Returning to his seat as I fell to my knees and took him into my mouth. Scraping the flesh with my teeth. Tonguing the head. Teasing his large balls. Bobbing up and down slow at first. Then sucking it viciously until I felt him squirt down my windpipe, as I grew even more excited when I looked from his enormous cock and up to his facial expressions that made me tingle all over again. Knowing I was turning him of with each gulp of his heated climax.

"Umm, did you like that?" I said, seductively.

"Yes I did enjoy your mouth locking my cock between your teeth." He answers, after a third gasp.

Slithering up between his legs until I was aroused by his tight grips on my exposed teats. Retaliating as I lower myself down onto his slippery cock and begin yet another type of sex therapy that consists: one pussy, one dick, and a smile. Smile that answers my question of, "Was I good?" Answering with suttee, "Oh yeah!" That made me go down on him again.

Suddenly the bus came to a halt. So I quickly dismount him and returned to my seat where I ask him, "Are you"

"Oh yeah." He said, as I study where his left hand was. Indeed getting himself off right before me. Before he retreats from the bus, knowing I will never see him again.

Two more hours before we arrive in Hollywood California. When yet another night was vastly appealing to me. Especially after a young lad, 18, captures my attention in such a selfish way. Like I wanted his virginity. Bury his blushing face between my knockers that I allow his eyes to venture to, just before we were to exchange buses, taking him into the ladies room and raping him on the floor. Knowing I only had ten minutes to get-him-off before the bus pulls out.

"Lady, I don't won't it." He cried.

"Too bad baby...I do!!" I said, pinning his arms out over his head. Thriving on the kids expressions as I raise up my skirt to allow his brows to rise, along with something else, as I leant over to kiss him softly while I inject his small penis inside my pool of riches and screw him until he cries, touches my breasts, and says my name, "Kathleen" and tells me I am the best lay he will ever encounter.

"Ok, you can leave now." I said, waiting for him to rush for the door. Then reaching out to grab him by the collar and plant his near nude body against the chilly tile wall where I fucked him again. Except this time with a small audience at our back.

"Way to go kid." One guy shouts, as he storms out the door. Leaving me fulfilled as I chuckle all the way back to the bus that was about to shove off.

"I'm ready now sweetie." I said, running the back of my hand across the elderly driver's cheek as I pass by. Where I stalk yet another prey, handsome guy, straight ahead, and looking good. As I lick the gloss from my heated chops.

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