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Saturday Night Thoughts
by wolf

I worked the mid shift at the plant. By the time I came outside it was snowing. Cursing to myself, I straddled the seat of my Bike, started it up and left the parking lot, carefully. Luckily the snow was not sticking to the pavement.

I thought to myself, "Happy Birthday"

I headed for the club where I was supposed to meet Sara. I was looking forward to dancing close, real close. I was also thinking about later, after dancing. My mind took me to three nights ago, the first time we fucked. She was 6 years younger and had a body to die for.

She had taken me by surprise. I had just gotten home from work and taken a shower. I put sweats on and was relaxing a little before bed when the knock came. I answered it and there was Sara in her bathrobe. (Sara lived upstairs from me in the apartment building) I invited her in and we sat on the couch, watching TV and talking.

Sara playfully snuggled closer and teasingly stroked my thigh. I grabbed her hand and told her to stop before she got herself in trouble. She laughed and lifted her face to mine and kissed me deep.

Not one to waste an opportunity, I kissed her back, long and soft. Pulling her close, I kissed her deeper and harder. Sara slid her tongue in my mouth as she wrapped her arms around my neck. At the same time pushing me backwards on the couch.

I went back pulling her on top of me, our mouths never parting. My hands slid all around her back and into her hair, touching stroking, kissing. She was kissing me deep, then all over my face and neck, driving me wild. My cock was rockhard. It felt like it would explode before it was even touched.

I looked Sara in the eyes and asked if she was sure she wanted to do this. She had broken up with her boyfriend a week ago and I did not want to start something that was not going to get finished.

To answer my question, Sara sat up, straddling me and untied the belt of her robe. Tossing her head to clear her long hair from her face, she slowly slid the robe off. Underneath she was wearing a short satin nightie, crimson. As she moved to remove the robe I noticed the absence of panties. Better and better! She looked delicious. Good enough to eat! And that was exactly what I planned to do, as soon as possible!

I just lay there, taking in her beauty. Some part of my mind was thinking "why me"! I was feeling so lucky. The crimson was just the right color to set off her dark hair and skin. Sara was a lifeguard and had the tan to prove it.

Her breasts were not over large but stood out firm and proud. Her hair was almost down to her waist, straight and silky. A pretty face, brown eyes, pert nose, slightly turned up. Her lips were her best feature though. Full and soft, a deep red that did not need lipstick to be noticed. The type of lips that needed to be kissed. That's exactly what I did. I pulled her down to me and kissed her deep and hard. Sliding my hands up and down her back.

Sara kissed back harder and I slid my hands to her bare thighs, feeling the soft skin under my fingertips. Lightly teasing, scratching with my nails ever so softly. Sara trembled and moaned into my mouth.

My hands explored farther. I slowly pushed the hem of her garment up, sliding my fingers underneath along her hips and then underneath the nightie. Fingers tracing lightly along her spine and sides. She shiver again and I kissed her harder. Sliding my lips along her jaw, nibbling as I went. I found her earlobe and sucked it in, licking and sucking it. Moving my lips to her neck, nibbling, biting, sucking. Sara tasted wonderful.

Sara was rubbing her crotch against my hard cock. I was sliding my hands down to grasp her ass. What an ass, firm and smooth, just the right size to fit in my hands. I squeezed and kneaded the firm flesh. Then teased the skin, tickling and stroking. I started sliding fingers up and down the crack of her ass. Sara grabbed my face and kissed me wildly. It seemed she liked this. Getting bolder, I slid a finger to her asshole and lightly teased it.

In response, Sara ground into me letting out a whimper. I was hot! Real hot! I had to get some clothes off before I went into spontaneous combustion. I pushed Sara up and off me, onto the floor. I stood up, stripped off my sweatshirt and dropped my pants.

Sara rose to her knees in front of me. She reached out and touched my cock. When she did I almost came. It was like an electric shock that was washing over my entire body. My knees went week. Once, twice, three times Sara stroked me. She leaned in and licked the tip ever so softly. Tasting the pre-cum, taking it on her tongue and sliding it over her lips, smiling up at me in such a sexy way.

Without a word Sara took me in her mouth and swallowed me. Holding me in her throat, swirling her tongue to every part she could reach. I reached and tangled my fingers in her hair holding her against me. My hips started to pump slowly, a fraction of an inch at a time. Sara maintained her suction, holding my ass and guiding me in and out.

I could not stand it anymore. My body jerked and I came hard. Sara pulled me in as tight as she could and swallowed, over and over. I was dizzy and if she had not held me up I would have fallen down. Sara slid off my prick and looked up at me smiling. Still holding onto my cock, pumping it gently.

I went to my knees in front of her. Pulling her close I kissed her, tasting the slight saltiness of my cum still on her lips.

Reaching down I grabbed the hem of her nighty and pulled it up. Sara raised her arms to help me remove it from her. What a body!

I pulled her close and could feel her hard nipples against my skin. We kissed frantically, touching, rubbing, feeling. Every touch of her hands made me tremble.

I broke contact and stood up, pulling her up with me and leading her to the bedroom. Standing, pulling her close, kissing and touching. I could not get enough of the feel of her skin.

Slowly I backed Sara up until her knees hit the side of the bed and gave out. As she went down on the bed, I pushed her back so she was lying down, legs over the side of the bed. I knelt in front of her pushing her legs apart. My eyes focused on the neat trim job between her legs and the traces of moisture clinging to the pouty lips.

Raising her right leg, I licked the back of her knee, switching to the left leg and doing the same. Alternating, working my way along her inner thighs, kissing, licking, nibbling, savoring.

Sara's moans were getting louder. I was getting closer to my goal. I could smell her, musky and sweet. No way was I waiting longer! Pushing her thighs apart, I moved in and tasted her. Just the tip of my tongue, a little flick along the lips, just enough to get a taste. Sara jumped as if shocked. I licked from the bottom lightly to her clit. More moans! Over and over licking up, then down, moving my tongue side to side. Probing into the inner lips, tasting swirling, licking.

Sara's clit was hard. I concentrated on just the tip, flicking and vibrating my tongue over it. Faster and faster I licked. Sara was writhing and moaning, holding my head, pushing it as far into her crotch as she could. I sucked on her clit while licking the flat of my tongue across it. Reaching up I found her nipples, hard and hot. Rolling them between my thumb and finger, squeezing hard.

I moved my head side to side as I licked. Pinching the nipples. Licking faster... Sara started to shake. My head was in a vice , squeezed. Sara started to scream and shake uncontrollably. I licked until she cried for me to stop.

I was hard again and moved up on top of her. Without waiting I slid my cock all the way in. She was so wet and hot, unbelievably tight.

Sara wrapped her legs around my back and grabbed my ass, tight, pulling me into her. I moved my hips side to side, grinding against her as hard as I could. Fucking her deep and hard. Close, I was getting close again. I slowed down and Sara screamed for me to fuck her harder and faster.

I pulled out most of the way and slammed back in. Harder and faster, over and over as the cum built up inside. I could not stop myself and started to cum again. Sara screamed and came with me.

I felt like my whole insides had shot out of my cock. My toes curled, my back started to spasm and my cum flew, Sara pulled me into her and held me there. Kissing me all over my face and neck.

I was breathing so hard I sounded like I had just finished a marathon. Sara stroked my back and murmured to me between kisses. Catching my breath a little, I began returning the kisses. I moved in and out of her gently, feeling my cock soften but not wanting to lose contact...

Damn! I shook my head. This was not good, it was snowing harder and getting slippery. I almost lost control as I pulled into the Parking lot of the club. I couldn't wait to see Sara. My cock was already hard...


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