The Best Erotic Stories.

Sex School Ch. VI
by skibum

When Mike stormed away, Sara and Jim went into immediate action. This was one of the scenarios they were trained for. Sara comforted Janet while Jim went to deal with Mike.

"Janet, Mike definitely does not despise you. He is just upset that your fantasy does not include him. A little jealousy and a little shock will not hurt him or your relationship, if we can convince him that it is him you love. The foundation of his ideas of proper sexual mores has been shaken. We have to make him see that his ideas are not the only ones allowed. Then heíll be back to you in a heartbeat."

Sara wrapped her arms around the young bride and held her close. "All you have to do is be your normal sweet self and he will see that he really does want to be with you."

"But I really must be depraved to have such a sick fantasy."

"Honey, most young women have fantasies about their fathers at sometime in their lives. Yours are just more vivid than most because of what you saw. There is nothing wrong with you."

"But I should be having fantasies about Mike. I love him so much, why is my fantasy about my parents instead of him?í

Sara considered her answer carefully. She wanted to make her point very clear, to make sure that Janet and Mike would have every chance to make their marriage work.

"Very often our fantasies are about someone or some situation that is unattainable. Thatís why they are fantasies. You listened to my fantasy earlier. Do you think that I would ever really want to be forced to fuck two bikers?"

Saraís explanation was not entirely true. She had already acted out her fantasy with two of the Instituteís male coaches, but Janet didnít need that information right now. She needed reassurance that her husband would be back.

"Letís go inside so you can take a nice warm bath, and get all prettied up so that youíll be ready when Jim brings Mike back."

Jim found Mike sitting in the shade of a tree. His face was streaked with tears. Nothing had ever hurt him so much as finding out that his wife used an image of her own father to masturbate to.

"You okay, big guy?"

"Leave me alone. Or better yet, get me my clothes so I can get out of here. I must have been nuts to let her and her parents talk me into coming here for our honeymoon. At least I found out early what I had gotten into."

"Do you really want to throw your marriage to that sweet girl away over this?" Jim asked. He knew that he had to let Mike come to his own conclusion about Janet, but he could certainly lead him in the right direction.

"You heard her. She doesnít love me. She wants her father. Well, as far as Iím concerned she can have him."

"I donít think you really mean that. Come on, walk with me."


"Just a little walk, so that you can work this out. I know I think better on my feet, and Iím betting you do, too."

Mike reluctantly went with Jim, who now knew that he had been successful in keeping Mike from leaving. There was always a danger that the fantasy exercise would unravel a fragile relationship, but he was sure that Mike really loved Janet and would listen to reason. He just needed to be reminded of a few things that he already knew.

"You realize that that was just a fantasy, donít you? Just because Janet has a fantasy about a man who is unattainable to her doesnít mean she doesnít love you."

"I could probably accept that, but her own father! Man, that is hard to take."

"Sure Mike, I can see where that could throw you, but you have to understand something. You have to know that Janet loves and respects her father. It is pretty normal for a young woman to have sexual feeling towards any authority figure, and her father is, to her, the idealized male figure. All her life up to now he has been the male ideal that she turned to for skinned knees, advice, comfort, and love. You should be flattered that she equates you with that image. Otherwise it is doubtful that she would have married you.

"You probably donít know this, but Iíve met her parents. They are down here a lot. They had a lot of input into the design of this whole program. If she thinks you measure up to her Dad enough to marry you, you must be pretty special yourself."

Mike was starting to come around. "Do you think that she really does want to be with me?"

"Well, she came here with you didnít she?"

Mike considered this for a few moments. He suddenly had the sinking feeling that he had blown it with Janet because of his jealous outburst.

"Jim, youíve got to help me get her back. She must hate me for walking out like I did."

Jim managed to keep the smile he felt inside from showing on his face. This had been easier than he thought it would be.

"Right now Sara is helping Janet come to the same conclusion that you came to, on your own I might add. You know, you have a pretty mature attitude about this for a guy as young as you are. Come on, letís get you back to your bride and get your marriage started out right."

The two men started back to the bungalow. "You know," Mike commented, "I never thought Iíd be walking around with another guy, talking about my wife, with our dicks hanging out."

Jim laughed. "Thatís all right. I always wanted to be a fireman, not a sex teacher!"

The two men shared a laugh as they hurried back.


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