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Sour Stomach
by Bent Ampersand

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He looked up at her. He wasn't sure. If they stopped to move, would that break the spell? Would he become so guilt-ridden he couldn't look at her?

Maybe that's what he needed. A chance to think through what was happening. Maybe he could break away if they did. This might be his one chance -so he took it. He leaned away and nodded.

She pulled herself up, placing a hand on the bed for balance. It shook a little, but Mike stayed put. She looked down at him, her hair slightly frizzled from their fooling around. And she smiled her clever, drunken smile over her shoulder at him. Jessie, the girl from St. Louis, walked out of her overalls and around the bed, toward the bathroom.

Now was his chance to fold. He stood up to follow her. It's never easy walking when drunk. And an inexperienced drunk has more trouble it seems.

Alan fumbled his way to the bathroom, stepping over Todd. Once there, the smell of the puke on the floor reminded him that some people were in worse shape than others.

He swallowed, watching her barefoot touch to the cold tiles. The vomit was caked under the sink. Everyone too drunk to clean up. Too drunk to stop.

She was wearing boxer shorts. Red plaid. And her white shirt seemed slopped over them in laziness. She turned and placed her hands on the sink, looking at him. He stared at her breasts heaving beneath that loose-fitting shirt.

"Jessie..." He began.

She closed her eyes like she knew what was coming.

He walked closer. His heart was pounding at the idea of just being wrong. And she seemed to sense this because she took his hand and rubbed it with her long fingers. "Hey..." She said. "Hey."

Her hand brought his hand upward, forcing it to her breast. There, her fingers massaged his, forcing him to grip and ungrip that heft. And it was impressive. He continued squeezing long after she did... his free hand reached around her waist.

He lifted her shirt up in back, grazing it with the back of his hand. She gave a little moan as he administered his touch. Her drunken lips slopped against his and he kissed back greedily. And that's when he felt her hands go downward.

She was pressing his erection.

The pressure upward --near the head.

He shuddered against her kiss and bit against her with a rush of need. And that's when he felt his zipper tugged down.

Instinctively his hand rushed down to stop hers, dropping her breast. She gasped as he gripped her. And his own wrist brushed against his bobbing erection that was popping out of his underwear. His eyes went to hers.

They were half-opened slits.

He opened his lips to voice his protest, but she put a finger to his mouth. "Shhhhh..." She whispered. "Shhhh..."

And he released her hand.

Her cool fingers wrapped around the shaft, pulling it through the forward slot in his boxers. Her nails grazed his pubic hair.

Lori played with him. A hand job. He was half asleep as she played with him until orgasm. "When do we... do it for real?" He asked when she was finished. "We'll know when..." She'd mused. "Don't rush it... just don't rush it."

His lips touched to Jessie's shirt. He could feel she had no bra. He could feel that it was just the cotton before the nipple. And he used his teeth to coax her.

Her hand on his cock. Lightly tracing. Lightly getting him to swell up. He was already harder than he'd been in a long time. But he didn't tell her that. It kind of embarrassed him. What was it about Jessie? Why was it never so hard for Lori?

"Mmmm..." She breathed in his ear. "Big boy..."

He'd never fancied himself as "Big." But in that moment, with his lips on her shirt and her hand on his cock, he'd believe her. He believed it himself.

She lifted a leg upward and he felt her ankle on the back of her calf.

His lips had chewed a glorious wet spot, right over her nipple. He wondered casually if it were now possible to see her nipple through the wet cloth. A drinking wet T-shirt contest in the making.

She squeezed his dick and he felt his knees weaken. She pulled him closer with her other hand. And at this pace, he felt the tip of the erection touch to the underside of one of her boxer's legs. He felt himself slip between her thigh and the fabric.

"There's more to love than sex," Lori told him. "Love is... ice cream in the park. Holding hands in November. Love is you push me down the snow top in a sled..." And he'd agreed.

He felt Jessie's hard curls with the tip of his cock. And in that instant, she'd moaned. Where was it that a girl's clit was anyway? That close to her pubic hair? Or was she just encouraging him?

"Jessie," he said, drunkenly into her tit. "I can't fuck you... my girlfriend..."

She inhaled deeply as his head slipped between her wet lips, touching his cock... as Lori never had. "Just squat a little..." She panted. "Squat a little and move forward... all it takes..."

He leaned away from her shirt and held onto the sink behind her. "It's too late..." She breathed up at him. She leaned up and kissed him. Her kisses were gentle and sweet. Like Lori's kisses. They were drunken and tasted of smoke. Not like Lori.

"It's too late, Alan... fuck me..."

The head was pushing into the fabric, the shaft was slick with what had dripped on it. If it happened it happened. "Sorry, Lori... I was drunk..." Or something just as good.

He squatted backward and felt the head fall back just enough to touch her pussy at an angle. Jessie stared at him with half-opened eyes. They were glazed in lust and something more. Something he couldn't put a finger on. He ignored it and thrust forward.

She breathed in and cried out.

His cock was finally a cock. And her pussy was now a pussy. He felt something break inside of her and he moaned. The heat of the pussy, the stickiness. Everything was new. Down there, he felt her grip his cock. And he slid out, leaving only the head.

"So if we ever had kids, Alan..." Lori smiled. "What would you name them?" She'd asked on the beach one day.

"I don't know." Alan said.

"I like the name... Maxine."

"And if it's a boy?"

"Max," Lori said with that smile he loved.

He pushed in again and he felt Jessie's leg raise to rest around his ass. "That's it..." She breathed against him. "Come on..." He felt himself buried in this strange girl's cunt... as far back as he could go... only to withdraw. And move in again.

"Look at me..." Jessie grunted. Her hands wrung his cheeks as she went to kiss him again. He licked her mouth in response. His eyes opened for her to see. She was smiling at him. "What are you... thinking?"

Lori smiled as he approached. He broke the ice, "I saw you studying with..."

He slammed into her in response. And he saw this make her smile. She had him in body, but not in spirit. He hadn't said a word. He'd never said "yes," he'd never said, "take me... into your ugly pussy and let me kiss your nicotine stained lips." So it wasn't like cheating, was it? So he wouldn't satisfy her with a response.

"Beth?" Lori teased, eyebrows raised.

But she was getting something else she wanted.

"I saw you coming over here," Lori went on.

"Come inside me..." She moaned. "I want to feel it... burst in me... do it..."

"Listen... uhm, there is just no way for me to come over here under a pre-tense. You already know what I want to say, so I'll just uhm... say it... wanna go out?" Alan had took a chance. She knew it was going to happen. If she was so inexperienced, how did she know? He fucked her harder, working his come up from inside. Up to the tip. And then when it was about to bust, he inhaled that bathroom.

"You mean on a date?" Lori chimed.

The smell of the party.

"Yeah, a date," he smiled, attempting his charm.

"What are you thinking?" She moaned again.

Lori clicked her tongue, "You don't even know my name."

He burst inside of her.

"I'm Alan," he said.

The stain on the floor.

"Lori," she'd said for the first time.

"Yesss..." She hissed, his dick slipping from her boxers.

What a mess this party was.

It was going to be costly.

And it made him feel like he might throw up himself.


This story was split into 2 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

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