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Sins of the Father
by J

Inspired by Henry

It is accepted throughout the world that when a bride walks down the aisle it should be the happiest day of her life. Irrespective of social status, it is the one day when every girl can expect to be treated like royalty by family, friends and strangers alike.

It was not to be like this for my own little princess, Suzi.

Up until an hour ago, everything was going to plan. My beautiful young daughter looked radiant, yet demure, in her white gown and veil. I, the proud father, was about to relinquish my hold on her to a new man. Suzi was as happy as I'd ever seen her as we drove to the church in the hired white Rolls-Royce. But then, suddenly, all went wrong. We had 'driven round the block' three times waiting for the groom to show up with his best man.

By the time he was thirty minutes late, I was beginning to expect the worst: that he'd stood her up. I was almost wishing that he'd had a terrible accident that would explain his delay, yet show to Suzi that he still loved her. But it was not to be. A cowardly note, delivered by the best man, stated that he couldn't go through with the wedding and marked him as the bastard he really was. The groom's parents were as angry with their son as we were, and I could not blame them for his actions.

Suzi was inconsolable as her mother and I drove her back to the hotel where the reception was booked. A fleet of cars followed us. It seemed only fair that the invited guests from both families, some of whom had come many hundreds of miles, should enjoy the wedding breakfast and evening's entertainment that I had already booked and paid for.

When we arrived at the hotel, my wife took Suzi up to the Presidential suite. It was the best room in the house, and had been reserved for my daughter and her new husband to spend their first night. I was left to see to it that all the guests were fed and watered. Everyone was very nice to me, and were unanimous in their hatred of my daughter's ex-fiancé.

At around eight o'clock, the band arrived. By then, many of the guests were a little drunk and the party spirit was in full bloom. I was quite thankful really. It was a sad day, but we'd get through it and it helped to see people beginning to enjoy themselves. I was just about to down my second large whisky of the evening, when I saw my wife walking quickly towards me from the hotel lobby. There was a look of concern on her face that worried me. She said that Suzi had been crying for hours before taking a little nap. She had awoken now and was asking for me. I told my wife to look after the guests whilst I went upstairs to offer comfort to our daughter.

I knocked gently on the door of the Presidential suite but there was no reply. The door was not locked so I turned the handle and went inside. The curtains were drawn, but the room was well illuminated by a scattering of well placed table lamps throughout the expanse of the huge living area. I called out for my daughter. From the bedroom at the far end, I heard the sound of footsteps. Within a matter of seconds, Suzi was running across the room towards me, arms outstretched, crying:

'Daddy, Daddy, why is this happening to me? I've always been a good girl.'

As she got nearer to me, I lost all sense of what she was saying. You see, Suzi had taken off her wedding gown, apart from the veil which still covered her face, and was now coming at me wearing just her lingerie. This consisted of a white satin, strapless basque, cut low over her bosom and high over her hips, flesh coloured hold ups with the traditional blue garter at the top of her right thigh, and on her feet were a pair of white high heeled pumps.

My daughter finally came right up to me, reached up on tiptoes and put her arms around my neck. It was only natural for me to hold onto her as well, but when my hands felt the bareness of Suzi's shoulders, I did feel a little uneasy. She hugged me tightly and pressed her face against my chest.

'Why me, Daddy, why me?' was all she could say.

I tried some words of comfort, but there really was nothing I could say that was going to make her feel better; only time would do that.

Suzi moved her arms away from me and very slowly lifted the gossamer veil away from her face. I looked down into her big blue eyes. It was clear that she had been crying, but now there was a strange look to them. They were smoky, sort of half closed and filled with a desire that men see in women when they are highly aroused. Her high cheekbones gave her face a truly feminine beauty, and when she licked her full red, shiny lips, she had my undivided attention. Suzi took hold of me around the neck again, but this time, instead of pressing her head to my chest, she brought her face up to the side of mine and began to whisper into my right ear.

'Oh Daddy,' she began, 'you're the only man I want in my life right now. You're the only man who has ever treated me like a real princess all the time.'

I remember telling her that she was my only child and that it was natural that I should put her on a pedestal.

'I don't want you to treat me as your princess tonight, Daddy', Suzi continued. 'I want you to take me as a woman'.

With that, I felt my daughter's lips brush against my right ear. Her hot breath felt good on my face as her mouth moved slowly around my jaw line. At the same time, I looked down and saw that she had raised her right leg and placed it in between mine. In a second or two I knew that it would be brushing against my balls and, sad to say, my ever hardening dick. My daughter's gentle kisses were coming closer to my mouth and though I felt I should stop her, I couldn't. And then, all at once, I felt the soft touch of Suzi's knee gently rubbing my balls and her luscious lips found the corner of my mouth.

'Daddy, I need you tonight more than ever', my daughter began in a husky voice I had never heard before.

'Make love to me, Daddy. Take me into the bedroom and fuck me till I can't feel the hurt anymore.'

Suzi spoke in a pleading, whimpering manner that I was finding hard to resist. But when I reminded her that I was her father and that she shouldn't be talking to me in this way, Suzi tightened her grip around my neck and using her grounded foot as a solid base, she pushed me against the door. Taken off balance like that, I let go of my daughter's shoulders but found that I was now holding onto her by her waist. I could have easily broken away from her grasp once I had regained my balance, but now Suzi was softly biting my lips with her teeth, and looking for a way into my mouth with her tongue. I was beginning to feel the huge excitement that comes from this forbidden desire. I was suddenly aware that from where my hands grasped my daughter's waist, both of my little fingers were touching the bare flesh of where her basque was cut high over her hips. I had never touched my daughter's body in such a place and I soon found that my other fingers wanted to feel her nakedness as well. Soon, my thumbs were rubbing and pressing hard against my daughter's prominent hip bones.

'We shouldn't be doing this Suzi,' I pleaded without conviction, 'I'm your father. What if your mother should come in now and catch us like this? She'd never forgive either of us.'

'I need you, Daddy. I need you to make love to me tonight. Now.'

With that Suzi's left hand moved away from my neck and down passed my waist and then I heard her turn the key in the door.

'No one can come in now, Daddy.' Suzi whispered. She looked up into my eyes and I could see my own wanton desire reflected in hers. Then she brought her mouth up against mine, and before I knew what I was doing, I had parted my lips and was eagerly swapping saliva with my own daughter. My hands roamed over Suzi's soft peachy butt cheeks, and as our kissing became more passionate, I felt my grip tighten on my daughter's ass.

'Take me into the bedroom and fuck me, Daddy'. She begged.

The next thing I knew, was that I had bent down to take my daughter in my arms and was carrying her towards the door at the back of the living area that led to the bedroom. Suzi still had her arms around my neck and I couldn't get my tongue deeply enough into her mouth to satisfy my cravings.

We entered the slightly lit room and I gently placed my near naked daughter onto the bed and stood back to take a lustful look at her. Suzi lay full stretch with both of her arms raised up inviting me to join her. Her breasts were heaving in the tight confines of the white basque, and her cleavage was begging to be fondled. I took off my jacket and threw it onto a nearby chair. Then I bent down and began once again to french kiss my little princess. As we swivelled our mouths to get deeper inside each other, I could hear soft, sexy moans coming up Suzi's throat, which only served to further increase my desire.

Suzi's waist was so small that my hands could almost touch as I grasped her tightly. I forced my lips away from hers and began a slow descent along her neck, over her shoulders and onto the two soft mounds that were visible above the top of her basque. I licked at her nipples through the thin material. Then, I slowly began to fold back the two cups that were holding her breasts as prisoners. As each little titty popped out, I heard my daughter moan even louder. Then, when I rubbed one of her rock hard nipples between the roof of my mouth and my tongue, she almost went into convulsions. I figured that it would be alright to leave some marks on her body, since it was hardly likely that she would be with another man in the very near future. So I spent a few minutes roughly biting, sucking and chewing on my daughter's two little breasts. Suzi's head was rocking back and forth and I knew she was close to her first orgasm.

I let my left hand move down to the top of her nylon covered thigh and began to stroke it. As my fingers gently wandered up and touched the bare flesh above the hold up, close to her crotch, I felt Suzi's body tense up in anticipation of where my hand would go next. As I explored the thin satin material, I realised that the gusset of the basque was secured by two pop studs. They came apart easily and I sat up to take the first look at my daughter's sweet pussy.

It was a beautiful sight. Suzi had the most perfectly pink, bare, swollen cunny lips that I had ever seen. I knelt on the floor at the end of the bed and took hold of my daughter's ankles so that I could bring her slit to my mouth. I bent her legs back and spread them as far as they would go, thus opening her flaps wide enough to get my tongue in. At the first moment that the tip of my tongue touched her pretty little opening, my daughter's body wracked with orgasm. As Suzi thrashed around and pulled at the bedsheets with clenched fists, her moans became louder and louder. I knew that the room was too big for the sound to carry and give us away, and her cries of ecstasy were making me very hard and horny. I put my tongue up as far as it would go and sucked on her juices. As I did so, I let the zipper down on my pants and brought out my throbbing weapon.

I let go of my daughter's shapely legs and stood up at the end of the bed. My dick was almost vertical as Suzi sat up to look at it.

'Come and give your Daddy some head, baby. There's a good girl.' I ordered.

'Yes, Daddy'. Suzi whispered, slavishly.

My daughter crawled slowly to the edge of the bed. At the first touch of her small hand on my meat, I felt my balls tighten up. As I looked into my daughter's face, she held my gaze with her narrow, sexy eyes. Slowly, her crimson lips parted and she poked out a long, hot tongue. As she bent her head down to my groin, still staring into my eyes, she pulled my stiff prick down and let it rest on her outstretched tongue.

Then she started to roll it all around my bell end, never once taking her eyes off mine. I couldn't stand the teasing any longer, so, with my left hand I took hold of a clump of my daughter's hair through her veil, and with my right I took a firm grip of my prick and forced it into her sweet little mouth. I pulled my foreskin back and forth as Suzi eagerly sucked on my tool. I was desperate to cum in her mouth, but I was also hungry for her love box and I knew that time was not on my side; my wife could knock on the door at any time. So after a couple of minutes of fucking her face, with reluctance, I pulled my prick out from between her lips and pushed her flat down on the bed.

My daughter's legs were spread wide in front of me. With my trousers still around my ankles, I took up my position and guided my cock into Suzi's inviting snatch. As I filled her up for that first time, she gasped with delight. I lay as straight as a die above my daughter and began to bang her ever more quickly. She had wrapped her legs around my waist and I could feel the heels of her pumps digging into the backs of my thighs each time I thrust out of her tight, hot little hole.

'Ouuuuuu, yessss Daddy, fuck me deep. Fuck your little princess the way she likes it. Ouuuuuuuuuuuuuu, faster Daddy, harder.'

Listening to my own daughter talking to me like this made me even harder and my rhythm began to increase as I pushed my dick as far up her box as it would go. Her red lips were still shiny and moist and when I knew I was close to shooting my load I bent my head to hers and roughly began to kiss her. My tongue and my dick were poking into my daughter's two delicious openings in perfect unison. I strained to keep myself going, but as Suzi let out a final scream of climax I finally had to let myself go. Man, what a feeling it was to have all of your hot, thick white semen flooding out into your own daughter's womb, splattering the walls of her insides with the stuff that made her in the first place, and knowing that she'd been begging you to do it to her.

We carried on kissing as my dick went limp in her pussy. As it slid out with a gooey flopping noise, I noticed a trail of my spunk flowing from Suzi's hole onto the bed. I thought about the man who should have been here fucking my daughter and what he was missing. But now that I'd had her I was not going to let it be just the once. Suzi was going to be seeing a lot more of her old man from now on. As I stood up to get dressed, I looked down at my daughter recovering from the session and asked her if she felt better.

'Daddy, you were terrific. You're the only man I want in my life right now. When can we do this again?'

I told Suzi that she should spend a couple of weeks at our house in the country. It would seem perfectly reasonable to the outside world that she should want to spend a few weeks alone, getting over the hurt, and the cottage would be perfect. I could visit her every day as it was only about thirty miles away, and we could fuck for as long as we liked. Suzi said that she would drive herself there tomorrow and asked me what time I could make it. I told her that I'd arrive at about seven in the evening. She looked at me sexily and promised to be wearing something nice for me. I told her that I'd have to return to the party but that I'd make sure that Mom didn't come back. I'd tell her that our daughter was feeling better now and that she was sleeping.

'I'm jealous of Mom having you all to herself for the rest of the night' Suzi said.

'Don't be,' I replied, ' she won't be getting much from me from now on. It's you that'll be getting my attention in the future.'

As I left the room to return to the party, something occurred to me. You see, strange as it may seem, this was not the first time that I had participated in incest. My inaugural visit to this particular taboo occurred many years ago when I was a young man living at home with my mother and father.

It had been a long, hot, humid day, and night time was no better. I was at that age when erections came frequently and usually at the most inconvenient moments. I remember it had been like that all of that day at school. But alone in my room, under the single bed sheet, I could at last pull myself off and relieve the tension that had been building up in my balls for over twelve hours. The heat and humidity was so great that it had caused a huge thunderstorm in the neighbourhood. There had been several loud bangs and flashes right over our house. I didn't care though, I was pulling away at my dick and that was all that mattered.

I hadn't been at it very long when there was a soft knock at my bedroom door. It must have been Mom, as Dad was working a late shift at the factory. I tried to ignore her, hoping that she would go away and let me continue wanking, but after yet another knock, she opened the door anyway. I quickly brought my hands from underneath the sheet and sat up in bed. Mom stood in the hallway holding a candle on a saucer.

'Honey, you still awake?' she whispered.

'Yes Mom', I replied. 'This storm's keeping me up'.

'Me too. I hate nights like these. I don't like the thunder, never have ever since I was a little girl. Would you mind if I came in and snuggled with you 'till it passes?'

Well, what could I do? I could hardly say no, sorry Mom, but I'm jerking off right now. So I told her that it would be fine. She left the door ajar and walked over to the bed. As she got closer I asked why the candle. Mom said the storm had blown the electricity out over the whole city.

Mom set the candle down on the bedside table and took off her dressing gown. I was a little surprised to see that she was wearing a short little baby doll nightie. I threw back the sheet to let Mom in, but she said that she was too hot and that she would prefer to lie on top of the bed. She suggested that I should do the same and, without warning, turned the sheet down. I was pleased that I had decided to wear pyjama bottoms. I felt her lie down next to me and the thought of how close my own Mom was while I was in such a state of arousal made me feel a little uneasy.

'God, it's so hot', she remarked. 'Give me your hand, honey, and feel the sweat on me'.

Tentatively, I extended my right hand, which Mom took hold of and brought up to her forehead. As she moved my fingers over her brow, it felt like she had just come out of the shower. I remarked that she was very wet indeed. I asked if she wouldn't mind blowing out the candle so that I could get to sleep. It looked as though my relief would have to wait a while longer.

'Not 'till you give your Mom a goodnight kiss', she said, in a voice that I had never heard before.

So, I turned around and gave Mom a little peck on the cheek and wished her sweet dreams.

'Oh, come on honey, surely you can kiss your Mom goodnight better than that', she challenged.

I pretended not to hear and just closed my eyes. I didn't really know what was happening. I didn't realise until many days afterwards that Mom was, what is termed, a nymphomaniac. And that Dad had been withholding his attention for many days previously, in an attempt at cruelty. Looking back, I know now that she had reached the point where need and desire outweigh common sense.

'Well, I guess if you don't want to kiss me goodnight properly, then I'll have to kiss you', Mom said with a quivering voice.

I turned and watched in amazed silence as Mom raised herself onto her right elbow and brought her face down to mine. I knew that I should have resisted as her lips softly brushed at the corners of my mouth, but to be honest, I didn't want her to stop.

Then, when Mom's lips covered mine, and I felt her tongue licking at me, I just let myself respond and opened my mouth. Mom began to smother me with her face and I began to explore the inside of her mouth with mine. I felt her hand on my belly, gently kneading me. Soon, Mom's fingers were teasing their way down to the cord of my pyjamas. I took a sharp intake of air as she deftly pulled the knot apart and my dick sprung up into a vertical position. But that feeling was as nothing compared to the sensations I felt as Mom slowly let her left hand grasp my throbbing shaft.

'My oh my', Mom began, huskily, 'you are a big boy now'.

As she slowly began to move her hand up and down my shaft, her lips left my face and Mom started kissing me from my neck on down. When she began to chew on my nipples I had to fight hard not to cum there and then. I put my hands on top of Mom's head and exerted some downwards pressure.

'Oh, I know what you want me to do, you naughty boy', Mom teased.

And with her eyes staring into mine, her mouth slid down past my belly, over my hips and paused seductively over my moist helmet.

'Tell your Mommy what you'd like her to do, honey', she said whilst licking her lips.

'Blow me, Mom. Please, please blow me now. I can't stand the teasing'. I whimpered.

I looked down as Mom lowered her face to my groin. She parted her lips as wide as they would go and, at last, I felt the hot, wet security of her mouth as she completely enveloped my dick. I moaned loudly as Mom gorged herself on my meat. I saw her heavy bosoms swaying in the loose confines of her baby doll outfit. I realised that I must be living every male teenager's dream, or at least I would be in about one minute.

I was desperate now to give Mom a good fucking, and my original timidity had all disappeared. So, I pulled her head up and forced her onto her belly. I reached around her waist and lifted her ass into the air. As I pushed the hem of Mom's short nightie over her hips, I saw that she hadn't put on any panties. Mom's arms were stretched out in front of her and her back made an inviting inward curve that only served to make my target more appealing. Taking my dick in my right hand, I used the tip to rub up and down her pussy lips until she was begging me to give her one. With a cruel downturn on my lips, I forced my penis right into Mom's juicy twat.

I was banging away at Mom doggy style, still in a state of disbelief. Boy, was she going to be getting a lot more of me from now on I thought. But as it happened this was to be the one and only time that I ever fucked her. We were both so wound up in the throes of rapture that neither of us realised that for the past couple of minutes Dad had been watching us on the landing outside. Neither of us heard him sneak into my room and continue to observe as his only son fucked eagerly away at his wife. It was only the brightness of the exploding flashbulb that caught the attention of Mom and I.

Mom pleaded her innocence and said that I had raped her. Dad reminded her that she was in my room and not me in hers. Besides, from what he'd seen for the past few minutes, she had seemed to be enjoying her son's amorous attention. Dad said it was a good thing that he'd been sent home early, due to a power failure at his works, or he'd never have known of our incestuous relationship.

Much to my discredit, all of the time that Dad had been talking to us, I still had my rock hard dick buried right up to the hilt in Mom's pussy. This was one of those times when the penis takes over the functions of the brain, it seemed. The point was not lost on Dad.

'You finish her off, Boy', he said to me whilst waving the instant photo in the air, 'You'll be paying for this for a long time, so you might as well get your money's worth'.

I didn't need to be told twice and continued thrusting away at Mom from behind, ignoring the tears that she was now shedding. It didn't even bother me that Dad was watching just three feet away, I just wanted to cum up Mom's juicy hole. I gripped her butt cheeks tightly as I felt my balls start to send their white messengers up the stem of my dick. As Dad saw that I was on the verge of cumming, he ordered me not to shoot my stuff up Mom's insides, as he didn't like the idea of sloppy seconds when he fucked her in a few minutes. So, at the instant I felt I was about to ejaculate, I pulled my dick out of Mom and let my white, hot liquid spurt all over her ass cheeks. A whole day's worth came out of me and onto Mom's skin. A pool of it had formed in the small of her back and some seeped down the crack of her ass. Dad told me to rub it into her. As I did so, it mixed with her sweat until all of her back and ass was as shiny as if she had on a coating of suntan oil. As I collapsed on the bed, Dad told Mom to go to their room and to get ready for him. But first, he had some things to say to his son.

Dad came over to the bed where I was trying to recover my breath. He remarked that I had sure looked as though I had enjoyed myself. I nodded in agreement. He held up the instant photo to my gaze. That was me and Mom alright. Dad told me that the picture was not just a picture, but a time bomb as well. When he saw the look of puzzlement on my face, Dad went on to explain. He said that he would put this evidence in a safety deposit box at the bank. He would make instructions in his will that this photograph was to be passed around all the other beneficiaries so that they could all see what I had done with my own Mother. Dad said that it might not mean much to me now, but that the implications would become clearer as I got older and had a family of my own, friends, a good job. All of the things that I would come to treasure would be lost by the showing of that one photo.

Dad left me and returned to Mom in his own room. I heard her scream as he slapped her around. The next day she had a bruised right eye. Over the coming years Dad made sure that Mom's sexual appetite was sated by bringing home a succession of men for her to be fucked by. Some were friends of his, others were strangers that he'd met at a bar or in work. Mom took them all. I even tried it on with her myself on a couple of occasions, but I think that the beating she had taken from Dad that first night had put her off me for good. Mom has been dead for ten years now, during which time Dad has lived on his own. As the years have gone by, I have realised just how right Dad had been. I had tried to buy the incriminating proof from him many times, but he had always refused my offers. But now, as I entered the hotel lobby, and my thoughts returned to the present, another idea hit me.

I saw Dad at the bar drinking alone and made my way towards him. My wife intercepted me en route and asked how Suzi was. I explained that she was feeling much better now and just wanted to sleep until morning. I told my wife that Suzi would be spending the next two weeks alone at the cottage and that I would go there every day to check that she was OK. My wife nodded her agreement and I felt excited at the prospect of what was to come.

I stood next to Dad and ordered myself a drink.

'Dad, I'd like to make you one more offer for the photo', I pleaded.

'I'm sixty eight years old, Son. I've always refused your money in the past, what makes you think I'll take it now when I'm too old to spend it?'

'It's not money that I'm offering', I mentioned, with as much nonchalance as I could muster.

'What is you are offering then if it's not money?' Dad asked, clearly interested in what I might have to say next.

'Suzi', I said, and waited to see his expression.

'Are you suggesting that I fuck my own granddaughter, your daughter, and in return I give you the photo?'

'That's exactly what I'm suggesting', I answered.

Dad asked if Suzi would be compliant. I said that she wouldn't, but that between the two of us there should be no problems. And I would make sure that everything was alright afterwards. I knew there was a good chance that he'd go for this as I'd seen the old bastard eyeing up Suzi many times in the past. Dad asked where and when. I told him tomorrow evening at the cottage. I could see him mulling it over. Then, after about a minute of silence, Dad turned to me and nodded. I told him that he should wait in his car, out of sight, in the street outside the cottage at around seven tomorrow night. I would explain things further to him then. As I left him at the bar, I saw again that same lecherous grin I had seen on his face whenever he had brought home a guy for Mom

Next day at around noon, I got a call from Suzi to say that she'd arrived at the cottage and was looking forward to seeing me tonight. I had a semi erection all that afternoon thinking about what I would be doing to her after Dad had had her.

At six fifteen, I told my wife that I would go see our daughter and set off on the thirty mile drive. As I approached the cottage, I saw Dad waiting in his car around the corner and pulled up behind him. I gave him my wife's key to the cottage and told him to give me ten minutes before he sneaked in. I would have some music playing to cover the noise of his entrance. I told him that I'd hold Suzi down while he took her from behind over the end of the couch in the living room. I made sure that he had the photo with him, then got back in my car and drove the few yards to the cottage.

I opened the front door that led into a hallway and then entered the living room, announcing to Suzi that I was here. Her reply from upstairs said that she be right down. In the meantime I went to the stereo unit and put on some slow, sexy music. I heard movement upstairs that told me Suzi was on her way down. The staircase led directly into the living room, and I waited in eager anticipation with damp hands and a dry mouth.

As I looked to the top of the stairs, the first thing I saw of Suzi, were her feet. On them she had a pair of high heel, strappy red sandals. Slowly, her long, tanned, shapely legs came into view, their muscles clearly defined by the effect of standing on such high heels. Her legs seemed to go on forever, but, at last, the hem of a short, red baby doll nightie appeared. It was completely transparent and revealed a flimsy pair of matching thongs underneath. Then I saw her two golden orbs stretching at the thin material that was pulled off her shoulders, leaving them bare and inviting. And finally her face came into my sight. She had her long hair teased up high on her head, and her crimson lips smiled at me sexily.

'Like what you see, Daddy?' my daughter asked rhetorically.

'Come here', I ordered her.

Suzi rushed over to me and threw herself into my arms.

As we kissed passionately, I walked her to the end of the couch that was closest to the door. As I had hoped, the music was loud enough to cover the sound of Dad letting himself into the house, but the sudden draught of air, which Suzi did not detect, was not lost on me. I turned Suzi so that her back faced the hallway and saw Dad creep in at the door. I moved around back of Suzi, who was now whimpering that she wanted to be fucked, and told her to bend over the end of the couch.

'Ohhh, yes Daddy', she whispered, 'take me here, take me now'.

I knew, of course, that it was only a matter of time before my daughter realised what was happening, but I had hoped it would be later rather than sooner. However, this was not to be. As I fondled the backs of Suzi's thighs and ass cheeks, she lay face down on the couch groaning lightly. But as Dad came up beside me, he couldn't resist touching her ass himself. As Suzi felt the third hand upon her, she turned her head towards us.

'No, Nooooooo Grandad, Noooooooooooooo', she screamed.

I acted with great speed, and moved around to the side of the couch. Opening my right hand as far as I could, I placed it at the back of Suzi's neck and forced her head down flat against the cushion. Then I caught hold of her wrists with my left hand, thus rendering her helpless.

As she lay there, muffled sobs coming from Suzi's heaving body, I saw the cruel downturn of Dad's mouth as he undid his trousers. As the last button came undone, his prick sprung out, hard and twitching. I was impressed at how hard the old guy could get, but then so would any man who had his granddaughter's ass sticking up invitingly.

Dad rubbed his helmet over Suzi's cheeks and left a slimy trail of wetness behind him. I could still feel the pressure of Suzi's head fighting against the hold I had on her, but she was going nowhere. Dad's big hands took hold of the right side of Suzi's thongs, and with one pull, he snapped them. When he did the same to the other side, her panties came away and he threw them casually onto the floor. He pulled back her ass cheeks till I thought that he'd split her skin, and then, with an animalistic grunt, pushed his penis hard up his Granddaughter's asshole. Suzi gave a muffled gasp as Dad went deep into her anus. As he pumped her, I looked down at his hands squeezing at her lovely, peach like cheeks, his nails digging into them causing her skin to turn red. As Dad banged Suzi with greater speed, his expression turned nastier. He moved his hands away from her ass, over her hips and waist, and underneath her body to fondle her tits.

Suzi had stopped struggling by now, and I let go of her head and stood back to watch. Her ass quivered at each merciless thrust of Dad's weapon up her anal passage. His hands suddenly moved up to my daughter's neck, and his thrusting speeded up. He gripped Suzi around the throat and started to squeeze and throttle her. Sad to say, but I had become really excited at the sight of my daughter being treated so roughly by this old man, her Grandfather. As Dad shook Suzi's head up and down, the demonic expression on his face told me he was close to cumming. I bent down to my daughter's side. Her eyes bulged as she fought to breathe. Her hair had fallen over her face and was lank with her sweat. I brushed the corner of her mouth with my forefinger as she looked up to me with her narrow, sexy eyes. Suddenly, Dad started to groan. I stood back again as he let his dick slide out of Suzi's ass. All at once, after a couple of twitches, his meat exploded. Dad's cum shot out up his Granddaughter's back like a jet of white piss. He at last let go of her throat so that he could pump out each last drop of semen onto Suzi's body. As Suzi struggled to regain her breath, Dad rubbed his slowly shrinking cock over her ass, spreading his juice all over her skin.

After a minute or so, as Suzi still lay flat on the couch, her legs spread over the end, Dad pulled his trousers up and fastened them. He put his hand in the inside pocket of his jacket and handed me the photo that had haunted me for the best part of my life.

'Now that was worth it', he said, with an evil grin on his face.

'That's some daughter you've got there'.

Then Dad turned around and left.

I went to where Suzi lay, her face turned towards me. I told her how sorry I was about what had happened, and compounded that lie by telling her that Dad had seen me coming out of her hotel room, fastening my trouser zipper, and put two and two together. Suzi begged me not to let him at her again. I promised that from now on it would just be me and her. It was then that I realised that I still had a raging hardon. I asked how she felt. Suzi said her throat was sore. I undid my zipper, pulled out my penis and showed it to her.

'Don't worry, Princess. I've got something here that will make that better. Open wide for Daddy, there's a good girl.'


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