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Subway Ride
by Almontiago

She stood before me on the subway, wearing a long, black skirt that touched her ankles with a long slit up the side with a white blouse. Ironically, she looked even better from the back side, with pleasant reddish-brown hair that ran down to her cute ass. She held onto the large pole in the center of the train, gently feeling the rocking on the tracks. She looked absolutely amazing.

Not being able to help myself any longer, I slowly came up beside her-maneuvering my way through the crowd of people. When I reached her, I slowly slide my arms around her waist until both arms were wrapped around her stomach. I felt her warm fingers move down from off of the pole and onto my bare arms.

"I was wondering what was taking you," Steph whispered.

"I got the clothes you asked for," I said, referring to the small backpack over my shoulders, my mouth dangerously close to her ear. She smiled and leaned back into me.

"Good," she whispered again. The train was crowded, and I assumed she didn't want others to hear.

I felt one of her hands slide off of my arm. I assumed she returning to her grip on the pole, but then I felt her hand slowly move to the middle of my stomach as she reached behind her. She then ventured down.

Her hand found the bulge in my slacks. I couldn't help but let out a very audible moan.

She giggled. "I see you're more than ready."

"You have no idea," I said, my hand suddenly running up her front and gripping one of her C cup breasts. I quickly found her hard nipple through her silky fabric (bra and blouse) and pushed the tip of my finger against it hard. She moaned even louder than me.

"Stop," she gasped. "Someone will notice."

I looked around, seeing people all around us. It was so crowded on the train that I doubt anyone would think we were doing anything other than innocently holding each other. Instead of removing my hand from her breast, my other hand then moved down and pressed hard into her crotch. I could feel her pussy bush even through her panties and her skirt, and when she met my fingers with a pelvic thrust and another very loud moan, I knew what we had to do.

About 30 seconds later, the train finally came to a stop. Taking her hand, I quickly led her off the train.

"Wait," she said. "This isn't where your surprise is." "Doesn't matter, I can't wait." I waited for the platform to clear before leading her towards the restrooms. "And neither can you." Reaching the swinging door labels "mens," I paused for a second to take a peak inside. Seeing that the coast was clear, I quickly yanked her in after me and led her to a stall. All were empty, but I took the handicapped one at the end for the most room. I quickly latched the door closed after her and I were safely inside.

"I don't think we should," she started, but I then placed my mouth on top of hers for the first time that night. I was rewarded with a tongue that met mine in the middle, before she sucked took my tongue completely into her mouth. I could feel her own tongue rubbing beneath mine as she sucked.

Tonguing and kissing, I felt her hands quickly toss my backpack aside. She then quickly started to untuck my shirt. I felt her hot, warm hands running up and down my bare back.

I'm not sure why, but I decided to turn her around. Gently settling her down on the toilet seat, careful that she didn't fall in, I broke our kiss.

Baffled, she gave me a quizzical look with her large green eyes.

Rather than keep her waiting, I quickly move my mouth to her neck and start to suck and kiss her perfume-tasting skin. She quickly welcomed me, placing her hands all over my neck and back as I worked, and I could feel her nails slowly raking across my shoulders.

I started with the blouse, slowly unbuttoning them as my mouth worked its way down her chest. I was pleasantly surprised to find that she had worn her lacy, see-through bra with the front clasp. I quickly unhooked them and took a hard nipple into my mouth, swirling my tongue around her warm flesh before finally sucking on it hard.

She rewarded me with a loud moan that filled the entire bathroom. She spread her legs wide, taking advantage of the long slit up the side of her skirt, and wrapper her legs around my waist. I could feel her spiked heels sliding up and down my kidneys as I worked on her tits.

I took this as an invitation to continue, so I started to work off the rest of her blouses buttons. As I reached her bellybutton, I let my tongue dip into it before I started to tongue-fuck it while my fingers slips down her legs and back up her skirt. I could my hands run over her near-black hose, then the lacy strap of her garter belt before I found her thong panties. I quickly slide the crotch to the side, away from her hot opening, then drove two fingers hard into her, knuckle deep.

She gasped hard again, and I heard her head hit the back of the wall as her ass lifted from the toilet seat. I thrust my two fingers deep inside of her, exploring her bush from the inside when I finally found that G-Spot that I knew drove her crazy. I pressed my two fingers hard on her soft, sensitive flesh, and she again arched her back, soaking my fingers with her juices. Her body shook from the orgasm. "That didn't take much," I laugh. Panting, she couldn't respond. She was completely out of breath.

Smiling, I lowered my head again and found the small little clit protruding from her hood. Taking it into my mouth, my fingers pressed hard against her G Spot yet again., this time massaging her in small circles with the tips of my fingers. I was surprised that I got another arch in her back as she suddenly moaned loudly again. Pleasantly surprised that she wasn't exhausted, I kept this up for another couple of minutes as she fiercely gripped the hand holds on each of the stall's walls.

"Oh god," she gasps. "I'm gonna cum again."

I knew what she meant by this. I quickly slide my fingers out from her and lowered my pants to my hips. I then placed the tip of my rock hard cock at her opening, before I plunged into her deep, amazed at how hot she feels around me.

Her legs quickly wrapped themselves around me again, her ankles locking in the middle of my back. With her nearly lifted off the toilet seat, I began to thrust and pump into her with all of my might. Instead of the grace and romantic rhythm that we usually have, watching her cum twice on just my fingers was more than I could handle.

Within a minute, she was screaming, her head tilted back, her beautiful eyes closed tightly shut, and her blouse and bra dangling from her shoulders like a loose robe. With that, I exploded inside of her, our juices soaking us both.

Gasping and panting, she wrapped her arms around me and hugged me tight, her entire body burning from the heat. We kissed passionately, our lips sucking and massaging the other.

Then I heard the men's bathroom door open. Still embraced in our kiss, we silently listened to heels click their way to the urinal, patiently waited for the trickling to stop, and finally listened as the door swung shut, the entire time locked in a silent kiss. When he was finally gone, Steph broke our kiss and whispered in our ear.

"Wait until we get to the hotel," she smiled. "This was just something to tidy you over." We took the next train and continued on our way.


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