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School Story
by Kelly

She sat down hard on her chair, absolutely exhausted. She had just put the last poster up on the classroom walls and classes would start tomorrow. She could not believe that summer vacation had gone by so quickly. The only thing she could remember having achieved was the further training of her boy slut/slave at home and experiencing a lot of sex. The thought of some of their trysts made her smile and she looked at her watch. He would be expecting her home in about a half hour. She smiled wickedly as she thought of the position she had trained him to assume when expecting her return... naked, of course; cock hard and shaved; a very large butt plug in place to stretch his delicious ass wide open; and head bowed.... finally, he would be on his knees with his legs spread wide open. He was not permitted to cum - ever --without her permission but he had to maintain a hard cock for her pleasure whenever in her presence. If he ever neglected any of these details, she would severely punish him - whipping or spanking his smooth, delicious ass until it was red and forcing him to go without sexual relief for days on end while she unmercifully teased him.

A wicked plan formed in her mind and her nipples hardened instantly at the thought. Why should she have to give up her daily routine when school returned and she had to teach every day? She decided she would install her slut under her desk and every time she sat down, he would be forced to perform......maybe licking her cunt or her feet. He, of course, would be naked and hard constantly. On her free periods, he would be forced to take punishment or fuck her. Her desk was fairly isolated from the rest of the classroom and she taught honors students, so they worked fairly independently. She knew it would work and she would have him all day every day at her disposal. If she wished, she could even share him with her friends at work. The thought of her best male friend sitting at her desk with his pants down and his cock in her slut's mouth made her very horny.

She picked up her cell phone and called home. He answered the phone as he was trained to: "Hello Mistress, this is your fuck slut. What can I do for you ?" She smiled and her pussy heated up.......she told him to get dressed --as much as he was permitted to -- and to come immediately to the school. She told him to keep his ass plugged and get there quickly. She knew he would be there soon so she leaned back to think about him. A little initiation into school life was exactly what he needed. Her hands slipped between her legs and massaged her hot, horny pussy. Her thumb concentrated on rubbing her engorged clit as she pushed her panties aside. She pictured her slut in her mind - -6'2" tall, unruly blond hair that fell over his eyes, tanned all over, blue eyes, long eyelashes, a tight ass, a nine inch cock that was very thick, long legs, a chiseled stomach and broad shoulders......he ran and worked out faithfully every day. She did not want any slut of hers to not look good. He had long surrendered himself to her and was quite content to serve her in any way she liked. He was submissive but still liked to fight her on occasion which only made their relationship hotter.

She rubbed her cunt furiously, pinching her nipples with her free hand. She soon cried out as her orgasm approached. It ripped through her, as she stuffed several fingers in her pussy. She lay panting for a minute or two, as she waited for him. She looked at her watch and realized that almost ten minutes had elapsed since the phone call. She realized he would be here anytime.

He did not disappoint. He tapped on her door a minute or two later. She shouted, "Come in!" and quickly reassembled herself. He opened the door and closed it again behind him. She looked at him and drooled. "Strip!" she ordered. He removed the tight black t-shirt, the skin tight jeans(her favorites - the ones she had sliced a line straight across the ass of!) and his Teva sandals. He left his collar on. Her next order was, "Come here and kneel before me!" Of course, he did. His cock was semi-hard and she glared at him. One order disobeyed. He was to keep himself hard when in her presence at all times. His hand immediately went to his groin and began to stroke. "Forget it!" she barked at him. "You WILL be punished for your disobedience!" His hands fell away from his semi-erect cock and he knew he was in trouble. He fell to his knees and assumed his submissive position. She walked around him to check for the butt plug. It was in place and spread his tight ass wide open. She savagely pulled the plug from his asshole and replaced it with a much larger one, which she plunged in deep without any lube or preliminaries. He sucked in his breath as it penetrated and managed to say "Thank you, Mistress", hoarsely.

She fingered his nipples roughly as she spoke. "Before I tell you why you are here, you will receive your punishment for coming here with that soft cock! What makes you think I want your pathetic cock presented to me like that? Don't you respect your Mistress enough to honor her rules?" Before he had a chance to respond, she attached two evil-looking, sharp nipple clamps to his erect nipples. He whimpered as she tightened them, knowing he was not permitted to cry out or the punishment would be worse. He thanked her again. She reached for a meter stick. "You will receive twenty swats with this stick and then you will be told why you are here. Lean over and present me your slutty ass! Spread it wide!" He did and she began to swing.

*THWACK!* *THWACK* *THWACK* His beautiful ass began to redden. She gave the butt plug a shove deeper into his ass. He flinched and she continued her assault on his ass - alternating between his thighs, cock and balls, and ass. By the time she was done, he was openly weeping. Tears streaming down his face, he crawled over to her feet and began to thank her profusely for the punishment. She noted that his cock was as stiff as a board now.

She smiled, knowing that she was in for a wonderful school year. She attached a piece of rope to his collar and walked him to her desk. "Lick me, as I tell you what your role will be to me in this classroom!" She spread her legs wide and he scurried forward to his position. She ran her fingers through his hair, observing his tear-stained face as he approached her pussy. He spread her lips wide and delved in. She began to tell him what her expectations were.

"Each morning, you will arrive at this classroom before me and take your position under my desk. You can see there is plenty of room and we will put a large pillow there so you can be comfortable. You will spend all day there - -on your knees and naked. When I sit at this desk, you will do one of these things. You will either massage my feet, lick my feet, fuck my pussy with a dildo or lick my pussy." With that, she pulled him in closer to her hot cunt and felt his licking increase. He fingered her tight channel as he licked her clit. "I will always wear stockings instead of panty hose and rarely wear panties. If I am wearing panties, you will concentrate on my feet. If I am not, it is a signal for you to immediately begin eating my cunt. Do you understand?"

He nodded his head, as he ate her pussy. "You will always be naked, with your nipples clamped and your ass plugged. Often I will pass you something I want you to insert in your ass. You will always keep your ass lubed, as the items I give you will get larger and larger and you are expected to insert them, without question. You will always thank me for allowing you some new toys. Your cock will stay hard at all times. You will never cum without permission. You will never be given permission during the day to cum but if you make me achieve a minimum of three orgasms per day, you may be permitted to cum at night." He nodded and continued licking. By this time, his face was wet with her juices and her breathing was becoming ragged. She continued, "If I do not achieve this minimum number of orgasms, you will be beaten at the end of the day and denied the privilege of cumming. If anyone else sits down at my desk, they are expected to be given the same courtesies - -whether it be male or female. You will suck their cock or their pussy as if there is no tomorrow."

He bit her clit, excited at the thought of sucking off another man and swallowing his cum, as he knew he would be expected to do. She screamed and her pussy spasmed. Her juices began to flow and she forced his face further into her slit. He licked furiously as she climaxed. His dick throbbed with need but that would not be attended to until later - if at all. As her orgasm subsided, she relaxed her grip on his head and leaned back.

"Now, do you understand your orders, slut?" He nodded his head and replied, "Yes Mistress" and bowed his head, still kneeling at her feet. She thought, "My God, he is beautiful! I can not wait to see what the school year brings!" She imagined him beneath her desk, licking her pussy with his talented tongue, as she explained "Romeo and Juliet" to her students. Mmmmmmmmmm...............she would have to think about long lessons that could be taught from her desk. The thought of his tongue buried in her cunt for hours at a time made her even hornier.

She said, "Come on, slut. Let's go home and discuss this further." He was still naked and she decided to leave him that way. His tits were still clamped and she added two small weights from the science lab to them to increase the weight on them. He groaned as he felt the extra pressure. "Hmmm.... must do that to his cock tomorrow", she thought wickedly. She walked her slut out to her car that was just parked out back and led him in. "This would be an interesting night", she thought as she observed her slut with his clamped tits, plugged ass and hard cock, "and an even more interesting school year!"


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