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Steve, Sam and Me
by Sasha Volette

This is a true story, one I've never told before. The Internet allows me the anonymity to tell my tale, and to titillate while I'm at it.

I was drunk. That's a big part of it right there. Because if I hadn't been drunk, I never would have considered doing what I did.

I am so glad I was drunk. I think about this night all the time, about what happened, what I did. What I let them do. I remember it all and I barely even have to touch my pussy before I go up in flames.

It was late ­ we'd spent too much time at the bar down the street and now we were all piss-drunk. Or perhaps only I was. I wonder about that now. At any rate, they walked me home, Steve and Sam ­ acquaintances, really, friends of some friends of mine. And we sat on the couch and at first we were watching TV. And then each of them was stealing kisses, but it seemed the other wasn't aware of it. And I was too attracted to both of them to favor just one and rebuff the other.

Eventually, it just didn't matter anymore who I was kissing. Neither of them cared either.

I sat on the couch and let Steve's tongue dance with mine, sighing into his mouth, while on the other side of me, I felt Sam's hand glide upward and cup my breast, his thumb rubbing briefly over the nipple. I knew I should protest here, but it felt so good. Not sure what to do, I pretended not to notice Sam's hands, or at least pretend I thought they were Steve's, and deepened our kiss.

Breathless, shivering, I ended the kiss, thinking I should stop this, but then Sam was turning my face toward his and bringing his lips to mine and he tasted so good. Steve leaned forward and I could feel him running kisses along the curve of my neck, down to my shoulder, and back up again. He nibbled at my ear and I moaned into Sam's mouth, and someone's hands ­ maybe Steve's, maybe Sam's, I'm not sure ­ was at my breast again, coaxing the nipple to a hardened peak under the silk of my dress.

I was pushed against the back of the couch, firm but gently, Sam leaning over me to drive his tongue into my mouth. I felt a hot, sucking mouth latch onto my nipple over the fabric and I arched my back despite myself, forcing as much of my breast into Steve's mouth as he could take.

"Oh my God, oh my God," I whispered as Sam broke off the kiss and moved his mouth down to my other breast. I looked down and saw two dark heads, moving gently against my chest, feeling their hard suckling, the friction of the fabric against my nipples driving me mad. My hands at my sides found two hard male thighs and squeezed fiercely, my nails digging into their jeans. This was crazy. "Guys..." I breathed. "We should ... stop ..."

Steve's mouth left my breast and flew back to mine, silencing my protests with a drugging kiss, digging his fingers into my hair and plundering my mouth with his tongue. Sam increased the pressure of his mouth on my breast for a few brief moments before releasing the nipple and bringing his mouth to my ear.

"Come on, baby, it feels so good," he whispered. "Let us make you feel good. It's okay. It's just a little fun for tonight. Nobody has to know."

He ran his tongue over my ear and down my neck and now Steve was whispering in my ear while Sam returned to my breast, sucking sucking sucking.

"You like that, honey?" he asked as he slid his hand down to my other breast, the fabric still wet over my nipple where he'd sucked it before. "You know you like it. You want it so bad, baby. Let us give it to you. Let me make you cum, baby, let me make you cum so hard."

I shuddered violently, whimpering and squeezing their thighs as their words sunk in. It all felt so good, and what would be the harm in a little fun? And I wanted to cum so bad, they had me so turned on. Steve's hand was dropping now, dropping down between my thighs and they were opening almost on their own. His fingers slid deftly under my skirt and then I felt them grazing lightly over my panties.

"You're so wet already, baby," Steve breathed into my ear and I nearly came just from hearing that, from knowing that he controlled me so completely and that he knew it. I spread my legs wider, head falling back in surrender, and Sam, still working at my breast, slid his hand down to join Steve's. Ten fingers from two different hands pressing against my pussy through the fabric, massaging so smoothly it was as if they were all the same hand. I was whimpering almost constantly now, and Steve's voice in my ear reminded me of it. "That feels good, doesn't it? You have two man's hands on your pussy, honey. We both feel how wet you are. And it's so good, baby, so good. Does it feel good?"

I nodded, my head bobbing bonelessly on my neck, and the next thing I knew, Steve and Sam were lifting me from the couch, supporting me under my arms and turning me so that I leaned my back against Sam's front, his hands locked under my armpits to keep me from dropping to the ground. Steve was kneeling for a moment and then my dress was coming up, up and over my head as Sam's hands moved, and then I stood in just my panties before them. But not for long, as Steve made short work of them. I had my footing at last, and Sam's hands dropped to my breasts, fondling them almost roughly, pinching the nipples until they were nearly purple and rock hard. My head dropped back onto his shoulder and he kissed my neck, sucking so hard I knew I would have marks there later.

Steve dropped to his knees again and I heard his voice from far away.

"Do you want me to make you feel good, baby?" I moaned a response, but it wasn't good enough. "Do you want me to make you feel good?" He repeated his question, running his fingers quickly through the tangled wet hair of my pussy. I spread my legs at his touch and groaned, and that must have been enough for him then. Some signal to Sam and then Sam was laying back down on the couch, my body stretched out atop his, my back to his front. My ass was pressed against his penis, stiff beneath his pants and my legs were spread on either side of his, which were already spread, so I was stretched out before Steve's eyes shamelessly.

Sam was bringing his hands up and then they were on my nipples, stretching them and tugging at them, almost milking them in a rhythm that made me squirm against him, driving the ridge of his cock into the crack of my ass. Steve knelt between my legs and ran a finger just over the opening of my pussy, where I knew I was sopping wet. He sucked on his finger, and the mmmmm he made told me he liked the way I tasted. Sam was rocking against my ass now, breathing more heavily as he pulled at my breasts and sucked on my neck.

Steve dove his head down and then he was licking my pussy, driving his tongue deep inside and I jerked violently against his mouth, almost sitting upright if Sam hadn't been holding my breasts, a choked scream of surprise and pleasure ripped from my throat. Sam intensified his efforts at my tits and began a constant, whispered litany in my ear ­ "Your ass feels so good against my cock, baby. Do you like having your pussy sucked? You know you do, I can feel how much you love it by the way you're rocking your hips against me. It feels so good. I can't wait to fuck you, baby, do you want my cock inside you? Do you, baby? Tell me, show me how bad you want it."

And I was moaning now constantly, nodding my head in mindless agreement as Sam whispered and Steve drove his fingers inside my pussy and sucked my clit between his lips, one hand clutching Sam's wrist at my breast and the other in Steve's hair, holding him to me as I ground my pussy against his face. Sam's voice was in my ear again, "Tell me how bad you want this, baby."

" much," I gasped, and the words spilled from me as quickly as the juices from my pussy. "Oh...need it...oh yeah, right there, Steve, oh baby...yeah, don't stop...harder...oh god yes harder, and faster...oh fuck...oh yes ... fuck .... Oh ­ oh, Sam, I'm gonna cum...please...."

At my words, Sam twisted my nipples between his fingers, hard enough to hurt, and Steve drove his fingers hard into me, once, twice, three times, his lips clamping down on my clit as he dragged his tongue across it, one, twice, three times. And I came. I came so hard, the room went black and I heard myself choke on a scream, too paralyzed by my orgasm to make a sound, my entire body stiff while one man roughly fondled my breasts and another man sucked my cunt dry.

A thousand years later, I came spinning back down onto the couch, feeling Sam's cock hard against my ass and Steve's mouth still licking, gently sucking, between my legs.

"Oh God..." I breathed. "That was ... amazing."

"That was just the beginning," Sam whispered into my ear.

He was right. It was.

But that's another story...


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