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Sex School Ch. III
by skibum

Back in their suite, Janet and Mike had a few minutes to themselves before meeting with the rest of their triad at a small fountain behind their bungalow. Mike was that he had lost control and shot a load of cum from his engorged cock. The fact that his young wife had been gripping it in her cool little hand at the time only compounded his embarrassment. He had not even noticed that most of the other male students had done the same.

"God, Janet, I'm sure sorry I behaved like that. I wanted our first time together to be something special."

"Don't worry, Darling. I have jacked you off before, you know," his bride answered with a lustful twinkle in her blue eyes. Janet and Mike had experimented and fondled each other extensively prior to their marriage, only stopping short of actual penetration of her virgin cunt by his equally inexperienced cock in their premarital explorations. "I know that you can still perform, in fact, you still look hard enough now."

It was true. In spite of having shot his load all over Janet's shapely hand during the highly charged Orientation, the tight fabric that caressed his nuts and squeezed the base of his cock kept him at full staff. And the fact that his wife, as well as all the other attractive women at the orientation, had nothing but a garter belt and stockings to conceal their beautifully stacked forms also contributed to his continued state of arousal.

"Do you think anyone else noticed?"

"Honey, I think they were all too concerned with there own reactions. That was some hot show those two put on. And I noticed that our coaches, Sara and Jim, were pretty busy feeling each other up, too!"

The room door opened, and Jim entered without knocking. "Come on, you two lovebirds. Let's get our afternoon session started."

Janet and Mike went out to the fountain grotto with the handsome coach. Janet stared at his bare ass just as she and Mike had stared at Sara earlier.

Sara sat on the edge of the fountain making small talk with Elizabeth and Stuart. Mike was trying hard not to look directly at the three lovely women so exposed. He was very proud that his new bride was more than able to hold her own in the looks department with Sara and Elizabeth, and he certainly didn't want to give her any reason to be jealous. This was the start of their honeymoon!

"Okay, we've got everyone here." Sara immediately began the training. "One thing that I need to make clear is how we want you to react to the training. It is important that each of you participate in all the activities of the triad. So, please try to refrain from any other sex activity on your own. I know it may be hard, especially for our newlyweds," she smiled at Janet and Mike, "but to get the full benefit of the training we need you to be fully aroused and able to function.

"This is the first working session for our triad. I hope all of you enjoyed the orientation. I could see that Mike and Stuart certainly did, and Jim and I made sure that we enjoyed it, too. Watching two people fuck can be very exciting, especially when it is two people as skilled as Ben and Carolyn.

"And while I know that the gentlemen," she winked at Mike and Stuart, "were unable to hide their reaction to watching, I would guess that Elizabeth and Janet were equally excited. I saw both of you rubbing your pussies while you jacked off your husbands and watched.

"And that is just the reaction we wanted from all of you. Before you can provide your partner with a great sexual experience, you have to be open to feeling and experiencing great sex yourself. And that brings us to the first exercise in sexual pleasure that we will all be participating in."

Jim took over the lesson. "We are all going to do something that you may not be very comfortable with to start, but I guarantee that by the time we are finished you will be glad that you did.

"We need to get each of you in touch with your own bodies, feelings, emotions, desires. What we are going to do is have each member of the triad, Sara and myself included, tell the triad our most erotic fantasy, while they pleasure themselves. To put it bluntly, each of us will take a turn masturbating to orgasm and telling their best sexual fantasy to the triad. And to make it easier for each of you when it is your turn, Sara will go first. Consider this a demonstration of what you should be doing when you have your turn. One thing to keep in mind, we want you to have fun. The goal is not to embarrass you, but to help you get in touch with your own sexual feelings and to help you feel more at ease with your body and the normal, healthy arousal that we have tried to kindle in each of you."

Sara took a comfortable seat on the soft grass, leaning up against the low wall of the fountain. Her legs were spread, giving the hole group an unobstructed look at her shaved cunt. Clear fluid trickled from the open lips of her opening, leaving a trail from her cunt to her shapely ass. Using the fingers of her left hand to hold the lips open, Sara rubbed the prominent bump at the top with her right index finger.

"My favorite fantasy for masturbating is to imagine that I am the prisoner of two big, burly bikers. They have me leaned over the seat of a big Harley, while they take turns licking my hot pussy. After a while, one of them lifts my upper body so he can sit on the seat of the bike. He grabs my hair and pushes my head into his crotch. Sometimes he is circumcised, and sometimes I imagine him uncut. He forces my mouth over his long, hard cock and tells me to suck it. I take it deep into my throat, and suck all of it as hard as I can while running my tongue all over the shaft.

"Meanwhile, his buddy is tongue-fucking my hot little pussy. I can feel every lick and suck. He works my whole cunt with his tongue while he pushes a finger up my ass". As Sara told her story, she continued to rub her clit, now using the fingers of her left hand to penetrate her tight hole and rub the sensitive tissue around the inside of the opening.

The more Sara rubbed and stimulated her pussy, the more aroused her watches became. Mike and Janet had never seen anything to compare with the lewd sight of the lovely young girl rubbing herself before them. Mike's cock throbbed in arousal, as did those of Stuart and Jim. Both Janet and Elizabeth were dripping lubrication from their own excited slits as they watched, entranced by the erotic show and the words of the sexy young woman.

"After a while, the two bikers change places. The second has an even bigger cock than the first, and the more I suck, the more they lick my pussy, the hotter and wetter I get. I love sucking their big cocks, and I love the way they are eating my cunt, licking my clit, running fingers up my cunt and ass. I feel so hot that I am ready to explode in my orgasm.

"Just before I blow off, they drag me off the bike and one of them lies on the ground. I sit on his huge erect cock and take it all the way inside me, with my tits pushed up against his hairy chest. I just love a man with a hairy chest. The other one raises my hips so that only the tip of his buddy's cock is still inside me. My ass is soaked with saliva and my own juices from all the licking and sucking. The biker behind me uses the wetness and my own saliva on his cock to lube my asshole for his entry. I can feel it as he slips his big cock up my ass.

"As soon as he is all the way in my ass, he pulls back, and as he does, the guy in my cunt pushes back in. They work in unison so that I am filled at all times. As one pushes in the other pulls back. They fuck me faster and harder. The harder they fuck me the more I love it. And it goes on and on. It feels like they are fucking me forever, and I start to cum all over the cock in my cunt. I can feel my juices leaking out of my pussy as they keep on fucking into both my holes".

Sara was rubbing her clit and fingering her cunt faster and faster as she lost herself in the fantasy. As she neared orgasm her voice became hoarse and her breathing labored, but she continued to tell her story.

"By now I am cumming constantly as they double fuck me. I start to scream for them to cum with me, but they just keep on fucking me. I am frantic for their cum, but they just keep slamming their cocks into me. Then, just as I am about to pass out, I feel the cock in my ass swell up even bigger, and a blast of hot cum fires into my ass. I can feel every throb of his cock as he pumps his load of cum up my ass.

"When the one in my ass is done, he rolls the three of us over so that he is on the bottom, and I am lying on top of him with his cock still up my ass. The guy fucking my cunt pulls his cock out of me and starts to shoot all over my tits. I'm rubbing his cum into my tits as fast as he can unload it, and I'm still cumming, cumming so hard that I pass out.

By now Sara was barely able to speak. Her body convulsed with orgasm as she huskily breathed out the conclusion of her story. "When I finally come to, they are both gone, and the only evidence that they were ever there is the wet stickiness on my tits and dripping from my ass."

Sara continued to rub herself as she wound down from her climax. "That fantasy always manages to get me hot, and never lets me down when I want a good cum. Thanks for letting me share it with you.

"Now, who's next?"

To Be Continued...


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