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Sex School Ch. II
by skibum

Sara and Jim led the two couples to a large heart shaped swimming pool. Ample shade was provided by tall trees and palms, and a beautiful garden surrounded the area. Eight other couples and their coaches were seated on mats arranged before a raised, padded platform at one end of the pool. An older couple, wearing the brief red garb of coaches stood by the platform.

Janet and Mike had never seen so many bodies in such a state of near nudity. Everyone was wearing the revealing Institute outfits, with female crotches framed by red, yellow, or white garter belts. The tight fabric of the sling like pouches worn by the men kept their erect cocks engorged with blood. As Sara and Jim directed the two couples to comfortable seats on a large soft mat placed on the deck, the older man began to speak.

"Welcome to the Institute for Lifelong Loving. I am Dr. Benjamin Lewis. Please, just call me Ben. This is my wife, Dr. Carolyn Lewis. We are the directors and founders of the Institute, as well as coaches for one of the triads."

Ben and Carolyn were in their early fifties. Both were extremely fit and attractive. Ben was about six feet tall with salt and pepper hair. His erect cock jutted thickly from the hole in his red pouch.

Ben continued, "Triad is simply the name we have given to our learning groups. Each triad consists of two couples who have made a commitment to each other and a pair coaches. You may have all noticed that each triad has one female and one male coach. There is a reason for that, and I’ll get to it shortly.

"There are just a few things that I need to explain before we begin the orientation session. All of you have agreed in advance to be involved in participatory sex training. You and your partner will learn how to give one another sexual pleasure in a hands-on training program. You will see sexual techniques demonstrated, you will be lectured about how to pleasure your partner, and you will practice what you have learned under the direction of your coaches.

"If anyone here is not able to handle this kind of intimate, erotic program, you should back out now. We can refund your tuition and send you back to town so that you can get on with your lives. We hope that all of you will stay, but due to the nature of the intimate training, we have to make sure that every one is comfortable with what will be happening here."

None of the assembled couples bolted for the door. Most of the couples shared a look as they pondered their decision. Janet smiled her decision at Mike, as they wordlessly decided that they wanted to stay.

After a few seconds of silence, Carolyn Lewis continued the orientation lecture. She was a short, motherly woman with slightly sagging, unfettered breasts. Her sparse, graying pubic hair was framed by her red garter belt, which drew the eyes of both Janet and Mike.

"The most important aspect of the training you will receive here is becoming more comfortable with your own body, as well as your partner’s. That is why we have provided you with the outfits you are wearing. We want you to be aroused and open to sex at all times. The costumes help with that. You can see and have access to all of each others bodies all the time, and the nature of the clothes helps keep you aroused. I’m sure you men have noticed that your erections have not gone down since you put on your briefs. This garment is designed to act as a cock ring, keeping blood in your cock all the time.

"You will notice that I used the word ‘cock’, instead of penis. We believe that using the so called ‘dirty’ words associated with sex helps to keep everyone more in tune with what we want to accomplish here. We don’t have ‘intercourse’, or ‘copulate’, or use the dry scientific words here. We fuck. We give blowjobs. We put cocks into cunts. We eat pussies. These words are used to incite passion and to titillate. We want you to use the ‘dirty’ words in your conversation and while you are fucking and sucking. Sex is supposed to be fun, and the words that graphically describe it are part of the fun. And we are going to start the fun right now. Most of you are sexually experienced, but there are a few virgins in the group. For those of you who are experienced, consider this a review. For the rest, this will be Fucking 101."

At this point, Carolyn stepped back and sat on the edge of the raised platform. Her husband stood before her and she took his fat cock into her mouth and began to suck. As he received a wet blowjob from his wife, Ben continued to lecture. They had the complete attention of every couple.

"This is merely one of the many forms of sexual expression. Blowjob, hummer, smoothie, whatever you call it, oral sex is one of the most intimate ways that a man and women can express their sexual feeling for one another. It can be part of foreplay, a way of arousing one or both partners, or it can be the main event if you continue until the man cums. If you are worried ladies, don’t be. Semen is mostly protein, and if the man is healthy it can be swallowed safely. That is very exciting to the male. I know that I enjoy cumming in a warm, wet mouth, and there is a feeling that the woman accepts me totally when she swallows my cum."

Carolyn let his now saliva soaked cock to pull from her moth as she continued, "I really enjoy the sensation of a hard cock in my mouth and even in my throat. I know that I have the power and I am in control when I give a blowjob. And I like the taste, too. The feeling of a smooth, firm cock, and the slightly salty taste of the skin are pleasurable to me. And I know that my man feels good, too. You can tell from their reaction that men love to have their cocks sucked.

"And, I love the feeling that I get when he cums in my mouth. I know that I have gotten him aroused to the point of release, and the taste of his cum is pleasant, although, some women find it otherwise. Just remember that it is a small amount of fluid, only a couple of teaspoons, and that you will really make his day if you swallow it. It is better for both of you if you do like it."

Carolyn sucked her husband’s cock back into her mouth, demonstrating her ability to suck it deeply into throat, as she swallowed it down to the red fabric that encased his balls.

Ben took up the lecture. There was a noticeable tremble in his voice as he continued.

"Those of you who have experienced this know just what I am feeling now. Carolyn is holding the head of my cock in her throat as she runs her tongue over the shaft. As she swallows, I can feel the muscles of her throat massage the head of my cock. It is the most indescribable feeling of sexual pleasure imaginable.

"But, as great as it feels, We have other things to show you now."

Carolyn slowly released the erect cock from her mouth with an audible, sucking pop. After a few final licks, she again turned to her audience.

"You will be getting further instruction in technique from your triad coaches, but we need to move on. Ben now gets to return the favor".

Carolyn rolled onto her back on the padded mat. Her legs spread, and she raised her knees, giving the assembled couples a clear view of her wet, open cunt. The lips were swollen and dark with arousal, while the pink inner folds were dripping with her natural lubricant.

"You can she how aroused Carolyn has become from her sucking my cock, and the anticipation of what I will be doing to her. She also has a strong streak of exhibitionism, and being watched by all of you has contributed to her arousal.

"I want you to watch closely as we demonstrate how to give a woman the same kind of pleasure that I just received". Ben lowered his head to his wife’s crotch and began to lick at the lips of her open pussy. After several seconds of attention to the lips, he looked back at the students.

"It is important to make sure that you go slowly and spend enough time to ensure complete arousal. Most women take considerably longer than a man to reach peak arousal and orgasm. It is also more important for women to feel a sense of closeness and intimacy with their partner."

He grinned at the class. "Most of us guys can get it up and climax with pretty much any pretty face or pussy that comes along, with little or no emotional attachment. That is part of the way nature has hard wired us humans to ensure the survival of the species. Men seek to spread their sperm to as many women as possible, while women require a stable and successful mate to provide for their offspring. This has led to some difficulties in the modern world, but as we say here at Lifelong Loving, Vive la difference!"

Ben again dove into the junction of his wife’s thighs and proceeded to eat her cunt with the enthusiasm of a connoisseur. As the students watched with rapt attention, Ben quickly brought Carolyn to the verge of orgasm. Just before she reached a climax, she tapped him on the shoulder, their prearranged signal that she was nearing the point of no return.

Reluctantly, Ben gave her turgid little clit a last loving lick and returned his attention to the group of students, who were themselves in a high state of sexual arousal from the erotic demonstration they had been witnessing.

"Carolyn has just indicated to me that she is fully aroused, and ready to be fucked. Please understand that this has been a controlled demonstration for your benefit. Normally we both would have spent a lot more time on foreplay and oral contact. You can see that we are both highly aroused by the visual clues. We are breathing hard, her nipples are fully erect, as is my cock , and we are both producing lubricating fluid from our sex organs." A large drop of precum was visible at the tiny opening in the tip of Ben’s throbbing hard-on, and Carolyn’s splayed open cunt was pungent with the clean smell of an aroused and healthy woman.

"We are about to move into the final stage of our little demonstration. Please observe closely, as we will both be to involved in the next part of the lesson to lecture".

Ben dropped to his knees between Carolyn’s widespread thighs. Grasping the shaft of his cock in his right hand he rubbed the precum leaking head up and down the open lips of her steaming cunt. When he was lined up with the snug opening he thrust forward and down with his hips, just as she thrust up at him. Their bellies met with an audible slap as his length was buried in her tightly clasping fuckhole.

As the onlookers gasped with excitement, Ben and Carolyn proceeded to fuck the daylights out of each other. Both were at a fever pitch of arousal, and while both were aware of their audience, being watched merely made them hotter.

Ben pounded his cock into his wife’s cunt with a rhythm that was calculated to bring her to a shuddering climax. He knew that she was approaching orgasm from her panting breath, and from the wet, rhythmic clasping of her aroused cunt on his cock.

Carolyn began to moan in ecstasy and clutch at her husband’s shoulders. As she went over the edge into orgasm she locked her thighs around her husband’s waist and pressed her open mouth to his, accepting his probing tongue into mouth.

Reacting to the spasms in his wife’s clasping cunt, Ben jammed his cock as deeply as he could into the well of her body. He shuddered his own climax as he poured his seed into her willing receptacle.

As the two doctors finished their hot demonstration, Mike became aware of his surroundings. He was breathing hard, and as he looked down he realized that his wife had a firm grip on his cock, with his cum dripping from her fingers. In his excitement he had shot his load into her hand.

Ben kept his still hard cock inside his wife. He turned to the students.

"That was just a sample of a very basic fuck, by the end of your stay here you will all be doing that and more, with skill, passion, and due consideration for your partner."

To Be Continued...


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