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Starlight on the Beach
by Justina

I shivered as the cold air hit my body; damp from my recent shower, I shook with a mixture of cold and excitement. Tonight was my last night on the island, and Evan had told me to meet him for dinner.

He picked me up at 7.30, and we walked silently over the darkened path, not touching except for his hand to guide mine over the steep rocks. I began to regret the skirt and low top, they were not exactly walking attire; I had dressed carefully to go out, wanting to make an impression. I put on my only clean shirt left, I had saved it for just such an occasion.

The bright white contrasted with my newly tanned skin, and dipped so low that my bosom would be visible if I should lean over, the blue skirt was loose and flowy, coming down to about my knees, swishing gently as I walked. Now and again I would pick it out of the way of the branches of bushes and trees that we passed.

About 10 or 15 minutes after we set out, we arrived at the restaurant... it was a cute little place, on the bottom floor of a tiny hotel. The staff were all dressed in red harem pants and a black shirt, to add to the ambiance, I suppose. One waiter who appeared to be the maitre d' was wearing a terrifically silly hat that had feathers reaching almost 3 feet above his head! When we were seated he remarked that I looked like Audrey Hepburn... I blushed and thanked him, not quite sure what to make of his comment. Evan just looked gratified to be with me, and I was glad of the extra time I had spent making myself up for him.

Dinner passed uneventfully, with each of us making polite conversation. I saw an acquaintance, and she briefly stopped by the table, as she left she whispered in my ear " every time you lean over, he can see straight down your top, just thought you should know." I thanked her and blushed, but did nothing to adjust my top, there was just no graceful way to do it! Thus it remained, and after a while I forgot about it, becoming lost in the pleasant topics on which we were speaking. Evan, however, was obviously not oblivious, and more than once I caught him staring at me hungrily. Dessert came and went without a hitch and I became panicked when I realized that my time was almost up... Evan walked me back to my hotel room, and I was about to say goodnight, when I found that my roommate had me locked out.

I took this as a sign, and asked him to accompany me for a walk along the beach. Up and down the length of the beach we walked, twice. After which we settled down in the sand, sitting and talking, about nothing and everything. I discovered his deepest secrets, and he mine... finally he told me that he had a confession to make... over the past week he had begun to feel really strongly about me, we had been just friends before, but this shared vacation deepened it, took it to another level. I was taken aback by his courage and honesty, and I said that I had been feeling the same way, I really hadn't expected to like him the way I did. We were totally mismatched! I, although tall and fairly fit at 5'7" and 120lbs, was chunky compared to his beanpole stature. He stood 6'3 and probably weighed about 140, his longish, tousled hair added to his boyish charm, as did the deep brown eyes... just like a puppy dog.

Declarations made, we sat in silence. He just took my hand in his, and we looked up at the stars; it was amazing, just having his hand intertwined with mine, and stroking my fingers was better than any kiss I had ever received. I relaxed and lay my head on his shoulder, looking out to sea, drifting slowly and dreamily into sleep. Just before I was able to fall asleep he leaned over and took my face in his hands. My puzzlement obviously showed because he said "I just love looking into your eyes" and I blushed... I love my eyes, thought they were my best feature, but that he did as well only made me love him more. That was when I realized just that, that I loved him. Before the force of that could fully hit me, he leaned in closer and gave me a sweet slow kiss, just a meeting of the lips that sent shivers down my spine. When I opened my mouth to take a breath, he slipped in his tongue, unassuming and gentle, invading my mouth with sweet care.

I was amazed at his control and skill, but finally his restraint grew too great for him, and he roughly pulled me against him, and his kisses took on a new quality, no longer gentle and soft, but passionate, desperate, as if he was a drowning man, and I the raft to save him. I wanted desperately for his hands to find my breasts, ease the intense their intense pain and longing, but every time he came close... he would shift away, deepening instead the kiss, so that he was almost swallowing my face.

Suddenly he stood up, and pulled me up. He told me that now was not the time nor the place for this. My eyes stung with unshed tears, and my heart burned with rejection. I allowed myself to be lead by the hand back to my hotel room where we said goodnight with a chaste hug that left me aching for more. Dazed and confused I stumbled into my room wondering what I had done wrong. I flopped down onto my bed and silently wept, when I was finally claimed by sleep the pillow was drenched with my tears, and the sky lightening with early dawn...


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