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Susan's Seduction
by STaylor176

There is my wife. Leaning against the wall, eyes closed. She is breathing hard, with another mans cum running down her legs. Never has she been sexier to me. This is the story of she came to be where she is and how I made it happen.

My wife Susan is an attractive woman. Blonde hair, blue eyes. Small petite frame. She is a PE teacher in a local school, so she is in great shape. She is my idea of the perfect woman, in looks. It is in the bed she lets me down. For the fourteen years of our marriage our sex life had gone from okay to almost non-existent. It is not that she doesnít like sex, she does. The reactions when we had our infrequent bouts of love-making made that clear. It was just that it was so long between them that drove me crazy. I almost always had to ply her with alcohol to get her to have sex with me.

About three years ago I started to become convinced she was having an affair. It wasnít true but my reaction to the thought shocked me. Instead of becoming angry I became excited. Excited at the thought of my wife making love to another man! I started to follow her around to try to catch them together. Of course there wasnít another man, so there was nothing to "catch". I became so obsessed with the idea of watching her fuck a man, without her knowing I was there, that I decided to make it happen.

I ran an ad on one of the "Net Match" sites. It read: Seduce my wife. I must be there, but she canít know I can see. You must have the ways and means. I will assist in any way I can. I received a few responses, but one in particular seemed to be perfect. The respondent said he had a large house and hosted parties often. He had done what I wanted before, and if I followed his instructions he would guarantee that he would make love to my wife and I would be able to see it all. But that once it started I could not interfere and that I must follow all his instructions. After some thought I sent back a reply and said I agreed to his conditions. I received directions to his house, and the time and date to be there.

On Friday, the day before "The Day" I told Susan that a new client of mine was having a party and that we had to go. She wasnít too pleased with the idea, but she knows that sometimes we have to attend these events so she agreed. The plan was moving ahead. As we got ready to go to the party I made a pitcher of daiquiris, double strong with 151 rum. Susan doesnít drink often so I knew this would go right to her head, I hoped to relax her a bit. When she came down the stairs to go to the party I was shocked. She was wearing a new dress. It was a silky material that clung to her body and highlighted her wonderful 34C breasts and tight ass. I could see that the drinks were having an affect as her nipples were poking through the material like the erasers on a pencil.

When we arrived at the house party I was surprised. It was a large home, well lit, with cars parked everywhere. A variety of people were flowing towards the door, so we just followed along. After we were inside I asked for Scott, my contact. I was shocked. He was a large black man, over 6í 3" tall. I introduced him to Susan and his large hand absolutely swallowed hers.

This was to be the man to fuck my wife? I had my doubts, we were from the south. I knew Susan had never even kissed a black man before, let alone fucked one. But I was resolved to go through with it.

The party was a good one. Lots of music, conversation and best of all, more daiquiris. Susan and I were talking when Scott came up to us and asked her to help him in the kitchen. She went with him, but I could see a scared look in her eyes as she glanced back at me. I knew it was starting. I slipped over to a vantage point where I could observe the kitchen with out being seen.

Susan was at the blender pouring rum, Scott was standing behind her. I watched as he reached out his hands and started to rub her shoulders. She jumped away from his touch but couldnít go far, she had a bottle of rum in one hand, the pitcher in the other. As she turned towards Scott he pressed his body against hers. Trapping her against the counter between his arms. I could see the look of fear in her eyes as she looked up at him. "Donít drop the bottle." He said. Then he reached up with hand, cupped her face, and kissed her on the mouth. It was a hard kiss. He held her face still with one hand and the other arm pulled her body tight against his. I could tell his tongue was in her mouth. My cock had started to harden at the sight before me. Susan was trying to struggle, but her 5í 5" 135 pound body was no match for Scott's over powering strength. Her released her as suddenly as he had grabbed her. I heard him say "You needed that baby, and you need more later." Then he walked away. I watched as Susan gently placed the bottle on the counter. I thought for sure she would run to me and tell me we had leave. Instead she gently touched her lips with her fingertips, and stared out to space. I noticed that her nipples were even more prominent.

I went back to where I was and was soon joined by my wife. I expected her to tell me what had happened in the kitchen. She didnít say a word. Soon Scott joined us, but not for long. He took Susan by the hand and pulled her out onto the dance floor. I watched as they danced together for song after song. They came back to me and Scott told my wife that the bathroom downstairs was reserved for special guests only, that she should go there when she needed to. Then he asked me to go with him.

We went through the kitchen and down a flight of stairs to a small room that was dark and close. I was nervous but excited at the same time. "Stay in here," he said, "no matter what happens, you will not interfere. Do you understand?"

"Yes", I replied.

Just then the entire wall on my left lit up. It wasnít a wall at all, it was an entire window! No, not a window, a 2 way mirror! It was the wall of a bathroom and in the bathroom was Susan. I looked at Scott, he grinned and said "Now the fun begins." Then he walked out.

I watched as Susan washed her face in cold water and then sat on the toilet to piss. I could hear everything, so I assumed there was a microphone in there as well. "He thought of everything." I said to myself. Just as she was completing her toilet the door open and in walked Scott.

"Hey, she said, "Iím in here!"

"I know. Thatís why I am too." And he started to move toward her. Susan backed away, trying to pull her panties up as Scott advanced. "Stop. Iím married. You canít do this. Please donít." I was a little worried at the way this was going, it was more of a rape than a seduction. But my cock liked it, I was raging hard. By this time Scott had my wife trapped in the corner right in front of me, between the edge of the bathroom counter and the wall, where the glass went to the floor. He grabbed her by the shoulders and pulled her towards him. She was fighting now, pushing against his chest, and telling him over and over "No, no, stop. Please donít." But he didnít listen. He grabbed her hair and forced her to face him, then he brought his mouth on hers and kissed her. He was raping her mouth with his tongue. I was about to rush in and break it up, after all, I wanted to watch her be seduced, not raped. But I noticed that although she was fighting, it wasnít as if she was fighting too hard. More like just token resistance. And she was kissing back. He started to kiss her neck and she kept whispering "no, no" but we all knew that she didnít mean it.

As he was kissing her neck his hands went to the back of her dress and I could hear the zipper as it went down. He pulled the front of her dress down to get at her breasts. Her nipples were rock hard and I watched as he sucked one in his mouth and teased the other with his fingers. Pulling and pinching the nipple. His black hands cupping and caressing the creamy white tits that only I had touched before this. Susan had stopped fighting by now. Her eyes were closed and I could her gasping with pleasure. He pushed the dress the rest of the way off her body. It pooled around her feet like a silk puddle. He kept sucking her tit as his hand slid into her panties.

When he touched her pussy I knew. Susan's eyes flew open and I heard her gasp, "No, oh no. Please donít," and she tried to push his hands away, but he just grabbed her by the hair again and kissed her mouth hard. Bending her backwards and continuing to push his hand into her panties. I could hear her muffled protests and see her hands pushing against his chest, but to no avail. He was too strong for her.

As soon as he released her lips from his mouth she was once again pleading with him to stop, but he looked at her and smiled, then tore her panties from her body. I looked through the mirror and saw her bare ass right in front of me, only inches away. I watched as he forced his hand between her legs and shoved a finger inside my wife's pussy. I heard her gasp and moan. Not with pain, but with pleasure. Soon he had two big black fingers pumping in and out of her so wet pussy. I could see them glisten in the lights from the juice that covered them. I was on my knees, my cock in my hand, mesmerized by the sight in front of me.

There they stood. His black hand wrapped in my wife's long blonde tresses, holding her head as he kissed and licked her mouth and neck and tits. Finger fucking her hot cunt. Susanís right hand was on his hip, her left on his chest. Occasionally she would moan "please stop" but it seemed if he did, she would have begged him to start again. When he released her hair she moved back against the wall. Panting and thrusting her hips against his hand as he continued his assault on her pussy with his fingers. That's when he stopped playing with her pussy and moved his hands to her shoulders. He pushed her to her knees in front of him. He looked down at her, right in the eyes and said, "Take it out." Like they had a mind of their own her hands slowly went to his pants and started to unbutton them. She slid the zipper down and pulled his trousers down off his hips. Out sprang a huge 10" cock, rock hard and almost purple it was so black. Her little white hand wrapped around it.

"Oh my god," I thought to myself. "that thing is so big!! Itíll kill her"

"Suck it, suck my cock."

I watched as my pretty little wife of 14 years took that big black cock and brought it to her lips. I watched as she opened her mouth and guided that monster into the mouth that I loved to kiss. I heard her moan with pure pleasure as her lips closed around it. Scott started to push forward with his hips. Pushing that cock further into her mouth. Then he pulled back till just the head was left in her mouth. He laid his hands on her head and started to slide his cock in and out of my wife's mouth. He was fucking my wife's mouth, as I knelt and watched!! My hard cock in my hand. My breathing was almost as ragged as his.

Scott continued to fuck her mouth, forcing his cock in deeper and deeper. I heard Susan gag a few times on his deeper plunges, but soon the whole thing was buried in her throat. Her hands were on his hips pulling him into her harder.

"Yeah, you like sucking my big black cock, donít ya bitch? Fucking little cock sucking slutÖ.oh yeah thatís it suck itÖ..suck it goodÖ. Oh! Oh!! Suck itÖ..Suck my cum!!!!!" and with that he plunged into her throat and pulled her head forward. I watched as Susan gulped and gulped to swallow all the cum he was forcing down her throat. Some leaked out around the corners of her mouth and his cock. When Scott pulled his still hard cock out of her mouth she licked it and sucked it clean. This is my wife? The woman I have to beg just to let me touch? Damn, I was in shock.

Susan stood on shaky legs and Scott pulled her close. I could hear her gasping and mewling and watched as she pushed her body against his. He pushed her back against the mirror, pulled over a convenient little stool, and spread her legs apart with his. She put her foot on the stool, reached between their bodies, took his cock in her hand and guided the huge mushroom head of his long black cock to the entrance of her wet cunt. I watched as she slid it up and down between her pussy lips and then placed it at the seeping opening. He plunged into her with one long forceful lunge. I watched as inch after inch disappeared inside her pussy. Susan gasped out loud then moaned with a passion I had never heard before. Her hands slide down to his hips and his grabbed her ass as he started a long slow steady fucking of her hot wet cunt. From my vantage point I could se it all, his hard cock sliding in and out of her cunt; her pussy stretched to the limit, sucking him in and caressing his cock when he pulled it out so that just the head was left in. I could even see her little brown ass hole flexing as she tried to ride the monster cock that was fucking her so deeply.

"Oh my godÖ..yesÖyesÖ fuck me!Ö..fuck me!!!" she moaned over and over. "Fuck me deepÖ..fuck me hard." She begged. And he complied. Scott's strokes started to gain speed and force. Plunging in and out of her. Deeper and deeper he sank his long black cock into her tight pink pussy. I could see her juice covering his shaft, I could see his balls bouncing against her ass as he sank his shaft to the limit.

"Do you like my cock bitch? Do you like the way I fuck you?" Scott asked my wife.

"Yes, god yes! Donít stopÖ.please donít stopÖ..Fuck me Oh godÖ.oh god!!Ö Iím cumming I"m cumming!!!!" She screamed. The first time she screamed since Scott had walked in on her.

I listen to her moans and gasps as she went from one orgasm to another. Then I heard him gasp and roar as he pumped my wife's well fucked cunt full of his cum. I watched his cock plunge into her and lift her off the ground with the force of his fuck stroke. This was too much for me, my cock spurted out itís own load of cum.

They stood quiet for a moment there in the corner. Then Scott pulled his now limp cock out of Susan' pussy. A flood of cum, his and hers, started to flow out of her cunt and down her legs as soon as he did. Scott pulled his pants up, kissed my wife, said "Thanks for the fuck, we have to do this again." She quietly replied, "Yes, soon."

There is my wife. Leaning against the wall, eyes closed. She is breathing hard, with another man's cum running down her legs. Never has she been sexier to me. I left my room then to go back upstairs. When Susan joined me I could see no difference in her manner. She was a bit more quiet, but never did she mention that she had just been forced to suck and fuck our hosts cock. We went home, and went to bed.

I found out later that I wasnít the only one to witness my wife fucking another man. A tape was made as well; A tape that was used to blackmail my wife into fucking Scott again and a few of his friends. But that is, as they say, another story. If anybody would like to hear about it, just let me know.


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