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Sweet Revenge
by Dakota Ryan

To say she was mad was an understatement, she tapped her foot against the carpet and slammed the phone into the cradle. How dare him she thought as she leaned back staring out the window. If he thinks he can get away with that he is sadly mistaken Kate said to herself, he would regret this day for a long time. Tim had just canceled the big weekend getaway they had planned for months and she couldn't believe it. I am going no matter what she said after the moment of rage had passed, who needs him to have fun, I for one don't and I am going to prove it this weekend.

Kate drove down the winding mountain roads slowly enjoying the views of the valleys and streams that flowed down the mountainside. She needed to get away relax do some skiing and maybe even meet some new friends. She parked the car at the main entrance to the lodge, she checked in with the front desk clerk and asked what tonight's entertainment was going to be at the lounge. The clerk said it was lady's night in the lounge and that meant that the ladies were the only ones that could ask for anything and that the men couldn't ask for anything and he means nothing. Oh kind of like Sadie Hawkins then right? Yep that's the idea he said with a smile as he handed her the key to the room.

The snow was great 48" base with fresh snow expected overnight perfect conditions for a great weekend of fun. Kate headed out to the lift for a few runs down the slope to get her ski legs back after all it had been a year since she skied last. Oh my he is a hunk I sure would like to find him in the lounge tonight, she smiled as he walked past her. He noticed she was watching him and returned her smile with one of his own before heading down the slope, what a nice ass she said to herself this could be some weekend. Kate watched a few others head down the slope before she went down. The snow was perfect and she made it down with ease, ah now that was great she thought as she headed back to the lift for a second run and then back to the lodge for a hot shower and diner before checking out the lounge.

Kate looked great in the skintight jump suit that had a low cut front that showed just the right amount of bust. She admired herself in the mirror again before heading down the stairs to the lounge. As she walked slowly down the stairs she saw that all the men were sitting out in the lobby. They all watching as she walked down the stairs, Oh my, this is such a turn on all these men are wondering if I will ask them to be with me tonight. Kate felt her hips sway just enough to make every one of them smile at the thought of crawling between those well shaped legs and screwing her brains out later that evening. She didn't want to be to obvious so she turn and avoided their stare as she headed down the hall to the lounge. She felt eyes burning through her cloths and she felt the moisture begin to flow inside her cunt. As she entered the lounge she looked around and was shocked at the women sitting around the bar waiting for the men to be allowed in. Kate found a booth at the rear of the lounge and slipped into it, ordered a drink from the waiter and wondered when the men would be coming in. She sipped her drink slowly as her eyes wondered around the room, she jumped when a woman voice asked might I join you? Kate looked up to see a very beautiful woman about her age standing before her dressed in a low cut strapless dress. She had a body most men would droll over and she thought that she might be able to help her pick out a man for the night.

Yes please sit down, my name is Kate, I am Sherry it's nice to meet you she said extending her hand. Kate took her hand and was kind of shocked when she bent down and kissed her on the cheek saying us women need to stick together on nights like tonight. Kate smelled the perfume she wore and it filled her with pleasure, what's the sent you are wearing Kate asked. Its one I make myself she said with a smile I am happy you like it. Kate watched as the woman slipped into the booth beside her and motioned for the waiter to bring them another round of drinks. They talked for a few minutes Kate was almost in a trance by this beauty, she had everything a man would want and Kate found herself very attracted to her something she had never done before. It was finally 10pm and they opened the lounge to the men, they were everywhere and Kate checked each one out as they entered. Sherry leaned close to Kate and said this is the closest thing to a meat market I have ever seen. Kate laughed and said yeah your right and I can't decide which piece of meat I want. Sherry laughed along with Kate and said I'll tell you what let me pick one and we will share him tonight Ok. Kate looked at Sherry are you serious? Yes I am, I think you and me could put one of these fine young men to a real test tonight if you're up for it. Kate thought for a second, now this could be something I will never forget, she had never been with another woman during sex. Ok you pick one and we will give him a night he will never forget, Sherry smiled as she slipped out of the booth heading towards a tall blonde man talking to a woman near the bar. He smiled real big when Sherry pointed towards Kate whispered into his ear what they had planned for him tonight. He took Sherry's arm in his and walked over to the booth, this is Terry and he would love to fuck our brains out tonight Sherry said with a sly grin on her face. Kate smiled as he leaned down and kissed her lips softly his tongue slipped into her mouth.

As his hand brushed against her left breast. Kate moaned as she felt his finger touch her nipple trough the fabric of her jump suit which was very thin. Terry broke the kiss and helped Kate from the booth, shall we head up to my room ladies he said pointing towards the door.

Terry lead them to his room on the second floor and opened the door for them as he watched the two beauties enter his room. Sherry turned her arms went around Kate's waist before she knew what was happening, her lips found Kate's as she kissed her with more passion than any man ever did. The softness of another woman's lips took Kate by surprise, she responded by returning the kiss with as much passion as she could. It was the first kiss by a woman for Kate and when Sherry's tongue started to dart inside her mouth Kate felt her body respond with a tingle down in her clit. Terry moved in behind Kate, she felt his already hard cock pressing into her as his hands wrapped around the to woman. Kate's mind was in a blur she didn't think she would be kissing another woman but the feeling was wonderful and her hands went around Sherry, pulling her close she felt her breast pressing against her own and it was driving her passion beyond anything she had ever known.

Terry slid the zipper down and slowly peeled the jump suit down exposing Kate's breast, Sherry wasted no time taking her hard nipple between her lips and sucking them while her hands caressed her breast. Kate felt weak as the feeling began to grow inside her, she felt Terry's hands remover her cloths, his hands running between her legs as Sherry sucked her breast. Sherry stepped back to admire Kate's body now fully naked before her, she slipped her own blouse off while Terry caressed Kate's breast from behind, Sherry had perfect breast, large and firm with nipples that stood proud and erect. Sherry moved back close to Kate, her hands pulled Kate's head to her breast, Kate tasted another woman's breast for the first time. Oh God she thought as she sucked the hard nipple into her mouth, her hands when to her breast like she knew what she was doing caressing them as she hungrily sucked and nibbled on Sherry's nipples. Kate was excited beyond anything she had ever known she was breathing faster with each passing moment as hands touched her body from both sides. Terry moved them over to the bed and laid her down, he had already undressed, and his cock stood straight out from his body at least 8" long and thicker than any Kate had ever seen before. Sherry was naked also as she crawled between Kate's thighs, she opened them slowly kissing her inner thigh as her fingers touched Kate's clit, a moan escaped Kate as Sherry's finger opened her cunt lips exposing her swollen love button. Sherry's tongue licked through her clit causing Kate to moan louder. Terry moved to Kate's head placing his cock near her lips, Kate opened her mouth and sucked him inside, she was lost in passion, and she had his cock in her mouth and Sherry's expert tongue licking her cunt. Kate felt her cunt start to contract as the orgasm rushed through her body. She sucked more of Terry's cock inside her mouth as waves of pleasure shook her very soul.

Terry was getting close to orgasm and wanted to cum inside a wet cunt so he moved around behind Sherry, rubbed his cock head around her wet clit. She moaned as he entered her driving his cock inside her cunt till she gasp from the feeling of her cunt being fuller than she had ever had. Kate's orgasm had subsided and she watched Sherry's face contort as her orgasm flooded her body with pleasure from Terry's cock. Kate moved around so she could watch Terry fuck Sherry's cunt, she had never seen a cock fucking a cunt and it drove her wild with desire. Kate moved closer and she caressed Sherry's breast as she watched the large cock fuck her cunt. Sherry screamed as another orgasm rocked her and Terry cried out that he was cumin too. Terry pounded Sherry's cunt till his orgasm released its hold on him. Kate wanted to feel his cock and begged Terry to fuck her. Terry slipped his wet cock out of Sherry's cunt he smiled at Kate, suck me first I want to feel your lips sucking my cock, your tongue cleaning her cum from my cock. Kate jumped down before him, she sucked him hungrily tasting another woman's cunt juice's for the first time. Oh yes she moaned as the taste of Sherry's cunt filled her mouth. Kate sucked for all she was worth stroking his massive cock while she took all she could inside her mouth. Terry was getting close to orgasm another orgasm so he pulled his cock from her, pointing to the bed he said get on your hands and knees I want your ass. Kate did as she was told, she loved her ass to get fucked but she had never had such a large cock before she didn't know if she could take him in her ass.

Terry moved behind her slipped his cock inside her cunt and started fuck her, Kate went wild as he filled her cunt full of hard cock. He pounded her hard as his finger started to probe her asshole. Kate orgasm began to rock her she had one after another like never before in her life. He was driving her into a frenzy with his cock filling her cunt and his finger exploring her tight ass. Sherry moved around and placed her cunt in front of Kate, she started to lick and suck away at Sherry's cum filled cunt as Terry rammed his cock harder inside her cunt. Kate came one more time real hard when she felt his cock leave her hot cunt and then she felt the massive head start to push against her asshole, she pushed back and relaxed her anus to help him enter. Oh God she screamed as his cock began to move deeper inside her ass, Sherry pulled her head back to her cunt, fuck my ass Kate screamed as his mighty cock went farther up her tight hole. Oh yes she screamed again and again as he pumped his cock faster. Cum in my ass Kate begged as she felt another orgasm bring her into a total sexual craving for cock. Kate licked and sucked away at Sherry's wet cum filled cunt while Terry filled her ass with his hot cock. Terry was ready to cum and fucked Kate faster and harder. Kate was cumin again harder than before and Sherry started to orgasm just as Terry filled Kate's ass full of his cum. Kate bucked back to meet every trust of his cock as he filled her ass, she felt his cock spurt its hot load deep inside her ass. Terry fell against Kate in pure exhaustion while Kate recovered from her orgasm, Sherry laid back in pure satisfaction after her own orgasm from Kate's tongue lashing. Terry moved up on the bed between the two worn out ladies pulling them close as they lay together. Terry fell asleep in a matter of minutes while Kate and Sherry went to the bathroom to shower.

Kate closed the door as she pulled Sherry close to her, thank you for picking me tonight and I want you to know that I have never been with another woman before tonight. Sherry smiled as she kissed Kate lightly lets shower and then see if that hunk of cock is good for another round.

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