The Best Erotic Stories.

Sex School Ch. V
by skibum

Janet and Mike sat chatting quietly with Jim while they waited for Sara to return. Both of them were starting to get comfortable with being exposed by the brief costumes they wore. Jim used the time to tell them more about the Institute program.

"When are we going to have a chance to Öuhm, consummate our marriage?" Mike was still not quite ready to speak as plainly as the coaches wanted.

"Because you are inexperienced, we will go slowly to introduce you to sexual activity at a pace that will maximize your pleasure. For example, I know that if I left you alone right now, you would be fucking in seconds. While that is not wrong, we want to make sure the first time is a positive experience for both of you. If you started right now, I can almost guarantee that you would be cumming as soon as he penetrated Janet, and it would be all over almost before you started.

"One of the goals of the Institute is to make sure that all our guests learn to make every sexual encounter enjoyable for both partners. That does not mean that we expect both of you to have a perfect orgasm every time, but we do want to get you started right."

"Now, Mike, I want you to get comfortable with the words. Say Ďfuckí. Say it nice and loud"

Mike blushed. "Fuck".

"Say it again."


"Did that hurt?"

"No. It felt kind of daring. Iíve used the word before, casually, like people do, but never like this. Iím sitting here almost naked with my naked wife and you, almost a stranger. I donít think Iíve ever been so charged with energy and excitement. I always thought that I would be jealous if another man saw you naked, but this seems normal. Just a couple of hours ago we were just another pair of newlyweds on our honeymoon, and now we have seen and done more than in all our lives before."

"But we still have not had a chance to fuck!" Janet seemed rather proud of herself for using the word without being told to.

"You will soon. I promise". This was from Sara who had just returned. "Right now we are going to continue the exercise we had begun. Janet, would you share your favorite fantasy and show us how you masturbate?"

Janet swallowed hard. She had known that this was coming ever since Sara had performed the first demonstration, and she was very nervous. She had promised herself that she would be truthful about her fantasy, but she worried about her new husband and his reaction. She worried that Mike would be disgusted by what she was about to reveal.

Growing up in a home with parents whose business was sex had given her more information than Mike had had access to. She believed that she was much more comfortable with the situation than he was. Her only misgiving was not knowing how he would react to her carnal fantasy.

Gathering her courage, Janet reclined with her legs wide apart, exposing her pussy as she had seen Sara do. Her fingers delicately spread the lips of her cunt. They were swollen in arousal. Gently, she stroked the bump of her clit, rubbing it with moisture from within her lips.

"As you know, my parents are professors of human sexuality. All my life I have been taught that sex is healthy, joyous, and pleasant. Iím even comfortable with nudity because my parents taught me that nudity was a natural and pleasant state. We seldom wore much at home. From an early age I saw my parents nude and went naked with them myself. About a year ago, just before Mike and I started to get serious, something happened that has changed the way I thought about sex, and has fueled my fantasies ever since.

"It was just after classes had ended for the summer. Mom and Dad were both free for the summer, and I had just finished finals. I told them I was going to meet a girlfriend for some shopping, or a movie, or something. I canít even remember now."

Janet paused her story for a moment, but her fingers continued to gently stroke her engorged clit. Her other hand was rubbing and squeezing her nipples, moving from right to left and back again.

Mike was completely entranced as he watched his exquisite young bride pleasure herself. His cock was a rock hard spike of flesh, precum leaking from the tip. He nearly forgot to breathe in his excitement.

"My friend was supposed to be ready, but when I got to her apartment I could hear her arguing with her boyfriend. They got real quiet when I knocked on the door, but there was a lot of tension in the room. It was obvious that she had other things on her mind than whatever plans we had.

"I was pretty miffed that she wasnít going with me, but there was nothing I could do, so I went back home."

"When I got there, there was no one in the house, and I just forgot that my parents were there. Usually they were at school at that time of day.

"I decided to go for a swim, so I just dropped my clothes on the floor and went out to the pool in our backyard. Just as I was going through the door I saw my parents.

"They were both naked, which wasnít unusual. We always swim nude. But they werenít alone. There was another couple with them. Nobody I knew, just another middle aged couple. They were naked, too."

Janet had to pause again. She quivered with passion as she stifled a scream, and a small orgasm rippled through her body.

When she regained her composure, Janet went on with her story.

"They werenít swimming. My mom was sitting this strangerís face, while the other woman sucked on his cock. My dad was kneeling behind the other woman, getting ready to stick his cock into her.

"I couldnít move. I knew I should leave, but I felt paralyzed. My legs wouldnít work. I just stood there and stared at my parents having sexÖ Sorry, wrong word. I just stood there watching my parents fucking with two strangers."

Janet was cumming constantly now. Spasm after spasm ripped through her tight young body. The delicate scent of her juices filled the air, and her voice became husky and labored. Sara and Jim were as turned on by her display as Mike.

"My eyes were drawn to my fatherís cock. It was the first time I had seen it so large, so hard," Janet gasped. "It was wet and shiny and huge. I watched as he rammed it into that strange woman and fucked her hard.

"I was so excited watching my parents and this other couple. The longer I watched the more excited I got. And I started to wish my father was fucking me! It was so wrong, but I wanted it so much. I was so horny that I rubbed my clit, just like Iím doing now. I stood right there in the doorway and rubbed myself until I climaxed."

Janet stopped rubbing her clit as a final spasm tore through her body. She managed to sit up as she continued her story.

"After my orgasm was finished I managed to get back in the house without them seeing me. I put my clothes back on and left the house. I stayed away for the rest of the afternoon, but I have never been able to get the image of my parents and that other couple out of my mind. Especially the image of my fatherís cock sliding into that woman. That lucky woman."

"Since then I have used that image whenever I want to get myself hot. There is nothing I can imagine that could be as hot as the thought of my father actually fucking me!"

"Nothing?" Mike leaped to his feet, his features contorted with anger. "Do you mean to tell me that my competition for your affection is your own father? What about our marriage? Donít you even think about that?"

With that Mike stalked away, his body stiff with indignation and rage.

"Oh, God. I was afraid something like this would happen. We never should have come here. Now Mike knows how depraved I am and despises me." The young bride clasped her knees to her chest, and bursting into tears, she wept.

To Be Continued...


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