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Star Sex: The XXX Generation
by Dr. Teeth

Commander Riker strode purposefully onto the bridge of the USS Enterprise. It was the midnight shift and he had drawn the watch.

He wondered aloud, "Why does nothing ever happen on this shift? It always happens when Picard is on duty."

The young, voluptuous blonde female Ensign, seated at the helm and navigational console, turned to gaze longingly at Riker. "Well, sir, the Klingons and Ferengi have to sleep, too." They were the only two on the bridge.

"But," complained Riker, as he strode purposefully to the ensign and began massaging her shoulders, "there are thousands of different species in the galaxy. They certainly don't keep the same sleep schedule that we do."

"That's true, Riker," said a voice behind them.

They both turned to see Q, the omnipotent smug bastard, sitting cross-legged in the command chair. "For instance, the Stithono never sleep. The males just lie inside their women and ejaculate continuously while their bodies rejuvenate. That's the reason there are fourteen over-crowded planets in the Gamma quadrant."

"What do you want Q?" demanded Riker as he strode purposefully toward the intruder.

"Why, I wish to observe the mating ritual that you and the voluptuous ensign are contemplating at this time. Oh, don't worry, I've ensured that the whole crew is asleep and any marauding aliens are light years away. You may consider it an 'action gift' for this shift."

Suddenly, synthesized music filled the room with a chicka-boom-rat-tat-chicka-boom beat.

Riker strode purposefully back toward the young, voluptuous ensign with lust in his eyes. He grabbed her and pulled her to him, kissing her passionately full on the mouth as his hands began exploring her spandex uniform. First to fall victim to those massive hands was her well-rounded ass. He rubbed his hands lightly over the mounds on her chest, noticing the slight bulges where her nipples were hardening. He buried his face in her hair and inhaled the scent of her. He again pulled her close and began slowly unzipping her uniform.

As he was enjoying himself, the young, voluptuous ensign began rubbing him through the fabric of his uniform. Her hands wandered down to his cock and traced the outline. She began a slow jack-off and felt him grow larger and larger.

Riker noticed from the corner of his eye that Q had undone his belt and pulled out his member, was now stroking it while he watched the two.

The ensign, now fully nude, with her tits no longer restrained, began to move to the music, the chicka-boom beat causing her hips to sway in time. Riker removed his uniform and also began swaying with the ensign, running his hands over her skin; feeling the warmth of her and flicking her nipples with his thumbs. He knelt before her and took a nipple into his mouth. She must have known this was going to happen, for her nipples tasted of cherry. As he sucked on one nipple, he played with her other tit. Suddenly, he felt a strong hand remove his hand from the tit. Glancing sideways, he saw Q knelt in front of the ensign and sucking on the other nipple. Together, they kissed and licked her entire body. Sometimes, their tongues touched each other and they would pause to give each other a sweltering kiss.

The ensign lay down in the middle of the room and spread her legs. Riker, on his knees, bent over and began licking up and down the girl's legs, never quite touching her clit. She was becoming more and more agitated that her pussy wasn't being serviced. Finally, he engulfed her vagina with his mouth and began licking furiously at her clit.

Riker felt something on his ass and, turning to look, saw Q planting affectionate kisses and licking the area around his asshole.

He thought, "Well, I've always thought Q was a nice looking guy, just an asshole. And now that he's at MY asshole, I might as well let him have his fun. Besides, I've never been fucked in the ass before. Who knows? I might decide I like it. Then, maybe I can get that cute Wesley Crusher kid to service me on a regular basis....."

He turned back to the ensign and again licked in earnest.

Riker felt something soft, yet stiff, circle his asshole and then center on the hole itself. He felt hot breath and knew that Q was tonguing him. He decided to tongue the ensign's asshole as well. When he did, her whole body shook as she screamed in orgasmic delight. His face was flooded with her juices as she came over and over.

The ensign quickly turned around and slid underneath him, taking his rock-hard massive dick in her mouth. Just as his dick entered her mouth, Q's dick entered his asshole.

"My God! That's the best feeling in the galaxy! A dick in my butt and my dick in a mouth!" thought Riker.

He was ready to explode, but then thought of Deanna, the ship's counselor, and how prudish she was, not even letting him LOOK at her tits. Just flirting and wearing those fucking low-cut uniforms. Were those uniforms even regulation? Probably not. Nobody ever said anything because she did have a nice cleavage. These thoughts brought him from his peak and he enjoyed the sensations lavished on him by the other two in the room.

He felt Q stiffen and knew that the Q-seed was flooding into him, his own pressure building. Again, he tried to stop the orgasm from climaxing, but thinking of Deanna and what he wanted to do to that body only made him more aroused. He came in a torrent, the ensign furiously swallowing, trying to drink the sperm that flowed like a waterfall into her mouth. She couldn't take it all, and over half of it leaked out of her mouth, dribbling down her cheek, through her hair and onto the carpet. Q was right beside her, now, licking the cum from her face and lapping at the carpeting to get the excess. Q was now at the ensign's mouth, kissing her frantically, their tongues entwining, as they did not hold back their lustful abandonment.

Riker rolled onto his back and watched the two kissing. A bit of cum still leaked out of his dick. With a finger he scooped up a small amount and brought it to his lips, licking his finger and tasting himself.

Q was sitting on the floor with the ensign's face buried in his crotch. A few strokes and Riker was rock-hard again. He moved behind the ensign, noticing how wet she was and realizing that she hadn't been fucked yet. For that matter, neither had he. He placed his enormous dick at her opening and thrust into her. She moaned and squealed at the same time, a feat that he had never thought possible. As he thrust into her, harder and harder, Q let out a bellow and yelled, "Move your head bitch!" The ensign jerked her head away just as thick, ropy strings of cum shot from Q straight into the air, splashing the 10-foot high ceiling and raining down all over the bridge.

Riker, pumping furiously, watched the shooting spunk, and pumped even harder. The ensign was yelling and screaming and throwing her head from side to side. She came in a flood of juices again, washing Riker's legs and soaking the carpet. Riker came at the same time, shooting his seed deep into her as he let out a roar. Q waved his hand and produced three lit cigarettes. The trio lay in the middle of the bridge floor, enjoying a post-romp smoke.

As they all got dressed, the distinctive sound of the turbolift indicated that someone was heading for the bridge. The ensign quickly took her place behind the navigational console, as Riker strode purposefully to the command chair.

The turbolift doors opened and Jean-Luc Picard stepped out.

Riker pointed at Q and said forcefully, "...and don't come back, Q!!!"

Q smiled at Riker, said, "'Till we meet again, Commander," and vanished.

Picard looked around the room; the cum on the ceiling, the computers, the floor, the ensign, and Riker.

"I look forward to reading your shift report about last night, Commander. Dismissed."


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