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Sex Slave Story
Chapter II - The Gang Bang
by M

I could feel the power of the horse beneath me as we rode deep in to the forest. My darling sex slave was holding on to me her hair blowing in the breeze and the smell of her still lingering on me.

I held her tight and my hand cupped her breast, my fingers pinching and pulling on her hardening nipples. I felt her shivering as she moved her body against me making her pussy squirm on the saddle as her breathing quickened. "Not yet my dear, you are not to cum yet" I whispered as I kissed her neck. She responded by rubbing her pussy harder on the saddle defiantly. "Hmmm that will cost you a spanking when we arrive" I said as I pinched and pulled her nipple harder. She stopped squirming and held my hand to her breast and then lifting it to her lips mouthed "I'm sorry Master" against the palm and then naughtily bit me gently. Mmmmmm I was excited thinking of my surprise I had in store for her and my cock was hardening at my thoughts and pressing hard into her back.

Finally we were there my cabin by the side of a small lake nestled at the bottom of the mountain, surrounded by the Forrest and very secluded.

The noise of my other guests spilled out in the evening air and I felt my sex slave stiffen as she realized she would be the main entertainment for mine and my guests pleasure.

I called out into the evening that we had arrived and an immediate silence came over the cabin. The lights were turned off and only the light of candles outlined my slaves body as we entered. I could tell she was a little nervous and excited all at the same time and she tried to hold her hands over herself to cover up her nakedness. I smiled at myself as I watched her make this futile attempt. As we enter the cabin she looked around at all the people gathered there wearing robes and masks, all different and exotic.

She cannot tell whether they are male or female. She looked up at me looking into my eyes to try and see what I was going to do. I just smiled held her tight and whispered "this is for you, your fantasies come to life tonight". "I will be here do not be afraid, enjoy and let your passions and desires free". I handed the lead attached to her collar to the nearest two robed figures and then settled down in the shadows to watch. "I am not afraid with you here master" she says as she followed the to figures into the room and looked back at him with a small smile. She can feel that her pussy is wet and she is still very excited. Her heart is pounding and her pussy was starting to ache from desire.

I can feel that my pussy is very wet and I am so very excited. My heart is pounding and I was aching with desire for some one to play with me. The two robed figures lead me to a framed contraption like a bed but with cuffs at each corner and mounted on a swivel so it could be moved in all directions. Both figures had hands like a mans and they pushed me gently down on the bed and pulled my arms and legs wide fitting them into the soft cuffs and snapped them shut. The bed was very comfortable. I was fully exposed to everyone in the room and was not a bit embarrassed but was flooded with complete desire. I looked into the shadows to where I knew he sat, my master and I was filled for longing for him and lust just knowing he was watching me spread open like this to all present. The room smelled like incense and oil. The candlelight made strange exotic patterns on the walls. Then they were touching me all over with their hands. Some hands were rough like a mans and some were small and delicate like a woman's.

I was being caressed all over and someone was rubbing oil on me. I lay back and closed my eyes slightly, feeling the warm hands all over me. Then I felt hands on my pussy, fingers probing me and playing with my already excited clit and I moaned softly. They were pulling my pussy lips wide and then there was more than one finger entering me. I look down and there were at least five figures fingering me at the same time. My hips rose up as far as I could trying to help them, trying and wanting them in me. I was so overcome with a heat to be filled and entered by these fingers in me. It was almost more than I could stand and I was close to cumming. Sensing this they stopped and let me alone. Some one brought me some wine to drink, lifting my head and touching my lips to the glass I drank a few sips. It made me feel a little light headed but it tasted real good and I took a few more sips.

Then some one was unlatching the cuffs from around my ankles and wrists and lifting me off of the bed and onto pillows on the floor. There were two figures on either side of me and they gently pulled my legs up and apart their hands were soft and felt womanly. Someone was lifting me up off the pillows holding me aloft. He whispered into my ear for me to relax into his arms and that he was not going to drop me. I lay back against him letting him hold me, the other two raised my legs as far back and up as possible.

My pussy was wide open for all to see and another figure was playing with it and pulling the lips apart with his fingers. Next they were pouring wine slowly into me into my opened pussy, it was cool but felt really good on my hot skin. I could feel it entering me filling me up slowly and then it was pouring out of my pussy as it over flowed and spilled out onto the pillows. This really sent me over the edge with a desire to be fucked to have a hard cock in me and I begged and moaned for someone to fuck me. They said not a word and took turns licking me and drinking and sucking the wine out of my very open pussy as they continued to pour more in. Then my master was standing over me, looking at me and I was over come with lust wanting him to touch me.

The figures moved aside to let him in and he bent over and took his turn tasting me and drinking from my pussy. Then they were raising me up over his head and he drank and sucked out all the wine that was left and I know I was even wetter than before. Master continued eating my pussy, licking me and then moved to my ass hole licking it. I just melted in the arms of the robe figures as they held me above him and as I was about to cum all over his face he stopped. I thought I would die I wanted him so bad and I let out a little cry. "You are very tasty" he said as he stood up gave me a firm swat on my ass and laughed saying that I would get plenty of cock in a moment if I was good. The spot where he had hit my ass hurt a little but only inflamed me more with passion for him to fuck me and my hips moved in his direction. He smiled and returned to where he had been sitting.

The robed figures lead me back to the bed and strapped me in as before. This only caused me to become even more inflamed with lust. Several of the figures left and 4 of them stayed and started caressing and kissing me. Their hands and kisses were so soft that they had to be women and this really turned me on. One of the figures whispered that they were going to massage me and tease me until the men returned to have their fun. I could not believe it but my crotch got wetter thinking about what the men were going to do. The women did just as they said they would, tease me completely out of my mind. Licking, sucking and fingering me. Kissing and caressing, driving me crazy, almost letting me climax and then stopping just in time.

Next thing I knew my master was next to me offering me a drink of wine from his glass. It tasted very good and I looked into his loving eyes. His lips were kissing me and then whispering that it was time for the men to have their turn, then pinching my nipples he turned and left I was immediately surrounded by naked masked men. There were too many to count and they were taking turns pinching and sucking my nipples. One man was between my legs licking my very wet crotch and another was rubbing his cock on my face. I turned my head so that I could lick it. He let me lick it and play with the head of his cock then he guided it into my mouth fucking my face with it. Then I felt a hard cock entering my pussy, Oh god it felt so good after being teased for so long and I pushed up against him trying to get as much in me as possible. I felt hands all over me and someone was unfastening the cuffs that had me tied down. That felt good to be able to use my hands and I could now push back on that cock that was fucking me. I quickly grabbed the cock in my mouth and started stroking it. At my touch it started spurting hot cum down my throat and the one fucking my pussy also started cumming.

I swallowed almost all the cum and what little escaped, I scooped it up with my fingers and licked it off. I just could not believe how hot I was to fuck something. Another masked figured quickly took the place of the one between my legs and was rubbing his erect cock on my pussy and then there were cocks on either side of my face. I grabbed them both in my hands and taking turns started licking and sucking them. I was being fucked hard by the cock now in my hot pussy making it hard to suck the ones in my mouth. I just pumped those two cocks with my hands about as hard as I was being pumped in my pussy. Then all three were cumming almost at once and my face was drenched in cum as once again my pussy was filled. Then one of the women came over and started licking the cum off of my face. She was very beautiful and looked even more so licking me. I pulled her to my mouth kissing her deeply on the lips tasting the cum on her. I don't know how many times I was fucked but there was a lot of cum in me, on me and quite a bit of it all over the bed.

My pussy was soaking wet with cum and my juices. Then there were firm hands picking me up and carrying me to another bed. There was a man laying on it who had a very large erect penis. At the site of this huge cock my pussy just throbbed with anticipation. The men pulled my legs apart and set me down on top of this mans huge erection. It went right in but was very filling and I started fucking him like crazy and was just about to cum when I felt hands pulling my ass apart. I looked back and my master was standing behind me holding his cock in his hand. I knew what he wanted, so I stopped my pounding of this huge cock in my pussy. I smiled at him and begged him to fuck me in the ass and how much I wanted him. He slowly put the tip of his cock to my fully exposed ass hole and leaned over caressing my wet sticky breasts.

Whispering how naughty I had been this evening he slowly pushed his cock into my wet anus. I wanted him so badly and I tried to push back but the large cock in my pussy made this hard. Then I was being fucked hard by master which was causing me to just ride this huge cock filling my pussy. I could take no more, I finally climaxed and came drenching the cock in my pussy. Master had his arms tight around me, holding me as I could feel him climaxing too. The large cock that I was riding was now pumping its load of cum into me and then Master was filling my ass with cum. I collapsed but my Master held me tight. He pulled his cock from my ass and lifted me up off the one in my pussy and carried me in his arms into the next room. I lay my head on his chest feeling his strong arms around me and the warmth of his body. I held my Darling slave tightly as she calmed down and carried her to the large sunken bath in the room. The scented warm water was very relaxing and I started to massage and wash her body as she relaxed with her eyes closed. her back to me. My hands carressed and massaged her shoulders and neck as she leaned against me sighing. "You were very good tonight" I said . " I hope you enjoyed yourself, remember we still have a lot more days left" and I grinned wickedly. I knew what I had planned for her and my cock stiffened the thoughts racing through my mind.

My hands reached under her arms and felt the heaviness of her breasts as I rolled her nipples between my fingers. She squirmed against me and let ou a contented sigh and I could feel her nipples stiffening with desire. " I haven't shown you my toy collection yet " I whispered as I kissed her ear. She moaned and half turned so our tongues could explore each others mouth."Mmmmm I am looking forward to that". She murmured. "Stand up" i said "and open your legs. I need to make sure you are really clean'

She stood and placed one leg on the side of the tub as I turned on the hand shower . Getting close I aimed the jet of water between her legs and rubbed my hands back and forward on her still cum soaked pussy and ass. She started to wriggle as the water hit her pussy and my thumb pushed into her. "Stand still I have to clean you pussy and ass properly" I admonished her. My finger curled and entered her ass and I worked in and outmaking sure the water was entering her at same time. Her breathing was coming in short gasps as she tried to stay still and I could feel her building to a climax. I stopped the water and removed my hand and her hand immediately replaced mine as she sought release .

"Stop" I said and moved her hands away. She moaned and pouted at me "Master thats not fair" and hugged me and kissed me all over my face and chest. " Okay , time to get out " and I stood and grabbed two huge fluffy towels and wrapped her as I helped her out. We rubbed each other dry and I led her into a dim bedroom next to the bathroom. I stood there with my eyes adjusting to the darkness as she snuggled up to me and I could see the large bed in the centre of the room. We managed to hobble over and fell laughing and giggling on the bed. Lie on your back" I ordered "and close your eyes". I am sure she was expecting something sexual to happen and she obeyed me. I reached over the side of the bed a pushed a hidden button and with a sliht whirr the ceiling moved slowly to one side and the stars shone brightly through the huge glass roof. "You may open your eyes now" I whispered as I kissed her. Her eyes shone like a little girl opening presents ." Oh its so beautiful , like being out in the desert" she said as I held her tightly.

Thats the way we woke up in the morning her hair all over my face and her eyes closed and her face relaxed. I rolled her over and climbed out of bed - the sun was climbing and I pressed the control and the ceiling rolled back. I could smell breakfast being prepared by Manfred my servant and I was ravenous after the nights activity. I slapped my sex slave firmly on the ass, making her sit up suddenly. Her eyes wide as she tried to recall where she was. She smiled dreamily when she saw me and Rubbed her ass where the pinkness of my hand was showing. " Come my dear we have things to do and places to go" I called out to her as I was evading her arms. "No time for that, breakfast is ready and I am starving"

She started to follow me and she realised she was still naked. I had slipped on sweat pants, a T- shirt and loafers. I pushed her towards a closet and suggested she wear a light loose dress - no underwear. She ran her fingers through her hair and slipped the dress over her head and we went to see what Manfred had prepared for us. After breakfast Manfred brought the jeep around and I asked him to take my sex slave to the stables and I would take the horse and meet him there.

As they drove off I mounted and pulled the horse to a sidetrack which would get me to the stables just ahead of the jeep, and I smiled to myself as I knew Manfred would have followed my instructions and told the Groom to expect us.

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