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Sinful Sister
by J

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After about a minute or so I felt her slump against me, and then she started to nibble at my ears and brush her mouth along my neck. I was getting really excited by now and so I backed up to the large oval dining table that Dad has in the corner of the room. I dropped Sindy onto its polished surface and turned around to face her. My sister lay full stretch on the table, resting on her elbows and looking at me through half closed, smouldering eyes. Her short dress was now around her waist, and her yellow panties were obscenely pushed to one side of her inviting pink snatch.

I stretched out my hands to the top of her tube dress and began to roll it down over her breasts. Soon, the huge dark saucers that surrounded her nipples came into view. I still couldn't take it in that this was my own sister that I was now undressing. Her tits were as firm as they had appeared in the bikini photo I had of her. I mauled them frantically and bent my head to suck and lick them. Sindy went wild and began to run her fingers through my hair. I couldn't wait any longer. My dick was about to burst if I didn't fuck my sister soon. I gripped the sides of her flimsy panties and pulled them down her legs. I remember they got stuck on one of her heels so I just let them dangle off one foot. Sindy's yellow dress was now rolled up like two thin tyres around her waist and I used it to turn her onto her right side. She slid towards me easily on the shiny table as I pulled from her ankles. When I got her in just the right place I pushed her knees up so that she lay in the foetal position. I had always wanted to fuck my sister in the ass and now was the time.

I unzipped my jeans ad my dick sprang out. It was already plenty wet enough, but I stuck my fingers in Sindy's pussy and used her juices to lubricate her ass hole. When I thought she was wet enough I introduce my knob to my sister's anus. It slid in without too much effort. I saw Sindy wince as my first two inches went in. For some reason, I don't know why, I wanted to hurt her. So, without any warning, I rammed the rest of my swollen tool up her ass. My sister cried out so loud that it caused my Dad to tell her to keep the noise down. As a tear escaped her eye I squeezed her left arm tightly and began to pump away at her. She called me a bastard, but that only excited me even more. I settled down into a good rhythm of long, slow strokes. Her ass cheeks were perfectly round and smooth and just begged to be caressed and fondled. My hands explored Sindy's legs and hips. I had wanted to do this for so long. At last, the touch of her velvet skin on my hands caused me to speed up my thrusts. I put my right hand around the back of my sister's neck and my left under her knees and fucked her as hard and as fast as I could. She remained motionless as I realised I was just about thirty seconds away from cumming up my own sister's ass for the very first time. My breathing quickened and I heard myself roar as all those years of frustration exploded from me, filling up Sindy's back passage with my hot, white fluid.

My prick was still twitching as I pulled it out of her ass. I had to lean on the table to steady myself. Dad turned round and had a huge grin on his face.

'Was she good, son?'. He asked.

'Fantastic', I replied, still trying to catch my breath. 'She's all yours now, Dad'.

'I'll just be a minute, son. I want to see the end of this programme.' I mentioned to no one in particular that I was going upstairs to take a piss and wash my dick.

Afterwards, when I was about halfway down the stairs, I heard the sounds of my sister's groans of pleasure coming from the living room. When I entered I could see the reason for her delight. Sindy lay outstretched on the couch, her left leg slung over the back and her right on the floor. Dad knelt upright in between her legs, with his trousers pulled down to his ankles and his dick sliding slowly in and out of his daughter's pussy. Sindy's head lolled from side to side and I could see that her lipstick was smeared from where Dad had been kissing her. I thought that I'd join in, so I took off my jeans and bent down to start sucking on my sister's tits. Her hands came up to my head and she started to push me further down her body. I knew what she wanted. There was just enough space between Dad's incoming thrusts for me to start licking at Sindy's clit. Hell, she tasted sweet. The combined efforts of her father and brother working on her most private regions caused my sister to thrash around as another climax shuddered through her body.

Now, I had never fancied either fucking another man or being fucked by one, but I soon found that my tongue was licking away at my Dad's shaft more than it was my sister's pussy. I think Dad had noticed and must have liked the feelings because his movements had slowed down. Then, Dad let his dick come almost right out of Sindy's pussy, allowing me to run my tongue all around his purple helmet. I was captivated with curiosity about what it would be like to give head to another man. I turned my head so that the left side of my face rested on my sister's belly. I looked up at Dad and opened my mouth as wide as I could. It seemed as though he, too, was eager to test something new, for he slid his tool out of my sister and into my inviting mouth.

Dad gave me a couple of short strokes at first and then went back into Sindy. Soon, the three of us got a rhythm going. Dad would give Sindy four strokes and then put his prick in my mouth and give me four strokes. I had to keep my right hand ready so that Dad didn't go too far down my throat and cause me to gag. This alternation continued for about five minutes until I became aware that Dad was speeding up. Sindy sensed it too and begged Dad to cum in her. I caught a grimace on Dad's face as he fought to hold it back a little longer, but I knew that I'd get his cum. When a man is given two choices, he'll almost always opt for the mouth. He used Sindy to get to the point of cumming and then, at the last second, Dad pulled his penis out of his daughter's pussy and pushed it into his son's mouth. I moved his shaft back and forth as Dad gushed his load into me. Then I knew what it was like for a woman. The cum was warmer than I had thought and came quicker than I could swallow it. It tasted like salty snot, and I have to admit that it isn't something I'd try again in a hurry. But, at last, Dad was spent and the three of us collapsed in a heap on the couch.

Dad was the first to move. He stood up and pulled up his trousers before going back to sit in his chair and watch some more TV. By now, I had another raging hardon. Dad noticed and told Sindy to show me her party trick. My sister stood up awkwardly, still in her high heels, and moved back to the dining table. Slowly, sensuously, she hauled herself back onto its polished surface, spun around and lay down with her head hanging over the edge of the table, upside down and facing me.

'It's an old trick used by those guys in circuses who swallow swords', Dad began to explain.

'They work it so that the tubes and stuff that run down their insides are perfectly in line. Your sister here has also perfected the technique. You can fuck her in the mouth just like you were sticking it to her pussy.'

Sindy licked her lips and motioned with her index finger that I come over. Lying on the table, my sister's mouth was just the right height for my prick. I took it in my hand and guided it into her cavernous mouth. As soon as it was in I felt her lips go tight around it. I started to thrust slowly. Dad looked around and told me that I could go at normal speed. Taking his advice I began to pump my sister's mouth more quickly. Hell, she was good. I could feel the tip of my prick going past the restriction of her throat, but Sindy just took it all in her stride. I looked down to see that my balls were banging into her face at each inward thrust. I leaned forward so that I could get my hips moving more freely. Now I was fucking my sister's mouth just like it was her pussy. I let my hands caress her small waist and hips as I built to a climax. Sindy sensed that I was about to come and one of her hand's started to tickle my balls whilst she put a long fingernail of the other hand up my ass. I honestly had never known a feeling as powerful. As my juices started to flow, my sister squeezed my balls gently till everything was out. As I pulled my shaft out of Sindy's mouth, I could see the cum trickle out over her upper lip and into her nose.

As she got up and jumped onto the floor, my sister still looked at me with lust in her eyes. I knew she wanted me as much as I wanted her. She used her fingers to wipe up and swallow the cum that still clung to her face like goo. I pulled her close to me and violently pressed my mouth against hers. I could still taste traces of my semen in her mouth as our tongues mingled together. 'Come back tonight', I ordered. 'I'll try, but Greg's at home and it won't be easy to come here and not bring him' my sister replied.

Sindy's body was glistening with sweat as she arranged her skimpy dress again and pulled up the panties that still lay around one of her ankles. She bent down to kiss Dad goodbye and he patted her ass. My sister promised that she'd try to get back tonight if it was possible. As she opened the front door, Dad joined me at the window to watch her walk up the drive to her car on the road. Her ass wiggled as she moved her hips to and fro. Her lovely legs were firm and silky as she teetered in her high heels. Dad said what I was thinking. 'She sure is fuckable, son'.

'It's a long time till this evening,' Dad ventured,' I've got some photo albums upstairs that you may like to look at'.

'Nah!, I don't think I'm in the mood for holiday snaps', I replied.

'These aren't albums that your average family looks at, son. These are photos that I've taken of me and your sister over the years. I think you'll find them an interesting way to spend a few hours.'

Dad saw that I'd perked up with that news and set off upstairs to get them. 'How old was Sindy when you first fucked her, Dad?', I shouted up to him.

His voice was distant as he replied: 'Oh I guess she must have been about...'


This story was split into 2 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

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