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Susan's Seduction Pt. II
by STaylor176

I have heard the sounds of a woman in lust before, but never would I dream that those sounds could come from my own wife’s throat. The gasps of passion, the cries of pure lust that I have just listened to were the most erotic sounds I have ever heard. The fact that I did not elicit those sounds does not diminish the effect in the least. As I sit here in this dark close room I think back on the series of events that lead me here and my wife there. And I know that I would change nothing that has happened over the past few weeks.

During the two weeks that followed that fateful, eventful night of the party, when I had arranged Susan’s seduction, I thought of little else. Each time I looked at my wife I remembered the sight of her on her knees, sucking Scott's cock dry, or I would hear her passionate cries as she begged him to fuck her harder, deeper. I was in a constant state of arousal. At the end of two weeks I received an e-mail from Scott, the black man that had forced himself on my wife of 14 years, with my connivance and approval.

Did you enjoy the show? I did and so did your wife. I think we should do it again. Maybe I should invite a friend or two. I have the means to ensure your wife will do as she is told. It’s up to you. Let me know

Of course I responded back, saying "Yes. Lets talk. Let’s set it up." His response was short and to the point. "Be at my house at 10:00 Friday morning. Same rules as before" The rules were simple, I got to watch but I was not to interfere in any way. I knew I would be there.

At 10:00 Friday morning I was knocking on the door, wondering what sights I would witness, nervously anticipating his plans for my wife. When Scott answered the door I was again struck by his appearance, he is 6’ 3" tall and about 225 lbs. with dark brown skin. Such a contrast to my blonde haired, blue eyed and fair skinned wife.

Down stairs in his den he introduced me to two of his friends, Samuel and John. Both men were as large as Scott, both were black. Over cigarettes and coffee he began to outline his plans for the day.

"I’m going to call your wife," he said, "and make her come here. Then I’m going to convince her to let us fuck her. All three of us."

"No way," I cried out, "I know her and there’s no way she’ll agree to what you’re suggesting."

He smiled and said, "Yes she will. And you’ll be here to see it all, hear it all. You’ll get to watch as she fucks and sucks us all afternoon. What’s her number?"

This was my chance, my last chance, to back out. I gave him the number. He called her and while we waited for her to answer he cautioned us all to silence.

"This is Susan." I heard my wife say.

" Hello Susan. This is Scott. Remember me?"

"Oh my god! What are….How did you get this number? Why are you calling? Are you crazy?" She stammered in a whisper.

"Crazy? No, not at all. And I think you know why I’ve called. I want to enjoy your mouth again Susan. I want feel you wrapped around my cock again."

"Stop! Just stop! I don’t like talk like that. The other night was a mistake. It’ll never happen again. Never! Don’t ever call me again. Do you hear? Never!"

"You liked the talk the other night Susan. Now you listen to me, you bring that fine white ass of yours over to my house in one hour, or in an hour and 15 minutes I call your husband and tell him all about us and the time we had in my bathroom."

"I’ll deny it." She stated.

"I have proof darlin. Be here. One hour." And with that he hung the phone up.

He looked at me and with supreme confidence told me that she would be here: on time and more than ready. I had my doubts. After all Susan would never take a chance with her job as a PE teacher just to come because some guy had threatened her. No matter how much she might like to fuck him. And it didn’t sound as if she wanted to enjoy Scott again.

Scott lead me back to this small little room, explaining to me as he did, that he was the owner of a Security company. That’s where the 2-way mirror and the microphones came from. He also told me he had cameras. He showed me to a chair in front of an electronics board that resembled NASA or something. He flipped a few knobs and two TV monitors lit up in front of me. I was looking at the room I just left. I had two views of John and Samuel. And the conversation was loud and clear. "Cool" I thought to myself. But the best was to come. Scott pointed out two little joysticks.

"Those control the cameras. They can pan and zoom, so have fun." And with that he turned off the light and shut the door as he left. I took advantage of the time to learn the controls for both of them. Either one or the other of the cameras covered the entire room.

Susan was 5 minutes early. I know. I looked at my watch when she came storming into the room. I then watched mesmerized as the entire scene unfolded before my eyes. I watched with pride as my pretty little wife "made an entrance". Her blue eyes were spitting fire, her cheeks were flushed. As soon as she walked through the door into the den she went into a tirade. I listened to her words. Then I looked at her body. Susan didn’t have a bra on. She always wears a bra to work. I knew she had worn one when she had left that morning. I felt the beginnings of a smile forming, and a tingling in my cock.

She stepped into the room, continuing to vent her fury on Scott, when he smiled, then picked up a remote. Calmly he pointed it at the large screen TV in the corner and pushed a button.

"Suck it, suck my cock." Suddenly blared out, attracting everyone’s attention.

I watched my wife as she turned to look, and I saw her see her self just guiding a large black 10" cock into her mouth. We all heard the moan she made and saw the way her eyes rolled back in her head. Scott let it play a few seconds more than he turned it off. He looked at Susan and he smiled. Now both my wife and I knew that he had taped their encounter in the bathroom.

"Oh my god. Oh my god. Oh my god." She kept saying in a soft whisper. I could see the fear in her eyes. But I saw something else as well. As she looked around the room, and her predicament rushed to her consciousness I saw for just a second, a look of anticipation. Her nipples were poking against the cotton of her blouse, making the two hard little tips easily visible.

"You have two choices Baby. Do as you’re told or walk out. You can leave anytime, but you don’t get the film if you leave too early. "

"No. No. Please don’t do this,’ she begged in a quiet whisper, " Please?"

"Come here." Scott commanded. Susan didn’t say a word. She stepped forward woodenly and stood before her capture. She didn’t say a word, didn’t look at Scott: just stepped up to him and stood there.

Scott chuckled as he slid forward on the couch and reached for her. He took her by the hips and pulled her closer, leaning forward to bring his mouth to the nipple that was poking out at him. He just nipped it with his teeth, catching a bit of the shirt. Susan looked straight at the wall. Not reacting, just standing. Then he pulled her roughly forward and captured her blouse-covered tit in his mouth. His other hand reaching up to cup and squeeze her other tit. Susan just looked at the wall as Scott ravaged her breasts. But I did see a gasp escape her lips. He was getting to her. Scott continued to squeeze and suck at her breasts through her shirt for a few minuets, then he ordered her to take it off. She never blinked, just reached down and pulled the shirt over her head. I had one camera set on wide angel so that I could see all that was transpiring; the other I had on close up. I saw how hard her nipples were as her breasts were exposed to view. As I watched they continued to harden until they poked out like the erasers on a pencil. I was watching her face and eyes as Scott sucked and bite and kneaded the tit flesh just exposed to three black men in the room, and to me, her husband, watching from another room. I watched as Scott moved from one nipple to the other, using his hands and teeth and lips to violate Susan’s breasts. Susan stood there, not saying a word, barely reacting at all. But I could see her eyes start to glaze, and close and a small smile tugged at her lips.

Scott reached down and started to unbutton Susan’s shorts, but as he did she willingly began to take them off. He leaned back and watched, as my wife slowly stripped off her shorts and panties. She dropped them in a puddle at her feet, then bent over to remove her shoes. When she was done she stood straight up again. I heard John gasp in the background as he caught sight of my wife standing there in the room, in all her naked glory. And she was glorious. Her nipples were hard, her ass well formed and tight. The hair above her pussy trimmed to a mohawk. Her cunt lips were pink and obviously wet. My cock was raging hard as I drank in the sight before me; the sight of my wife standing proudly, naked in a room with three large black waiting to take her.

Scott sat up and began to explore my wife’s body again. One hand reached for her tit as his mouth captured the free nipple. His other hand her ran up the inside of her thigh. As he did I watched Susan spread her legs for him. She wanted him to touch her. I felt sure she was remembering the finger fucking he had given her before, and she was obviously welcoming the assault a second time. Scott fulfilled her desire. He never hesitated, just plunged his middle finger up inside her cunt. She groaned as he drove his finger inside her. Her head slowly started to roll backwards on her neck, her eyes closed and she pushed her hips forward to accept the intrusion into her body. She lay her hands on Scott’s shoulder to keep her balance. Her little white hands made such a contrast to his large black shoulders. One hand slid up to the back of Scott’s head and she pulled him into the breast he was chewing and sucking on. Suddenly Scott pushed two fingers inside her wet pussy and began to fuck her with his hand. I could see how wet his fingers and even his wrist was becoming from the juice she was creating. I could hear the sounds as he continued to plunge his fingers in and out of my wife’s cunt. Susan’s head snapped forward and she pulled him close to her body, as she whispered "yesssssssssssss" I knew all pretence was gone. She knew was going to be fucked, and she welcomed the idea.

She stood there and moaned and clutched Scott close to her body, pressing against him and pulling him tighter. I watched as her body began to tremble and I knew she was close to cumming. Just as I thought she was about to explode Scott stopped what he was doing and roughly pulled her to her knees in front of him.

"No......Don’t…" I heard Susan whisper.

"Don’t what?" Asked Scott.

"Don’t ………….stop. Please." Was she begging him to stop? Or was she begging him NOT to stop? I thought the second of the two. Scott opened his robe and exposed that huge 10" black cock that I seen once before. Susan remembered it as well, or better. As soon as it was in sight she stared at it with the intensity of a mongoose after a cobra. I watched as her tongue touched her lips as she gazed on the huge black dick just inches from her face. "You know what to do. Do it." She did it. I watched as she almost lunged for his cock, took it in her hands and guided it to her mouth. She swallowed it to the base. Inch after inch disappearing down her throat until her lips were buried in his hair. She then proceeded to fuck his cock with her mouth and hand. I watched as she began to move her mouth up and down his big black dick and started to stroke him with her hand. I could see her saliva on Scott’s hard shaft. I listened to the obscene sounds of her moaning and his gasping. I took my own cock out of pants and started to slowly stroke it.

While my wife was sucking Scott’s cock so well John had gotten up and taken of his clothes. He was as impressive as Scott was, at least 10" long and as thick as my wrist. He came up behind Susan and knelt between her legs. When he was in position Scott reached down and pulled Susan off his dick. I saw a line of precum stretch from the head of his cock to Susan’s bottom lip. Her tongue darted out and pulled the streaming cum into her mouth, and I watched as she swallowed it and all that had been in her mouth.

Scott began to talk to her "Are you ready baby? Are you? You know what’s coming, and you want it, don’t ya? Don’t ya slut?"


"Yes what?"

"Yes. I want it."

"You want what slut? Say it! Tell us what you want!" and Scott pulled her head back by grabbing a handful of her beautiful blonde hair.

She looked him in the eye and said, " I want it. I want it. Oh god! I want it. I want you to fuck me. Like you did before. Hard. Please?"

John took his cock in his hand and started to rub it up and down on Susan’s pussy slit, just inside the lips. Up and down and up and down. After a few seconds of this she moaned "Fuck me now!", and pushed back on Johns cock. He grabbed her hips and pushed forward into her as she backed onto him. When his belly slapped against her ass cheeks they both let out a throat deep groan of pure pleasure. He pushed her away as he pulled his cock slowly out of her pussy. I saw the juices that coated it, and knew my wife was loving what she was doing. He started to stoke her then, long slow steady strokes, plunging deep in and out of her hot wet cunt. There bodies slapping together as she pushed back with as much desire as John showed in his lunges. Scott pulled her mouth back onto his cock and proceeded to fuck her mouth again. I sat in wonder as I watched my wife being fucked in the mouth by one black man, and fucked in the pussy at the same time by another black man. And she didn’t even know that mans name!! Her moans and groans around the shaft filling her mouth told her secret. She was being taken, and she loved it! I did too. I started to stroke my cock a little faster and kept my eyes moving from one TV screen to the other. Breathlessly waiting for the next scene.

It didn’t take long before John was breathing hard and starting to slam into Susan’s pussy. She took all that 10" long hard dick could give her and moaned for more. John arched his back and roared as he hurled his cock into her with his cum plunge. Susan dropped the cock from her mouth to groan and gasp out loud. He pumped my wife’s pussy full of his cum, lunging in again and again, each time blasting a load into her. Finally he collapsed across her back and then slid down onto the floor. When his cock left her pussy it made an audible slurping sound.

Susan looked at Scott and he nodded to Samuel. That’s when I noticed that Samuel had also undressed. I looked between his legs and Susan must’ve seen it at the same time I did. I heard her gasp in the background to my own. His cock was at least 12" long and fat as well. I didn’t think Susan would even try to shove that monster inside her body. Again my wife of fourteen years surprised me. She quickly crawled across the floor to Samuel. He motioned her up onto his lap and with a smile and a hungry look she straddled his legs. She reached down between her legs, took that huge black cock in her little hand and guided the head to her already well fucked cunt. I heard her "hisss" as she slowly started to slide down the impaling shaft. Whether from pleasure or pain I couldn’t tell. I finally got the right angle with a camera just as she finally reached bottom. She had taken that entire 12" cock inside her pussy! And the look of pure lust on her face said she loved it.

She started to rock on Samuel’s dick then. Her hands on his chest, rocking her hips back and forth. I knew that was Susan’s favorite position. She loved to get a big dick inside her and ride the bone against her clit, just as she was doing now, with the biggest cock she had ever fucked before. Samuel held onto her hips and started to stoke into her. Moving that huge black dick in and out of my wife’s pussy. She was panting and moaning as she rode him, sliding her clit hard against Samuel’s body. The two were working together to create the perfect in and out up and down motion when Scott stepped back into the picture. In one hand he held his cock, in the other a small bottle of Liquid Glide. I could see the lights gleaming from the lubricant as he spread it over his shaft. He was stroking his cock as he moved up behind Susan. "Oh my god!! He’s gonna try to fuck her ass!" I knew Susan would never go for that, never! And I was right.

As soon as Scott started to slide his finger in Susan’s ass she reacted strongly. "No, not there. No. You’re too big. No way." But Scott kept slipping his finger in and out of her ass. Samuel held her down now, his arms reaching around her and pulling her down onto his chest. His cock still buried deep in her pussy. Scott moved up and placed the head of his cock against Susan’s ass and started to push. When she started to cry out I got up to rush out and stop this. It had gone too far, but the door was locked. I sat back down and continued to watch. I watched as Scott continued to push his 10" of hard black shaft deep into my wife’s ass. She was crying out, "Stop….please stop……too big." But her cries were becoming fainter and fainter. Under her Samuel was whispering in her ear and was slowly moving his cock in and out of her pussy. Long slow stokes. Finally Scott was in as deep as he could be. Then he moved slowly out until just the head was still inside her. He started to stroke in and out of her ass as Samuel was doing the same to her cunt. Both of them sliding there long hard shafts deep inside her. I knew she had never been this full of cock meat before in her life. When I saw her start to move to meet the thrusts I was surprised. When I heard her moan I was shocked. But the rest of the sounds that ripped from her throat over the next 20 minuets were awe-inspiring.

She began to rock back and forth on the two rods impaling her body. "Uh….oh….…..ooohhhhh……..oohh god…………….oh god….yes………..yes ……….fuck me, fuck meeeeee!!!!!!!!" Susan was having her first cum of the day. Her body started to flail back and forth between the two men fucking her. They grabbed hold of her and started to fuck her with more force. Slamming in and out her cunt and ass like jackhammers. The harder they fucked her, the more she begged for it. "harder….fuck me hard……..please………….oh yesssssssssssss that’s it baby fuck my pussy..fuck my ass…………..oh god yes I feel you getting harder, bigger……………..that’s it, yes, …yessssss cum in me, cum inside me now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Scott plunged his cock inside her ass and roared out in his orgasm. He plunged again and again pumping his cum deep in her well fucked ass.

When Scott slid down onto the floor Susan was pulled there as well. She rolled onto her back, spread her legs wide, opened her arms to Samuel and told him to "come finish the job". He dropped between her legs and Susan took his cock and pulled him into her pussy. She pulled her knees back and opened herself for the fucking she craved, and was about to receive. Samuel slid his huge dick into her with force and passion. Susan met the intrusion by arching her back to help get him in deeper. He fucked her then. He fucked her good and hard and long. I watched her grasp at his body to help pull him in deeper. I could see her tits bounce with the force of each of his strokes. She moaned and groaned and whimpered through two more orgasms before Samuel finally burst his cum deep inside her womb. She came with him the last time. And the calls of passion she made still ring in my ears. I was stroking my own cock and watching and listening as Susan and Samuel came together and then collapsed in a black and white heap of sweating, cum dripping flesh. I splashed my cum over my hands and stomach as I reached the most intense orgasm I had ever experienced in my life.

I have heard the sounds of a woman in lust before, but never would I dream that those sounds could come from my own wife’s throat. The gasps of passion, the cries of pure lust that I have just listened to were the most erotic sounds I have ever heard. The fact that I did not elicit those sounds does not diminish the effect in the least.

Susan slowly extricated herself from under Samuel and began to dress. The only sounds were of her moans when she felt a little used muscle twinge on her. And one whispered ‘God Damn that was good!

As she was leaving the room Scott asked her if she wanted the tape.

"No", she said, "You may want to call me again. You keep it." Then she surprised us all when she said "I would like to see a copy of today’s taping though." And with that she left.

I returned home a few hours later and found Susan in bed, sound asleep. I stood over and looked at her. Seeing not the beautiful blonde asleep in my bed, but seeing instead the woman I just watched fuck three men to exhaustion. I pulled the sheets off her body and saw the dry cum covering her pussy and thighs. I ripped my clothes off and crawled between her legs. She woke as I plunged my 8" cock into her still damp cunt. She moaned and clutched me tight to her body and mumbled "Yes baby, you fuck me too, fuck me hard." I did. I fucked her pussy using another mans cum as my lubricant. I came as hard for then as I had in that little room. I don’t how she knew I was aware of what had transpired, she never told me. It didn’t really matter.

Once a month Susan will go to Scott’s house. She meets and fucks Scott, Samuel and John. Sometimes I go and watch, sometimes she just brings home the tape. We always fuck after she gets home. She hasn’t gotten the courage to let Samuel fuck her ass yet, but I think she will soon.

What a life.

* * * * *

If you would like to know more about Susan’s sexual awaking let me know. I welcome letters and conversation with other writers and readers. As much as I enjoy writing, I am at heart "A Reader".


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