The Best Erotic Stories.

Sandra's Passions:
The Story of a Woman's
Sexual Awakening

Chapter Two: When Sandra Met Keith
by Bassoon

During the weeks which followed our adventure with Garry, our sex life was better than ever. She had a certain confidence, which was very apparent, and whilst she was never a shy person and always preferred the company of men to women, I started to notice in her, a more provocative, sexy sort of personality.

We did not refer to Garry's activity with her very often, but on some occasions, when close to orgasm, I would remind her of how he shafted her and reassured her that it only made me love her the more. In those situations she became very bold and asked if I would like to see her having sex with another man again. She mentioned a casual acquaintance of ours called Keith. He had made it plain to her that fancied her but when he had asked her out for a drink, she had refused,. On this night, when she was particularly randy, I asked if she fancied him sexually, to which she replied that that she did.

My cock was deep into her, working her to a frenzy when I offered her the opportunity for a little adventure and I said to her, "I think that I am going to let Keith fuck you Darling!"

She came almost immediately, delirious with pleasure and lust; overjoyed that I intended for her enjoy another man again, having so far only had two in her life. Her cunt pulsated as she asked how it was to happen. Would she have him alone? How could he and I share her? I encouraged her to tell me of how she fantasised about his lovemaking with her. We made our plans whilst I was fucking her and I knew that my earlier instincts were right. Garry was to be only the first of very many men whom I would encourage to go through her.

It was decided that she would accept his next invitation for a drink and to show interest by staying out late with him, probably allowing him to grope her. She would be showing a very strong interest in sex with him, but not actually allowing it to happen just yet. She was to arrange for him to come to our home one evening for drinks, and to see what happened.

I could see that sex with another man was becoming very focused in her mind. She was always randy and her manner of dress was becoming more provocative. During our lovemaking she would frequently refer both to Keith and to Garry. It was not long before she told me that she had accepted an invitation from Keith, to go for a drink.

On the day of the meeting, Keith had come into the café that we owned and we chatted for a while. He was unaware that I knew he was dating my wife that evening and would have been more than surprised to know that she and I had already decided that he would soon enjoy sex with her, in most if not all of its forms. I found this very intriguing and was anxious to continue my already good rapport with the guy, to engineer a situation where I would actually watch him shafting my lovely young wife. Even whilst I was chatting to him, I was wondering what it would soon be like, to watch him pumping his spunk deep into her cunt and to go in after him, shooting my own sperm up there, to mix with his.

That evening she was as excited as a teenager on her first date. She wore a full-length dress, rather than her usual hot pants or mini-skirt, to limit the access that he would have to her body, but was nevertheless dressed to thrill. She had also spent a small fortune at the hairdressers. She took a cab to a pub just outside of town to meet him and my last words to her were that I loved her very much. I told her that she was not to allow him full penetration, nor to suck him off but that she should not worry about hurrying back and to stay out as late as she wished. I encouraged her to get him worked up for what was to come later, when I would be able to witness her fully enjoy her second lover.

By midnight, I was curious to know exactly where she was. Obviously, I knew they were together and since it was well after pub closing time, I expected they were either drinking or dancing at a club, or even indulging in some heavy petting in his car.

At 2am I knew without doubt that they would have passed the socialising stage and that he was almost certainly feeling up my wife. She might possibly be groping him in return and for all I knew, despite her good intentions, might even be getting laid by him somewhere. I was in a state of sexual excitement at this prospect; anxious for her to return yet also anxious to prolong the bitter sweet pleasure, knowing that the later it became, the more likely that sex would be more advanced. Though I was desperate to see him making love to my wife, the thought of him doing it right at that moment was almost as much as I could bear. Wildly erotic thoughts spun through my head as I envisaged her receiving his full passionate load deeply into her belly.

It was almost 3am when she returned. I heard a car outside the house, it stopped only briefly and she soon came into our bedroom where I was laying in the dark, still awake. She kissed me and I asked how she had got on. She turned on a small bedside lamp and I could see that she was rather tousled and rumpled, no lipstick and all the other little signs of a woman that has been having a romp. Sandra climbed into bed, telling me that she had a wonderful time and that Keith was very charming. They had been dancing at a nightclub and had parked up on the way home.

I felt her pussy, which was very wet and open and wondered what had happened to put it into that state. She reached for my prick and answered my unspoken question. "No, he didn't screw me, but he is going to, very soon!"

My cock was hard as a rock and I quickly mounted her slid straight into her pussy. I fucked her slowly and steadily as she related the events of the whole evening, culminating in the car, where the constriction of her clothing had prevented anything serious happening. He had been feeling her up through her clothing. Her brief fondling of him through his trousers revealed that he had an enormous erection and was quite a "big boy" when aroused. Sandra revealed that he had told her that he must soon make love to her fully, to which she had replied that she only made love with her husband but that she would love Keith to fuck her. It appears that her bold comment made him wild with lust and they had discussed the ways in which each of them liked to have sex. She thanked me profusely for allowing her to have such an exciting time with another man and told me that she had accepted a date from him for the following weekend.

"You will have to wear something a little more accessible next time, Sandra". I counseled her. "At the very least you will have to let him get your tits out and feel you up."

My wife moaned at this very improper suggestion and asked me to fill her with my sperm, which I did immediately. Being so worked up from her activity with Keith, she had no difficulty in coming off with me.

One final thing that she had mentioned to her prospective lover, was of how broadminded I was and that she might well tell me that she had accepted Keith's invite for a another date. This appeared to make him very nervous but did not prevent him from arranging to meet her again. Before we went to sleep, I knew that I was more than ready to have him screw her, without or with me, but preferably the latter. I was keen for Sandra to enjoy the thrill of having two cocks together again. I knew the time was ripe for her to once again be fucked by a man other than myself and I was determined to make it happen. I just wanted her to enjoy total sexual pleasure, unrestrained by convention.

I think that it was perhaps understandable that I never saw Keith during the following week; maybe this was just a coincidence but more likely, I suspect that he was just keeping out of my way. As Friday approached, Sandra was nervous and continually sexually excited. I had never know her so cock-hungry before, stimulated no doubt by the anticipation of having a new prick, which she deeply desired, thrust up inside of her and for her to devour and milk it dry. I think we fucked every day between their meetings and on Thursday night, whilst we screwed and laid plans, she told me that she really must let him fuck her very soon and admitted that she simply could not wait to feel him inside of her.

I chose for her a red micro-skirt with little white panties, no stockings and a blouse that easily opened. She looked far younger than her thirty-three years, with blue eyes, long auburn hair, gorgeous little butt and legs that could sell stockings. I knew that the sight of her would increase Keith's lust for her and that the time was very close for me to allow him full sexual access to her. When she was ready to leave, I kneeled down and lowered her panties, kissing her freshly trimmed and perfumed pussy, smelling and tasting what I knew she would soon be giving another man. I told her that she should enjoy herself and if possible to try to save his first penetration of her for us both to enjoy together. I emphasized that she must arrange for him to visit us both. Sandra said that she really would do her best but confessed to me that she was really horny and could not promise that she would not let Keith fuck her this night. I told her that I loved her and understood and that above all she was to have a super time and enjoy herself with him.

On this evening, Keith returned her much earlier, between 1am and 2 am. I was still sitting up watching late night TV although I must confess my mind was not on it. From about 11 PM, I knew that they could be having sex somewhere and by midnight, I assumed that they were actually doing it. I imagined her somewhere, in his car, in his flat, in his bed. Was his hand inside her? Was his cock inside her? Was she right now sucking his cock? Was her mouth or her cunt already now filled with his sperm? I was in turmoil until she walked into the room.

Sandra did not look so rumpled as on the first occasion and it was early, so I asked the obvious question. "What happened?"

She explained how they had a few drinks and went straight back to Keith's flat. They had been there from 10.30pm until just past 1am. She sat on my lap to tell me about it and my hand went to her knickers; they were saturated. Was it her lubricant or was it his semen? I had an enormous hard on and could not wait to fuck her, knowing that another man had been enjoying her body.

Her panties came off quickly in my hand and I threw her down on the chair, dropped my trousers and without any further preliminaries, thrust my rigid cock, deep to the hilt in my wife's wet cunt. My prick worked in and out of the wetness as I questioned her and I knew that at that very moment I was really expecting and hoping that she had committed adultery.

She surprised me by telling me that Keith had tried desperately to fuck her and that she had really wanted to let him. It appears that he had her tits out within minutes of their arrival at his flat and he sucked and fondled them for ages, working her into a sexual state. Whilst I fucked her, she detailed how his hands went up her miniskirt and into the tiny brief panties that I had chosen and which offered no protection against his invasive fondling. She told me how he finger-fucked her, first with two and then with three fingers and brought her to several climaxes, through her panties, which she had kept on.

I asked her what did with his prick and what was it like? I was curious as to what he was like and what I was to expect to see when he finally fucked her.

"I was feeling him up through his trousers Frank. When he unzipped his fly my hand sort of dived in to check him out. God, he was so rock hard, that I found it really difficult to extract it from his pants."

I asked about his size and she told me that it was quite a lot larger than my own. I asked if she had wanted it up her there and then and she confessed that she was crazy with desire to have him fuck it into her. Even as she was confessing her experiences to me, I was fucking her; thrusting my dick deep into her body and heightening even further, the raw lust that another man had aroused in her.

"You should have let him fuck you Darling!" I told her.. "You know that you intend to have him soon anyway don't you?"

She pouted her lips and replied, "I know lover but I did promise that I would wait until you could watch him fucking me!"

"You promised no such thing, you little devil! You told me that you might have to let him have you all the way, but I admire your loyalty. Did you give him a climax with your mouth or by hand?"

She told me how it felt when Keith stood her up and rubbed his exposed cock up against her cunt, through her panties. She explained how he was so worked up that he just shot his load all over her cunt but without actually entering her. Knowing that her pubic area was already wet with his sperm, I was overcome with lust and filled her wet slit with a hot creamy load.

"Oh yes, that's where I wanted it, right up my cunt." She gasped as her own orgasm started to overwhelm her and she feverishly recalled Keith's large and powerful cock jetting his hot juice over her skin. I reassured her that even in a few days, she would be receiving his sperm deep into her body and upon hearing this she cried out in ecstasy, thanking me and loving me for encouraging her adulterous enjoyment.

"When have you arranged to meet him again Darling?" I asked.

"He is coming to dinner on Tuesday evening." She replied, adding "I told him that I would let him fuck me next week and I told him that I would tell you all about this evening. He is very apprehensive!"

I was not surprised that he would be nervous, but I was surprised that she would be so bold as to force the issue out into the open so quickly. I felt that this was a sure sign of her increasing liberation and urgent desire to experience the full enjoyment of sexual promiscuity.

On Sunday lunchtime, I knew just where Keith would be. The pub was not yet crowded and I went to the bar and ordered a drink, sending one over to where he stood at the bar. He didn't have much choice other than to acknowledge it by coming over to the table, which I had just taken, and joining me there. My objective was firstly to reassure him that I knew of his assignations and that I didn't mind. Secondly, to improve upon the good rapport which we already had. Keith was never a close personal friend but we had always seemed to like each other during our brief relationship.

I talked about cricket and other unimportant matters and when a stunning looking girl entered the bar I took the opportunity to turn the conversation by commenting that, "I wouldn't mind some of that!" Once we started talking about girls, it was not difficult to talk about sex and at one point, I casually threw in a comment along the lines of: "You certainly left my wife nicely turned on for me, last week!" He was at ease with the situation now and replied, "I do hope that you didn't mind. Sandra is a beautiful woman!" I told him that she was a big girl, who could make her own decisions and after all, I had been no angel either. We spoke about pornography and I mentioned that she was very turned on by blue movies. "Perhaps you could bring one or two to our house on Tuesday?" I suggested.

Keith and I got rather drunk together and whilst I made no promises, nor said anything too explicit, there can have been no doubt in his mind that when he came to dinner, he could expect something to happen. After all, you are not invited by the husband of a woman whom you have all but fucked, to show her pornography in her own home, unless there is an understanding that it might go further than just watching. There was no doubt in my mind that he was now far more relaxed about his impending visit and that he must be aware that we would probably have her "Two-up." I had already mentioned to him that I enjoyed 'two men in a girl' scenario and he had commented on his curiosity as to what that experience would be like.

Early on Tuesday evening, when Sandra had cooked the meal and I had chilled the wine, we had decided upon her clothing. We considered the possibility of another micro-mini, to show-off her legs but I persuaded her to go for a silk-like jump suit. It was one piece, button down to the waist, low neck, in mauve, with jazzy yellow and red design. She was doubtful and asked what should she wear beneath it. I told her that she must wear absolutely nothing beneath it. She bathed and tried it on for effect. Her nipples showed prominently as the silky material teased them into erection and the tight fit around her bum, with no tell tale panty-lines made it obvious that to stroke her, was just like stroking bare flesh. Dainty gold shoes and long earrings completed the effect, together with a very sensual perfume. By 7.30pm we were ready and awaiting his call. We were discussing our thoughts on what was to occur.

F. "Are you nervous?"

S. "Of course I am, it will seem odd with you being here with us."

F. "I was with you when you screwed Garry."

S. "Yes, but I didn't pick up Garry alone and he never made any moves on me before the event."

F. "Don't worry, you will have a ball, (Or four)."

S. "You sure that you won't mind me fucking him?"

F. "No, I want it to happen. Fuck him to a standstill."

S. "I am really dying to feel him inside of me."

F. "It won't be long now; he will come right up you and I shall have you immediately and pump another load up you whilst you are still filled with it."

S. "God, you say the most awful things! They make me so randy!"

She was downing her third large Scotch when the doorbell rang. We argued briefly about who should answer it but I went, to make him feel at ease right from the start. When he entered the room the look between them was electric. He gave her a polite sort of kiss and commented on how attractive she looked. I poured him a very large scotch, plus another top-up for Sandra and myself. We made small talk, mostly about mutual acquaintances, then sat down to dinner.

We each had a Dover sole, served with mushrooms, peas and new potatoes, washed down with a nice Chablis. The wine and spirits flowed freely and the conversation more bawdy and animated. It frequently turned to sex and she asked him a lot about other women in his life. After dinner, we sat, or rather sprawled around the lounge. I dimmed the lights and played some soft music. Sandra wanted to dance and I obliged first, encouraging him by boldly feeling her pert little bottom.

"Why are you doing that to me? You know how randy it makes me!" She said loudly enough for him to hear our conversation and to join in, if he wished.

"You tell me why you're wearing no underwear and I'll tell you why I am feeling you up." I replied.

"Surely I don't need to wear underwear in my home? I am quite safe here." She retorted for Keith's benefit.

"Are you sure about that? You know what a randy mood I am in! Why don't you dance with her Keith?"

Keith got to his feet and took her in his arms, dancing slowly with her, very closely. I went to the kitchen and made a start on the washing-up, no kidding!

Several sound tracks later, I re-entered the lounge, half expecting them to be on the sofa but they were still dancing. His hands were groping her freely; clenching her buttocks and moving around her pubes, his fingers running down the crack of her arse, feeling her up through the smooth fabric. They were kissing passionately.

Sandra turned to me, leaving him and came into my arms; we kissed deeply and I saw that her buttons were now open to the waist where he had pulled her tits out, to feel and suckle. I decided to up the anti a bit and speed things up, so I took the jump suit by the shoulders and pulled it right down to her waist, leaving her topless. My mouth went on to her tits, kissing the nipples alternately and squeezing the globes. She was very hot. I turned her to face Keith, still holding her from behind and kissing her neck, nibbling her ear lobes, as I tweaked her nipple and dived my other hand down her waist to fondle her pubes. She was very very wet down there and Keith was very very excited!

"Did you manage to find any blue films Keith? I have a video set up in our bedroom!"

Keith confirmed that he had brought three films, two of which we had seen and so we decided to show the third.

"Why are you pulling up your top Sandra?" Asked Keith "I much prefer to see it down!"

"Why don't you take it right off?" I suggested. "I am sure that the both of us would prefer that."

My lovely wife said nothing, but kicked off her shoes and stepped out of the jump suit, stark naked.

"Now who is over-dressed?" She asked. "Why don't you both get some off?"

Both Keith and I undressed down to our underpants. He wore a snazzy little brief, common enough now but hardly seen in those days. "My! You are a big boy." She said.

"You should know!" Keith replied. He was obviously much more confident now that we had reached this stage of the relationship. We all laughed and I said something about getting it in the right place, next time.

I took the film to the bedroom and loaded it into the video recorder. When I returned to collect them, my wife had her hands inside his pants and his rigid cock was sticking out above it. Keith's cock was thick and long, probably over seven inches. She was fondling it longingly. They followed me into the bedroom and we all climbed on the bed. I started the video.

The film concerned wife swapping, with a spinning bottle used to select partners and four couples filmed having sex. It was very explicit and horny, with plenty of big cocks, shooting plenty of spunk, into plenty of mouths and cunts. One very good scene showed a man having two girls and both Keith and I commented on how we would like to try that. Sandra teased us that each of us could never properly satisfy one girl.

As the film progressed, both Keith and I fondled her naked body. Her eyes remained mostly on the action on the screen but her hands hardly left Keith's cock. Towards the end, I moved between her legs and buried my face in her pussy. I licked Sandra slowly, sometimes just teasing her clit, brushing against it and once or twice, gently inserting the tip of my tongue in her anus. She was getting very hot and by the time I really started to devour her, she had moved her head down to his groin and was working Keith's big prick deep and ever deeper into her mouth.

It was really happening at last and for the second time ever, my lovely wife was having sex with another man right in front of me. The sight of Keith pumping his huge cock into those soft lips that I had kissed so many times, aroused an intense feeling in me. I could imagine that any moment, his thick creamy sperm would be jetted into her mouth. She was trying to speak but he had too much cock in her. She couldn't take it to the hilt but she certainly had the best part of his length in there, way past her tongue and obviously in the very back of her throat. Meanwhile, her hands were on his heavy balls, fondling them and then kissing them and even sucking them. She simply couldn't get enough of his sexual equipment.

Eventually, on a partial withdrawal, she implored one of us to fuck her. I was already in position between her wide-open thighs and in a flash; my stiff cock slid up into her, whilst her new lover resumed his activities in fucking her mouth. I was dying to come off but equally I wanted to remain stiff and hard for the witnessing of his penetration and his spunking of her.

I withdrew and moved my cock to her face. She took it in her mouth and Keith inserted his alongside. She was in heaven with two hard male organs deep in her mouth and she sucked both of them hungrily. Keith moved down between her legs and at last I witnessed what she and I had both wanted. I watched in fascination as his big cock slid slowly and purposefully, into her cunt. She moaned with desire and after a couple of slow insertions, Keith thrust deeply and powerfully into her, ramming his whole rod deep up my wife. She shrieked with passion, pain and desire as he fucked her for possibly a couple of dozen of these cock assaults, in the middle of which, she started into orgasm. Keith asked was it safe for him to fill her and I assured him that being on the pill, she would take as much of his spunk as he could possibly give her, right into her uterus.

After riding her for ten minutes or so in this position, she wanted to take control and asked him to lie on his back. Once she climbed on board and used her hand to feed him into her now very wet and open pussy; she proceeded to bounce up and down, taking it to the hilt. After watching this for a while, I wanted some more action and from behind her, I pulled her on to her back whilst still impaled on her lover's prick. He knelt between her thighs but before thrusting back up her, started to plough up and down her slit, rubbing his cock-head over her clit, whilst I fucked her pretty mouth. She was in a chaotic state; climaxing more frequently than I ever thought possible. Both Keith and I were very verbal with her, he telling her how he had wanted to fuck her from the day he first saw her and me telling her of the pleasure I got from seeing her being satisfied by another man.

I moved down towards Keith for a better view of his incursions into my wife. The tip of his glans had opened and there was a lot of milky come, which was being smeared all over Sandra's cunt. I commented on this for her benefit, saying how exciting it was to see her spunked up by another man. Keith said though, that he had not come but was just intentionally leaking some over her, to lubricate her for us. I admired his total control but urged him to "Fuck it all the way up her."

I moved down to kiss her face whilst she climaxed again on her lover's cock. I nibbled her ears and whispered how I loved her and even as I spoke these words of encouragement, I heard Keith groan and saw his arse thrusting even harder up into her. I held her very close, gazing into her eyes, even whilst her cunt and womb were now being flooded with the hot creamy spunk that another man was jetting into her. I felt their joint convulsions as his orgasm synchronised with hers. Her body shuddered and I saw and felt his loins thrusting, almost tearing into her. I gained an excellent view of his big weapon as it exploded into her. I think that she was almost oblivious to my attentions as she strained to milk her lover dry and for a long time after ejaculation, he continued to pump into her, making her groan with desire.

In her afterglow, she lay there, looking sexy and desirable. Keith turned off the video, which was noisily showing snow. I had seen his cock withdraw from her, covered with spunk. I knew that when I entered her, I could expect to wallow in the fruits and evidence of her adulterous coupling. She grabbed me tightly, kissing me passionately.

The sensation of sliding into your wife's body when it is wide open and spunk-drenched from another man is absolutely gorgeous. The cunt is too relaxed to grip your cock so tightly as normal but instead, there is a different and equally delicious sensation that of a welcoming warm wetness, in which to bathe one's cock. A 'wetness' sprung from untrammelled lust and wantonness that you personally have encouraged, revelling in the promiscuity of your wife. The ultimate in adultery is the bathing of ones prick in the hot, thick, potent, creamy spunk, which you have encouraged her to milk from another man or men's cock, in lewd acts of adultery. My cock met no resistance and as I watched it moving easily in and out of her love-tunnel, I saw even in the poor light, that I was coated with her lover's thick milky sperm.

I lifted her bum and worked Keith's spunk up the crease of her arse. I lifted her legs over my shoulders and saw her take his limp, but still very large cock into her mouth again. When her buttocks were well clear of the bed, I started to work my knob head slowly into her bottom. It was not difficult with his sperm lubricating everything so well. Keith didn't know exactly what was happening down below but she and I did; it was our favourite game of sliding my cock back and forth between anus and vagina, penetrating both alternately. I didn't sodomise her completely, preferring to take her from behind for that particular delight but several times, I did work up to half of my cock length into her rectum, pushing plenty of Keith's spunk up there.

Keith was talking to her as she sucked him partially erect, telling her how he hoped to fuck her regularly, if I would let them. My cock was back in her cunt and being able to hold back no longer, I thrust very violently, to the hilt and started shooting great gobs of spunk right up her cunt, mixing with Keith's semen and her own frothy lubricant. She came off violently on my cock, shouting obscenities and behaving really lewdly as I spunked her; no longer the Sandra I used to know.

The experience was every bit as magic as with Garry and in some ways even better. One little fling might have been due to a lapse into almost unintended deviancy but a second, so soon, with another man was proof that my wife was happy to be shared with others and could be encouraged to take on a more adventurous and even rather promiscuous role. I knew that other men would follow Keith and reasoned that her conquest tonight, would further heighten her appetite for fresh cock.

We each knew that we had to have a lot more sex that night. She ran out to the bathroom with spunk running down her legs, a sight that I would witness many times and always enjoyed, where she cleaned herself up. This was long before our more decadent days when I preferred to leave her full of cream or even clean her with my own tongue.

Keith complimented me on my wife; I could see that he was bowled over by her, especially when I told him that he was only the second man to have had her, but me. He asked if he could fuck her again this very night and I replied that she would very disappointed if he didn't do just that. He asked did I think that he should come off in her mouth? I told him that in her present horny mood she would take it any way from him and by all means to shoot his next load down her throat but to make sure that she has at least a couple of good orgasms first. He thrilled me telling me that he couldn't wait to make her drink it.

We made some strong coffee, followed by some large brandies and then decided to watch the other videos although we had all seen them before. The first showed a very pretty and very young Swedish girl being fucked in the mouth to full completion by at least a dozen or more different cocks; always just one at a time and each one showed only her face, head and shoulders and the man's dick. It was probably shot over two or three different sessions, although the locations looked the same. The girl just loved drinking it and talking about drinking it. Each ejaculation was really close up, where you saw the cock pulsating and jetting and many different textures, colours and quantities of male sperm in an on her lips and over her face, even into her open mouth where she drank it like a Pinacolada. After each mouth and face full, she described the experience. Long before the end of it, Sandra was being fondled between the two of us, for we never allowed her to dress after her first shafting.

The second movie showed a girl being fucked and debauched by two men. Sandra and I had viewed it once, many months before. The brunette was fucked in almost every position in the Karma Sutra and was in one scene explicitly sodomised whilst fellating the other man. It was heavy stuff and very rousing. I knew that the plot developed into the entry of a third man but around this part of the film, we lost interest. I saw that Keith was getting ready to fuck my wife again; a real life scene that I was anxious not only to watch but to assist and encourage.

By the time I was starting to take serious notice, she was breathing very heavily, her legs slightly parted and he had two fingers up her. I continued tweaking her nipple and nuzzling her ear lobe and Keith slid down between her thighs, still naked. His face was soon buried deep in my wife's cunt and I watched as she spread her legs open wide to improve his access to her. On reflection now, I wish I had been bold enough to hold her pussy lips open for her lover to enjoy her better; that would have been nice but alas, it never occurred to me then. It would have been a further indication to both of them my complete agreement to their adulterous coupling.

Her heavy breathing turned to low moans of desire and lust as his skilful tongue worked her clit, to a frenzy. My tongue was in her mouth when I felt her tremble, then shudder as the first orgasm ripped through her. I urged her to take it and in no time at all, she was into a second even heavier climax. She shrieked as it overwhelmed her whole body and I whispered into her ear that I just had to fuck her now. I asked her, did she want my prick up her? (Not that I expected a refusal).

She muttered lowly, for me to fuck her quickly and I could see that she was back into a state of heightened lust, the likes of which I had never seen before. I directed Keith, up to her head and soon I had my cock where her new lover's tongue had just been. She had not really closed up after the first session, the outer lips of her pussy were fat and engorged with blood, her inner lips showed pink and prominent and her clit was fully visible with the hood retracted. It was swollen and angry and demanded yet more attention after Keith's skilful oral assault on it.

I rubbed my cock head over her clitoris, depositing a little milky fluid on it to lubricate it. I then spent at least ten minutes, teasing her by stroking my shaft along her valley, slipping and sliding over her clit, up to the hood and parting her fine, red pubic hair. Occasionally I inserted my organ but only slowly, to a half-length. Keith was whispering in her ear and kissing her mouth and her pulsating cunt was telling all; she was super-aroused and just dying for a cock to be thrust violently up her.

Eventually, I could wait no longer and just had to appease her. Without any warning, I stuck my pole straight up her eager cunt, to the hilt, withdrew and repeated the almost vicious lunge, five or six times, shaking her body with the force of it. I watched her head jerk back with every thrust. Her breathing increased faster and faster. Keith held her breasts and steadied her body as I fucked deeply into this lovely woman whom I watched act like a perfect slut and who at that moment simply could not get enough cock to satisfy her needs.

I was too near to spunking her, to continue and knew that in her present state of lust, she would yet need a lot more sex, therefore I asked Keith to come and fuck her and urged him to "Shag the arse off her." (She told me later that she loved to hear me tell him this). My cock was quickly stuck into her mouth, preventing her speaking, as I talked dirty to her, describing my view of Keith's big cock, steaming into her honey pot, with the same speed and urgency as my own so recently had. I asked her, would she like a third man there with us to help and she nodded. When I asked if she would like four or five of us, she was not so sure and just looked at me quizzically, but she never shook her head!

Having fucked her for ten minutes or so in this position, Keith wanted to take her from behind. He told her how he was in love with her bum and that he wanted to shaft her whilst he felt it pushed up against him. I left her mouth and he soon had her bending over the foot of our bed. She showed neither modesty nor embarrassment, despite her bum being up in the air, her legs parted, showing her cunt and anus to the world. It was a beautifully inviting sight and Keith could not resist. He just ran his pole once or twice through her furrow and then I watched it slide straight up into her, slowly and deliberately until she was tight to him like two spoons.

I sat down on the floor beneath them and watched for a long while as he fucked my wife in this position. He varied his speed and length of stroke, sometimes gentle, sometimes partially withdrawn and teasing and every so often he would ram it right up her in a fearful penile assault, jerking her whole body as he exercised his lust on her and used her for his pleasure. I moved to her face and was kissing her, talking to her and urging her to accept the deep fucking that she was getting. I asked her was she ready to be spunked by him again and she nodded. I told her that she would have to really ask him for it because he wanted her to drink the next load. Eventually, she needed his cream in her womb, so much that she did just this, begging him for it in the crudest possible language, asking him to "Empty his bollocks up her." I moved back down and was only a few inches from her pussy when his first hot load jetted deep into her sopping wet cunt. Despite his desire to have me watch him spunking her in her mouth, he was too overwhelmed by her gorgeous bum and by her provocative language, to wait for her mouth and had no choice but to spunk her again.

It was a truly beautiful sight, watching from so close, her lover's cock disgorging his sperm deep into my wife. I knew that she was in heaven, taking all she could get from him and she certainly got the lot. Once or twice on the outward stroke, his prick left her body and I witnessed the fountain of thick cream, which was still being ejaculated from his cock, then it rapidly disappeared inside her again. His loins were thrusting up into her, his cock was white and wet and spunky and she was almost crying with pleasure. It took Keith a long time to completely drain his big ball bag into my wife (and whilst it did not in those days, appeal to me, I would perhaps in time, have assisted in the process).

Having confirmed that he was completely emptied into her, I moved behind her, taking his place and once again enjoyed the heavenly sensation of screwing into a pool of another man's semen. The feeling was sensational, especially as I had witnessed it all being pumped into her. She was saturated with his love cream and had produced much of her own also. I could not help but wonder, if there was something wrong with a situation where I was revelling in my wife's adultery and promiscuity? Was I very odd in encouraging an excess of lust for other men in her? I have since of course enjoyed sufficient experiences elsewhere, to know that my "perverted" desires are not unusual, in imaginative people.

My cock thrust yet again into my adorable wife, pistoning in and out of her love tube and frequently ploughing along her canal, sometimes even making partial entries to her anus, where I was gradually working her lover's semen, with my cock head. She was "lost in space", almost too overwhelmed to concentrate but just resting there, enjoying the sensation of awaiting another load of man-cream to flow into her hungry cunt. She needed to experience again, the seal of approval of her adultery, by her husband, by receiving his sperm to mix with that of her lover.

Keith had moved to my previous position on the floor and his face was now very close to Sandra's love slit, when my own sperm started jetting into her. I was super-aroused by the sight of their blatant fornication and it did not take long for me to discharge another huge load of spunk both inside her and all over her pubes and anus, even as her lover watched the act.

We were exhausted and could take no more. Keith suggested that he should leave, as it was by now past midnight. Sandra insisted that he should stay the night; this was not unusual for friends of ours and in the morning, our very young children would not find this very odd, to have a stranger at the breakfast table. He was relieved and grateful for the offer.

Tired as we were, our brains were reeling with the enormity of the sexual deviancy which we had indulged and whilst our lust was completely slaked we felt compelled to continue the enjoyment of the act by discussing it in our bed. Keith used a small bedroom next door to ours. I held her closely to me, frequently feeling between her legs for proof of what we had done. She could not respond sexually, (thank goodness) but we talked for more than an hour about our emotions and needs, during which, she promised that I should enjoy another woman very soon. This was as a "thank you" for the pleasure I had given her by encouraging both of her extra-martial sexual acts.

She did confess that she had fantasised about being gang-fucked or even gang-raped but was too timid to go so far as to explore the real possibility. (In fact, it was four years later that she enjoyed this experience with me). She explained to me, her enjoyment of both acts of consented adultery, in terms of her pride in satisfying two men and in the secrecy and intrigue of having indulged in a taboo world, of which her friends could never even know, let alone share. I explained to her, my feelings of pride when I witnessed the total lust that she could invoke in other men and also my feeling of joy in possessing such a sex-pot, whose appetite was proven to be greater than any of my friends' wives.

At nearly four o'clock in the morning, we were still awake talking, when we heard Keith go to the loo for a leak. She said to me, "Frank! I want him here with us, in our own bed! Do you mind? I don't need him to do anything but I need to lie between you both."

I called him softly, so as not to risk waking the kids and he came to our room. She invited him to our bed and once inside she turned her back to me, kissing him passionately and desperately.

Despite being very tired, I listened to them talking privately. She was reassuring him that he would have her fairly regularly in the future and that I wholeheartedly approved of this arrangement. He was telling her that he had never known a woman who could display such lust and how jealous he was of me.

The movements beneath the covers told me that they were gradually resuming sexual activity and my hand between her thighs, soon found Keith's fingers joining me in exploring the spunk-drenched love cave which we had so deftly plundered during the evening. I was starting to harden again and turned on the dim bedside light, to illuminate the scene, in order to drink in the vivid images of my wife playing the part of a wanton whore. She moved down the bed and started to suck both pricks in turn; occasionally, we would get both of them in her mouth together. Keith soon kneeled up, above her face and offered his now very stiff cock, to her hungry mouth. I knew that he would soon achieve his earlier goal of ejaculating his full load into her mouth.

As she sucked him off, greedily and noisily, her hands wandered all over his body. On reaching between his legs, she fondled Keith's heavy balls, and even stroked from his perineum, up and around the vent of his arse. The poor guy lost control at that point and I watched his genitalia pulse as he started shooting his third load of the night, right between her pretty, sexy lips. I recall actually seeing through her partially open mouth, his love cream jetting from his glans as he jerked and called out in passion. When she heard him shout, she took him all the way in her mouth and held him there, letting him fuck her face and encouraging his balls to empty into her throat. I watched the veins on his prick pulsating in his ejaculation and watched her throat working to drain him; milking him, swallowing his sperm, drinking the last dregs of spunk from his ball bag as she displayed her total lust for him. Her lips were coated with his ivory coloured sperm. I felt total pride in my lovely wife who had shown both and I how much she could enjoy sex with other men in front of her husband.

I was amazed at how much she had obviously drained from him, considering that she had taken another two loads from him, up her pussy, during the late evening. Sandra never did have a real fetish about drinking semen, neither was she repulsed by it. I had come in her mouth many times over the previous years but she did not like it very regularly and usually took it quite passively. On this occasion, it was different; I could see the enjoyment she was deriving from tasting and savouring a new flavour of cream from a fresh source. No doubt the earlier video had heightened all of our expectations about spunk-drinking but I must confess that despite being really horny and excited at watching the milking of him straight down her throat, I did feel a little jealous. I never recalled her drinking mine quite as enthusiastically as that before. However the fact that Keith was the first man, other than me, whom she had taken the full ejaculation in the mouth was an added bonus to this night of lovemaking. I was very proud when he said that he had just never, ever had such a perfect blow job as that before, in his entire life. I was certain that he was speaking the truth. Later that morning, after he left, she confessed to me that she was determined to equal, or improve on the performance of the young Swedish girl in the video.

It now only remained for me to get my rocks off into her again, thus making it a half dozen creamings that she took that night. I was tempted to fuck her in the arse so that Keith could fully witness the extent of her sexual capability but something told me that what she needed was tender loving and another load of my spunk bathing her fevered womb. Keith lay beside her, recovering his composure and fondling her breasts, whilst I positioned myself between her open thighs and slid my penis up into lovely, welcoming pussy.

I fucked her for a long time, but only slowly and gently. Keith caressed her and whispered very flattering but very rude things in her ear. Sandra pulled my face into hers and kissed me passionately. Her tongue worked deep into my mouth and my own tongue returned the compliment, licking and sucking and probing her mouth, into which I had just witnessed Keith fill with his thick warm sperm. We each knew the other's thoughts, how completely lascivious was our kissing in this circumstance and whilst I sensed no taste or trace of semen, which she had swallowed, I was well aware that her mouth would have still held a lot more than just its traces.

Our finale arrived with my whispering in her ear, to tell me if she was ready for it. She squeezed me warmly, nodding and whispering "Yes, fill me." My body was too drained to have retained much semen, nevertheless I did feel it flowing into her as I climaxed and her hands clenched my buttocks, pulling me into her as she too had a small climax.

Keith decided to get dressed and leave. I saw him to the door and asked him to fuck her again soon. I returned to our bedroom, which looked like a battlefield and cuddled up to my wife who told me that she had just enjoyed the best experience of her life.

In the morning, when she dressed, I noticed a huge bruise on her right breast where Keith had love-bitten her. We had no energy to screw again and I had to prepare for work. The following evening, we had our best ever, private sex, talking over the experience. To my surprise she suggested contact magazines in which we would find other like minded couples so that I too could experience the sort of variety that she had now enjoyed. Needless to say we both had powerful orgasms that night as the excitement of what we had shared last night and would share in the future, fired our imagination.

Just a few days later, Keith invited her to his flat for an afternoon whilst I was working. I watched her leave the house and walk down the road, in the sunshine, blue denim hot pants, tight up the crease of her arse and crisp white blouse. Any man seeing her would have lusted after her but I alone knew that her jaunty sexy stride was taking her to an assignation where she would have two or three hours of fornication and adultery which I had procured for her enjoyment. During that afternoon as I worked, I thought about her constantly. I knew exactly what she was getting and my appetite for her, when she returned was enormous. She arrived completely wrecked and spunk-drunk, bearing all the evidence of having a good shagging and I enjoyed her to the full, as she re-lived for me, every little detail of what he gave her and vice versa. We never saw Keith again, for shortly afterwards he left the area, nevertheless she often talked about him when we made love and even many years after the event, we enjoyed talking about the episode and reliving it yet again.

To Be Continued...


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