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Susan Performs
by Voyeur Bob

I was pressed to get these financial statements complete by four o'clock and the phone wouldn't quit ringing. Don't they know I have more to do then just answer the damn phone?

"Hi love, it's Bob Campbell." Came across the speakerphone even before I could say hello. "Listen Sue, a client of mine is in town and we wanted to know if you would be free to join us for drinks tonight?"

Why so formal? I know the sound of my husband's voice and our last name, but I have never gone by Sue. I'm Susan. All right, I thought to myself. This is some sort of little phone game he wants to play. So why not go along. "Sounds like fun lover. Should I wear something revealing? That's not to hard to get out of?" There was a long silence. Then a stranger's voice answered.

"That would be great Sue. Bob told me you were hot. Meet us around 8:00 at O'Hara's. It's the new club that just opened downtown. I look forward to seeing you and your sexy outfit. "

I nearly fell out of my chair. "Oh Bob I'm sorry. I thought you were... Please I didn't mean to..." Before I could finish apologizing Bob interrupted me.

"See you there Love."

Then silence, he hung up the phone. That's just great. Here I'm going to meet one of my husband's clients and the guy already has a distorted image of me. Shit! Well hopefully I can explain myself when we meet. Why didn't he tell me he had someone in his office? Why so formal with this is Bob Campbell? My husband and his stupid fantasy role playing ... Then it hit me. That Bastard! This is a fantasy that he wants to turn into reality. Bet the guy doesn't even know I'm Bob's wife. No telling what he told him. That little shit! He's really doing this to me. I can't believe he wants me to come on to another man.

Sitting here staring into space and shaking from the implications of what this could mean the phone ran again sapping me back to a conscious state. It was Bob. "You son of a bitch!" I shouted into the receiver. " Why did you..." But again before I could finish he cut me short.

"Please, just hear me out. You know how we both love the fantasy where you hit upon one of my friends. Where he doesn't know you're my wife and you seduce the both of us."

"Yes Bob I do. But that's it. It's just a fantasy. I never dreamed you would want to play it out. I just couldn't."

"All right. Just listen to me for a second. Wouldn't it be exciting just to try it a little bit? We wouldn't have to go all the way. Maybe just some kissing and petting until you felt uncomfortable."

"Bob, I already feel uncomfortable."

"Please Susan, think of the great times we can have fantasying about if we just gone a little further."

"But if I let your friend feel me up this time where will it end up next. Fucking him?" I asked coldly. There was a long silence, as I knew Bob was trying to think of the right words to say. He stammered a few times and finally said. "Please just meet us there and wear something sexy."

I had to admit the thought of meeting under those circumstances was a real turn on, but didn't think I could go along with the rest of his plan. After a little more sweet talk and a lot of promises I reluctantly agreed to meet and wear something appropriate, but a little kissing and maybe a few quick feels was the most I would allow his friend to get out of me. We've been out with couples where I've danced with my friends' husbands, letting them hold me tight, feeling them get hard. But these were little games couples played and it never went further then that. This time he wouldn't know I was Bob's wife just a plaything for the two of them to enjoy.

My thoughts were a mess. I couldn't concentrate on my work. Coming up with a lamebrain excuse to deliver the statements first thing Monday I hurried out the door. My mind started racing in all the wrong directions. I had wild images of playing the seductress driving two men out of their minds. I kept trying to shake those thoughts. This wasn't me at all. I felt that if I relaxed in a warm bath it would clear my mind. Boy was I wrong. The heat from the water mixed with my unrestrained visions of lust got my juices flowing. Masturbating seemed the only cure for my wickedness. It wasn't right to keep these fantasies running through my mind. My fingers brought me to a tremendous orgasm and I finally felt release from the sexual tension, but it wasn't for long. When I opened my lingerie drawer instead of selecting white cotton bra and panties I found myself reaching for the sexiest lace bra. Holding it to my breasts, admiring how it made me look. Glancing into the mirror my nipples showed clearly through the thin lace. I struck a pose.

"Wow would this turn them on."

I quickly found the matching panties. Delighted in the sleek beauty that appeared in the mirror I thought to myself. "If this is what Bob wanted, this is what he was going to get."

Now the big question. "How far would I let this little game go?"

I shook my head in disbelief realizing I couldn't honestly answer that question. Maybe we could go parking, like in high school, and let them remove my clothes and feel me up. Or do each of them in the backseat as the other watched. I couldn't believe I was even letting these thoughts wonder through my head. I topped off the scandalous underwear outfit with a sheer white blouse, short black skirt and thigh high stocking. Making sure the lace tops showed while sitting.

The cab ride to the club was faster then hoped for. When arriving I slid forward on the seat to hand him the money allowing my skirt to slide up and reveal my lace panties.

"Pretty" He said. "Is there a matching bra?"

At that moment my body was over powered with lustful thoughts racing through my mind. Looking down I unbuttoned my blouse to the waist and pulled it open to reveal my matching bra. I thrust my chest forward and closed my eyes as he reached across the seat and took a nipple between his fingers. Moving across my chest he lifted the flimsy bra above my breasts and felt me up. Soon his hand made its way from between my breasts to my belly, then onto my bare thighs.

"I bet some guy's going to enjoy the hell out of you tonight." He said, as I spread my knees allowing his fingers easy access to my private parts. Electricity shot through my body as he worked his fingers under the leg opening and into the folds of my wetness. What was I doing? Allowing a complete stranger to finger me. It felt so good. So wicked, Bob had definitely brought out a side of me I never knew existed. I didn't want to cum just yet. This intense feeling rushing throughout my body had to remain if I was going to go through with my husband's plans. Leaning forward to give the cabby a kiss I gently removed his fingers and said.

"There are two men waiting to enjoy the hell out of me tonight. Thank you for helping me work up the nerve." Rearranging my clothes I left the cab and entered the club. The place was packed. New ones like this always are, but Bob saw me come in and soon I was being introduced to Steven. An attractive well dressed man in his middle thirties I judged. Quiet, polite with good manners, standing and offering me his chair. Steven explained that his old college roommate owned this establishment. There was a lot more to the place then just this club area.

I soon found myself deep in conversation, trying to answer questions that didn't make any sense. Bob had built me into a remarkable woman to fit the fantasy for the evening. It didn't take Steven long to start pouring on the charm when Bob excused himself to use the restroom. First resting his hand on my knee and when I didn't object it started traveling up to my thigh pushing my skirt with it. By the time my husband returned Steven's hand was resting on my bare leg above my stockings and his thumb was rubbing over the red lace panties. The expression on Bob's face was priceless.

"Doesn't look like it took you two long to become friends." Bob said.

Before either one of us could reply Steven's friend Carl came up to greet us. He told us the building dated back to the early twenties and this part was once a speakeasy. While Carl showed us around Bob whispered in my ear.

"I can't believe you let Steven do that."

"That's what you wanted wasn't it?"

"Well yes, but today you were so... Is that it? Was that the quick feel?"

"That was just light touching not a feel. I'm sure you two will arrange more opportunities to get your hands on me."

"Are you kidding?" Bob said nearly choking with anticipation.

"No, but you will have to be the one to tell Steven when to stop." I replied.

Bob gave my ass a squeeze. I don't think he truly understood the full meaning of what I was saying.

Carl led us into an area that was still under renovation. This was the reason he bought the building in the first place. I found myself standing on a beautiful old stage that had been used during the heyday of vaudeville and burlesque. While the men set at a table going over the plans of restoration I wandered around admiring all the beautiful old fixtures and paintings that adorned the area. Walking to the front of the stage I cleared my throat and said

"Gentlemen, what would be your preference a song or a dance?"

"In keeping with tradition I think a striptease would be appropriate." Carl immediately said.

"Now how did I know that was going to be your answer!" I said as I stepped back startled for their reaction. Steven joined Carl trying to persuade me. Bob just sat there motionless. I was hoping he would come to my defense. But both men were coaxing him to give me the thumbs up signal.

" Bob, is this what your wanting?" I finally asked in desperation seeing the thoughts rushing through his mind. Did he really want his wife to perform for these men? Had he taken his fantasy far enough? If only he know about the taxi driver. He kept looking at them and then at me. Finally he said.

"Go for it! Show us your stuff."

My heart raced and my legs became wobbly as I realized this was the moment of truth. I was being asked by my husband to perform for these men. Instantly the stage lights came on and music started playing. Out of the corner of my eye I saw a black man standing in the shadows operating the controls. The waiter that had previously brought drinks to our table. This was unbelievable. Never in my wildest dreams could I ever imagine myself in this position. Never the less a rush of eroticism came over me and took control of my body. I started swaying to the beat as my fingers unhooked the buttons that held my blouse in place. Pulling it out of my skirt I flung it open, then quickly closed it, giving them just a glimpse of my breasts through the shear bra. Turning away I slipped it off and let it fall to the floor. Next my hands found the catch on the back of my skirt and the zipper was coming down. Slowly I worked it over my hips and my stomach did a flip as they applauded when my ass came into view through the sheer panties. Dropping my skirt to the floor I kick it across the stage and interlaced my finger behind my head. Trembling from the excitement of knowing they could clearly see my entire body through the lacey transparent fabric as I turned to walked to the front of the stage. I gasped, startled back into reality when I noticed the black man with a video camera trained on me.

"OK guy's, I think you've seen enough. This is where I call it quits."

"Come on Susan, no reason to stop now."

They keep begging me to continue. I just stood there, practicality naked, involved in this crazy conversation. Why wasn't I grabbing my clothes and running out of there. I looked at Bob.

"Are you sure this is what you want?"

"More then anything." Was his only reply.

Not fully understanding I just shook my head as my fingers reached for the hooks of my bra. It quickly joined my other clothes on the floor. Placing my hands on my hips I bent forward and shook my titties for my admirers. My fingers found the waistband of my panties and I worked them down my legs, much to the delight of the men. Now naked except for my stockings and heels I squatted in front of them and ran my hands back and forth along my thighs and up to my breasts, pinching my nipples. Juices were flowing out of me and I was spreading it up and down my thighs. I stood and walked in front of the cameraman and repeated the same act. Except this time I let my fingers play with my private parts as he zoomed in on the action. I was burning up and needed release. Naked and horny in front of four men with hard-on's about to bust out of their pants, there was no reason to finger fuck myself. Grabbing Carl by the tie I pulled him close and we kissed. My tongue slide into his mouth and his hands started squeezing my ass as I unzipped his pants and pulled out his throbbing member. Pushing him back into the chair I straddled his lap holding his manhood and positioned it at the entrance of my pussy slowly working myself down on his lap. A bolt of lightening shot through me as his pulsating cock filled me. Carl was using both hands to squeeze my breasts as he sucked on one nipple then the other. Using my leg muscles I pushed myself up and down the full length of his shaft. Repeating this motion over and over until Carl blasted off. I was so turned on that I exploded like a cannon.

Next was Steven's turn. I stood and as we embraced he lifted me up and sat me on the edge of the stage telling Carl and Bob to hold my legs apart. Steven moved into position and I noticed Bob had his organ in hand.

"Be careful and not waste any of that. I need it after I finished with Steven."

My warning was useless; he came as Steven penetrated me. I propped myself back on my elbows to wait for the fabulous feeling to engulf my loins. Looking around I noticed my cameraman standing in a chair and filming the whole scene. Steven was wonderful. He brought me to several climaxes before unloading a gusher deep inside me. I had become a wanton slut crying for Bob to fuck me. My pussy was on fire and fucking was the only way to quench the flame. Masturbating twice while watching Steven he was unable to perform. He couldn't get it up when I needed it. Carl took the video camera from the waiter and told him to take a turn. Marvin, a handsome black man, quickly took up his position between my legs. Unzipping his pants he unleashed a monster. I had never seen one that big. I heard stories about black men but never would believe them until tonight. It was as big around as my fist and as long as my forearm. I was on fire and couldn't wait for him to start working that horse cock into me. The others were quite impressed with its size and started making comments about the fucking I was going to enjoy.

"Spread the her legs wide. I'm getting ready to give her the fucking of a lifetime." Marvin said.

Chills ran down my spine and I momentarily became a little frightened as Marvin placed the monster head of his cock at my opening. Bob must of sensed my fear and started to protest, but it was to late Marvin used both hands to spread me apart and the gigantic head worked it's self in. Instantly I had another thundering orgasm. The men cheered him on as my entire body shook with intense pleasure. I was propped on my elbows with my head thrown back and my mouth wide open yelling at the top of my lungs.

"Fuck me, Marvin, Fuck me. Fuck me hard. Please! Fuck me."

It felt so phenomenal. Never have I been so full of such a wonderful pleasure stick. I had orgasm after orgasm as it worked its way in. They were making bets on how far he could bury it. I pulled myself up to watch and was amazed as it appeared to be half way in.

"Come on guy's pull my leg further apart. I want it all the way in. It feels so fucking good."

I couldn't believe the words coming out of my mouth. I was making a porno movie, fucking three men while my husband helped, and loving every second of it. Marvin and I were working up a steady rhythm and that monster was working on every nerve ending that had never been reached before. This had to be a dream. Here I was a married woman naked with four men; the biggest cock I could imagine buried deep in me and I was caught up in the excitement of trying to get it all the way in. My nipples were rock hard and needed to be sucked on. Orgasms were rocking my body with every thrust of our hips. Finally he hit bottom and I checked to see for myself how much was left. The men and I were impressed on how much Marvin was able to stuff in.

This man was born to give woman pleasure. He knew how to pace himself to give me the maxim joy without cumming to fast. My body was covered in perspiration, then the unmistakable feeling, a load of cum starting to swell up in his balls. I laid my head back and with great anticipation waited for the explosion to rock my inner depths. The flow was on its way. I yanked my legs lose from my captors' and rapped them around Marvin's ass forcing him all the way in. My orgasm lasted for minutes after the force of his blast shook the depths of my body. I held him deep inside me the entire time.

"Your one fuckin' hot Bitch!" Marvin explained as I reluctantly let lose my grip. "I've got a couple of buddies I'd like to introduce you to. You think we could get together for a little more fun?"

"With out a doubt." I told him looking for Bob's reaction.

"All Right! My buddies are going to love your pretty white ass." Marvin said while pulling up his underwear.

Then taking the video camera from Carl who had been zooming in on my well-fucked and stretched out pussy. Sperm was matted in my pubic hair, running down my thighs and legs. Bob, Steven and Carl stood there with raging hard-on's, ready to go again. I think Bob was in shock from me telling Marvin I would get together him and his buddies.

Jumping down off the stage I turned around and braced myself against it spreading my legs and sticking my ass in the air. Looking over my shoulder I said.

"Come on guy's lets see if we can take care of those problems."

First Steven then Carl took their turns with me. Bob came up last and shoved his cock right in. He was like a wild man running his hands all over my body, squeezing my breasts, biting my neck. He came once and never went soft, just continued to pound away. By the time he came again the others had put their clothes on and wandered out of the area leaving us alone.

"Is this what you had in mind?" I asked

"No. I mean Yes. Well not exactly. I just can't believe this happened. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think you would do this. Why? I mean how come?"

"I hadn't planned of doing a striptease and fucking four men just you and Steven. Things just got a little carried away."

"You mean you came with the idea of... Are you ok with what happened?"

"It's been embarrassing, but yes I loved every second of it. Specially Marvin."

"Oh shit, Marvin! Were you just kidding or are you thinking about meeting with him and his friends?"

I gave Bob a wicked smile. Shaking my head yes I said "Probably."

Bob's eyes all most popped out of their sockets and his manhood jumped back to full attention.

"Susan, I can't believe you..."

I put my fingers to his lips and motioned for Marvin to join us and said. "Believe this!"

He came up and put his arm around my waist and let his hand slide down and grasped my bottom.

"One fine piece of white ass." Marvin said as I put my arm around him.

"I going to spend the rest of the weekend with Marvin and his friends. Get a copy of the video from Carl and I'll see you at home Sunday night."

* * * * *

Follow up note from Voyeur Bob:

Susan is my wife and though my stories are fictional they are based on events that have happened to us while we have been together. The inspiration for this story was based somewhat on two incidents that took place a few years after we were married. While she didn't do the striptease on a stage she did perform for a friend's 40th birthday. Would love to hear your comments on my story and or my wife.


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