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Shades of O Pt. II
by Jenna

Saturday I awoke to the smell of coffee and a feeling of disorientation. It took my sluggish brain a moment to remember where I was and what had happened the night before. As I looked around I saw a tray with a steaming cup of coffee and some breakfast sitting on the nightstand. I sat up and grabbed the coffee, feeling the slight discomfort a woman feels after being fucked hard.

The lock clicked on the door and I turned to look just as my lover Jason entered the room. I still couldn't believe he had arranged this weekend for me.

"Hey beautiful. How are you feeling?" he asked as he walked toward me.

"Great," I answered. I inhaled the aroma of the hot java. "What happens now?"

"After your done your breakfast we put on the blindfold and go take a shower."

A shower sounded good so I began to eat my breakfast. Jason just sat there watching me with a lustful gleam in his eye. When I was done he whipped out the black silk blindfold covering my eyes once more. Jason then led me down a hallway until we entered what I thought was a very large bathroom. I waited a moment as I heard Jason undressing and then he led me under a stream of hot water. until then I had thought we were alone but suddenly two pairs of hands began to soap me up. The hands glided over my wet soapy skin all the way from my head to my toes. Special attention was paid to my tits and my pussy of course.

This cleansing of my body had the desired effect of making my blood heat and desire begin to swirl through my veins. Abruptly I was pulled from the shower to feel more hands begin to dry me off, rubbing extra hard between my thighs making my knees week. So far everyone had been silent making me jump when at last someone spoke.

"Come slave," a voice commanded. "It's time for your punishment"

I was pulled back down the hall and into the room I'd been in the night before. All the way there my mind scrambled trying to figure out what I was being punished for. Hands guided me over to the edge of a couch as someone sat down. He grabbed me pulling me over his lap so my ass stuck in the air. I could feel his hard cock thrust against my pussy.

"You've been a very bad girl Emily. Are you ready to take your punishment now?" a deep voice asked.

"Yes Master," I replied.

"Don't call me master," he demanded. "Today I'm going to be your Daddy. Your my special little girl."

This was weird but I played along since those were the rules. "I'm sorry Daddy. I won't be bad anymore."

He began to stroke my ass cheeks as he answered me. "I saw you last night. You enjoyed getting fucked, drinking cum, you even let them shove a hard dick up your ass while someone filled your pussy. Your daddy's going to have to punish you for that."

I felt the stinging blow on my backside which was still tender from the spanking of the night before. My juice was dripping out of my cunt and lubing his dick causing me to slide over it with the blow.

"I'm sorry daddy," I wailed but he didn't stop. He kept raining blows on my ass pausing each time to allow me to feel the full effect of each slap.

"Daddy's girl's a whore." he whispered. He began to probe between my legs feeling for my juice. He wasn't disappointed. His fingers began to rub my clit even as he slapped my cheeks with his free hand. "You dirty little slut. You like to let men play with your cunt."

I was now bucking on his lap as my crisis drew near but suddenly he stopped. I couldn't stand it and began whimpering, wanting what he could give me.

"What's daddy going to do with his little girl?" he asked. "You've been very bad and now your about to cum all over me."

"Let me suck your cock," I begged him.

"What you want to suck your daddy's dick," he almost sounded surprised. "You are a little whore aren't you, Daddy's little whore. Ok you can swallow my dick you bad girl." He then pushed me off his lap and onto the floor between his legs. Grabbing the back of my hair he guided my hungry mouth to his rod.

I could taste the precum oozing out of his prick. I ran my tongue along the head making his cock jump as if to dive into my mouth. He was of average size but a nice mouthful so I swallowed him down to his balls. I immediately went wild flicking my tongue over the pulsating vein along the shaft. Jason never lasts long when I suck him this way so I knew this man wouldn't either.

"Stop," he cried yanking my head off him by the hair. "Daddy doesn't want to cum until he's buried up his baby's pussy."

He grabbed me under the arms and lifted me up to straddle his lap. I was so hot and horny now that I decided to really play his game. I began to squirm as if I was trying to get away but all it really did was to brush my rock hard nipples against his hairy chest and rub my ass over his erection.

"No daddy," I cried out. "You can't fuck your baby's tight hole with that big hard thing. Why do you want to shove that up inside me and hurt me daddy."

"Daddy's going to fuck you like you've never been fucked before," he growled. His mouth descended on one of my pointed nipples and began to suck hard. His hands went to my waist and lifted me up. He slowly began to lower me over the tip of his cock. I was done with playing the reluctant daughter. I just wanted to get fucked so I sat down causing his pole to slam into my wet cunt.

"Daddy's slut feels so good," he mumbled as his mouth sought my other nipple that was bobbing in front of his face. His hand went to my clit and began to squeeze. I was once again close to orgasm and began rocking back and forth.

"Fuck me," he yelled squeezing harder on my aching clit. Just as I was about to climax he began pulling on my clit as if to lift me up and down with just that small bundle of nerves. I was so close that I began to ride him hard. I was rising and falling so fast that we were both bouncing on the couch.

"Come for daddy," he screamed as he exploded inside me.

"Ahhh......" I could feel my cum gush out of me, spraying all over him. As I sat there I felt my pussy clutch his cock milking every last drop of jism he had.

Before I could even catch my breath I was being pulled off his semi-erect meat and thrown to the floor. The next man pulled me to my knees and quickly slammed into my dripping snatch. He grabbed a breast in each hand pulling my nipples and pumping into me at a fast pace. Suddenly a cock was shoved into my mouth and driven straight into my throat. It only took seconds of being pushed and pulled between the two to set off my second orgasm of the night. The men shot off right after me and as soon as they pulled out two more took their place.

I don't remember how many men took turns bouncing my body between them but when I was finally returned to my room for a nap I fell straight to sleep.

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