The Best Erotic Stories.

Sexy Scuba Partner
by Tawny T.

The day was clear, the weather wonderful and I was going to finally dive the Great Barrier Reef for the first time. I'd been in Australia for a few days and finally gotten a little acclimatized to the time change. Being 12 hours out of sync with the world is hard, but this was the right way for me as I'm a night gal. I love to stay up late.

I laid my bag down on the dock and looked around at the boat. Nice, seaworthy, well kept, shipshape. You can tell a lot about a dive operation by the boat and how it's maintained. This one was really nice, a little older, but in perfect shape. The tanks looked like they were used but were in good condition. There were several couples and a number of men. No single women, so I guessed I'd have to buddy with a man. I would have much preferred a woman.

Several of the men were looking me over. I stand 5' 10" and am slender, blonde and have nice breasts I've been told. I slipped out of my coverup and several more heads turned my way. My modest bikini showed off my body without being daring. Oh, well, I guessed I'd have to bear up and have a male buddy.

For those not in the know, every scuba diver ALWAYS has a buddy. It's a good rule in case you get in trouble. You never dive without someone with you. Too many things can go wrong when you are 40 - 60 feet underwater. It can mean the difference between life and death. I've never needed one, but have been on trips where having a buddy meant the difference between someone came up scared, rather than dead.

I looked down the dock again and my heart did a little skip. She came down the dock, carrying her dive bag over her shoulder, a lovely small blonde woman, in a very stylish coverup. Mnnn, I hoped there was no man following after her.

I guessed she was around 5' 5" and just a little over 120 pounds well put together. As she walked her breasts bounced delightfully. She appeared to be having no trouble with her large dive bag and I could see the muscles move beneath her tanned skin. Damn, a really nice package. Short blonde hair was cut in a very fashionable style. This lady had class with a capitol C.

She came to the boat and set her bag down and looked around. She said "Hi" to several around and they called her by name. Karen. Nice name.

She looked at me, and smiled, a lovely captivating smile. She had an oval face with good bone structure. I really liked the total, sexy package.

"Hi, I'm Karin, with an I," she said smiling at me. I smiled back. "Want to be my partner?" She asked. She leaned closer, and dropped her voice a little, "I'd rather buddy with another woman, but don't tell these macho guys that! It would hurt their feelings!"

I loved her accent and immediately knew she was a native Aussie. I had found them to be friendly to a fault, and absolutely loved the accent. I smiled back at her, she said later, my face lit up when I talked to her. "Well Karin with an I, I'd love to. I'm Tina with an I too. As you might have guessed, I'm from the States. I would love to buddy with you."

She slipped off her coverup, folded it and put it in a separate bag. Bending over to stow it away, gave me a good view of her superb breasts, now barely covered by her stylish bikini. It wasn't cut low, but her full breasts filled the cups delightfully. Not quite a D cup, probably a full C cup. I seem to always notice that in another women. She caught me looking and smiled. I probably flushed a little. The deep cleavage looked inviting.

We got our gear stowed; the boat soon slipped her lines and headed out to the reef. Karin with an I, and I talked going out. I couldn't help liking her. She was a lovely person and I noticed her blue-green eyes kept going to my breasts as I moved, and lower to inspect my thighs and the line of my pussy. I keep my pussy bare, and as we sat, my bikini bottom managed to pull up just a little and delineate my pussy very explicitly. I couldn't help but notice hers was doing the same thing and my clit got a little hard when I noticed the line of her pussy well shown by her bikini bottom. Damn what a sexy lady!

As we got out further, we donned our wet suits, helping each other into them. We both managed to touch the other several times while we slipping into them. Accidental? Not on my part, maybe on hers. When the boat dropped anchor we had only to slip on our tanks and we were both ready. We gave each other one final inspection and dropped into the clear wonderful water. The visibility was over 100 feet and the reef was incredible. Exotic tropical fish were everywhere.

Karin led as she had been on the reef many times and showed me the wonders of "her" reef. She swam with the grace of a mermaid and I kept looking at her rubber-covered crotch and wondering if she liked women the way I did. We held hands some of the time and I liked that. We wore gloves, but the fact that we were holding hands was nice.

The time went too fast and our air pressures dropped. We went topside and rested a little, drank some liquids to keep from dehydrating. The air from the tanks has no moisture in it, and sucks the moisture from your lungs. Karin was a delight to talk to. We sat on the stern and were the only ones back there. She has a wonderful sense of humor and with her Aussie accent, had me in stitches. She loved my Southern drawn too. I was the first American she had ever met from the Deep South.

She looked at me. "I keep getting some very intimate looks from you. I hope you won't be offended by the question but, - do you like woman?" Her lovely greenish eyes sparkled, had they been blue-green earlier?

"No, you didn't offend me." I laughed. "Yes, I've been looking at you and wondering the same thing. I do like women. I'm married and consider myself bi. My husband knows and thinks it's great. I don't fool around with men. I tell him all the intimate details of my lovemaking with the women and it gets us both hot."

"Mnn, I like that. Thank you for being so frank with me. I'm married and bi also. My husband's doesn't know, or approve. We had a woman friend who left her husband and ran off with her girlfriend. He's afraid I'll do the same thing. I enjoy being with a woman and he can't understand that." She said laying her hand on mine.

I turned my hand over and held hers. It was cool from the water and holding a cold soft drink. I didn't care. I wanted this small sexy lady. We talked for a while then donned our gear, and went down for our second dive. She led again and we looked around and there were no other divers in sight. She pointed to her mask and slipped it off. I thought I knew what she wanted and slipped my mine off to. This is something you learn early in your scuba diving lessons, how to take your mask off and your mouthpiece out underwater.

She pulled me close and pulled her mouthpiece out and I did the same. We kissed 6o feet down in the clear, cool water. Her lips were cold and mine were too, but that didn't bother us. We slid out our tongues and our mouths opened and met and twined. For you uninitiated, yes it can be done. It's a trick you learn.

I had never kissed like this before and found it was wonderful. I felt a slight pressure at my crotch and put my hand down and found her hand cupping it. I laid my hand over hers and pressed encouraging her. Her tongue was hot and skilled and she really knew how to use it. The kiss went on till we ran out of breath and had to put out mouth pieces back in. We donned our facemasks, purged them and gave each other the OK sign. I could see her lovely eyes squint and knew she was smiling around the mouthpiece the same as I was.

I pulled her to me and hugged her. There is almost no actual physical contact when you are wearing all the gear, and wet suits, but we both enjoyed the thought behind it. Releasing me, she turned a little flip in the water and rolled like a seal having a good time in the water. I laughed so hard I almost lost my mouthpiece and did a little roll myself. We swam playing tag and doing acrobatics under the blue sparkling Australian waters. We explored the reef together till our air pressure dropped to the safe limits. We went up in stages looking at our dive computers to make sure we didn't get the "bends."

On the way back in we stowed our gear. I wondered how we were going to get together. She solved it. "Would you like to come to my house and have dinner? My husband is out of town on business. I just happen to have two tender steaks marinating and we can grill them. I really would love for you to come - an Aussie welcome. A home cooked dinner instead of the hotel fare?" She said laying her hand on my thigh and squeezing it slightly.

I covered her hand with mine and pressed it against my thigh. "God, yes. I was wondering how I could, would get to see you more. Of course, the food is wonderful in the hotel, but I'm ready for a good home cooked meal and perhaps a delightful desert "Aussie" style after." I said leaning close to her.

She laughed out loud, a delightful full throaty laugh. Some of the men looked over at us and smiled, wondering what the joke was. If they only knew!

Soon, I was following her car in my rental, as she led me to her home. She took me to a beautiful neighborhood full of obviously expensive large houses. I was impressed when we pulled into the driveway of her large stately home. She asked me to get my scuba gear and we'd wash it off.

She led me around the back and we laid our gear out on the concrete beside a large swimming pool. We both slipped out of our cover-ups and laid them aside while we hosed off our equipment and wet suits. We washed the salt water off of our gear, and laid it out to dry, a necessary step to keep down corrosion.

She led me inside after first disarming the alarm system. The house was as impressive inside as it was outside. We were barely inside the door when she turned and pulled me into her arms. I was startled by her urgency at first, but my passion soared as her sweet small body pressed against mine. Her mouth strained upward to mine, and her tongue slid out to slip inside mine. God, she was hot, and I quickly became hot too. She is one of the most passionate and skilled kissers I have ever had the pleasure to be with.

Her hips thrust against mine and I put a hand on her small ass and pulled her hard against me. Our hips thrust and pressed. I could feel her pubic mound grind against my thigh. Before I knew that had happened my bikini top was off and her mouth was on my nipple sucking it. God, I cried out it felt so good. My nipples were still taut and cold from diving, and stood out hard and firm. She sucked and sucked on them, going from one to the other. Her lips were hot and her tongue flicked across them.

I couldn't stand it another moment, and unfastened her top and pulled it off of her breasts. Her breasts were superb, full and lovely. Her nipples were also erect and hard. I bent and kissed one then the other then sucked them hard. I could still taste the salt from the ocean water on them. She took one of my nipples and pulled it sharply. I nipped her nipple knowing instinctively she loved a little pain. She gasped and then moaned.

"Oh, god, I want you here, now!" She cried out. She almost dragged me over to the fireplace where there was a deep, deep soft rug. She lay back and pulled me down beside her. I lay down and was instantly enveloped by her. Her mouth came down on mine, her hands went to my breasts, fondling and stroking. I began to stroke her cool skin.

It takes a while before the body recovers from a dive and our skins were still cool, but our passions were red-hot. We squirmed and thrust together. I caught the ties of her bikini bottom and pulled it loose. I unfastened the other side and pulled it off. I looked down and gasped. Her lovely crotch was bare, shaved clean. Beautiful, so lovely! I laid my hand on her squirming body and cupped her mound and slipped a finger inside her slippery pussy. She cried out and bit my tongue.

"Ohh, yes, fuck my pussy." She cried out. I slid my finger deep as I could inside her, and then drew it upward to stroke her clit with the wet finger. She screamed this time. Her clit was hard and erect, I stroked it over and over and she screamed out again and her body thrust upward and she exploded. I couldn't believe she had cum so quickly, but there was no denying her explosive climax.

Her hips shot up toward my hand and her fingers dug into my back. Her pussy almost gushed fluids out onto my hand. I ran it up and down her pussy, fucking it into her, then up to stroke her clit again and again. I think she came twice, but I was not sure. Her movements were so frantic and intense it may have been one long climax. She was a small bundle, not of dynamite, but TNT. She was frantic and so hot. Finally she pushed my hand away and lay gasping for breath.

When she could talk, she kissed me and began to laugh, "God, Tina, I'm some hostess. I didn't let my guest cum before I did. You made me so very hot, I couldn't help it. Sorry!"

I leaned over and kissed her. "That's fine, I loved it. You are such a beautiful little package of TNT; it's a wonder you didn't explode sooner. I understand, I really do."

We lay kissing for a few minutes as she caught her breath and calmed down. Her tongue explored my mouth and set me on fire. God, she was a wonderful French kisser. Her hands cupped my breasts and kneaded them expertly. She slid over me and lay atop me. I spread my thighs apart and she moved between them wiggling her body against mine. She moved down to kiss my breasts and nip my nipples.

Her hips pressed against mine and her pussy pushed against mine. Her bare mound wiggled against mine and pushed my lips wide to burrow between them delightfully. She rocked her hips making her pussy lips slide up and down my slick flesh. I was so very wet. It felt so wonderful. I remembered the term from nursing school as frottage, why I thought about it at this time I never knew. The movement was so very delightful. Her pussy lips moved on either side of my clit stimulating it. I could feel her firm clit pressing against mine once in a while. She kissed and licked my nipples, making them stand out impossibly long. She nipped them and pulled holding my nipple between her teeth till is slipped out from between them. I loved the sharp wonderful hurt she gave me over and over. My fingers ran through her soft blonde hair.

When she had teased my nipples for a long time she kissed her way downward. She licked my skin and kissed it, leaving a wet trail downward. Her tongue slid into my navel and she sucked on it then looked upward at me with a devilish smile on her face as if to say 'just you wait till I get to your pussy.'

Her small body wiggled against my spread pussy and I knew it was leaving trails of wetness on her body as she was leaving on mine. My thighs were spread wide. I pulled them upward toward my breasts opening myself fully to her. I wanted her to have access to every part of me.

"Mnnn, I love a bare pussy." She said looking up a me as she moved further down to kiss my thighs and lick them. I squirmed as it tickled delightfully. She looked at my spread pussy. "You have he most beautiful pussy. So neat and wonderful looking. So pink and dripping wet." She bent down a little and licked my pussy from bottom to the top. I shuddered as her knowing tongue laved my hot wetness. Her fingers played over my pussy and I felt a finger bush my anus.

Her tongue became pointed and slipped inside me and I cried out my pleasure. Her lips covered my spread pussy and sucked gently at first. Her educated tongue explored me inside as her lips sucked harder and harder. I cried out again as a well-lubricated finger slid into my ass. I love the feeling and she was an expert. She tongued me and sucked, her finger slipping deep in my ass. She moved her lips up a little and began to suck my swollen and aching clit. She replaced her tongue inside me with first one, then two fingers slipping deep inside me. Her fingers were in my ass and pussy while she sucked my clit expertly, tongue flicking my throbbing bud.

I began to cry out her name over and over as she drove me over the edge and I exploded. Her fingers in my pussy twisted and turned, drove in and out as did her finger in my ass. I can't remember such an explosive climax as Karin drove me to. My hips shot upward lifting her small body with it, but she was tenacious and hung on, her mouth sucking and licking my exploding clit. It felt as if my body would burst into a million pieces as the small beauty expertly made love to my starved body.

My climax went on and on as she changed techniques rapidly, making me cum over and over. Her expert fingers would change directions and movements inside me and her lips and tongue played my clit as if it were a Stradivarius violin. Finally I could take no more and pushed at her head. She stopped her assault and slowly withdrew her fingers from my body, and kissed my pussy gently, licking my wet opening slowly, licking my wetness away.

She slid up beside me and stroked my face while I caught my breath. Her fingers played over my lips lightly and I smelled my juices on them. She pushed lightly and I sucked them into my mouth and licked my wetness from them. I love my own juices and sucked her fingers dry. She kissed me and slipped her tongue gently inside my mouth, not trying to arouse me. We kissed gently, her hand went to my breast cupping it and stroking it. Her touch was so wonderful.

"God, that was wonderful, you sweet little sex wonder! Damn, you are quite a lover. I haven't been made love like that in a very long time, if ever that well. Thank you, Sweet Karin with an I."

She laughed delightfully and kissed me over and over. She sat up. "Come on and lets take a shower together and save water. We'll have more fun like that too. We need to wash this salt water off and I'll guarantee you'll love my shower."

We picked up our discarded suits and she led the way to the bathroom. The bathroom was spacious and she opened the door and turned the water on. "Come into my parlor said the spider to the fly."

"I really need to pee first," I laughed, turning toward the toilet.

"Oh, no, not quite yet, Love. Come into the shower." I hesitated. "Please?" She said pulling on my arm. I gave in.

She laughed and pulled me into the spacious shower. The shower had multiple heads and one of them had a head on a long flexible hose. I recognized the pulse head on it, one of my favorite masturbation toys at home.

She adjusted the temperature to as hot as we could stand it, and we luxuriated in the hot streams hitting us from several directions. . It quickly took the chill of the long dive from our bodies. Our hugs and lingering strokes on wet bodies raised other temperatures quickly. There is almost nothing I love more than the feel of a wet slick woman's body against mine in the shower with the water streaming down on us. The multiple heads felt so sensual. We stood kissing, bodies pressing and tongues flicking and probing.

We were both a little breathless when we pulled apart and she took a bar of absolutely delicious smelling coconut oil soap and began to bathe me with it. It brought back memories of Tahiti. That was where I had first been introduced to the wonderful soap.

Her hands stroked me and washed me thoroughly. Her fingers slid into my pussy, and even into my ass again. I bent forward giving her full access to my intimate body parts. She kneeled down and washed my legs and feet then came up, nuzzled my pussy briefly, stood up, and handed me the soap. She turned around and snuggled back against me.

I took the soap and lathered her compact sweet body. I lathered her full breasts and loved the feel of them, lifting and stroking them for a very long time. Her nipples came alive again and jutted out once more, hard and erect. I slid a soapy finger down her sexy ass till I felt her puckered hole. She pushed back and bent forward. I lathered my hand again and slid a slick finger into her anus. She sighed and pushed back. I slid my finger as far into her small brown anus as I could, pumping it in and out.

"Mmm, I love that so much. I love a finger or a cock inside my ass. It feels so wonderful. Fuck me there, please Tina. I'm fingering my clit. Make me cum again! Please, Darling!" She moaned. This lady was definitely hot.

I obliged my hot hostess, and slid my finger as deeply as I could inside her ass. I slid two crossed fingers up into her tight pussy and rotated them as I shoved them as far into her as I could. She began to moan and cry out. I had never known a woman who got hot so quickly. I slid a third finger into her and then a fourth into her tight pussy. She squirmed and pushed back. I could feel her hand move as she stroked her clit franticly. I continued to fuck her ass and pussy while the hot little Aussie rubbed her clit. She cried out and her cries echoed in the tiled bathroom. I felt her pussy muscles contract around my fingers and pumped harder in both orifices. She came with a scream of joy, one hand holding on to me leaving nail bite marks in my skin. I didn't care. I have always loved it when a woman I am making love to gets very excited. This small lady was certainly excited and very vocal.

She gave one last strangled cry and went limp. I slid my fingers out of her and pulled her to me holding her heaving body till she calmed down. We kissed and fondled each other for a while slowly and tenderly.

By now I was uncomfortable and had a really full bladder. "Karin, Sweet Lady, I really have to pee, now, before I explode."

Her green eyes lit up and she became excited again. Much to my surprise, she knelt down in front of me and lay on her back on the tiled floor. She pulled me close so I was straddling her upper body.

"I want you to pee on me. Now! Here!" I hesitated; I had never done this before. This was strange to me.

"Karin, you are kidding aren't you?"

Her passionate look up at me told me she was very serious. Her hands held my legs from behind; she lay under me, naked body sexy and wet. "Please, for me? Please?" She begged. " Go ahead, Tina, piss on me. Oh, Please?"

I spread my legs a little wider and squatted just a little. I let myself go and a dribble of pee came out and onto her body. The look on her face as she watched was one of lust and desire. My stream became stronger. I reached down and pulled my pussy lips wide. My urethra, my pee hole, was wide open now and the flow jetted out onto her full beautiful breasts. She took the wetness and spread it over her body. My stream was full now, squirting out toward her. My pussy jumped and I could feel my clit become hard at the sight. I leaned back and rotated my hips forward, sending the stream up higher to hit her in the face. Why I did it, I'll never know. She was ecstatic, opening her mouth and placing her mouth directly under the strong flowing yellowish stream. Her hand was at her pussy, fingering herself rapidly, a finger flying over her swollen clit. I could just see the pink head from moment to moment as she stroked herself.

My hot piss hit her directly in the mouth and she moaned, and I could see her swallow as it hit her. It ran down her face, over her breasts and between them in a yellow river. I didn't know I could hold so much liquid, but I kept up the full stream for several minutes. Karin's mouth stayed open and her fingers rubbed her clit in a blur till she screamed out and came violently, falling backward, spent. My stream continued to splash on her body till it finally abated. I stood amazed at her. I had never thought this would happen to me. I had of course, heard of a "Golden Shower," but never done it.

She lay panting and finally got up off the floor. She came to me and kissed my full on the mouth. I could taste my slightly bitter urine on her lips and in her mouth and it was very sexy. We kissed for a while then I took the soap and washed her lovely small body again. She soaped my pussy with it, running her fingers up inside me and over and over my urethra, till I was squirming. I pushed her hand away finally.

We took the wonderful coconut oil soap and washed each other's hair. It leaves the hair so soft and sweet smelling, and I had forgotten how much I missed using it. I made a mental note to take a case of it back with me.

We finally got out of the shower smelling divinely of coconut oil soap, and took turns drying each other. We kissed and caressed gently not trying to excite. I had bought along a casual gown to put on after my dive and slipped into it. Karin led me to her sumptuous bedroom and dressed quickly in a sexy casual gown, sexy panties being the only thing she wore under it. I loved the play of her full breasts under the low cut gown as she moved. I followed her cute swaying ass as we moved through the tastefully decorated house.

She led the way to her kitchen and as we were ravenous, we started dinner. While I made the salad, she went on the patio and started the charcoal going for the steaks. She made us frozen strawberry daiquiris, my ultimate favorite, with fresh strawberries. We sat by the pool, and talked and I delighted in her wonderful Aussie accent and her Aussie witticisms. She in turn, she said, loved my Southern Drawl and manner of speaking.

The steaks were excellent and the dinner fabulous. The wine very good and made us quite mellow. We had a wonderful time talking. She wanted to know everything about the South and I wanted to know everything about Australia. We talked and talked. When I looked at my watch I was shocked to find it was after midnight.

I told Karin I had to leave, and she asked if I had any appointments. I said no, and she leaned over and kissed me. Her tongue slid into my mouth and worked it's magic. Her hand cupped my breast and she quickly had me hot again. I suddenly decided that there was no earthly reason whatever to return to the hotel at this late hour, and as she had invited me to spend the night. I accepted her invitation. She squealed with delight and hugged me to her.

We quickly cleaned up the dishes and kitchen and I went to my rental car to get my small overnight bag I always carry when diving. I never know what opportunity may arise and where I may wind up.

Karin led me to the bedroom and told me to put my things in the spacious bathroom dressing area and come back downstairs afterward. I brushed my teeth, combed my hair and added just a touch of perfume, here and there. I took off my panties, as I certainly knew I wouldn't need them.

I went downstairs and heard soft music coming from the den. The lights were low and a fire crackled in the fireplace. It's spring in the US, but fall or as they say - autumn in Australia. Karin sat on the long low sofa in front of the fire. While I had been in the bathroom - loo to them - she had slipped into an exotic looking pants suit that was rather sheer. I cold tell she had only very skimpy panties under it and nothing else. Her full beautiful breasts showed through and her nipples made dark circles under it.

"Hey, no fair, you changed and didn't tell me. I would have changed if I'd known. I don't have an outfit as sexy as that one, but I could have changed into something sexier." I laughed moving to the couch and looking down at her. God, she was sexy, a small sex goddess sitting there with a glass of wine in her hand. She reached over and handed me one.

"Tina, the only way you could have been sexier would have been for you to take off all of your clothes and come in here beautifully nude." She said toasting me with her glass. We touched glasses. I sat down close to her and laid my hand on her thigh stroking it. She let her thighs spread just a little. I looked down and could just barely see the darker shadow of her pussy furrow.

We sat drinking our fine Aussie wine and talking. She told me of her husband who was away on business, the shipping industry. I asked a million questions about living in Australia, and being so close to the Great Barrier Reef - my idea of paradise - or close to it, Bora Bora being actual paradise for me. . I was enraptured by her lovely Aussie accent and way she told me of her country, which she obviously loved.

We moved even closer and began to kiss very softly and gently. Karin is a wonderful kisser and she told me the story of her first time with her best friend Anne when they were in school. Her description of Anne kissing her, got both of our passions moving, and the glasses were set aside and we slowly undressed each other. Her small perfect body made my blood run hot, and I leaned over and kissed one full breast, sucking her nipple to erectness. Her hands weren't idle and stroked and fondled my smaller rounded cones, and made my nipples hard too. My clit was throbbing and my pussy drenched by our delayed lovemaking, and the sexy talk, and now the strokes.

We kissed for a very long time. As I said before, she is one of the best kissers I have known, and I loved to prolong the lovemaking for a long while. Our hands cupped and caressed soft feminine flesh. Finally I moved over and lay her back on the end of the sofa and kissed her soft full breasts. They were softly rounded globes with perfect pink areolas, the nipples sticking up just a little.

I began to suck on lick them, pulling with my lips, sucking them till they were hard points sticking up almost a half inch. I licked the soft globes over and over while I caressed and kneaded them. I could feel them swell under my hands. I licked her sensitive under breasts and noticed a soft brown flat mole on her right breast. I licked and sucked her lovely breasts till she was moaning her need.

I kissed down her soft stomach finding the indentation of her belly button and slipping my tongue into it. She giggled as I did. I sat up and she looked disappointed. I reached for the almost empty wine bottle and moved back down. I took the cold wine and tipping the bottle, put a dollop into her belly button. She laughed as I did. I make a production out of sipping the wine out, and commenting on the flavor from such a fine wine receptacle. I poured another, and another, licking and sucking the flavorful wine from the indentation of her softly rounded stomach.

When I had teased us both enough I laid the wine bottle aside and kissed lower over her pubic mound. I could smell the delightful odor of her excited pussy and it made me want to hurry. I kissed and licked the indentation at the base of her thigh and continued downward. I looked at her sweet pussy and it was beautiful. Her softly rounded outer lips were pink and her slit long and delicious looking. I kissed lower, avoiding her pussy. She moaned her need. I kissed downward till I came to the sweet brown rosette of her anus. I marveled at its beauty for a long moment then kissed it lightly.

Karin cried out as I touched it with my lips. I kissed it lightly again, and then slid my tongue out to lick it. She screamed out my name. I probed lightly with my tongue and she shook with pleasure. I moved up and licked the sensitive flesh between her ass and her pussy. Licking, teasing her, making her want my lips on her pussy.

But it was I who could not hold back any longer, and I slipped out my tongue and slid it into her dripping pussy. She tasted fantastic, salty and so wonderfully sweet. I probed further and she spread her thighs, reached down and spread her pussy lips wide with her fingers for me. When her pussy was open, I marveled at its pink beauty. The outer lips were soft and smooth, the inner lips hardly protruding at all, small and neat looking. There at the center, was the entrance to her body, wet and open for me. I slid my tongue into it and pressed downward till my lips came in contact with her intimate flesh. She cried out as I sucked and thrust my tongue full length inside her. I love the taste, smell and feel of a woman's intimate flesh and reveled in her dripping hot flesh.

I have never known a woman who lubricated as much as Karin did and does. She seemed to be a veritable fountain of juices. I sucked and licked, burrowing my face against her body as if I were trying to enter her. She sobbed and cried out, her fingers were in my hair; her finger nails digging into my scalp. I loved it for it told me I was making her ecstatic with desire and delight. The pain felt so good, it spurred me on to try to make her explode with pleasure.

I slipped a finger inside her for a moment getting it slick and wet. I moved it carefully to her brown rosette and she cried out louder as I pushed it inside her ass. She screamed over and over calling my name. I sucked, I licked; I pressed my face against her wet flesh. I used my nose against her clit, moving it back and forth against her hard knob. Karin screamed out and her cries echoed through the house.

Her pussy contracted around my tongue and her body shuddered over and over. I drove my finger up her rectum harder and deeper. I tongue fucked her pussy as fast and as deep as I could. She exploded and her juices flooded my mouth, sweet and salty, so wonderful. I couldn't get enough of them. I wanted to devour her, to drink her forever.

She screamed over and over, then with a wail, went limp. I looked up at her and her face was slack, mouth open. She had fainted! I am a nurse and took her pulse. Racing but steady. I shook my head and went to the bathroom - the loo - and got a cool washcloth and came back and bathed her face. She lay almost in a stupor, but I knew there was no danger. A fine sheen of perspiration coated her body. This Lady had really had a classic total climax!

It took several minutes before she came around and was able to talk to me. I kissed her face and she lay gasping for breath, spent. I lay beside her and just held her, kissing her gently and rocking her in my arms. I shook my head several times thinking that this was the first woman I had ever made love to who had fainted from the intense pleasure I had given her. I smiled and laughed inside. I always try to give the other partner as much pleasure as I possibly can. I had outdone myself tonight!

Finally she came around fully and smiled up at me and we kissed softly and gently. "Did I faint?" She asked, voice still weak. Her hand came up and stroked my cheek and her green eyes looked deeply into mine.

"You certainly did, you sexy little minx. You came and came and came, then - you went - out like a light!" I quipped. We both laughed. " I have never had a woman who was so juicy, so wonderfully wet as you are. You almost drowned me in your sweet pussy juices. I didn't miss a drop. Never have I seen so much pussy juice. I loved every drop of it. Thank you Sweet Lady." I kissed her and slid my tongue inside her hot mouth. Her tongue danced with it and felt so very wonderful.

"Do you want me to make love to you?" She asked. I knew she was just trying to be polite but from her physical conditions I knew she was still very weak and spent. All the symptoms were there.

"No Love, lets go to bed. It's late and you are too tired. We can make love all day tomorrow if you wish." I said getting up and pulling her to her feet. She was still shaky and I helped her to her bedroom. I helped her to the bathroom, and waited till she had done her ablutions. I helped her to bed naked, and covered her up and started to go to the guest bedroom wherever that was. I knew I could find it.

"Tina! Please don't leave me! Come and sleep with me. Please!" She cried out in a plea that I couldn't refuse. I kissed her and told her I would be right back. I did my nightly ablutions, and minutes later climbed naked in bed with her. I pulled her into my arms and held her against me. I could still smell the delightful odor of her excited sex and it acted as an aphrodisiac to me. I stroked her gently till her breathing told me she was asleep.

I was still on fire. She lay naked beside me. I moved just a little and freed one hand. I looked at her sleeping body, so small and perfect and began to stroke my very wet pussy. My eyes roamed up and down her small sexy body taking in every inch of it. I fastened my eyes on her pussy slit and rubbed my clit faster and faster. I removed my other hand from under her head and bought it to my face. Despite washing my hands, I could still smell her sex odor on it. I slipped a finger into my mouth and sucked it thinking that it had been inside her wet pussy. I envisioned her wet pussy against my mouth, tasted her juices, heard her cries of passion and I exploded, calling her name over and over in my mind, stifling my cries so as not to wake the wonderful small lover who lay beside me spent, and sleeping peacefully so close to me.

I floated up from a wonderful dream and opened my eyes to see a strange bedroom. Mnn, damn, I felt so wonderful. My mind finally kicked in and I felt the most wonderful sensation in my pussy. I became aware that my pussy was being licked in the most delightful way. I looked down to find Karin's small body between my legs and her head moving slowly up and down at my crotch.

I ran my hands down to run through her lovely short blonde hair. She looked up and smiled up at me a grin on her face that would have put the Cheshire Cat to shame. "Good Morning Love, I didn't think you'd mind if I just found something to pass the time till you decided to wake up!" Her pink tongue slid out and licked my clit, making me moan aloud. "Lie back and enjoy, Love! Let me have fun. I owe you one from last night."

I sighed and relaxed and closed my eyes and just felt. She is a skilled cunnilinguist and her tongue is so talented. She seemed to find nerves in my pussy I never knew I had. She slipped two then three fingers up inside me while she licked around, under, and all over my pussy. Her fingers curled and kneaded my g-spot. Damn, it felt so good. For me having it massaged, feels like I have to pee. She sucked and tongued me.

Her lips found my clit and sucked it softly at first till it became harder and more erect then she moved to firmer, harder sucks and her tongue flicked over it till she had me moaning and almost sobbing with need. She pulled upward on my clit sheath exposing more of it to her tongue and lips. God, she was good. I couldn't help myself and I began to knead my breasts and pull at the nipples. She would look up every once in a while and smile at me, her lips and face gleaming with my pussy juices. God she was beautiful, her face almost shone.

Karin sucked and tongued me. Her fingers deep inside me, kneaded my g-spot till I thought I would explode. She sucked harder on my clit and her tongue moved rapidly over my clit till I screamed out and my body bowed upward and I climaxed so hard I saw thousands of stars.

I cried out her name over and over till I exploded and my hips shot up against her mouth. She quickly pulled her fingers out of me and covered my pussy with her mouth. I didn't know it at the time be she said my pussy gushed several spurts of my juices out into her mouth. I seldom do this, and have to be really excited to do it. I was certainly excited by this small sexy lady. I came and came till I had to push her lovely head away from my pussy.

She moved up beside me and we just cuddled and kissed until I regained my strength. We lay holding each other for a while and finally got up. We took a delightful shower together as we both were a mess from the intense sex we had together. We dressed casually in shorts and halters and she led me to the kitchen. We both were starved and she made a wonderful Aussie breakfast with lots of tropical fruits and had Kiwi juice to drink. I never tried it and found it delightful.

Karin's husband called and said he wouldn't be home for two more days. Karin's face lit up and she was almost jumping for joy before she got off the phone, but kept her excitement out of her voice. She hung the phone and rushed into my arms, and kissed me passionately. She asked me if I'd like to spend the next two days with her. I could think of absolutely no reason to turn down two days with this lovely woman and accepted her invitation.

We changed into dresses and went on a shopping spree. I needed a number of items, including some new sexy underwear, so she took me to all of her favorite shops. We tried on dresses and sexy pantsuits. The owner in one shop was French-Polynesian and an absolutely beautiful woman. She quickly grasped the fact that we were lovers, and made all sorts of sly innuendoes about our choices, and showed us some outrageous "knickers" and bras. When we went into the changing room she closed the door discretely. This of course encouraged us and we stripped and I knelt on the floor and devoured Karin's sweet dripping pussy till she came explosively.

I knew the woman could hear Karin's sobs and moans of pleasure as I sucked her pussy till she came, drenching my mouth with her juice. I wouldn't let her reciprocate immediately, and told her she would have to wait. I wanted to prolong the longing in both of us. She was almost frantic wanting to please me, something that make me very happy.

We picked out several sets of sexy under things and Karin grabbed my panties and put them on. She wouldn't let me have them back and made me wear hers. They were very snug on me and rode up into my crotch. The crotch was very wet from her abundant juices and it felt so wonderful to feel the wet cloth slipping up into my slit. This is usually uncomfortable, but today it was sexy and very erotic. We received knowing glances from the proprietress of the store as we came out of the dressing room. She kept looking from one of us to the other smiling and shaking her head. Finally I could stand it no more and pointed to Karin and laughed, "It was her!" We all three exploded in laughter.

We went to one of Karin's favorite restaurants and she ordered for me, selecting her Aussie favorites. The meal was absolutely delicious and her conversation wonderful. Several men and women came to the table to speak to her. She introduced me to each of them, telling them I was from the Deep South and they had to hear me speak to believe it. The luncheon made me laugh like I hadn't laughed in years.

We finished and Karin said she needed to go to the Ladies. I thought I might as well go too while the opportunity was available. She waved me ahead of her into the very nice ladies lounge. I heard a click behind me and turned to find she had locked the door from the inside. With a wicked smile she rushed to me and kissed me. I was still hot from our previous encounter and it didn't take much to awaken my passion and lust. Her hands were all over me.

She dropped to her knees on the soft carpet and before I could react, my skirt was over her head. She pulled my panties to one side and her mouth was on my pussy, her tongue deep inside me. Her hands pulled my ass toward her and she was veracious in her lovemaking. She sucked licked me and her hand slipped inside the panties to thrust two fingers up inside my pussy. She sucked my clit, tonguing it and I exploded, legs spread, leaning back against the dressing counter.

I was so hot I almost fainted from the intense, unexpected delicious assault on my pussy. She came up and kissed me till I calmed down. There was a knock on the door and she unlocked the door while I smoothed my skirt down. She apologized to the lady coming in who gave us a rather penetrating sidelong look. I'm sure the odor of my excited pussy permeated the room.

We stood at the counter combing our hair and applying lipstick till she left, then burst out laughing. Then we went in to relieve ourselves. Karin insisted on making me part my thighs wide and watching me pee for her. I felt self-conscious, but did it for her and found I was strangely excited by the notion of having her watch. I put a finger on each side of my pussy and spread my lips wide so she could again see the liquid shoot out of my urethra. My bladder was full and a long steady stream came out for her.

She pulled up her skirt, slipped her hand into her (actually my) panties and while I shot a stream into the toilet, she rubbed her clit and only moments later came with an explosive climax. It certainly seemed to set the small Aussie lady on fire to watch me. She had just let her skirt down and closed the door when another woman came in. Karin moved to another toilet and used it while I sat there amazed and finished up.

We had a wonderful time shopping, she took me to the latest and biggest malls in the city and had a fantastic time shopping and talking, as women are want to do. Finally we went back to her house. We relaxed by diving in the pool and taking a long relaxing swim. There is a high wall around their pool but the houses with two stories can look into it so we didn't go in nude or try to make love in the pool - a favorite of mine.

We went in finally as it began to get dark and we were relaxed and felt refreshed. Karin asked me if I'd like to go dancing with her. I hadn't danced with another woman in public in years and accepted. We took a quick shower, just kissing and soaping each other, just teasing, but not really trying to excite. We dressed in our new sexy under things and put on our hottest sexy outfits, dressing up for each other. Karin and the prospect of an evening with this sexy small bundle excited me.

Our hands roamed while she drove to the northern part of the city, and we were hot by the time we got to the club with the strange name of Gobbles. I was amazed at how large it was. Inside it was crowded. Karin led me way to the back, and to one side, and after my eyes became adjusted and we had been seated in a booth, I noticed that there were quite a few women alone together in this section of the club. In the other sections I could see couples and single men. Here the women were in the majority.

."This is the 'in' place here." Karin leaned over and kissed me lightly. "I have a friend Natasha, and she brought me here in the back one time. We have come to the club with our husbands, but this area back here is tacitly reserved for women who want to be with each other. Nat is a drop dead gorgeous lady, married like me. We've had a foursome with them before, and we finally hit it off together and it was hot with her. My husband doesn't want me to date women when he's not with me, but he was away one week and Nat and I came here and just danced. It was wonderful. I enjoyed it. I did dance with several other women and liked it. Feel free to dance with anyone you want to. Enjoy our Aussie hospitality."

We got our drinks and sat and talked as much as the music would allow us to. Finally we got up and moved onto the dance floor. I had taught dance at one time, so took the lead. We danced apart for a while then the music changed to a slow piece and we held each other close and I enjoyed the feel of her small body against mine. Her head rested against my breasts and I smelled her sweet smelling hair, the odor of the coconut oil soap we'd used for shampoo, wonderful in my nostrils. Her small body pressed against mine and I felt so wonderful.

We danced for a long while then went back to the booth. We talked and sipped our drinks, and ate some of the Aussie appetizers. Under the table our hands slid and stroked and probed. Our fingers found wet hot flesh and I brought the volatile Karin to a sobbing climax. The noise covered her sounds of ecstasy, but several women saw her, smiled and nodded. We declined several offers to dance from a variety of women. We stayed for a couple of hours dancing, holding hands and just talking in general.

We left, found a wonderful restaurant and Karin ordered a wonderful seafood dinner for me, fresh from the local waters. We finally went back to her house and were so tired we took off our clothes and dropped into bed, cuddled and quickly went to sleep nestled together.

The next day we spent almost all if it making love in glorious passion. I have never spent such a day. The small lady seemed a sexual dynamo, and wanted to eat me all day long. We used her toy collection on each other, and had a wonderful erotic day of passion. I had to leave in the late afternoon to go to the hotel, collect my luggage and go to the airport. When I arrived at the ticket counter I was most pleasantly surprised to see Karin there with a small bouquet of flowers for me, and a small gift. She helped me find my boarding gate and we talked and held hands till time for my flight. We stood, both sad and shed more than few tears. We kissed decorously when we parted, and promised to meet again.

On the plane, and high over Australia, I opened the package to find a beautiful heart shaped pendant, adorned with a small koala bear carved in ivory. I put it around my neck and stroked it as I watched the continent slip by beneath me. I knew it wouldn't be long before I returned to the friendly land down under, and the wonderfully sexy lady I had met there.


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