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Silk Scarves
by ARCH13

She knelt on the floor, bent over the coffee table, hands tied to the legs at the opposite end. Her legs were spread, knees tied to the legs of the table with the same silk scarves that bound her wrists. She asked for this, but now she felt slightly unsure - deliciously, excitingly frightened of what she had let herself in for. The thrill of the unexpected is strong.

For months she had dropped hints, pushing for something different, wanting to explore this submissive side of her nature. Now that he has her there, he's taking his time. After binding her he left the room, making her wait. She could hear him in the other room, moving around. He hadn't said a word the whole time, remaining maddeningly silent. He had been gentle but firm when binding her, never asking her to move or change position, just moving her where he wanted her. She remembered the feel of him bending over her back as he tied her hands, the weight of his still clothed body on her bare skin.

He entered the room, crossing to kneel behind her. As he leaned over her, she realized that he had removed his clothes. She shivered at the contact of his chest against the skin of her naked back. Still without saying a word he kissed his way down her arched neck, biting gently against her shoulder. He heard her moan and became rougher, running his hands firmly down her sides as he dragged his teeth against her skin. She pressed her face against the table, sucking in her breath as his hands reached her buttocks. His hands molded the flesh, prying them apart, exposing her to the dim lighting.

In the candlelight she felt safe - protected. She felt his thumbs slide down the valley, as his breathing grew harsh next to her ear. She tensed as he touched her there, stroking the muscle with his thumbs. He kissed the nape of her neck as he delved deeper, and she cried out softly before she could stop herself. He paused, waiting, then continued as he heard her moan as he felt her quiver. He withdrew his hands, then starting at her knees by the bonds slid them up the insides of her thighs. She flinched as he reached her wet and open pussy, sliding two fingers deep inside. He kissed her lower back, and ran his teeth along the base of her spine. His fingers stroked her inside, and his other hand was suddenly brushing her clitoris - she moaned and cried out as he felt her contract around his fingers when she came.

Slowly he removed his fingers from her, sliding the slick digits up towards her other opening. Very carefully he inserted his index finger, sliding it through the ring of muscle, listening closely for any sign of discomfort she might make. She tensed slightly as he penetrated her, then seemed to consciously try to relax. He pushed his finger into the knuckle and she gasped at the sensation. She could feel him twist his finger back and forth, feel his knuckle against her anus. He was sliding his finger back and forth now, opening her up further. She felt him withdraw, and wasn't sure if she was disappointed or relieved. Then he was back, she felt something cold and slippery being worked into her behind. He slid his finger in, spreading the lubricant further. She was so slick now that she could hardly tell when he entered. The hand retreated, and she could hear the liquid sounds of him slicking his cock.

She pictured him kneeling behind her, stroking his cock with the oil and went limp with the combination of arousal and fear. She shook as he positioned himself behind her, placing the head of his cock against her. He kissed her shoulders and bit hard at the nape of her neck as he began to push inside her. She gritted her teeth and tried not to tense against him as the stretching, burning sensation spread through her. He paused, hearing her indrawn breath- and she forced herself to relax, not wanting him to stop. He felt her relax and pushed harder, sliding himself in to the base of his cock. They both cried out at the sensation, he of tight confinement, she of being impaled, possessed. He rested inside her completely for a moment, allowing both of them to adjust, then slowly drew out. She moaned as he pushed back in gently, pressing against her. She could feel his testicles pressed against her pussy. He was shaking as hard as she was as he tried to hold back.

He knelt up, hands against her back, and looked down to where they were joined. Grasping her hip with his hand, he slid the other under her, stroking her clitoris as she jerked under him. He felt her spasm around him, and couldn't wait any longer. He drew out and began thrusting into her, his fingers leaving marks on her hip where he held her. When he came he heard her cry out as he rammed himself into her over and over. It felt like he would never stop coming. As he collapsed on top of her, he slid his fingers into her empty pussy, and stroked her clit. She screamed out as she convulsed, spasming tight around his fingers and softening cock.

She had asked for it, but she had never imagined it would be so thrilling. They had both collapsed on the table, breathing hard for long minutes. He had recovered first, and carefully withdrew from her, gently untying her hands and legs. She was slightly sore, but completely happy, and she sensed that he had enjoyed it too, almost despite himself. He put his arm around her shoulders and guided her to the bath room where he ran her a warm bath, tenderly looking after her. She loved the contrast from his harsh treatment earlier, and had never felt so cherished, so possessed - so loved as she did at that moment.

Another fine story by ARCH13.
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