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Skiing, Sauna and Shave
by Anonymous

I've been married to Sammi for over six years. We met in college and frequently slept together and "helped" each other get off when we were in between other relationships. Even then, we had a spark, and quite by accident, we ended up living near one another in New York after graduation.

We continued our little trysts for a few years, and then one night, while enjoying a post coital moment, we both confessed our love for one another. As happenstance would have it, I was working in her father's business field, and once we were married, took over a great deal of responsibility in his organization. When he suddenly passed 3 years ago, Sammi inherited a fortune, continued her law practice, and left the everyday management responsibilities to me. The reason I'm sharing this with you is to explain why at 31 we are so wealthy. We own a sizable residence outside of the city and have a vacation home in both Florida and Vermont.

I'm madly in love with her, and often get excited just thinking about her willingness to try things. Back in college we used to have sex on the quad, at the top of the stadium during basketball and football games. I was in a fraternity, and she was one of the few girls willing to stay in our house. Sammi was a bit promiscuous, but careful.

Both of us have kept in touch with most of our close college friends. Like everyone else our age, they're all busy, married, having kids, you know, living the American dream. Sammi and I often host our friends in our vacation homes. Our Vermont home is beautiful. It faces the Killington Ski Resort. Even if our friends don't ski, it's a great destination. We relax all day, eat at the country steak houses at night and drink.

Back to Sammi. She's a professional all the way. She wears smart business suits, and frankly, as adept as I am in business, I wouldn't want to sit across from her at the negotiating table. However, when Friday arrives, she's irreverent, loose and fun. Sammi and I both have a no homework rule in effect, so our time together is focused. She's also incredibly sexy. Sammi and I have tried just about everything a couple can do together. We have "toys" in the dresser drawer, KY Jelly, videos (soft-core) and clothes. We are monogamous, and straight.

Sammi loves oral sex. I can perform cunnilingus on her for hours. She also very orgasmic, so it is actually fun for me. Conversely, she is extremely willing to reciprocate and loves to go down on me. There are many nights when we have a "love making" session that consists of nothing but oral gratification. I have no complaints. By the way, Sammi is about 5 feet tall, dark, dark curly hair, small but pert and responsive breasts and a great backside. She's one of the few women who can really wear a thong.

I mentioned earlier that we like to watch soft-core erotic movies. They usually show a lot of skin, but not the hardcore sex you see in XXX. Sammi and I like them because they can really set the mood, and after a few glasses of wine, it creates an aura you could almost smell. Most of the girls who do these movies are trimmed or shaved, and I noticed that Sammi would comment on that. She once asked my what I thought, and I noted how I thought it was sexy. It sort of gives you that "bad girl" look. I further explained how exciting it was to see her dressed in a power suit, but knowing that her mound was clean. She told me I was sick, and we never discussed it again.

Or so I thought.

Several months passed, and life was going well. Sammi never mentioned it, but I would notice from time to time that her pubic mound was getting smaller. This is a real turn on for me, the access to her love was getting easier, and our sex life was getting steamier. The truth is that I couldn't wait to taste her almost every day when knowing she was shaving.

Finally, she asked me one night if I'd noticed anything different about her. I lied at first and told her she seemed to be loosing weight. At 94 pounds, she knew I was lying. After a bit more prompting, I confessed that I noticed she was shaving, and loved it. I further explained that I was afraid that if I said anything, she'd stop. What she told me next still gets me hard thinking about it.

Apparently, she decided to start lessening her bush after our initial conversation, but was nervous about trying it. If you can imagine a full, thick, curly pubic region, that was her; however, it was always waxed for the bikini line. Anyway, she said she decided to start a little at a time, and wanted to see my reaction. It seems as though my hours of licking between her legs was enough of an indicator, so it kept getting shorter. Sammi also told of how it excited it made her to shave, and how she would masturbate to several orgasms each time she smoothed herself out. I found myself masturbating to this story, and she helped bring me to climax by pulling back her skirt, and revealing a completely bald mound.

The next weekend we were hosting one of Sammi's friends at our Vermont retreat. Our house is typical for that region; however, it's large. We have several bedrooms, a large open kitchen, fireplace, deck, etc. We also have an old fashioned sauna. Sammi and I often use the sauna after skiing to wind down, and loosen our muscles. Nothing is better then dripping sweat in a sauna on a cold Vermont day.

Debbie had been Sammi's roommate in college. She was extremely attractive, which I have been struggling with since 1989. Deb and I had become good friends, and I was happy that Sammi still had her relationship in tact with Deb. In fact, to best describe my relationship with Deb, would be to call her my de facto sister.

Deb arrived late on Friday night, a few hours after us. She was also a lawyer, and it seemed as though our rising career had a direct impact on her less than impressive dating track record. Usually, she would bring the boyfriend du jour to our Vermont weekends, but this time, she decided to unwind alone. That was fine with me, because after 5 years of befriending guys I knew I'd never see again, I was tired.

Overnight, Killington had received 4 inches of new powder. Not one to miss the opportunity to break in the trails, I kissed Sammi goodbye, and took off for the lifts. We agreed to meet at the main Snowden Lodge for lunch, and then ski Bear Mountain that afternoon.

The sun was out, and the three of us were skiing like Olympians. Because of the overnight storm, access to the resort was limited, and the crowds were unusually small. That's great news for any skier, because the lift lines were short, and the trials wide open. We must have made 20 runs that day.

After downhilling like that, all I wanted to do was grab a beer and take a sauna. Sammi agreed to do the same. When we returned to our house, Deb informed us she was taking a shower, and would meet us in the sauna later. Sammi and I stripped down and headed to the warm, moist air. Sammi and I are pretty open, although I've never been naked in front of Deb. When Sammi and I entered the sauna, I made sure my towel was wrapped around my waste and my beer was cold. Sammi put her towel down on the top bench, and stretched out naked. We were both exausted.

20 minutes later I was spent, and got up to leave. I told Sammi I was taking a shower, and was then off to the family room to watch the end of the hockey game. She was beading with sweat from head to toe, and looked great. Honestly, I must have stared at that clean box for a minute before I left. As I was opening the door to the sauna, Deb passed me. She was about 5'2" tall, mid sized breats, and a toned, athletic body. Her natural hair was blond, but she put hi-lites in to create dark streaks. I'm sure we exchanged some kind of wise ass comment as we passed, and I was on my way to the shower. After I showered, I realized I had forgotten my empty beer bottle, and went back to the sauna to retrieve it. Let's just say I decided not to enter once I peaked through the door.

Here's what Sammi told me later.

When I left, she couldn't hear Deb come in because the door was already open. She took her towel off, and was setting up near Sammi's feet. Apparently, she looked up to say something, and noticed her clean mound. Sammi felt Deb staring at her, so she lifted her head to see who was there. Based on Debs expression, she knew what she was looking at. Having been so used to being shaved, Sammi didn't think that others might find it strange, and when Deb was looking at her smooth vagina, she became quite embarrassed.

Neither one said anything for a few seconds, and finally Sammi said, "hey Deb."

Deb mumbled hello, and sat down on her towel facing Sammi. After a few more minutes, she got up the nerve to ask what was going on with the pubic hair. Sammi explained that she had been experimenting with it, and how wonderful our sex life had been since she started shaving, and how sensitive oral sex was. Sammi went on that I had been more responsive to going down on her, and even told her when she made me cum just by showing me her bald pussy.

Deb told Sammi how she'd thought about doing it, but being single, she thought new boyfriends would find her slutty if they found a bare box. Sammi, being Sammi, told Deb to screw em' if they didn't like it, and that Deb should do whatever she wanted.

Sammi then volunteered to Deb that she often shaved herself in the sauna because the combination of heat, air and moisture made it easy to use the blade. In fact, Sammi showed Deb where she kept her creams and razors, and invited Deb to use them for herself. Deb decided to give it a shot, and started to clear her patch. Sammi told me later that watching Deb remove her bush one stroke at a time had gotten her wet, and she was ashamed by the fact that she couldn't turn her head away.

After a few minutes, Deb asked Sammi how she was able to get everything around her lips and her ass. What Sammi said next blew me away. Sammi told Deb to slide over, and volunteered to help her get to the hard to reach areas. Deb sat up and complied. Sammi explained that she applied the lotion, and started to gently shave around her protruding clit. According to Sammi, it was quite innocent, and she finished in rather short fashion.

Sam said that Deb couldn't stop staring at her new found emptiness, and was transfixed at how sexy she thought it was. Then she told Sammi how horny the entire thing had made her, and how frustrated she felt. It was then that Sammi confessed to Deb that she had masturbated while shaving herself, and suggested that Deb do the same to relieve the tension. Sammi has incredibly long and hard nipples, and my guess is they failed her here, because Deb also reminded my wife that she seemed to be a little "goosed" as well. Sammi confessed to this, and they decided to masturbate at the same time, and keep it a secret.

Deb and Sammi assumed positions across from one another in the sauna, and began to manipulate their sex. Each was focused on the others shaved region, and seemed to be getting worked up. As I said earlier, Sammi was not one to be intimidated in a sexual situation. Suddenly, Sammi explained she found herself walking towards Deb, and lowering her head between her legs.

Deb made this easy by spreading her legs wide, and pulling Sammi towards her with a gentle, guiding force. Before Sammi's tongue pierced wet, glistening pussy, Deb lifted her head to her face, and softly kissed her mouth. What Sammi didn't know was that Deb was also sliding her down her stomach, past her belly button finally reaching her moist love without the warning of her bush. Deb was stroking Sammi in long, slow circular motions, and was leading my wife towards her first lesbian encounter.

The sweat beads were bubbling on both of their smooth bodies, and Sammi's dark, curly black hair was in strands across her face and back. Deb resumed pushing Sammi's tongue to her pussy, and more forcefully eased her face down. Sammi told me she started kissing the beautiful love box with small pecks at first, and then faster as she felt the warmth of Debs juice start to flow. Deb scootched forward on the bench, lifting her body off of the seat, and into the air. Sammi reached around, and caressed her buttocks, and continued making love to her snatch with her mouth. Sammi's finger found it's way to Deb's anus, and began penetrating her special button, bringing Deb to her climax.

Deb then returned the favor to Sammi by taking her hand and laying her down on the bench. Debs head disappeared between Sammi's legs, and began to ravish her. Debs hands made their way up the side of her body, past her hips, over her stomach, and rested on her breats, pulling and tweaking her nipples as she teased her clit. Eventually, Sammi started to buck and moan, finally releasing her pent up tension, and shaking out an orgasm like none she's had.

That night at dinner, Deb confessed that she's been Bi-sexual since college, and had always dreamed of being with Sammi. When she saw her shaved pussy, she knew there was an opportunity that was too good to pass on. Deb also confessed that her pussy had been shaved and grown back numerous times, and was glad to see that Sammi liked being bald.

Deb then turned to me and reiterated that she was Bi-Sexual, and asked if I'd like to take a sauna, which one caveat. I couldn't enter the sauna without a can of Edge Shaving Cream.


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