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Sweet Revenge
by Glenn Beuhring

Jimmy drove quietly lost in memories of his initial introduction to what is popularly referred to as glory holes. He just turned 18 and wanted to do the things that were denied to him till now. He couldn't drink yet, however, what he really wanted to do was go to one of those adult bookstores, the ones with the video booths in the back.

He had traveled just out of town so he wouldn't be spotted by anyone he knew. It was one of those small buildings with no windows and a large sign out front. "PlayRoom Boutique. He parked in the back just on the chance that someone he knew would drive by and see his car.

Jimmy remembered how nervous he was the first time he walked into that place. Rumor had it that homosexual men lurked around these places looking for boys and though he didn't consider himself homophobic, he was still a little apprehensive.

He stepped down the stairs and through the door. Immediately his senses were barraged by sights of dildos hanging from the walls as well as magazines of every sort showcasing an endless variety of lewd acts. This was teenager heaven he thought as he began to browse.

Though he liked much of what he saw, he could never take one of these home. His mother would not approve. Jimmy often thought that his mother should get out and have some even. She was a striking woman with many years of partying left in her. Instead, she left three times a week for bingo like clockwork.

After several minutes, Jimmy made his way to the back of the store where a doorway separated the retail sales area from the video booth area. It was unusually dark back here, he thought as he walked through. As an open booth came into view, Jimmy took the opportunity to slip inside. It was small with a bench across from a small TV screen. The only controls he could see was a coin slot and a single lit button that said "Next".

He was glad he had stopped for change because he would be far too self-conscious to approach the register. Excited now, Jimmy inserted the first coin which brought the screen to life. Images of a woman sucking off a large cock lit up the small compartment. Enjoying this one but still curious he pushed the "Next" button. This channel showed a stiff prick plunging in and out of a black woman's ass.

He'd seen porno videos before, had looked at magazines before but the idea of having several to choose from was very thrilling to him. The notion that he was watching it in public was also stimulating to him. He found that he had to adjust himself as to allow room for his growing cock in his pants. His eyes glued to the screen, Jimmy began rubbing himself through his jeans while he flipped through the channels of eroticism.

"Hey sweetie," whispered a distinctly feminine voice.

Jimmy's attention was immediately drawn to a hole that was rather large remained unnoticed until now. A hand with purple nail polish reached through crooking a finger in a gesture that he took for him to approach. He stood, curious as to what the woman wanted, and began to march out the door.

His progress was halted as he found the door blocked by something. Confused now, the young man prepared to push harder against the door, that is until he felt a hand rubbing his crotch. Afraid to move, he just stood there, peering down as the long fingers outlined his stiff member through his jeans.

Numbly he watched the fingers gracefully undid his belt and proceeded to undo the snap and fly. The clothes had nothing more to hold them around his waist and fell to his knees. The woman's hands were cold as the reached under his underwear and grasped the shaft of his pulsing shaft.

Once released from it's confines, it sprang to its full length which was guided through the hole in the door. He stood, pressed up against the thin wooden door, while his prick disappeared through the hole. He closed his eyes as he felt soft, tender lips surround the head and begin sliding over it.

The situation was too much for his youthful arousal and though he tried to stop it, he couldn't help but begin spewing his load into the unseen mouth. He thought his legs would give way at first but somehow he held himself in place as he felt the throat muscles gulping down his seed until he was spent. Afterwards, his prick was thoroughly licked clean before it was released to the cold air.

Feeling a bit dizzy, Jimmy sat down on the bench, his sagging, glistening dick laying against his leg. "Wow," he thought. "This is a teenager's heaven."

It was a week of hanging out at the bookstore everyday before the incident was repeated. This time, he thought it was a different woman who whispered into his booth. He could even feel the difference in the lips and of course the technique. In fact, as the weeks progressed and he received several more blow jobs through the hole in the door, he realized that there were several different women. It became a habit to imagine what the women looked like as they were sucking him off.

He even began trying to exit the booth fast enough to catch a glimpse of them. They were always gone before he could get his pants up and fastened. He was determined today to catch a peek at one of the women that had been sucking his cock for the last several months.

He speculated that they did not run out of the bookstore, otherwise he would have seen them by now. Realizing that they indeed had probably been entering one of the booths and waited for him to leave before exiting the store.

Jimmy entered the booth and started the video as usual, waiting for them to make the first move. He didn't have long to wait as within the first quarter, he saw a hand motioning him forward. Swiftly, the young man dropped his pants and underwear as he enjoyed doing. He liked the feel of being naked in this public place. He rested his member into the waiting hand which guided it through the opening.

This one was new, he thought as he felt the distinctive rhythm of her lips and the swirling of her tongue over the head. She didn't use her hand very much as most are apt to do. This one, thought Jimmy bobbed her head steadily, firmly encircling the flesh. The woman sucked his cock tirelessly massaging the shaft, while her hands played with his balls. It was not long before he reached the point of no return, holding the flow back by sheer act of will. When he could resist no longer his sperm was shot out hitting the back of her throat repeatedly until she could not swallow fast enough. He could her choke a bit but recovering quickly and consuming it all.

Before long she released him. Jimmy waited until he heard the door closed to confirm his suspicions to exit the room. He walked to his car, which he had parked as to give him a clear view of the door.

As it turns out, he only had to wait a few moments until a woman with long dark hair emerged. She walked across the parking lot and finally he got a clear view of the woman who had drained his cock only a few moments ago. In a bewildered state he stared at her walk to a familiar car.

"Mom?" he called as he advanced upon her.

The woman swiveled quickly, fear burning across he face. She looked at her son as though he were a ghost waiting for this nightmare to be over.

"Mom, is that you?"

"Oh my..."

"You...I mean it was you."

"No, it couldn't be," she said in shock.

"Yes it could," he said almost laughing.

"This isn't funny Jimmy. This is wrong."


"I'm your mother."

"So what, I loved it."

"No, Jimmy...I have to go. I have to think about this."

"No! You can't go."


"I don't want you to go."

"I need to go. I need to figure this out."

"I want to do it again."

Horrified, Janet looked at her son. "No Jimmy...Go home."

"I'll tell."


"I'll tell everyone what you did...Sucked my dick...I'll tell people."

Horror turned to anger as she stared at her son that she thought she knew.

"You can't mean that."

"Yes, I do. If you don't do what I want, I'll tell."

Janet felt the tears begin to stream down her cheeks

"Oh no," asserted the uncaring youth. "Tears aren't going to work. Come on, there's someplace I want to go, he said gleefully as he got into her car."

Janet knew she had very little choice at this point. If he made good on his threat, it would ruin her. Wiping her face, she got in next to her son. "Where to?"

Jimmy proceeded to guide her across town and as they pulled up on a baseball game, she was instructed to take a dirt road. It wound around the field where a girl's softball game was being held. Their course took them behind a grove of trees behind the dugout. Jimmy had often come here to make out with one girl or another. They usually ended up leaving when they heard what he wanted to do.

As instructed Janet parked and followed Jimmy into the trees. She could here the sounds of the game as people cheered and bats softballs were struck. She began to get nervous. "Jimmy there are people just through the trees."

"Naw...there's a really high fence blocking us. No one will see."

Jimmy stopped about 20 feet from the extremely high fence. Janet watched in panic as her son's jeans and underwear fell to his ankles. "Here?!" she cried.

"Yes," he ordered as his prick rose slowly to erection. "Suck my cock mother."

Again her tears welled up in her eyes. "Please Jimmy."

"You know you want to. You know you liked it the first time."

"I didn't know it was you."

"It won't matter when I tell people."

Though she sobbed in shame, she reluctantly accepted the inevitable. She knelt at her son's feet and through whimpers guided his prick into her mouth. She closed her eyes as she could no longer stand to look at her son.

"No...Like you did before."

Janet hesitated only for a moment before beginning her technique. Gliding her lips over his organ, recalling the delight she felt as she sucked his cock in the bookstore. That was before she knew though. Now...?

Janet's tongue slithered over the contours of his stiff meat remembering every inch from earlier. Sucking cock was an addiction for her, she accepted this years ago. She swore it would never affect her son. Her oath crumbled to dust as she slowly sucked her son's cock.

"Yes! Here it comes Mommy. Drink it all down."

She braced herself as Jimmy's muscles tensed and jettisoned the first wad. She swallowed that one just as the cock in her mouth began peppering her with a bombardment of his sperm. It washed down her throat sending an unwanted thrill through her body and down to her clit. It was not unusual for cum to make her climax though she tried to fight it in this case.

As his mother wiped the rest of his load from her chin and instinctively sipped it up, Jimmy fixed his pants and walked to the car. "This is going to be fun," he laughed. Janet couldn't believe her ears. Her son wasn't through with her yet. What was she going to do?

What they both did was go home. Janet thought for sure that Jimmy would come to his senses by morning and quit this foolishness. She prayed that the son she knew would return and she could be left in peace. She swore she would never suck another cock in one of those glory holes again if she could get through this.

Sun lit her bedroom, waking her from a deep restful sleep. She rose from bed and in a long satin night gown started for the kitchen. She didn't see her son, so got something to eat and headed back to her room. It was not until her hand touched her doorknob that she heard him.

"Mom!? ... Mom?"

"Yes dear?"

"Mom, could you come here a minute?"

Reluctantly, the woman set down her food tray and crossed the hall. She found her son's door slightly ajar, allowing her to push it open. Peering into the room, she gaped at her son, who sat up in his bed lounging against the headboard. He had kicked off his covers which revealed his cock, which he was holding in his right hand.


"Please, Jimmy...not now."

"Yes, come here and suck me off mother."

In total defeat, Janet walked over and sat next to her offspring and lowered her head to his cock. Devouring his flesh, she acknowledged defeat. In a feverish whirlwind of sucking and slurping she was determined to drain him of all of his cum. If she wore him out, maybe he'd leave her alone for a while. She ignored the fact that she was becoming wet as she worked.

It seemed to Janet that this load was larger than the last. That could be due to him being slightly drained yesterday. After all it she did suck him off twice yesterday. Though she gulped down most of it, some of the goo began oozing from her mouth as it became too much for her. It took little time to clean it up and with a facade of indifference returned to her room.

It wasn't until she was safely in her room that she leaped on the bed, hiked up her gown and stroked herself to a pillow biting climax. Ashamed, she cried herself back to sleep.

Jimmy knew when he had a good thing. He seemed to be horny even more now than before. He lay awake at night, thinking of where he wanted his mother so slurp down his cum next.

Janet cringed as she swallowed down a huge load as his son drove on the highway. She was mortified as she was made to kneel in the bathroom of a fast-food place. In an act of utter spite her son had pulled out as he came, showering her face in his warm goo. He wouldn't let her leave until she had wiped every drop from her face, slurping it from her fingers.

The ultimate embarrassment was the day he brought her out in the middle of nowhere. The only sign of civilization was a railroad track running about 20 feet away. He'd never forced her to strip before which put her more on edge than usual. He wanted to sit on the hood of the car with her kneeling next to him. His knees were bent and spread wide as she leaned over him as she worked his cock in and out of her mouth. He had turned on his stereo extremely loud which Janet feared would bring curious onlookers. He insisted.

The stereo completely covered the sound of the train that passed. It was not until the whistle blew that Janet peered up from her work. She gaped in stunned stillness as the passenger train streaked by. Some covered their eyes, some laughed out loud and some looked on in lust.

Jimmy grabbed his mother's head, holding in place as he spurted the most immense, most intense eruption of cum to date. The helpless woman had no choice but to attempt to swallow it, though it was apparent that she would never be able to keep up. Only when she began go gag was her head pulled from his cock. Roughly her son, then held her by her hair as he discharged the remainder of his sperm across her distressed face.

Anger swelled up inside of her as the train passed and she was allowed to get up. In a rage, his mother began to smack him across the face with such a force that his nose bloodied and he fell to the ground. Janet had never struck him before but as her son fell on her face, she dug a knee into the small of his back and began smacking the cheeks of his ass.

There was not deliberate strategy to her attack, only a rain of smacks on her son's ass that left them red and warm. With an act of will she pulled herself away from him, cursing herself.

"No! Don't stop Mom!"


Janet turned back watching her son pull himself into a kneeling position on the ground. Both in awe and disgust she stared at the raging hard-on that pointed to the sky.

"Your disgusting," she proclaimed as she found her clothes.

"That was great Mom, don't stop!"

"It's over Jimmy!"

"No! I'll tell!"

"Do what you must, as of now it's over between us."

Infuriated with her son, she got in the car, leaving him where he stood. He knew the way back she thought. In the time it took for her to drive home guilt rose from her brain. She allowed this to happen, not him. She is the fellatio addict that had to go around sucking cocks in strange places. By the time her son finally made it home the next day, she knew what she had to do.

Jimmy had arrived late, hitching from where his mother had left him. He couldn't be mad at her, not after what he'd done. He found his mother's door closed and the lights out so he figured he's wait till morning to talk to her. As soon as his head hit the pillow, he was sound asleep.


Jimmy recognized instantly that his mother called from the sun room. It had a certain echo. He opened the door and peeked out, calling "Yeah?"

"You know son, one place we haven't done it is in the sun room."

He couldn't believe his ears. She was asking him for it. "I'll be right in."

Seeing no reason to get dressed, Jimmy rushed across the living room as his cock bounced with each step. Hurried as he was, he didn't notice until it was too late that there were more people than his mother in the room. He was several steps into the room before he noticed the others.

Amazing to him was they were people he knew. Mrs. Cunningham, his third grade teacher sat on the love seat next to Aunt Jackie who stared candidly at his swinging dick. Mrs. Cunningham was in her 40's with reddish, short hair. She was the sweetest teacher he'd ever had. Aunt Jackie, his Mom's sister was hot. She had long dark hair like his mother but it was long and straight like Crystal Gayle's.

Mrs. Bell lived in back of us. She had short gray hair but a fairly pretty face and exceptionally firm breasts for her age. She might look younger, he thought, if she wore something other than the old fashioned floral patterned dresses. Now she was considered handsome. She was closest to me sitting in a chair near the entrance of the room.

"What's going on? inquired the confused young man.

"We understand that you've been giving your mother a rough time. We are here to help her out," spoke Mrs. Bell quite formally.

"Help her out?"

"Yes, you need to be straightened out young man."

Jimmy was getting a little pissed now. "Yeah, well I have to go ladies," he said as he turned to leave. By surprise Mrs. Bell caught Jimmy by the wrist and flung over her lap. Instinctively, Jimmy tried to get back up, only to be held in place as he was placed in some kind of thumb old. He couldn't move without severe pain streaking through his hand. As the completely naked young man lay across his neighbor's lap, she began to smack his bare ass. The sting caused an immediate yelp from his mouth.

"Ow, let me go! he screamed."

His pleas only response was another smack across his butt. Looking around, the others only smiled with satisfaction and lust. The middle aged woman relentlessly besieged him with blows that brought tears to his eyes. Through cries for mercy, Jimmy abashedly realized that his cock was stiffening between Mrs. Bell's legs where it lay.

Cries of pain metamorphosed into moans as at full erection, his prick began to be pressed against Mrs. Bell's clothed thigh. The fabric of her dress rubbed his prick every time his ass was struck.

"He's about to blow," laughed Aunt Jackie.

Roughly grabbing the boy by his hair with her right hand, Mrs. Bell hoisted him to a uncertain standing position and grabbed his pulsing cock with her left. With two strokes Jimmy felt his semen jettison from his balls. Had it not been for Mrs. Bell's waiting mouth, he would have made a terrible mess.

As it was, she seized the young meat in her mouth and eagerly swallow his cum. Jimmy slumped to the floor spent. "Is that what you want Jimmy?" Asked Mrs. Cunningham?

Aunt Jackie now stood over him. We're going to abuse and humiliate you Jimmy and you're going to thank us for it. She took a foot and easily pushed him over on his back.

"Your going to do anything we say without hesitation and we're going to drain you dry."

The woman in her 20's knelt down and grabbed hold of his prick, now shining from spit. Her hand began pumping his cock, while the others watched the show. His skin was slick and lubricated it as his Aunt's hand slid along the skin. Within minutes, his cock was throbbing again. For long minutes the pretty brunette stroked his organ in at slow deliberate pace.

"Give it to me you little shit," she demanded angrily.

As if on command Jimmy moaned and proceeded to shoot cum all over his stomach. Streams of come spewed in a seemingly endless barrage, puddling in his belly button and dripping over the side. "Come here," she demanded as she hoisted him up by his hair. Cum dipped, now down his stomach and legs as he was led to stand in front of Mrs. Cunningham. "You have been very naughty," she said innocently as she leaned down taking long licks from his legs to button. "But you will learn not to be mean to your mother."

"We're going to play a game for the rest of the day. We are going to tell you to do something and you will immediately carry out the tasks. There will be no delay. If you become erect at anytime you must pump your penis until you ejaculate. When you are finished you may continue with the task. Is that understood?" Jimmie quite numbly nodded and then responded with "Yes Mam," as Aunt Jackie smacked his still red ass cheek.

"Now my dear, I have a covered dish in the back seat of my car. I would like you to go and retrieve it for me."

"Like this?"

Smack! Another blow to his stinging butt told him to go now. Jimmy jogged front door, looking around the suburban neighborhood to check for onlookers. Seeing none, Jimmy ran to the blue car, he knew to be hers. As he tried the passenger's side door, he found it to be locked. Frantically, the boy ran around to the passenger's side of the two door vehicle. It was also locked. As he ran for the house to get the keys, he heard the door to the neighbor's open. Trish was fourteen year old, with strawberry blonde curls who was quite developed already. At the sight of Jimmy running, naked to his house, she whistled out loud.

Suddenly the embarrassment caused a strange effect as he felt a tingle in his ball. Technically he wasn't hard so he kept running. As he leapt inside he saw that the ladies had moved into the living room so that they could watch from the big bay window. Instantly the keys were in his hand and he was ordered to continue with his orders.

With a glance, he saw that the girl next door was no longer on her porch. He sprang out the door, though running with your dick flopping around was tough. He was soon opening the door of the schoolteacher's car. Just as he was about to grab the dish in the back seat he heard a car pull around the corner. With more force than grace the boy launched himself into the back seat of the car.

Fear told him to stay ducked in the car until he heard the car pass. He thought it almost stopped but only slowed. In torment, he realized that his cock was filling with blood and stiffening as he lay there hiding. He knew that it wasn't going down anytime soon and if he got out of the car with a raging hard-on he might have to jerk off out there.

"Smile," echoed a voice from the open front window.

In terror he sat up to find Trish smiling from behind a video camera. "Wave at the camera," she said mockingly"

"Please go away Trish," he begged.

"You mean that's not for me? she asked pointing at his rigid cock."

"I..." Jimmy stopped for a moment, seeing the faces staring at him from the window. They would punish him if he did not do it. Sorrowful as he was, he could not deny his cock was quite erect. He couldn't bare to look the girl in the eye as he took hold of his prick and began stroking it.

"All right Jimmy. This video is going to be great to pass around the neighborhood." Trying to get through this, Jimmy hastened his stroking. "Please Trish, you can't."

"Why not?"

"Please Trish!"

"Well..." Her sentence was cut off as without warning Jimmy's cock ejaculated his load of semen that soared into the air, spilling over his hand, his cock and the back seat of Mrs. Cunningham's car.

"Caught on tape," laughed Trish.

When the flow stopped, Jimmy grabbed the dish and with semen dripping from his hand pushed his way past the young girl and returned to the house.

"Did you ejaculate all over my upholstery?"

"Uh...yes mam."

"Did you clean it?"

"You told me not to delay."

"Well I suppose you'll just have to go back and clean the seat now won't you."

"Yes..." mam, he agreed bowing his head.

"I don't think you'll have to," announced Aunt Jackie.

Everyone turned to watch Trish closing the door behind her as she climbed into the back seat. For several minutes her head disappeared until she came up licking her fingers.

"Another cum addict is born," quipped Mrs. Bell.

"Now, let's play bridge," requested Mrs. Cunningham.

Mrs. Bell looked at Jimmy. "Make us some tea will you Jimmy? You may serve it in the sun room."

Jimmy quickly went to work, boiling the water and gathering the tea bags tying to keep the state of his nudity out of his mind. He was doing well, though he assumed that was because he should be rather drained by now. He served the tea and was about to make his escape when, suddenly Mrs. Bell had a grip on his dangling penis.

"How do you like the game so far Jimmy?"


"Never mind. I want you to go over to my house I think it's going to rain and I believe I left a window open."

An angry look from Aunt Jackie told him he had better not protest so with a quick turn, he headed for the back door. This won't be so bad, he thought. His yard and Mrs. Bell's is lined with high trees. He should be able to make it easy. He flung open the door and raced across his yard. With only shrubbery to block his path, Jimmy just lunged through it.

He reached the backdoor of Mrs. Bell's house and bound into her kitchen. All he had to do now was close the windows and head back the way he came.

"Who is there," resonated a voice from the other room. Before he could react, a small middle aged Asian woman entered the room. "Who are you?" she asked curiously not frightened at the naked man standing not ten feet away.

"Mrs. Bell told me to come over and close the windows."

"You aren't taking another step young man. Your feet are filthy and I jut mopped the floor." She talked sternly to him though, while her eyes focused on his manhood hanging before her.

"I have to mam," he insisted.

"Before you go another step you must go out and wash your feet with the hose."


"No buts, you go out and wash your feet now."

Frustrated as hell, Jimmy turned and walked outside. He found the hose and standing on one foot, he hosed the other off. By this time, he knew that the woman stood at the doorway, watching him. The more he tried to stop it, the worse it got. Jimmy finished cleaning his other foot and gazed down at his rising cock.

Surmising that the woman would tell of his disobedience, he grasped his cock. The strange woman, then came out and sat in a patio chair to watch the show as he masturbated for her. Swiftly, Jimmy fingered his cock until he spilled a generous amount of cum over the patio and grass. Exhausted, he collapsed on the patio, still holding his prick.

The woman clapped and cheered in appreciation as Jimmy raised himself to his feet. He ran into the house and closed the bedroom window before returning to his house. Jimmy beat off two more times that day. Once he was told to clean the window in the kitchen, which couldn't be done without climbing onto the counter. He spilled his load into the kitchen sink and continued to clean the window.

The next was in the garage, where he was told to close it for the evening. As quick as he was, he was not quick enough to avoid being seen by a passing woman walking her dog. She only smiled and moved on when the door closed. It was too late though and he ejaculated onto the cement floor.

By the time he went to bed, Jimmy couldn't even stand let alone have any sexual thoughts. He sank into a deep sleep dreading and anticipating the games to come.


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