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The Scent of a Handyman
by Phallux

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Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

"Want something to drink? I'm thirsty...and please sit down on the couch and make yourself at home."

Kerry replied, "Sure, just some water, please." Kerry sat down on the couch and put her books down on the floor. Her attention now returned to the bedroom which she could now see into almost fully. She feigned to cover her eyes when she saw Beth standing naked in front of the closet, searching for something to put on. Her body was milk white in stark contrast to her long dark, black hair which reached all the way down to the top of her butt.

Also, to Kerry's amazement, her breasts, though very pert, were enormously large relative to Beth's slender body. Kerry looked away when Beth peeked out the open door and shouted out to her, "Hi there, be out in a moment!" She kept the door open and bent down to the ground and picked up a pair of boxer shorts. She then took her time stepping into them and pulling them up her long, slender legs. Her breasts jiggled noticeably. Beth again peeked over to Kerry and noticed that she was staring at her breasts. Beth smiled to herself and shut the door, ending the episode. Rachael returned from the kitchen with a glass of water, herself with a wine cooler.

She sat down on the couch, very close to Kerry and rested her free hand on Kerry's leg. "It's so nice to meet you, Kerry. You just moved in, right?" Kerry responded and made some pleasant conversation until Beth came out of the bedroom wearing little more than before. A cropped tank top and almost see-through boxers was all that covered her as she strode over to the couch, sitting on the other side of Kerry. After some more pleasant conversation and questions about where everyone was from, Kerry decided to ask about the handyman. At the mentioning of him, the girls simultaneously blushed and looked at each other, smiling. Rachael responded saying that he was the caretaker and fixed things quite often for them, also saying that he was a very nice man.

"Sometimes we invite him over for...", Rachael blushed again and glanced at Beth who finished her sentence, "...for drinks." Kerry, comforted a bit by their seemingly friendly relationship with him then told them about her experiences so far with the open window and all.

They looked at each other again and said, "you know, that's how we first met him...almost exactly what happened to you happened to us."

"He was a quirky, shy man who claimed that he needed to fix our air conditioner, clean our windows, or whatever else, just so he could get a look at us in the nude, can you believe that?" Kerry got goose bumps again and opened her mouth to speak but before she could reply, Rachael half-joked, "All he had to do was buy us some drinks to do that.", and giggled a bit. Beth glared at her and Rachael quieted down.

"He's just a lonely, old man who has no one to talk to. Actually I feel kinda sorry for him, that's why we invite him over from time to time. I know he really enjoys the company of a couple of attractive, young women."

Rachael interrupted Beth with, "Yeah, he really gets off!" Beth glared again and looked at Rachael's drink.

"What are you drinking, that wine again?" Rachael rolled back into the couch and let out a loud burst of laughter. Beth just shook her head and then addressed Kerry. "You should come back later when the lush is a better neighbor to be around."

With that, Kerry was escorted to the door and went across to her door and stepped inside, home at last. That night, Kerry decided to feel more relaxed, whether she was or not. Meeting the girls across the hall brought her some new comfort and now she felt more secure about the handyman. She now understood his situation and felt a little sorry for him; her situation wasn't much different than his. After turning the lights on in the living room, she walked to the bathroom to pee. She pulled up her beige skirt, pulled over the crotch of her panties and sat down on the toilet waiting for the water to squirt out of her. She relaxed and now noticed for the first time the sound of her air conditioner, operating in her closed bedroom. How nice, she thought to herself, the handyman, her caretaker, was thoughtful enough to turn on her a/c on this humid, sticky, late summer evening.

She smiled thinking he probably used the ladder, probably almost falling off, to reach into her window to finish his repairs or whatever and turn the knob which was a good reach from the window. The stream of warm liquid was now running out of her, splashing into the water below. Kerry shut her eyes and strangely envisioned her last date with Peter again. The warmth of peeing reminded her of the warm wetness of her vagina that day after he made his unauthorized advances on her body. She opened her eyes and looked down at herself peeing. She moved a finger over and gently pulled up on her clitoris causing the stream of pee to rise up on the bowl. Looking at her clit, she touched it with a finger and instantly a pulse of electricity flowed through her, giving her shivers. She finished peeing and patted herself with tissues, then flushed. She's never touched herself before, or even thought about it, yet something inside her now made her contemplate the sort of pleasures she's never really experienced before. Sexual pleasures.

She walked briskly to the front door and made sure it was locked, then closed the shades in the living room and shut the light off. In the darkness she made her way to the bedroom door, looking forward to the cool, dry air inside. Her vagina was really warm now, and she even felt a small trickle of wetness go down her thigh. Kerry was sexually excited for the first time in her life and was intent on exploring this further in the privacy of her bedroom. The cooler, heavily-fragranced air from inside the bedroom splashed over her as she stepped into the darkness of her bedroom. That must be the scented air filter that the handyman put in.

She walked carefully to the window and let out a sigh of relief that it was shut. After locking it and pulling the shade, she now felt very excited. She didn't dare turn on the light, for fear that someone somewhere, maybe God even would see the shameful act she was about to commit. She undid the button on her skirt and let it drop to the floor. Then she put her thumbs into her panties and tugged them loose from her now soaked crotch. After pulling her ankles out of them, now on the floor, she crawled like a cat onto her bed and flipped over onto her back. Kerry shut her eyes and instantly the image of Peter touching her filled her mind.

It excited her even more and she felt her pussy spasm. It just had to be touched. Her mind began to spin a bit, much like it did when Peter got her drunk, as she reached down with both hands to touch herself. She spread herself a bit with her left hand and pushed two fingers from her other hand against her clit and now open hole and started moving them in a circular motion. "Mmmmm...", Kerry moaned audibly. She thought to herself, I can't believe how good this feels. Her head was really spinning, so much so that she tried to open her eyes but couldn't tell if they were open or not because of the dark room. It was probably from rubbing herself, maybe even an orgasm. Could she really have gotten off already?

Her left hand now moved from pulling her lips open to her little knit sweater-top. She pulled it up, exposing her now awakened breasts to the cool air. Her nipples responded immediately by growing half an inch toward the ceiling. She gently squeezed her virgin nipple with thumb and forefinger as she continued to rub herself. Her fingers were soaking wet as they continued to touch her virginal clit and pussy lips which were likewise slick and slippery from her juices. That's it....that's it... "" Kerry's hips rose and dropped as waves of pleasure washed over her almost making her feel like she was falling from the sky. Her juices gushed from her nethermouth, all over her hand and definitely soaking her bedspread.

The familiar scent of herself wafted up to her nose renewing her excitement. I want taste it. She pushed her two fingers just inside her swollen lips gathering as much of her come as she could. When a gross amount smothered her fingers, she pulled them back up to her face. I'll sniff them first. She held her fingers just under her nose, becoming intoxicated by her own scent. Her head began to spin again, this time she thought she might pass out. I must taste myself before I pass out. With that thought in mind she moved her fingers slowly down to her awaiting mouth. She could wait no more and used her tongue to lick her fingers all over. Mmmmm... She put both fingers in her mouth and started to suck on them, the whole time swathing her tongue all over them drawing out every last taste.

At this point she thought for sure she was going to pass out when suddently, 'click'. The overhead light in her bedroom turned on. She was startled at first and opened her eyes, but her mind felt very out of sorts and her vision was very blurry. She turned her head to the door and saw a blurry, blue-clad figure walk briskly to the air conditioner and turn it off. The figure then walked back to the door and opened then closed it repeatedly, seemingly to let in fresh air. She turned her head to the other side, still feeling good from her orgasm but also feeling very intoxicated, so much so that she didn't care that some stranger was in her room. She didn't even care that the lights were on and she was lying nude on her bed with her knit sweater pulled up exposing her breasts and pointing nipples.

The figure knelt by her bedside and she was finally able to get a close look. Too blurry...but...but...The blue-clad figure reached over her exposed breasts and touched her forehead. Her eyelids were pulled back with definitely masculine, well-worked hands. He pulled open one, then the other. "My young princess..." ,started the man. "I will protect you and keep ya safe."

Kerry just moaned an affirmation and turned her head back to the other side, her body squirming slightly in her clouded state of mind. "I am your knight in shinin' armor and vow to love you as you really desire.", said the blue-clad figure.

"Yes, protect me.", responded Kerry, slurring every word. The man then leaned over her and kissed her gently on the lips, tasting, no doubt, her juices from a moment ago. He had a beard which brushed against her neck, tickling her erotically. Kerry's slender body writhed with the enjoyment of the kiss and she spread her legs.

"Yes...I can see that my medicine is workin' just fine.", stated the man. His head moved down kissing her neck and then she could feel his warm breath on her nipples. First the right, then the left as he swung his head back and forth. Please touch them...suck on them as if I could nourish you, thought Kerry to herself now writhing some more. She reached her arms behind her head, getting them out of her knight's way.

The man kissed all around her breasts but still didn't touch her sensitive nipples now sticking out at least an inch. "Please touch them....please!", Kerry thought out loud. The man now wrapped his hands around each of her breasts, pulling her off the bed a bit. His scruffy face abrased the soft, tender skin of her breast as he pulled one of her hard nipples into his mouth. Yes...oh knight. The man began to chew on it, gently but enough to encourage some wincing from Kerry. Ooh...ooh...yes. He moved to the other breast and did the same making her feel all warm again between her legs. Almost as if reading her mind, the man let go of her nipple with his teeth and moved his head even lower.

His breath puffed onto her bare stomach...a soft, wetness touched her navel then continued lower making a path of wetness. Kerry tried to squirm higher up the bed so that he could reach his destination a lot sooner than later. He reached over a hand onto her breast in response, cupping it and applying enough downward pressure to keep her still. Then the scruffy beard brushed along her inner thighs and she could again feel his breath, this time on her cooch. His hand left her breast. Her thighs were suddenly clasped from behind, each in one of his rough hands and pushed up into the air lifting her bottom.

Kerry couldn't resist and used her own hands to fondle her breasts, taking each long nipple and squeezing them tightly. The man now tongued her whole vagina, starting at the bottom where her hole is and licking all the way until he lifted the hood of her clitoris. Squeezing her nipples tightly, Kerry orgasmed again, thrashing her head side to side, her long blond hair whipping back and forth on the pillow.

"Now, I think you're ready for a little lovin', my princess.", said the blue-clad man. Kerry's legs dropped to the bed. She continued to fondle her breasts as she heard the man unzip his clothing and step out of them. Her excitement was absolute. Her tongue was darting back and forth in her mouth, licking her upper lip ferociously. She felt his weight push down the bed again, a heavy man. My lover.

He knelt between her legs and leaned over her perspiring, nude body to whisper something in her ear. "Have you ever loved a man before?", the man quested. Oh"No my protector. Never before." The man grunted satisfaction and leaned back to between her wide-spread legs. Kerry next felt something completely unfamiliar. Something large, soft yet stiff. It was prodding her mouth...her nether mouth. She begged it to enter, to fill her full with whatever it may be. It must must be my knight's lover's cock, Kerry thought to herself. She reached her hands for his arms trying to pull him into her virgin opening.

Finally the large, round stiff object pushed slowly through her lips, stretching them. Then it backed off and made a second attempt, this time slightly farther in. untouched vagina...this man...this man is... Again the huge cock backed out. The man put his hands on her shoulders and held them tightly as he again pushed his large member into the wet fold of her vagina. This time she felt her lips stretch wide and then a warm stinging at her entrance as his member delved deeply into her womb. It was as if all resistance ceased. He began to thrust his cock in and out of her more and more deeply with every entry. His hands still held tightly to her shoulders as her head thrashed side to side with each thrust of his enormous penis.

Finally she felt it. His head had finally reached its target, deep...really deep inside her. Oh my's hitting my stomach. It almost hurt, it had plunged so far into her and her pussy was spread so wide, stretching around the mass of his veiny cock.. Now her was relentlessly pumping his huge member in and out of her soaking wet pussy. Waves of pleasure washed over Kerry as her knight pounded his virgin prey. Then the man moaned and pulled his now incredibly big cock from her pussy allowing it to reshape from all the stretching. She tried to look down her body at it, but it was too blurry and then...'splat splat splat'. She was showered by a wet, gooey substance being shot from the man's penis all over her face and chest. It seemed to have no end to it as it stung her eyes, went into her nostrils, her hair, all over her breasts and swollen nipples. Then man then moved up the bed and straddled her upper body. The huge member was pushed at her mouth. She opened up invitingly taking in his hot, thick, sticky penis. He held her head with both hands and forced his mammoth cock down her throat. She didn't gag, though, and drank everything she could. Instantly she tasted herself again, her juices all over him. Mmmm something salty too...

Realization dawned on Kerry as she sucked every inch of his swollen cock. He had broken her. Her protector. Her lover. Her handyman.

This story was split into 2 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

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