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Subway Sisters
by Horse

Sam had lived in Northern New York State his whole life. Right on the Canadian border. It was a forty- minute drive to Montreal from his front door. He had the best of both worlds he lived in a quiet rural farming community, but the big city was only minutes away.

Sam had met his friend Dan while in college. They had been roommates for four years, and got to be the best of friends. They partied hard while in school, and the three years since graduating had gotten together often. Sam going to Dan's home- town of Poughkeepsie, from which they could either party there, or drive to Albany or New York City.

Dan had finally agreed to drive the four hours north to Sam's house. Sam had a great weekend planned for them. Montreal was home to a lot of great strip clubs, and they were going to visit them all!

Dan drove up to Sam's house immediately after work Friday night, and crashed at his place so they could get an early start in the morning. The drive form Sam's house to the U.S./Canadian border was a short one, and the passage through the border itself simple. You drove your car up to a booth like any toll booth, and the border guards asked the car's occupants their names, where they lived, asked them where they were going, and how long they would be staying...Standard questions. Two minutes and they were on their way.

The drive from the border took no time at all, and the rural landscape gradually gave way to a more metropolitan setting. The suburbs were typical of any large city. The Saint Lawrence River separated them from their destination. They crossed the Jacque Cartier Bridge, one of many that spanned the river, and drove a short way to a parking lot that Sam knew was well manned, and cheap. They would be taking Montreal subway system, the "Metro", to get around the city. Sam claimed it was faster, and the "scenery" could be really good.

Montreal's clubs are like the Time Square of old. Great music, complete nudity, and beer stronger than any brewed south of the border, all combined to make a great time. The French speaking DJs and strippers added an exotic touch, new to Dan. The music was a mix of both American and Canadian music. Both great, and rocked!

They went from club to club. Having a few drinks, and watching several dancers at each. Both had some great lap dances, and "sensual" dances in private rooms.

Sam had just led them to the best and last club of the night, "Le Chateau du Sexxe". The club was large, the stage huge and surrounded on all sides by tables, with private dance rooms along the whole back wall. The doorman escorted them to a table right next to the stage, they ordered a round of drinks, and settled down to enjoy the girls. Each one was better than the last. Tall, short, black, white, Asian, and every combination thereof.

Than the best show of the night came up. A pair of Jamaican sisters, real sisters, identical twins. They stripped, rubbed, and licked each other. Their bodies intertwined, moving everywhere. They were absolutely gorgeous, with long braided hair, smooth firm breast, and a flexibility rivaling any gymnast.

Shani and Tanya were their names. The applause and whistles were deafening as they exited the stage. They were very popular as they made the rounds around the club. Giving lap and private dances. Sam and Dan had a couple long lap dances themselves.

It was getting late, and they wanted to get back to the subway, and the car. Sam suggested that they stop for a cup of coffee first since they had more than a little buzz on. They stopped at a little coffee shop right next to one of the subway entrances. By the time they left it was around 1:00 am.

Sam led Dan down into the subway from the surface streets. They paid the fare, and when they got to the platform it was deserted. It only took a few minutes for the train to arrive. Sam and Dan got on, sat down, and began to talk. There were only three other people on the car, and one of them go off at the next stop. The remaining riders were older business types. Two black girls got on at the same stop. They were at the farther end of the car, but it was easy to see that they were both beautiful. In fact they looked like twins!

Sam and Dan looked at each other, and than got up and walked towards the two.

"Hey. Aren't you the twins from Grand Sexxe?" asked Dan.

"Shani and Tanya, right?" added Sam.

One of the girls answered, "why yes we are". Her accent was rich. It was a pleasant mixture of her native Jamaican, and French Canadian.

"You saw us perform than?" asked the other.

"Oh yeah! We loved it!" answered Sam and Dan together.

The guys sat down next to the girls.

"You know we never got a private dance", said Sam.

"It's never to late" answered the girl closest to Dan.

The girls looked at each other, and whispered in French. Than they got up, and grabbed hold of one of the poles used by standing riders. The two began to dance about. Both were slowly taking off their light jackets. Underneath they were wearing matching black satin dresses. They would lift their dresses flashing red thong panties.

Than they took the panties off each other, and held them up to the guys noses to smell.

"MMMM. Damn you smell good", said Sam.

"Good enough to eat", added Dan.

Than the girls came over to the guys, and knelt in front of them.

"MMMM. What's this?" said one of them to Sam as she felt the bulge in his pants. "That's uncomfortable for you, no?"

The other girl was rubbing Dan's crotch. "We will help them", she said.

The girls unzipped Sam and Dan's pants freeing their raging cocks. Than they started to lick and suck them into a frenzy.

"MMMM. You taste great. How about your friend?" said the girl blowing Sam. So the girls switched. Each girl was now working on the other guy.

"It is now time for us to get off", said one girl to the other.

"Oh shit! This is your stop!" exclaimed Sam as the train stopped at the next station. No one new had got on the train the last few stops, and the two business types hadn't gotten off. In fact they had moved a little closer to watch the "show".

"No you misunderstand me", replied the same girl. And with a nod at her sister, both girls got up, turned around, lifted their skirts, and impaled themselves on Sam and Dan's cocks.

The two guys other riders couldn't believe it, and just sat there with their eyes bulging, and their jaws sagging.

The girls rode like bronco busters. Sam and Dan never stood a chance, and by the next stop both had shot their loads into these two island babes.

"MMMM. That was nice. You boys must visit us again", said the girl who had just gotten off Dan.

"How will we find you!" asked Sam.

"You know where we work", replied the girl who had ridden him. The train came to the next stop at the time, and the girls got off. Turning back one of them added, "this really is our stop".

Dan looked at Sam as they rode the rest of the way to the car.

"You know. I've been thinking of moving up to your area here Sam."

"Oh. Have you Dan" smiled Sam. "And what made you think of doing that!"


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