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Sensual Oral Sex Pt. II
by Beecee

Experience and practice are the only requirements needed to give a sensual blow job and provide a man with the highest degree of pleasure possible. Get your man to sit on the edge of the sofa with his legs apart. Kneel in front of him and with your mouth fairly close and partly open, wank his cock ever so slowly so that the head just protrudes from his foreskin, occasionally rubbing your thumb over the part exposed head. Look into his eyes and tease him by licking your lips (a wet warm mouth is very erotic). It won't be long before you have a raging hard on in your hand so turn your attention to a different area to take his mind off cumming too soon.

Cup his balls gently with your free hand and let your fingers explore the underside scratching lightly with your fingernails and paying particular attention to the area just before his anus. Gently pull down his foreskin to expose the full head of his cock. Close your mouth around the head and tease it with your tongue, still looking into his eyes and observing any reactions. Using your tongue, lick softly along the entire underside of his now throbbing cock. As you suck and lick you will learn those areas that give him the greatest pleasure when your tongue is touching them. He should by now have provided you with several clues as to which areas are most pleasurable to him.

The most sensitive area for most men will be the ring (or corona) of the head where the foreskin is attached. (or was attached if he has been circumcised). By continued licking and sucking around this area with your tongue you are going to bring forth a geyser. If you are not skilled and you want to please him in a hurry I suggest that you get him off in this manner in order to become familiar at first hand with the nature and delight of his climax.

As he is approaching climax you will note changes in his cock. These signs will be the same every time he climaxes and you can learn how to react and prepare for his cum properly. The head of his cock will swell somewhat larger than it is during the normal course of his erection. He may thrust his hips forward as he tries to shove his cock deeper into your mouth. For most men, immediately prior to his cum, there will appear at the tip of his cock a clear drop or two of pre-cum. When you see or taste his pre-cum you will know that he is ready to shoot his load.

By now you will have a very swollen throbbing cock in your mouth and will feel and sense the urgency in which he needs to shoot his load. His cock and his whole body is now quivering and you can feel his cum emptying from his balls, up the length of his cock and spurting uncontrollably into your hot wet mouth. Don't let him rush you. Take as much of his cock into your mouth as you can and suck him up and down slowly keeping your lips fairly tight round his cock. Try to make eye contact just before he cums and let him see that you are enjoying this moment as much as he is. A natural reaction at the point of ejaculation is to suck harder and faster, don't, just carry on slowly and when you feel the first spurt, almost stop, gazing into his eyes and let his cock as deep into your mouth as you can and hold still.

Tilt your head slightly back so that he can see his raging cock buried deep in your mouth. Now just hold still and gently suck, let his cum flow over your tongue and down your throat. You can swallow most of his cum directly at this stage without releasing the grip of your lips. His cock will spasm several times during orgasm and each spasm will produce a fair amount of cum. The amount of cum your man produces is a general guide as to how much you have pleased him. When his cock stops pumping, pull back (and breathe !!) then take the head back into your mouth and suck the remaining cum into your mouth. Carry on licking gently around the head and occasionally, close your wet mouth over it until he stops spasming and jerking.


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