The Best Erotic Stories.

Sex School Ch. VII
by skibum

Sara met the two men in the sitting room. "Janet is in the tub, getting all ready for you. Why donít we all join her for a hot soak?"

Mike was ushered into the bath, where Janet was submerged up to her neck in the oversized Jacuzzi. When she saw Mike walk in, a happy smile lit up her face. Mike thought he had never seen her so beautiful.

Sara and Jim got right into the steaming water, removing only their slippers. They sat very close together, with Jimís arm around Sara. Mike made haste to follow suit. Janet snuggled under his arm, her breast pressing into his side as he pulled her to him. Their lips met in a gentle kiss.

"Sweetheart, Iím sorry I acted like such an ass. I was jealous that I wasnít the object of your fantasy. Can you forgive me?"

Janet nodded at her husband, and their lips met in a kiss.

"I think we can dispense with any more fantasy and masturbation," Sara announced. "You two are ready for the next phase."

She grinned at Mike, "Although, you still owe us a fantasy."

Jim continued. "It is time for you to start more intimate contact. You have been bombarded with sensual images and sexual thoughts for the better part of a day. You have each cum at least once, but this is your honeymoon and you havenít had the chance to fuck yet.

"What I said before still goes. If we just left you alone, you would probably have a somewhat satisfying experience, but you both deserve better than that. Sara and I are going to help you make your first fuck the memorable experience it should be."

Jim pulled himself up so that he sat on the edge of the Jacuzzi. His hard cock jutted up from the opening in his red brief.

Sara wrapped a small hand around the shaft. "Janet, we are going to show you how to take the edge off Mikeís arousal so that he can give you a proper fucking. And Mike, we will show you how to make sure that Janet is ready for you to enter her pussy.

"Because Mike has been stimulated almost constantly, he has been on the verge of cumming most of the day. If he fucked you now he would probably lose it very quickly, not giving you enough time to reach an orgasm. So you are going to have to bring him off once, then build him back up before you can fuck. As you know, there are several ways you can make him cum.

"You mentioned earlier that you had masturbated Mike before. That is one option. Another, the one we want to teach you now, is to bring him off with your mouth. There are others that you will learn later.

"First, Mike should sit up like Jim is, with Janet on her knees in the tub."

Trembling with anticipation, Mike sat across from Jim, sitting on the edge of the Jacuzzi with his legs in the water. His large, stiff cock pointed skyward. Janet knelt on the step, mimicking the position that Sara was in. She grasped Mikeís cock in her hand.

"Janet, watch me for a minute, then you can try it."

Sara lowered her lips to Jimís cock. Holding the shaft in her hand, she ran her tongue around the head. Licking all around the tip, she worked at the tiny slit in the top with the tip of her tongue. After a few seconds of this she pulled back and turned to the young couple across the tub.

"Resist the temptation to hurry. A blow-job is supposed to feel good, so take your time. Janet, go ahead and lick around the head of Mikeís cock. Use very soft licks at first, but slowly increase the pressure."

Janetís heart was beating wildly as she touched her tongue to Mikeís cock for the first time. Very gently, she licked at the tip as she had seen Sara do. There was a faint taste of chlorine from the water in the Jacuzzi, but that was soon replaced by the salty taste of his flesh, sweetened by a drop of precum that bubbled from the slit. "I love this!" she thought.

Breathing like a marathoner, Mike was straining not to cum. Sweat poured from his face with the effort to withhold his ejaculation. He had never experienced such an intense feeling of pleasure.

"Thatís enough for now, Janet," said Sara. "We arenít quite ready to send him over the edge yet."

Reluctantly, Janet raised her head from the fleshy spear. The tip of Mikeís cock was covered with a shiny coat of her saliva. She looked up at her husband, "I canít believe how great you taste!"

Janet turned to smile at Sara and Jim. "This is pretty cool. Should I just keep doing that until he cums?"

Jim answered, "There are a lot of things that you can do. Just licking the head like you were doing feels great, but some other things feel even better. And if you vary what you do, you can give your partner indescribable pleasure. Watch Sara again, and Iíll explain what she is doing."

Sara again lowered her head. This time she only licked at the tip of Jimís tool for a moment, then she took the first inch into her mouth and sucked gently.

"If you want to make your partner feel really great, just suck gently on the end of his cock for a while. Not too much suction at first. You can also use your tongue on the head at the same time.

"Keep a gentle pressure all around the tip. It is especially sensitive on the underside and around the little ridge of the glans. Pay some attention to the opening in the tip, but donít force it. Gentle pressure is the key."

As Jim spoke, Sara sucked on the head of his cock. She slowly increased the intensity, causing his voice to break.

"After a while, you should take more of the shaft into your mouth. If itís real long, like Mikeís is, you can put your hand around it to keep from pushing too deep and gagging you. There is nothing that can ruin the mood like choking on a cock. With practice, you can take the whole length in a Ďdeep throatí technique, but that is a little advanced for the first time."

Sara was sucking Jimís cock in earnest now. She bobbed her head up and down, sliding her lips almost all the way off, then sucking it back in. Janet and Mike could see the sheen of Saraís saliva on the shaft with each stroke.

As the intensity of the blow-job increased, Jim was forced to concentrate to keep from flooding Saraís mouth with his creamy cum. He gritted his teeth as he looked at the newlyweds.

"You can see that I am very aroused, and almost ready to cum. Now Sara has to make a decision, and I am responsible for helping her make it. I need to let her know that I am about to cum so that she can decide how she wants to handle it."

Sara stopped sucking on Jimís cock and looked at Janet. "Because Jim is a considerate lover, he has let me know that he is ready to cum. I have several choices here. I could stop and let him calm down so that he doesnít cum, I could finish him with my hand, we could change positions to fuck so that he cums inside me, or I could have him cum in my mouth."

"At Orientation this morning, Ben and Carolyn changed to a fuck. But, your goal here is to get Mike off so that he will last longer when you do fuck. So we donít want to do that. Janet, how do you want to finish Mike?"

Janet looked into her husbandís eyes as she answered. "I want Mike to cum in my mouth."

Mikeís cock jumped as he heard his wifeís decision. He had been hoping for just that since Sara began the demonstration. Knowing that he would soon be cumming into Janetís pretty mouth had him more excited than ever.

"Go ahead, Janet. Just take it slow. You can change your mind if you want. Remember, that when you are sucking a cock, you are in control. Donít do anything you donít feel comfortable doing.

"If you want to try it, you can swallow his cum. Some women like the taste and some donít. If you donít want to swallow, you can spit it out."

"What feels best for him?" Janet wanted to know.

Jim grinned, "Most guys will swear on a stack of Bibles that they only enjoy a blow-job if they cum in their partnerís mouth and she swallows it. That is not strictly true, but it is more satisfying psychologically. It denotes a more intimate acceptance.

"In actuality, you can use your hand to accurately simulate the same sensations he would feel if he were in your mouth. It takes a lot of saliva and a little practice, but most guys canít tell the difference. Just keep your head in the way so he canít see you use your hand.

"Of course, some of the pleasure involved in receiving a great blow-job is visual. For most guys, me included, watching their cock slide between their partnerís lips is highly erotic. In that case the trick with the hand wonít be very effective. Another great visual stimulus is to let his cum shoot on your breasts or face. That is almost as exciting to him as cumming in your mouth."

As Jimís lecture ran down, Sara made eye contact with Janet. "Another thing to remember is to keep it fun. Be playful. Use your lips to nibble on the shaft and head, try different strokes with you tongue, but until you are more aware of just how much pressure to use, avoid making contact with your teeth. As you get more experience you can gently nibble and scrape his cock with your teeth, but we want to avoid any injury from lack of experience.

"And to keep it close and intimate, make frequent eye contact. You can be sure Mike will be watching you suck his cock, and eye contact will only make it better for both of you.

"Now weíve been talking long enough. I know that both of you are eager, so get to it!"

Janet turned her full attention to her husbandís throbbing erection. The long discussion had done nothing to cool his ardor. Precum oozed continuously from the tiny opening at the tip of his cock. His new wife delicately tested the clear fluid with the tip of her tongue. Finding the favor agreeable she licked more forcefully, again wetting the head with her saliva.

Experimentally taking the head into her mouth she applied gentle suction. The smooth texture of his warm flesh surprised and delighted the young bride. Running her tongue around the little ridge at the top, she pressed up on the underside of the tip. She was rewarded with a fresh taste of his precum.

Looking up into her husbandís eyes, Janet took him a little farther into her mouth. She sucked a little harder, causing Mike to again strain to keep from unloading his semen into her mouth.

Sara continued to give instructions as Janet began to slowly move her lips up and down over the head of Mikeís cock. "You should use your hands as well. The hand around the shaft can pump up and down, and the other can gently rub his balls, buttocks, and thighs. Women expect their men to rub those areas, but often forget that men find it enjoyable, too."

Janet followed Saraís advice. She stepped up the speed of her lips and tongue and began to rub her husbandís balls through the tight material of his white brief. Mike watched in wild excitement as he neared his climax.

Now that their students were fully involved with each other, Sara and Jim needed to work off the sexual tension that they were feeling from the lesson. They were highly aroused from the oral demonstration, and needed relief. Sara straddled Jim as he sat on the edge of the Jacuzzi, and lowered her aching pussy onto his cock. Janet and Mike so involved in their own pleasures that they were completely unaware that Sara and Jim were passionately fucking just a few feet away.

Moving rapidly up and down, Sara quickly brought them both to orgasm, taking Jimís cum deep into her smooth shaved cunt. As t5hey finished, they watched the hot action of their students.

Mike was losing his struggle to hold back his climax. The whole day had been one arousing incident after another. He knew he would not last much longer. Remembering to be considerate of his lover, Mike gasped, "Janet, Honey, Iím gonna cumÖ Ií m cummingÖnow!"

Hearing her husbandís warning only made Janet more determined to take his load in her sucking mouth. She felt Mikeís cock throb as the first spurt of his cum jetted onto her tongue. Even though she was expecting it, she pulled back in surprise. The second spurt splashed onto her lips, dripping down over her chin.

Recovering from her surprise, Janet hastily took her husbandís spurting member between her lips, sucking gently on the head as the final spasms deposited the remainder of his cum in her mouth. She looked directly into Mikeís eyes, and swallowed!

Mike was overwhelmed by the sensations of pleasure that coursed through his muscular body. Never had he felt anything as powerful as the orgasm his wife had given him. He gazed at her in adoration, the feelings of love for her almost overpowering.

Reaching down, Mike clasped Janetís face in his hands. Gently, he lifted her from his lap. As she reluctantly allowed his slightly softened cock to slip from her lips, Janet smiled back at her husband. This was the most fun she had ever had. She felt more in love with him than ever, happy that she had given him so much pleasure, wanting even more.

Drawing her to him, Mike passionately kissed his bride. He had to kiss her. The taste of his cum on her lips reminded him of the pleasure she had given, of how she had taken him to herself. She had given him more than he had dreamed possible, and all he could think of was returning the pleasure to her.

Sara still held Jimís cock in her pussy, her legs around his waist and arms around his neck. She turned her head to see Mike and Janet kiss and embrace. She sighed and turned back to Jim. Bussing him on the lips, she looked into his eyes. "I think these two are going to be a lot of fun to work with."

To Be Continued...


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