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Shoe Salesman
by Swamp Rebel

I am woman in her mid-fifties. Two years ago, my husband died, leaving me alone but fortunately fairly well off financially. It seems as if men have always found me attractive and I've always kept myself in good shape. Although my body isn't as tight as it once was, I weigh only ten pounds more now than when I graduated from college. Since about 6 months after my husbands death, I have been having sex with young men I've met while shopping. They're easy to seduce, energetic, and don't care about a relationship. The first experience I had, was one of the best.

One day while trying on shoes, the young man assisting me apparently got a glimpse up my skirt as he slipped a shoe on my foot. At first I was somewhat embarrassed, but watching his reaction, I decided to see if I could give him an erection. I noticed how fidgety he had become and how he kept his gaze going to my crotch. I tried on many pairs of shoes that day. Opening and closing my legs, standing up for a sexy test walk then sitting down allowing my skirt to rise up my thighs to the top of my pantyhose.

It seemed as if I had some kind of power over him. I had his complete attention when he stared between my legs at each opportunity. His fingers seemed to linger on my calves and he gently stroked them as I tried on each new pair of shoes. I could see the erection in his pants and felt my pussy leaking it's excitement. I ended up buying several pairs of shoes then hurried home to bring myself off with my fingers.

Over time, this began a whole new series of adventures for me. I would frequently go to shoe stores to try on shoes. Before leaving the house I'd get dressed up very nicely, fix my hair, and because I knew the boys would get a better view of my hot crotch, I'd put on a garter belt, stockings and silky light colored panties. Sometimes I'd look and feel so sexy, I'd have to rub myself off before I even put on my short skirt and left home.

One night I got to the store about 30 minutes before closing. There was only one employee in the store, his name tag said "Mark, manager". A handsome young man, with a warm smile and engaging personality. I tried on many pairs of shoes and gave him my show. "Accidentally" spreading my legs and showing him my panties at every opportunity. Once, as he lifted my leg to place yet another shoe, he pulled my foot into his crotch and rubbed it around. I could feel his throbbing erection through his trousers. My heart began to race as I continued to rub his hard cock with my foot. I spread my legs slowly so that he could get a good view up my skirt and into the crotch of my panties.

Suddenly, he got up locked the front door and hung out the "closed" sign. He returned to his position on the little stool between my legs. I didn't know how far I would take my little game but, I soon parted my legs again. I sat and watched as he rubbed his stiff member through his pants. His eyes never left my crotch and I felt my pussy begin to ooze.

He took my hand and said "There's some styles in the back which you might like" There was a small lounge area in the back with an old love seat and a couple of chairs. I sat on the love seat. Mark pulled up one of the small shoe store stools and sat at my feet. Once again I placed my foot on his cock and he proceeded to massage my calves. Rubbing my silky hose and moving up my leg. With my toes I squeezed and pinched his swollen penis and felt it throb with excitement. My legs were spread open, my skirt had risen way up my thighs, exposing the tops of my hose, my garters and my pantied crotch.

Losing myself in the moment, I slowly mouthed "Show me your cock". Dutifully, he released my leg and unzipped his pants. He reached in and pulled out a very nice specimen. The first dick I'd seen since my husbands for many many years. It was about seven inches long and had a circumsized head. Slowly running his hand up and down the turgid shaft, it began to swell and pulse with excitement. My own fingers reached under the elastic of my panties and I started to rub my aching pussy. It was so wet that I even felt the wetness on the back of my hand as it rubbed the crotch of my panties. We watched one another masturbate as our passions rose.

He stood, moved toward me, straddled my hips and aimed his hard cock at my mouth. Up this close I could smell his musky scent. A drop of clear liquid hovered in the slit at the top of his manhood. My fingers pushed into my hot box as my tongue reached out to beckon his cock inside. My mouth was filled with the heat of his burning member as I slathered it with my tongue. I circled the head and licked the pre cum from the tiny slit.

Although not very experienced, I sucked, licked and kissed his cock while I continued to finger fuck myself. He was humping my face and I could feel him growing larger and harder. With one hand I fondled his balls while the other wrapped itself around his massive shaft, pumping it into my mouth. As his shaft grew tighter, I sensed that he was about to explode. Although I loved that hard cock in my mouth, I wanted to feel it in my pussy.

I pulled my head away and said "Fuck Me". I slid from the sofa, and kneeled facing it, resting my elbows on the seat cushions. From the rear I felt his hard cock penetrate the lips of my pussy and fill my molten canal. God it felt good. I thrust my ass toward him as he pushed his meat into me. Push it in just a little farther... Rub it up against my cunt walls,..... keep pumping, I was thinking. He seemed to respond to my thoughts. Faster..., Harder..., Don't Stop... I thought as I thrust my wanton pussy onto his hard fuck pole.

I was sweating and gasping for breath as my hand reached for my clit. I was humping his cock and frigging my clit like I never had. Fuck me, Fuck me, Fuck me I muttered over and over. And fucking me he was as my tension continued to build. My pussy was so wet, I could hear a sloshing sound with each forceful thrust. My inner thighs were dripping and the sweet, pungent aroma filled my nostrils.

It started way up inside of me and gained momentum as it spread throughout my being. This incredible tension was released in one deep penetration of that cock into my burning fuck hole. Suddenly, I was overcome with wave after wave of release as I came in a rush. My thighs and pussy clenched together locking that hard pumping meat in place My breathing came to a stop and I let myself drift off into another place for what could have been hours but was only minutes. God, I felt good as I wimpered yes, yes. yes.

Coming back to consciousness, I felt Mark slowly grinding into me, anxious for his own release. My pussy was too sensitive for any more. I turned and once again took his pleasure pole into my mouth. I tasted my own juices mingled with his manliness which, was intoxicating.

Using one hand to fondle his balls and the other to stroke, I pumped him gently. Using my tongue I licked my honey off the head and shaft. I felt him begin to tense. I increased the pace of my pumping. His penis grew larger and harder in my mouth, he was thrusting, fucking my face. With a lunge I felt a soft wet warmth invade my mouth. Suddenly my whole mouth was filled with cock and a warm salty taste as he exploded into me. I swallowed as fast as I could but, there was too much. I felt it ooze out of my mouth and onto the shaft of his pulsating cock as I continued to stroke him. Throbbing gobs continued to ejaculate as I pulled my mouth away. Streams of his warm white cum splashed onto my face and hair. I held his cock and watched, mesmerized as he spewed, spurt after spurt. Finally, with his cum all over my lips, face and blouse, it stopped. His cock continued to throb, and I reached out my tongue to lick the last tangy drops from the tip of his cock.

We collapsed onto the love seat, momentarily satiated.

About a month later I went back to that same shoe store, Mark wasn't there but a cute young girl named Julie waited on me. I was really disappointed but I had to keep up appearances so I tried on several pairs of shoes.


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