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The Sex Slave Story
Chapter 5:
The Golden Shower
by M

I was on all fours licking my Master's cum off of her face and she was doing the same to me. Master's dogs Hans and Helmut had just fucked us both. It was the first time I had ever had an animal fuck me. Master and I had talked about doing this before and I was very turned on by the thought. I kissed Teddi deeply and we both collapsed on the floor with our arms around each other, holding each other as we calmed down from our experience. The dogs had been taken away to be cleaned up and Master was kneeling over us.

Mmmmmmmm my two slaves you looked very nice being fucked by Hans and Helmut. His hand was caressing my body and I moved closer to him enjoying his attention. He reached between my legs and felt the doggie cum that was all over me. "You are very wet my darling little slave" he said as his hand continued up my leg to my pussy. His fingers entering me and feeling me up. I need to clean you both up, you were both so naughty and now you are covered in doggie cum. Teddi and I both giggled and I pulled Teddi close to me, I whisper in her ear asking her if she enjoyed being fucked by a dog.

"Yes" she shyly said. "I knew you both would love my dogs" Master whispered as he ran his hand over Teddi. Master sat up "ok lets get you two all clean" he said as he got up off the floor pulling me with him.

He handed Teddi a robe "Manfred will take you to your room and I have a nice surprise for you tonight that I hope you will like. I pulled Teddi to me and kissed her deeply on the lips, "do not be afraid you will like your surprise, he is quite handsome". "I will see you tomorrow my little play toy, enjoy your self". I knew what Master had planned for Teddi. He had mentioned earlier that he had arranged for the groom who took care of his horses to take Teddi out for a nice dinner and to spend the night with her if they wanted. The groom was very good looking and I knew him and Teddi would have a very nice evening.

Now I was alone with Master and I put my arms around him and pushed my hips into him. "You are still horny aren't you my sweet little slave" he whispered as he kissed me deeply his tongue entering my mouth. "You are such a good little slave" now lets get you cleaned up. He pulled me into the giant bathroom and there was a huge tub filled with scented water. I stepped into the tub and Master followed me. "Seems like I am always having to clean you up, don't sit down yet", He ordered.

He grabbed a sponge and started washing off my legs, "Mmmmmm so much doggie cum" he said as he continued up my leg and moving closer his tongue comming out of his mouth and licking my clit. I almost came as his tongue licked at my clit. "Not yet my horny little girl" and he pulled back and washed my crotch with the sponge as I rubbed my pussy back and forth on it. He laughed and rubbed a little harder and then pulled me down to him, kissing me and then pushing me gently into the water. I moaned softly as I felt the warm water close around me. We washed each other and played in the water till it started to get a little cold.

We dressed and had a very nice romantic dinner with candles and wine. Master can be so loving and romantic after I do very naughty things for him. He likes to pamper and spoil me after I please him. I do love being his little slave and play toy I felt my pussy getting wet just thinking about how I must have looked earlier this evening being fucked by his dog.

"I am going to make passionate love to my little slave tonight" he said as he filled my glass with wine again. He stood up and pulled me to him. I grabbed the wineglass and the bottle as he took my hand and just about dragged me into his bedroom. He stripped off all of my clothes and I helped him out of his. I pushed him down on the bed, took his cock into my hands and started sucking on it the way I knew he liked. He was moaning and very close to cumming, then he pulled me up and kissed me hard on the lips.

"I want to eat your sweet little pussy" he moaned as he laid me down and spread my legs wide. Putting his fingers on each side of my pussy lips he opened me up and licked all the way from my ass to my pussy. Then burying his face into my pussy he ate me out till I was grinding my hips onto to his mouth. I was about to cum and he stopped suddenly. I let out a moan and he rolled over and told me to straddle his face. Then he continued sticking his tongue deep into me as I fucked his face. He pushed my hips up and I was knelling over him my legs wide. He put 3 of his fingers into me when he had them nice and wet he pulled them out and started fingering my ass. He then put two fingers deep in my ass and his thumb in my pussy.

I was fucking his hand and I knew he must have been getting quite a show as I lost all abandon and started cumming on him. "Yes cum on me Renee, cum all over me" he breathed. I started cumming and then I came so hard I started peeing on him. "Oh god yes pee on me, I want all of you" he moaned as I peed all over his face. I was shaking and I collapsed as I finished climaxing. He was soaking wet and I held him tightly as I tried to calm down. I could feel my wetness all over him.

"Oh Master fuck me now, I want you to fuck me hard" I said pulling him on top of me". He wasted no time and entered me with a deep thrust fucking me so hard that his balls were slapping against me. His cock pounding into me I raised up to meet his thrusts. I was so wet that we were making the sexiest squishing noises as he fucked me.

"Cum in me Master, please I want your cumm all over me and in me I want all of you too" as I said this he came hard shaking all over as he did so. I held him to me holding him tight feeling my wetness on him. I managed to pull a blanket over us as I held him and kissed his face. He finally calmed down and stopped shaking.

Then kissing me tenderly, he said "Renee you blow my mind sometimes". I knew he had a very nice time because he hardly ever called me Renee. We laid their holding and kissing, feeling each other.

"Master I whispered we had better get dried off before we get cold". I took his hand in mine and pulled him back into the bathroom and turned on the shower. I washed him off as I kissed him and he held me. Then I grabbed some big thick towels and wrapped us both up. I called Manfred to come and clean up the bedroom and then Master picked me up and carried me to the guest bedroom. We spent the night cuddled up together in each other's arms. I was thinking as I fell asleep how much I loved my Master and I was wondering if Teddi had a nice time too.

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