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Shades of O
by Jenna

Tonight my lover Jason came home and told me that he had a surprise for me. We were going away for the weekend but I had to hurry. I 'd had a very hard week at work and the thought of a romantic weekend getaway sounded good.

I got into the shower and let the steaming water pound out my tension and my mind began to wander. Two weeks before Jason and I had been lying in bed when he asked me to tell him my favourite fantasy. At first I was to embarrassed but I finally admitted that when masturbating I liked to fantasise about being dominated and spanked by a man...or men. I told him that when I was a teenager I had read The Story of O and it had always turned me on. Jason gave me a funny look and hadn't mentioned it since. This weekend was my chance to try and talk him into acting it out.

Just the thought of acting out my fantasy got my juices flowing. I brought my hands up and began to stroke my breasts till my nipples were hard little buds of nerve endings. While I pinched and pulled my nipples my other hand slid down over my stomach to stroke my freshly shaved pussy. I knew I was going to have to get myself off or I would be squirming all the way to our mystery destination. Just then Jason banged on the door.

"Come on Emily. You got 5 minutes."

With a sigh of regret I got out of the shower and entered the bedroom to get dressed. Jason had laid out some clothes for me on the bed and I looked to see what he had picked. What I saw surprised me. There was s silky black dress, a black garter and black stockings. Beside the bed was a pair of black high heels. The idea of going out in this and nothing else made me hesitate. I had never gone out dressed, or should I say undressed, this way before but the thought of that silky dress caressing my body was exciting.

By the time I was ready and getting into the car I was hoping it would be a short ride. Jason got into the car but he didn't start it right away, instead he began to devour me with his eye's. He began at the top of my head and examined me to the tips of my toes, pausing a moment at my heavy, very aroused tits. When his eye's returned to mine I could see the raw excitement on his face and I knew I was in for a wild weekend.

"God, Your sexy tonight," he said as he leaned over to brush his lips against mine. His hand came up and lightly brushed against my erect nipple and I let out a moan deep in my throat.

"Oh...I almost forgot," he whispered, "theirs one more thing I need you to wear."

I was amazed to see Jason was holding a black silk blindfold.

"The place I'm taking you to is a surprise," he teased as he put the blindfold over my eyes. "I don't want you guessing before we get there. It's somewhere you've always wanted to go and tonight I'm going to make it possible." Jason pulled away from the house while I sat back completely in the dark as to our destination. After we'd driven for awhile I felt Jason put his hand on my knee. The further we drove the higher up my leg Jason's hand travelled until it finally reached it's goal. I shifted in my seat to give Jason better access and he began to lightly stoke my pussy lips.

Jason is a large man and like the rest of him his hands are big and thick. I wanted those fingers of his up my tight hole. I knew he could tell by the juice coating my cunt that I needed to feel him inside but he just continued to tease me.

"Come on baby, don't tease me like that," I moaned and tried to push harder against his hand.

"Emily your going to have to wait because were here but I promise you won't have to wait long. Now I'm going to came get you out of the car and I don't want you peeking."

Jason got out of the car and came around to my side to led me up a short walkway. He then knocked on the door and I realised someone was going to see me in my blindfold. I suddenly began to feel foolish and I lifted my hand to remove it. Jason caught my hand in his and squeezed it.

"I said don't touch the blindfold, just trust me and I'll explain inside." Just then the door swung open and Jason ushered me in. I was led over to a chair and I sat down not letting go of Jason's hand.

"Remember your fantasy," Jason explained, "it turned me on so much that I arranged to act it out. We have the whole weekend to make it come true." I was so stunned by this news I just sat their not knowing if I was more excited or scared.

"Ah...Jason. I don't know about this," I stammered.

"Shut up," said a new voice causing me to jump in my seat. I had thought we were alone.

"You will be here for the weekend and you must hear the rules of the house." The voice said in an authoritative voice. "First rule is that for the time you are here you must wear the blindfold except when sleeping. Second, you will only speak when spoken to. Third, there are a number of men here. You are here to please them. You will address them as Master at all times and will obey any order they give you. Finally you will take off your dress. The only clothing you will be allowed are your stockings, garter and shoes. Do you understand the rules?

"Yes," I squeaked.

"Yes, what?" said another new voice.

"Yes Master," I replied with a stronger voice this time as I began to imagine the things that would be done to me in the next 48 hours.

"Strip," said a voice off to my left. " I want to see the merchandise. At this point I began to wonder just how many men there were in the room. I stood up and slowly lifted my dress over my head careful not to dislodge my blindfold. When I was done I stood straight with my hands at my sides and felt their eyes caressing me.

"Look at the bitch standing there so proud. We'll have to teach her some humility."

As I heard this I felt a shiver go up my spine and my breasts hardened and began to ache. Someone grabbed my arm and led me over to what I thought was a coffee table. My legs were spread on either side of the table and I was forced to lie down on my stomach with my hands hanging over the top. My hands and legs were then tied to the legs of the table and cushions piled under my hips. This lifted me in such a way as to spread open both my pussy and my ass for inspection. During all this I said not a word, as per my instructions, but I was unbelievably turned on.

Someone began to caress my back and then I felt another pair of hands between my legs. First he rubbed my clit until I began to pull at my bindings and then he shoved a finger up inside me.

"Do you like that?" he asked, easing his finger in and out of my dripping hole.

"Yes Master," I moaned.

Suddenly he pulled his finger out and brought it to my lips. He pushed it inside my mouth forcing me to taste my own juice.

"Too bad,' he said, "You're here for our enjoyment not your own. You're nothing but a horny slut. I'm going to punish you now and when I'm done I'm going to shove my big dick up your pretty little pussy and fuck you hard. Say thank you Master."

I almost came right then but I held back releasing his finger from my mouth.

"Thank you Master."

I heard him move away and braced myself for the first strike. It didn't come. The room was quite and I couldn't tell if anyone was still there. After a few more minutes I began to relax and wonder where they had all gone. That's when it came. Smack on my right cheek and then Smack on my left. He then alternated cheeks until my ass was burning up. I couldn't hold back my moan any longer.

"Shut up bitch. We don't want to hear a sound from you," said a voice by my head.

As the blows continued to fall on my stinging bottom I tried to slow my breathing in an attempt to keep quite but it was no use. I was about to come

"Ahh..." I screamed as I felt my release ripple through me.

"If you can't keep quite," the man said, "I'll give you something to keep you quite."

Something brushed up against my lips and I knew it was his cock. I stuck my tongue out and licked the sensitive head, twirling around trying to get a feel for the size of his weapon. It's a very strange feeling not being able to see or touch.

While this was going on the man administering my punishment had stopped, as if to watch. I began to ease the dick into my mouth, tonguing and sucking it all the while.

"Oh yeah baby...suck me good and hard. Keep that up and I might let you taste my come," said a voice that I now recognised as my lover.

Although I had just come moments before I was ready to get fucked. I was hoping my punisher was going to remember his threat to shove his dick up my empty cunt. I was now sucking my lover's cock like a vacuum. I could feel hem jerking in my mouth and knew I was soon going to taste his jism. Finally he grabbed my head shoving himself down my throat and began to unload. Blast after blast of come went down my throat making me choke but he held my head till he was done.

"That was hot," said someone off to my side.

"Let's see if she liked it," said another as he shoved his finger up my pussy, swishing around in my cum. "Naughty girl, I think you liked getting spanked. Don't worry, I know just what to do with girls like you."

He pulled his finger out of my pussy and began to smear my juice onto my asshole. Greasing it up and pressing his fingertip inside. I wanted his cock inside me and I wasn't disappointed. He rubbed the head of his dick around my pussy getting it all wet with my juices and then slammed it up my hole. At the same time his finger was digging up my ass and I knew I was in for a good hard lay.

"Oh God, You're so hot and wet. You like my big dick up your pussy?" He was now making circular movements with his hips rubbing against the sides of my steaming cunt. I was on the edge and I wanted him slamming into me. I wanted it hard and he knew it.

"Beg me...beg me to fuck you. Tell me how much you need this."

"Please Master," I begged, "Give me what I need. Fuck me please."

"Ok bitch you asked for it," he said as he slowly began pulling out till just the tip was still inside of me. Then he flexed his hips and drove into me with such force I thought the table would break. Without a pause he pulled out and drilled into me again and again.

I could hear the others in the room move closer for a better view. Occasionally someone would lift my head up to see the pleasure and pain reflected on my face.

"Yeah, teach the bitch a lesson she'll never forget," said one.

"Ram it into her...give it to her good," said another.

I just lay there unable to move. I was unable to lessen the hard driving stokes plowing into my belly. I could here the others encouraging him do it faster and harder. I couldn't hold back any longer. When he drove into me the final time and began spurting his cum against my womb I screamed out my release.

After I just lay there trying to catch my breath. I could feel his mancream oozing out of my bruised and battered hole. My hands and legs were now untied but I was to spent to move. I thought that they were done with me for the night and was looking forward to resting. I soon found out I was wrong. Someone gave me quick hard slap on my ass making me jump.

"Don't doze off on us now," he said. "The night is still young and you're not through yet. However I'm feeling generous so we will allow you a short rest. How about a drink?"

"Thank you Master," I replied.

I was led to a sofa and I sat down. A glass of brandy was placed in my hand and I took a sip. It made a slow burning sensation going down my throat. I sat back to relax when I felt someone sit beside me.

"You are being given a rest," he said, "you may sit here and drink your brandy but you must sit with your legs open. We must be able to see you at all times. You must be open for us to touch any part of you. To be able to touch you, squeeze you, pinch you."

I sat up straighter thrusting my breasts out and opened my legs, as he'd demanded. For the first time I began to wonder if I could take everything they planned to do to me this weekend.

For the next half-hour or so I sat there listening to the men discuss business and current events but nobody spoke to me. Every once in a while without breaking off their discussion I would feel a hand go down and squeeze my pussy. Hands would cup my breasts, pinch my nipples, pull on it and roll it around. This caused excitement to slowly begin to build in my body once again. When everyone was done their brandy I was once more led into the middle of the room.

This time I wasn't strapped onto a chair but instead was left standing, left to wonder, with a little anxiety, what was going to be done to me next. The first caress came on my ass. A light brushing of his hand. Then another across my tummy making my muscles ripple. Hands gripped my hair dragging my head forward bringing my lips into contact with his. He began to lightly run his tongue across my lips until I opened them for him to enter. He thrust his tongue into my mouth and I could taste the brandy he'd just consumed. As he was devouring my mouth another tongue began to stroke my nipples, causing them to harden and lengthen. When a third man knelt down behind me and began to squeeze and kiss my still sore ass checks I thought my knees would buckle. This assault on my senses went on for some time. Finally two of the men stepped away leaving me with the man who was still kissing me with hunger.

"I'm going to fuck you now," he whispered in my ear.

He slowly lowered me to the floor and pulled me on top of him so I was straddling his waist. As I sat on him he pulled me to him and drew my nipple into his mouth. He started sucking it hard which caused a tugging sensation I felt all the way down between my spread legs. With his hands in my hips he lifted me up and onto his raging erection.

I started to squirm on his prick stretching the muscles to accommodate a very thick prick. I could feel how full my pussy was and let out sigh of appreciation. Before I could get to comfortable however another man moved in behind us.

"I don't think you're full enough yet. You're going to have to make room for one more."

This stopped me cold. Surely he couldn't mean to fuck me too. I had the fattest cock I had ever felt shoved deep in my pussy and there was no way I could take another up my ass. Oil was smeared on my ass and a finger began to probe my narrow opening.

"You're pretty tight up there," he said. "It might not fit but that's where my cock's going so you better prepare yourself."

He then added another finger stretching me wider and began to finger fuck me while I sat motionless on the man under me.

"Feel my cock," he told me as he took my hand and rapped it around his pole. While it was not as thick as the pussy pleaser shoved deep in my cunt it was very long. "I'm going to shove that so deep in your ass that you'll taste my cum in your mouth."

"Please don't Master," I begged, "It's far to big to go up my ass. Let me suck on it instead."

I could feel both pain and pleasure rip through my body as he shoved another finger up my ass and began to viscously fuck me with them.

"Did anyone tell you that you could speak?" he asked. "Get ready because after this you may never walk again."

The man under me shifted his legs open causing me to lean over further. This opened my ass further for there pleasure. The man behind me now removed his fingers and I felt the tip of his cock stretching open my narrow passage. I held my breath while he slowly pushed into me and I was literally amazed when he finally reached bottom. I now had two pricks inside of me and my body began to shake with pleasure.

"Fuck," he said, "my prick is all the way in your ass. You're some little slut aren't you, letting two men fuck you. Oh, you're going to like this." Slowly the two men began to move. When the prick stretching wide my pussy pulled out the one up my ass drove in. They alternated like this for some time constantly pounding in and out sending fireworks to explode in my brain. I could hold back no longer and I felt the strongest orgasm of my life approaching.

Grunts and groans were the only sounds to be heard almost as if the others in the room were mesmerised by this triple dance they were observing. Suddenly the rhythm changed and the men began to drive there pricks into me at the same time. I began to cum repeatedly with only seconds between orgasms.

"Here it comes," said the man in front as he began to cum.

"This will cool your ass," said the man behind, still driving his cock in and out as he sprayed my ass with his jism.

When both men pulled out I collapsed on the floor unable to move. That's when the clapping began. The men were standing around applauding the scene they had witnessed.

Finally I was lifted into a pair of big strong arms and carried to another room. The door was shut and I was lowered onto a bed. When my blindfold was removed I looked up into Jason's satisfied eyes.

"Go to sleep now," he whispered, "you've got a big day ahead of you tomorrow."

My eyes were already closed when he kissed me goodnight.

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