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Scoring Position
by Shintani

Girls like Genna were as much a part of the game as anything else. Considered to be a perk by some players, scorned by others, there was no real way of escaping them. The lengths that they would go to follow the team, or attend some function, always attracting attention to themselves was amazing. In her case, Genna, a student nurse, would drive several hours just to see her team play. Specifically, she was looking for Frankie, a utility infielder of all things. While he was little known outside of his team's fanbase, somehow the young nurse had found him attractive, and was bound and determined to track him down.

On this day, she had been rather fortunate. An associate at work had managed to get great field level seats, but wasn't going to be able to attend the game. Genna was quick to acquire the tickets and be on her way. It was proving to be a real scorcher out there, and she dressed accordingly. Her tank top was barely enough to conceal her well-developed bust, and the shorts she wore defined the voluptuous curves of her ass very nicely. As she sped down the highway, she wondered if she'd be able to get a good view of Frankie. After all, her seat was near the home team dugout, even if he didn't play, maybe she could get his autograph. If he was in the mood for signing, that is.

During Spring Training, she had flown down to the team's Florida complex, and had run into him, but he wasn't signing that day. Still, it had been like a dream come true to actually meet him that time, so what if he had his girlfriend hanging off of him. Besides, Genna thought, he hasn't had the chance to experience me yet. All he's got to look forward to now is that skinny redhead with the fake tits, she thought. I'm the real thing. Nothing silicone or enhanced about these babies, she thought as she adjusted her top. There, that was it, just the right amount of cleavage to be showing. All she had to do now was get his attention, and he'd get quite a show. Maybe even sign an autograph or two. These thoughts and others occupied her mind as the miles ticked off on her long trek to the stadium.

Heavy traffic almost ruined what was supposed to be a perfect day. Instead of arriving early enough to watch home team batting practice, Genna was lucky enough to find a parking space and her seat before the national anthem. Although she was bummed out about missing batting practice, and the best chance to lean over the railing for an autograph, there were a few pleasant surprises in store for her. First was her seat. While the ticket she had was for a box seat set back from the field, the usher had obviously enjoyed the sight of her breasts surging out of her top. The fact that the tank top and bra were very thin allowed the young man the barest hint of her dark nipples and areola certainly helped as well. Thus, she was given an unoccupied field level box, right on the fist base side, and right up front. While Genna was enjoying her good fortune, she looked up at the large scoreboard. Then, to her wondering eyes, she looked again. Frankie was listed as playing first base! The regular guy must be getting a day off, and she was going to be sitting right where she could see him! What an incredible stroke of luck!

Her cheers were loud and long for him as he took the field in the top of the first inning. Frankie turned to his side to see who was shouting out his name when he saw her. Not bad, he thought to himself as he looked into the stands and waved at Genna. Her long brown hair bounced up and down as she jumped with excitement, but it was the jigging of her chest that he noticed. Once the game started, however, he had to focus his concentration on the field, and didn't get to see a lot of her antics. No matter, between innings, as he trotted back to the dugout he got to see her smiling at him, cheering him on, and shaking her attributes at him. Not a bad day for baseball indeed.

As the afternoon wore on, he couldn't help but to think about how stunning that girl in the stands was. More correctly, she was stacked, and she knew it. In fact, as he prepared himself for his first at-bat, he could hear her shouting encouragement to him, and felt her eyes on him as he strode to the batter's box. His first turn at bat didn't last too long. On the second offering from the opposing pitcher, he hit a frozen rope straight into centerfield. Frankie's eyes were on Genna as he jogged to first, and even the first base coach joked with him about his enthusiastic fan. She was doing a very sexy gyrating dance in celebration of his hit.

During a brief lull in the action, he took a moment to watch. Her body swayed to the music blaring over the stadium speakers. Her breasts heaved up and down in her tight tank top, and as she turned, her gyrating ass looked very enticing. Genna's motions were fluid and graceful, her dance sensuous. In fact, in another setting, she would have been right at home, with the only difference that she'd be getting dollar bills stuffed into her garter. The crack of the bat as the next hitter smacked the ball into the outfield woke Frankie up from his reverie, and he sprinted down to second base. His mind was definitely back on the game, but the lingering memory of Genna's sexy motions was burned into his memory.

Frankie eventually came around to score, the first of two runs for his team. The visitors managed to match that, and the game settled into a pitching duel. While Frankie and his teammates still managed to eke out a few hits, no one else was able to score. Another highlight of the game came for him a few innings later. One of the opposing hitters popped a foul ball up the right field line, and Frankie gave chase. He was right at the edge of the stands when he made an off balance catch, and went tumbling into the seats. Specifically, right into Genna's seat. His hand brushed against one of her breasts as he righted himself, for Genna that innocent touch was electrifying.

She helped Frankie up to his feet, and let her own roaming hand brush against the bulge in his tight pants. That confirmed one suspicion for her, what she felt proved that there was no way that he was all cup. As Frankie jogged back to the field, he was amazed at her boldness. True, he had accidentally touched her, but her return grope was no accident. Not that he was complaining, of course. He definitely liked what he had felt. Genna was so soft, so warm, and her body was so inviting to him. He flipped the ball back to the pitcher, and resolved to keep his mind on the rest of the game. The score was still tied, and there wasn't time for him to entertain any ideas about what he'd like to do with that hot young brunette.

The game progressed steadily until the bottom of the ninth inning, the score still tied. The hometeam's leadoff man struck out, not an auspicious start. But the next man lined a double into right field. The rollercoaster ride continued when the next batter flied out deep to left. The runner on base managed to advance to third, and stood only ninety feet from ending the ball game. But now there were two outs and the team's next hitter was not all that capable. He would be followed by Frankie, if it got that far. Inexplicably, the visiting pitcher walked him. Now it was all in Frankie's hands.

Slowly, he stepped up to the plate, trying to push Genna's encouraging shouts out of his mind. While they were welcome, right now, with the game on the line, they were a bit of a distraction. Still, she was quite a hottie as she jumped up and down, cheering him on, there was no denying that. He waited for the pitcher to throw the first pitch. Outside, ball one. The next pitch caught the outside of the plate, evening up the count. Frankie stared hard at him as he threw the next one. It looked good, and he swung. Pop up! Frankie hit a weak pop up down the left field line, the third baseman and left fielder were converging on it...and it dropped! Base hit!

The runner on third scored with ease and the game was over! Even as his teammates converged on first base to congratulate him, he managed to catch another glimpse of his dedicated fan, who was cheering wildly. As the team headed for the dugout, Frankie trotted over to her. To Genna's surprise, he invited her to head down to the team clubhouse, where he would be glad to sign an autograph for her. That was beyond her wildest dreams, and she readily accepted.

A security guard escorted her to the lounge area, where wives, families and girlfriends could wait. Genna saw no hint of Frankie's current squeeze, the fake titted bimbo with the bad dye job. She managed to collect quite a few team autographs as she waited for him, as the evening was fast approaching, most players were taking off.

Finally, Frankie came out to get her. She gushed her admiration for him as he took her on a quick tour of the ballpark. While she had been there many, many times, this was the first time she got to see what was behind the scenes. He even took her into the dugout and they walked out onto the field. By now, night had fallen. The grounds crew was just finishing up their maintenance work, and the rest of the crowd had already left. At one point during their walk, Genna's hand had found Frankie's, and they continued to stroll together. She was starstruck that his attention had been captured, and she did notice that his eyes were wandering all over her body. She didn't mind, in fact, she relished the attention that she was getting from him. Her hazel eyes sparkled as they made meaningless small talk, his gaze was focused somewhat lower on her anatomy.

Then, in another surprise move, Frankie steered her over towards homeplate. They stepped through the infield dirt, Genna couldn't believe that she was actually out on the playing filed. A quick glance around revealed that there was no one else in sight. Frankie led her out onto the infield grass, just in front of the pitcher's mound. There, he sat on the grass with her, gazing up at the stars past the stadium seating bowl. Without saying a word, he placed an arm around her shoulder. Genna snuggled in next to him, resting her head on his shoulder. Frankie caught a whiff of her alluring feminine scent. The mixture of her perfume and hairspray, the aroma was as intoxicating to him as the situation was to Genna. Here she was, a life long fan of the team, sitting out on the infield grass with her favorite player holding her tight in his arms. The kiss that happened next was a logical outcome.

Genna initiated it with a slight peck on Frankie's cheek, then another one on his lips. Their mouths locked together as they kissed, and slowly, they let their hands begin to wander. Genna was a little intimidated by her surroundings, but Frankie carried on as if he knew exactly what he was doing. His hands pushed her tank top out of the way, coming to rest on her breasts. The feel of his hands all over her body emboldened Genna, and she continued her lip-lock with Frankie. There they lay, on the soft grass of the infield, making out like a pair of teenagers. She raised her arms above her head, allowing Frankie to pull her thin tank top off. Gently, he lay her down on the soft green grass, the closely cropped blades tickled her back and her ass as Frankie slipped her shorts down and out of the way.

As Genna kicked her shorts off, Frankie sat up, pulling his own shirt over his head, indulging in Genna's soft touch on his chest. Her hands traced over the rippled muscles of his abdomen as she hurriedly tugged his pants down. A smile crossed her face as she realized that her suspicions were correct, he certainly wasn't all cup. Frankie lay back down on top of her, his big strong hands freeing her breasts from their confinement as they engaged in a lover's embrace on the soft infield grass. Her hands guided his kisses lower on her body, gradually, until he found his face buried in her cleavage. Her sweat covered body tasted slightly salty to him, but the soft feel of her naturally large breasts in his mouth was magical. She had teased him all day long with her jiggling, now he could sample the goods for himself, and how wonderful they were. Her erect nipples poked into his mouth, Frankie's tongue explored them ever so gently. Her soft hands caressed his back, even as she felt his legs spreading hers apart. She willingly allowed him to, opening her thighs and planting her feet against the ground to brace for the first thrust of his cock inside her. He didn't even need any guidance from her, as his rod slipped between her soaked pussy lips.

Genna moaned softly as she felt him smoothly penetrate her willing pussy, her embrace of him growing tighter and tighter as Frankie began a rhythmic thrusting inside her cunt. They shared hot, wet kisses as Frankie fucked her hot little box, driving his cock home with ease. Slowly, he quickened his pace, eliciting louder and louder moans from the girl beneath him. With a practiced move, he slid his hand down to her cunt, massaging her hard little clit with his fingers even as he continued to fuck her. Genna's screams echoed through the empty stadium as Frankie brought her to her first amazing orgasm. He felt her hot pussy tightening around his shaft, could feel her juices flowing out over his cock onto the grass as he pounded away at her.

His fingers were drenched with her sweet nectar as he heard her screaming out his name, over and over again. Drawing his hand up out of her crotch, he brought his pussy juice soaked fingers to her mouth, where she could seductively lick them clean. As she did, the most passionate feelings he had for his now favorite fan got the better of him. With a low moan, Frankie unloaded his balls inside her, filling the hoochiemama's cunt with his hot cum. He thrust his cock deeper and deeper inside her as he came, letting every drop fill her pussy. As his own orgasm subsided, he looked down at her smiling face, allowing his eyes to take in the lovely sight before him.

Her exquisite breasts were flushed red from their exertions, but a look of utter contentment filled her face. Ever so slowly, Frankie withdrew his cock from her, and the two quickly policed up their clothing. Quickly and quietly, they made their way back through the deserted stadium, into the clubhouse, and out to the parking lot. Although few words were exchanged between them, Frankie still walked her out to her car, and as they shared a passionate kiss, made sure to hand her a packet of season tickets, right by the home team dugout, before she drove off into the night.


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