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Shooting Stars
by Pholkie Phred

Some nights, some places just seem made for love. You always hear how the time's not right, the music's too loud or the grass is too wet. None of this seemed to apply this night. The Leonid Meteor shower was due and somewhere in the dark skies around Leo the Lion the first sparks were flying. Crash and burn, crash and burn; the first of many streaks of suddenly molten rocks and ice were fizzling in the summer sky. You could almost hear the sparks, you could almost smell the flames.

It was a darn shame that beyond the fenced in walls that made up my backyard's borders the world seemed to be sound asleep. Only a firefly would occasionally compete with the astral showcase. It had taken me weeks to get up the nerve to ask her to come by and visit with me for a change. It had been several futile attempts at seduction later that this night had come to me like a winged messenger from the heavens. And it brought with it a surprise visitor, the very object of my affection had actually deigned to join me at play on my ground, on my terms. It still seems like a dream.

But it was real enough. Margie had knocked on my door at midnight dressed in her trademark white shorts and red T-Shirt. After I rubbed the sleep from my eyes I noticed the basket she was carrying-a wicker basket filled with things I had thought she disdained. There was a bottle of Chardonnay, unopened, and a bottle of scented Kama Sutra Massage oil-cinnamon scented and about half full. A blanket and were those condoms, extra large(!?) that I spied beneath them that filled out the light weight basket?

"Let's get nekkid and watch the meteors." she smiled, no beamed at me. Even in the dark her suntan shone through. Florida's sun worked its wonders in the day time, I hoped I could work some tonight. "Come in, come in," was all I could conjure up in the way of words. My brain was racing but words wouldn't come. She hooked me by the arm instead and pulled me outside. We walked around the house to the back yard, opened the gate and let ourselves in. Out popped the wine bottle, a corkscrew and the blanket. Suitably arranged we lay down on our backs in the privacy of darkness and stared up into the mysteries of space. When I looked over, I noticed the T-shirt being quickly pulled up and over her head and for the first time ever I noticed she wasn't even wearing a bra.

"Damn the darkness," I heard myself mutter, "I can't even see your treasures." But Marg was unusually and uncharacteristically silent. The shorts came off and I raced to match her taking off my own shorts, shirt and shoes. We laid back and stared up (not my first choice at this auspicious occasion but) and soon I heard the pop of the wine cork. The champagne fizzed and she poured a little on her breasts and a little further south then handed me the bottle.

"I don't drink but I thought you might like to lick this off of me." That wasn't a question but a statement of fact.

"I'd love to." Again with the clever words from me.

Her nipples were barely visible in the dark but their outline stood erect atop those milk white breasts with the fizzy wine spilling around them. That seemed like a good place to start so I gently reached for the nearest mountain and held it carefully not wanting all the precious fluid to spill off. I licked first one then the other from bottom to top then from side to side letting my teeth just brush against the aureoles. By now the wine was pooling on her flat stomach and filling her navel. A reservoir to drink from was my first thought and I started to empty the navels sweet contents.

It was then that I noticed the scorpion tattoo that appeared just above her pubes with the stinger pointed gracefully at her clit. I'd never been here before I thought, but this tattoo both surprised and eroticized an already intense moment in time. I traced the outline of the beast with my tongue and began to apply a slow rotation on the now prominent clit below. A throaty murmur escaped her lips and a humming sound seemed to come from deep within her. As my tongue reached it's inevitable location in the still wet regions of her furry patch I parted the hair aside and began to lick then nibble on the aromatic contents of her slick pussy. The moaning and humming sounds were getting louder.

"I like a man that takes his time," she whispered. As I spread open her vaginal folds I noticed that she had a very large opening. I was trying to picture my very average cock plunging in there and felt a twinge of fear for the first time. As my tongue reached inside I could actually feel her cuntal muscles contracting around it, squeezing the tip ever so gently but firmly. Her back was arching now and her toes were curling under. For the first time she reached out and grabbed my manhood while her hips started to buck almost involuntarily. Her orgasms were quiet but left her body shaking and trembling. I'd never seen anyone cum so intensely.

"Make love to me stud boy," she panted. That was a command I didn't need to hear twice. With one hand still massaging her clit from behind me I got on top of her and slowly fed her my now-engorged member. "Do you think my titties are too small to..." her voiced trailed off. "UH Uh" was all I could get out as I pushed her beautiful ripe melon shaped breasts together to make a perfect pocket for my manhood. As I trust forward the head of my penis reached her tongue. She flicked out at it and slowly began to massage my testes with both hands.

I slid down her still well lubricated, wine soaked skin and with one easy motion slid home into her waiting receptor. I pumped for all I was worth. Were those shooting stars I was seeing or had my brain begun to explode even before my genitals? I slid easily in and out, in and out for what I hoped would be an eternity. I accidentally kicked over the wicker basket and the unused condoms popped out to laughter from both of us. I could feel her swelling against my eager cock and then I erupted and drilled it forward as I emptied gush after gush of molten semen into her body.

"Would you like to try a Venus Butterfly," I queried? " A what?" She'd obviously not watched any of the old LA Law episodes. I asked her to lay back which, somewhat apprehensively, she complied with. A few rigorous shakes of the bottle of fizzy wine brought the cool liquids to a compressed froth. Before the bubbles could push my thumb out of the way I carefully inserted just the tip of the bottle into her love canal and let loose a spray of pressurized bubbles. Her eyes lit up and her legs splayed open to their fullest capacity. As her eyes seemed to roll back in her head, I knew the bubbles had done their job. "THAT was really neat!" she exclaimed. "I didn't think I was a virgin in any way anymore but I guess it's never too late to learn, I guess."

When she was finished gyrating, she rolled me onto my back, washed Mr. Happy off with the rest of the wine and proceeded to suck me back to hardness. "Feel like setting some records tonight?" she asked. The look on my face said all that needed to be said. I don't know if we set any records but when we finally quit sucking, fornicating and moaning, the meteors were done with their show and only a peaceful sunrise was there to greet our tired bodies. It was like a magic show in many acts-too many to count and too few to quit now.


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