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Son's Presents Lead To More...
Much More!

Pt. II: Photos lead to Threesome
by TopGun115

Over a very late breakfast no mention was made of the previous night, sure, James did look at me differently, it was understandable I guess, after all he had fucked me the previous night but thankfully, true to his word he didn't bring the subject up and neither did I, we made small talk "I'm going to call in to the university on Monday, see if I can get back on my course" he told me.

"Oh...that's good James" I replied, I asked him of his plans for today, he said he was going to go over some of his course work, 'try to remember some of the things I've forgot' he said, it was a nice day, I thought I would relax out in the garden with a good book. I didn't really see James till dinner, after we ate our meal he went back to his room, then later while I was watching TV he came down, he handed me a large envelope.

"Have a look at these!" he told me, "They came out great!" I took out about 20 sheets of A4 paper on which he had printed the photos he took the previous night, Christ! - As I looked through them all of what we did last night was there! They made me look so Dirty! So Cheap! To see myself with my legs open, fingering my own cunt, playing with my tits brought it all back, he had even captured me sucking his dick, the pictures of me he took first even amazed me, he managed to get a close up of me lying on the couch, my dress had ridden up and my exposed pussy could easily be seen through the split in my panties, my nipples poked out of the top of my dress, Oh - how could I have been so stupid I thought, I was trying to forget what had happened and it was in front of me - Proof!

I put the pictures down, "I'm not very happy about this James...I didn't realise...I mean, last night...we were supposed to forget, you promised can I forget what happened when you show me these!" I started to cry, Oh Christ I thought, how could I have been so stupid! James sat beside me and put his arm around me, he lowered my head on to his shoulder.

"Don't cry mom, why are you getting so upset? We can't turn the clock back can we? Sure...I told you I would try to forget, I agreed we would get things back to normal but we can't change what happened, are you that ashamed of what you did?"

"No James, I'm not ashamed...but it shouldn't have happened, don't you realise that? Mothers should not do things like we did with their's immoral and worse than that it's illegal!" I sobbed.

James stroked my hair as he held me, "Can you tell me honestly that you didn't enjoy last night mom, are you truly sorry that it happened - I know I'm not!" he said.

I looked him in the eyes, "Of course I enjoyed it and no...I'm not sorry it happened but it shouldn't have - can't you see that!" and with that said I got up and ran up to my bedroom, I lay on my bed and cried myself to sleep.

I didn't see James when I got up, I got ready for work and left. When I got home there was a note saying he wouldn't be back till late and not to wait up, basically this is how it went for the next few days, he seemed to be keeping out of my way. Then when I returned home I found another note, he said he was going to move out - take an apartment, he said it was obvious to him that having him around would only make me remember what had happened, he said he loved me so much and that he too found it difficult seeing me, knowing how good it had been, us together. I cried as I read it, I didn't want this to happen and I waited up for him to come home. It was 2am when he got in, I was sat in the kitchen, "Mom!...what are you doing up?" he asked.

"We need to talk James, we need to sort things out" I told him, he sat next to me. "I don't want you moving out yet James, I don't think there's a need for it"

"But mom...can't you see, every time I see you...I want you mom! I tried...believe me I tried but I can't forget what we did...I don't want to forget, I love you so much mom!"

I took hold of his hand, "I know love, it's the same for me too, I love you too James!...Oh god, what a mess! What are we going to do about it all? What's the answer?"

In my heart I knew there was only one answer, I squeezed his hand, " looks like you will have to be my 'date' again...alright with you?" "You mean that mom? You really mean it?" he asked, "Yes James, I mean it but no one must ever know about our 'relationship' we must be very discreet, you do understand that James...don't you?" "Of course mom...I promise!" he said, his face now beaming. "When mom? I mean...our date, when are we going to have it?" he asked, "How about Saturday, if you like you can take me out somewhere...but not that club James!" "Ok mom, I'll think of somewhere" He got up, kissed me on my cheek, said goodnight and went up to bed. Lying in bed I managed to convince myself I had done the right thing, it could be worse I told myself, at least I won't go short on sex now and hopefully, soon James might meet someone he cares for and would lose interest in me - Yeah, sure!

When I got in after shopping on Saturday I found a couple of bags and a note, 'Mom, I've thought of somewhere great for tonight, should be another first for you, anyway, if it's ok with you I'll meet you there, inside the bags are a couple of presents, it would be nice if you wore them tonight...go on, be daring! You only live once! No undies! Just the dress and the hold up stockings and You! See you tonight at 8pm, lots of love, James XXX. I took the bags up to my room, the white dress he bought for me was almost see through, I stripped off my clothes and tried it on, it was very thin, it had a scoop back that went down to just above my ass, the front was open to my navel, basically no more than a skirt with two thin strips that tapered to nothing that tied around my neck, the strips would just about cover my nipples, I showed a lot of bare tit! It was very short, I suppose it would not quite cover my stocking tops, no wonder he said not to wear undies, there was no way a bra could be worn with such a dress - huh, a dress! I had worn more clothes to bed!

About four o'clock I took a bath, again I shaved my pussy smooth, I fixed my hair, applied make up and put on the clothes he had given me, again I felt very sexy, I had ordered a cab to pick me up, there was no way I was going out dressed like this so I put on a coat. The cab took me to the address James had left me and he was waiting for me, he paid the driver, "Are you wearing it mom?" he asked excitedly, I opened my coat to show him, "Wow! That really suits you, you look great, very sexy!" "Well thank you kind sir," I teased, "What know, panties?" there was no one nearby so I casually lifted my dress to show him. "So...where are you taking me? What surprises have I in store for tonight?" I laughed, I felt very relaxed, much more than I did the last time James took me out. "I thought we could start off with a drink across the street in that bar, and does the cinema sound to you?" "The cinema! Is that it? You want to take me to the movies?" I joked, He smiled, "Ah, but this is no ordinary cinema, it's an Adult know - Real Hardcore!" I didn't think places such as that no longer existed, I thought they had all closed down he seemed very excited at the prospect.

James took my hand and led me into the bar, it was quite rough looking, there were many men in there, drinking. I noticed eyes watching me, leering at me as we entered, James directed me to the bar and I sat on a stool, "Here, let me take your coat" he said, "No James, I'll keep it on in here, it's a bit cold" I told him, but he insisted and before I knew it my coat was off, I pulled the hem of my dress down as much as I could but still my lacy stocking tops were visible, my tits were almost falling out of my dress, the two thin straps didn't cover much at all, I could feel the men staring at me, after a couple of drinks James suggested a game of pool, I knew what he had in mind, he wanted me to be seen, he wanted the guys there to watch me!

"Ok, lead the way" I bravely told him, I knew what would happen, I knew that if I leaned over the table to take a shot my tits would probably be exposed to them, If I bent to take a shot they could probably see my bare ass! Christ, I felt very excited at the thought and if anything as we played I actually tried to reveal myself. I noticed guys were getting nearer to the table, probably they wanted better views, I overheard a few comments - 'Fuck, will you look at that, she's not wearing panties' and 'look at those great tits!' I was getting more and more turned on, I could feel my pussy getting wetter and wetter!

Another few drinks and about an hour later I noticed James look at his watch, he said we should leave, I put on my coat and hand in hand we left, again as we walked out I heard dirty comments.

The cinema was only a 5 minute walk away, as we walked side by side James slid his hand inside my coat and fondled my tits, every now and then we stopped and kissed. James led me through a door of an old building, inside was a small kiosk, a man took our money and we entered the tattiest cinema I had ever seen, it was very small, about 100 seats I guess, I could make out about twenty people there, mostly men but there were a few couples, the film showing was certainly hardcore! James steered me to a couple of vacant, fairly secluded seats, as I walked down the aisle I could see men openly playing with themselves. I took off my coat and we sat down, several men looked around as we entered and every now and then guys would look back at us, James slipped his arm around me, I held on to his other hand.

The film showed a lot of fucking and sucking, orgy scenes, threesomes and more, to be truthful I think if you've seen one porno movie you've seen them all - at least that's what I thought, was a turn on but...well, it was nothing 'special'. Then another guy came in, he took a seat in the same row as us, about three seats across from me, he was black and looked very familiar, I only glanced at him but I thought I had seen him somewhere before. James had now slipped the strap covering my tit to the side and was openly playing with my tit and hard nipple, I rubbed his bulging dick outside his pants, I was startled when the black guy asked "Have you guys got a light for my cigarette?" he had moved across and sat down in the seat next to me, his eyes fixed on my exposed tit! "No...sorry, we don't smoke" James told him, "Oh well, never mind...I was trying to give them up anyway" he said, he didn't return to his seat, he stayed where he was, James continued squeezing my tit, he took hold of my hand and replaced it on his dick, then it came to me, where I had seen him...he was the guy who fucked the young girl at the strip club we visited, the guy with the big dick...Christ!... , Coincidence or what!

After another ten minutes James turned his attention to my pussy, I opened my legs a little to allow him to slide a finger into my wet cunt, he unzipped his pants and soon I had his dick out and started to play with it, I new the guy next to us was watching but I didn't care, I was getting more and more turned on by him being so close to me. James then asked me to suck his dick, "No love...not here, let's leave that till later" I whispered to him, but he gently took hold of my head and prompted me down, I did what he wanted and started to bob up and down on his stiff dick, the way I was positioned meant my ass was turned towards the black guy, I felt a hand stroke my ass, at first I thought it was James but realised that James still held my head and his other hand played with my tits I realised it must be him, I didn't know what to do...should I stop him?

I then felt a finger run over my pussy, ever so gently, I shuffled around on my seat, I was actually trying to give this stranger better access to my cunt! He slid a finger into my wet cunt and started to finger fuck me, I moaned out loudly before I remembered where I was, Fuck!...I bet that made people turn around I thought to myself. This carried on for about 5 minutes, it felt as if he had at least three fingers inside me now, I was getting uncomfortable so reluctantly I moved so to sit back up in my seat, I felt his fingers slide out of my cunt, no words had been spoken up till now - apart for him asking for a light that is, "I'm sorry...I couldn't resist it, you didn't mind did you?" he smiled. I was lost for words, I had just had my cunt fingered by a stranger and I simply didn't know how to answer him! "No...I didn't mind - if I did have I would have stopped you!" I replied, "Actually it was very nice" I smiled back, "My name's John" he said.

"May I say you're one helluva sexy lady" "Yes...she is isn't she, Hi...I'm James, this is my...friend, Helen" Believe it or not the two of them shook hands. "What brings you guys here? I haven't seen you before and I get here quite often," John said, " know, just out for a bit of fun and excitement" James told him, by now James had started to play with my tits again, Christ! I was like 'Piggy in the middle' as they chatted to each other, I had just about enough of this, "I think it's time we left honey" I told James, "Ok Helen, if you're sure" he replied, I turned to John, "Bye John, it was nice to have met you" I told him, "It was nice to have met you too Helen...and nice to have fingered you as well!" he laughed, "Perhaps one day?..." "Yes - Perhaps" I told him. I started to get up.

"Hold on you guys...I'm off now as well, how about a quick drink before you head off?" John asked, I looked at James, "Sounds ok by me" James told him, "Will it be ok for you Helen?" James asked, Why not! I thought and told them I didn't mind. The three of us went to a bar nearby, the quick drink turned into several and we were still chatting over an hour later. I found out that John was at the same university James attended, John told me that in order to finance his course he worked evenings at a club, he didn't say what he did there but tonight was his night off. He was very good looking, about two or three years older than James, he was very pleasant to talk to and I thought he was a very nice man - as well as that I knew he had a massive dick! We agreed to share a cab and on the journey home James said "How about a drink at Helen's place John, It's still quite don't mind, do you Helen?" "No...that sounds fine to me," I told them. I nipped up to use the bathroom leaving James to show John into the lounge, I knew where this was leading and I was really looking forward to getting fucked by John, his dick would be the biggest one to ever fuck me and it would be the first time being fucked by a black guy - it made me wet just thinking about it and remembering the way I watched him fuck on stage I was going to be in for a great session. The whole thing had been probably set up by James, I wondered if he knew John from university, that would explain how he knew of the club, Christ! son certainly had one dirty and devious mind - thankfully!

I returned downstairs, James handed me a drink, he had put some music on, I sat on the couch next to James, opposite John, I took hold of James's hand, "Well, tonight has certainly been fun and exciting, who'd have thought I would be here now with two good looking guys all to myself" I laughed, "Come over here John, sit next to me" I told him patting the cushion, as he sat I put my hand on his thigh and squeezed it. "Kiss me John!" I told him, as we kissed James undid the strap of my dress and fondled my bare tits, I felt a hand exploring my smooth pussy, I reached out and unzipped John's pants, I slid my hand inside and played with his huge dick. After a while I stood up and the dress fell to the floor, now naked apart from my hold ups, James and John quickly stripped off, John's black dick stood out stiff, I dropped to my knees in front of him and started to lick and kiss along it's length, I took hold of James's and wanked it, every now and then swapping over. I could only manage to get about half of that big dick into my mouth, it was so fat! In comparison I took the whole length of my son's - no problem! I lay back on the floor with my legs wide open, John licked, sucked, kissed and fingered my pussy and cunt, James straddled my chest and sliding his dick between my tits he tit fucked me, I slid my tongue out and licked his tip as it neared my mouth, I felt John probing my ass hole, Christ! I thought...there was no way his dick would fit in there! He made it wet and juicy and before long he fingered my ass hole and cunt at the same time, I was crying out and moaning loudly, "Now! Fuck me!...Fuck me with that big dick!" I told him. I let out a big scream as his dick started to slide in, he took it slowly, gently at first then as I got used to it he pumped away deeper, faster and harder. I shouted out for him to fuck me, "Oh Fuck!...That feels great! Yes, Yes! Harder...Harder!" I told him. He had great staying power; I locked my ankles around him physically trying to get more of him into me. After a while they changed positions, I got on to my hands and knees and as I sucked John's juicy dick James slid his dick into my cunt, the way John had been fucking me had really opened my cunt up, James fucked me hard and deep with no problem, I felt him rubbing around my ass hole, then his finger slid in, I stopped sucking on John, "Yes James...Fuck my ass hole!" I told him, his prick slid in fairly easily without any discomfort, I resumed sucking on John and made every effort to take his dick down my throat as deep as I could, he squeezed my tits as they hung down beneath me, Fuck!...I had never in my life felt this way...ever! I had never felt so sexually satisfied in my life! 'Why had I not tried this before?' I asked myself. John lay back on the floor, he asked me to sit on his dick, I straddled him, used my hands to open my pussy lips and slowly lowered myself, impaling myself onto his 'flagpole' dick as he held it upright, I leant forward feeding my tits into his mouth for him to suck on as I rode his dick, James dick pressed at my ass hole.

I screamed out as it finally started to slide in, Fucking Hell! I felt truly filled up, John lay still as James fucked away in my ass, I was using language I never thought I would use, moaning, screaming, crying out... "Oh Yes! Fuck me good...Oh Fuck! That feels good! Harder...Deeper!" James pulled out, "I'm going to cum, suck me! Take my dick in your mouth!" he said, standing beside my head I reached out, took hold of his dick and put it in my mouth just as the first stream of spunk gushed out, his spunk filled my mouth and I swallowed as fast as I could and continued to suck it until it was clean. John was still inside me, he watched me as I sucked off James then with his dick still inside my cunt he flipped me on to my back and started to furiously pump into me, a couple of minutes later he too said he was going to cum, "Cum inside me John!" I told him, "Fill my cunt with your spunk!"

He lunged forward and I felt his spunk shoot out, three, four, five times he lunged deeply into me, each time I felt a jet of spunk hitting the back of my cunt, my whole body started to shake and twitch, I thought I was convulsing but realised that John had actually given me my first ever orgasm! I lay back absolutely shattered, my body still twitched spasmodically as I felt John's throbbing dick still deep inside my cunt. Eventually he pulled out of me, Christ! It still looked hard and spunk oozed from the tip, I just had to suck it and I did!

I felt physically drained, I told them both it was time to call it a night, they got dressed but before John left we exchanged phone numbers so that we could get together again. He kissed me, "Goodnight Helen, you know...James is sure one lucky guy" "How do you mean?" I asked, "Having a mother as sexy as you are!" he smiled as he let himself out. I turned to James, "You told him...we agreed no one would ever promised!...Oh James, Why did you do it?" I asked, "John is ok mom, he won't tell any one..." I sat with him on the couch, he put his arm around me and we kissed, "You're not mad at me mom are you?" he asked, "No...I'm not mad, a bit annoyed maybe but...understand this James, we must be careful!" I told him. "He was right though...You are one sexy mom!" That night James slept in my bed with me, we fooled around a bit, he amazed me by going down on me and licking my cunt that had just been filled with John's spunk. We eventually fell asleep cuddled into each other, I couldn't help dreaming about what was in store for us in the future - it certainly wouldn't be dull...I knew that!


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