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Sex School - Epilogue
by skibum

Mike awoke to a strange, wonderful sensation. Raising his head, he looked down his body to see Janet sucking on his morning erection. She had been watching him for signs of wakefulness, and seeing that he was stirring she smiled around her mouthful of hard cock and winked at him.

"Good morning, sweetheart," Mike grinned. You have my permission to wake me like this every morning!"

There was a knock at the door, and Sara and Jim entered without waiting for an invitation. The coaches red outfits of the day before had been replaced with a large triangular scarf of red silk, wrapped around the waist and knotted at the left hip. The silk was inadequate to cover their genitals, serving more to accent and draw the attention rather than hide. Sara carried two more silk of the silk scarves, these in a bright yellow.

"Congratulations, you two," said Jim, with a big grin. "You no longer qualify for the white uniforms. Here are your new colors."

Janet let Mikeís erection slip from her mouth with a last loving slurp. She sat up and regarded the two strips of cloth that that Sara held out to her. "These are different from what we wore yesterday."

"The garters and hose, and the open briefs are used only for the first day. These are more convenient, especially if you want to get out of them fast."

Sara explained the schedule for day two at the Institute. "You have the morning free to explore the island, swim, or socialize with the other triads. The only thing we ask is that you get dressed if you leave the Institute grounds. We donít need to get the local authorities in an uproar. Be back in your Institute outfits and at the pool by noon for lunch. We will pick up the program after lunch. For now, though your time is yours.

"And Janet, donít wear him out too much before lunch!"

After the coaches left, Janet and Mike returned to their sex play. Janet was a little sore, so they confined themselves to a single oral climax each, then went out to spend some time on the beach before lunch.

For the next thirteen days they were schooled in every aspect of sexual enjoyment. In their private sessions, Sara and Jim taught them every sexual technique they could imagine, and others that they had never been aware of. There were also demonstrations by other coaches at group sessions at the pool dining area. They were also allowed ample free time to practice what they had learned on their own, and generally enjoy the sensual pleasures of the Caribbean resort. By the end of the first week they were fairly well accomplished at basic love making, and were being exposed to some kinkier ways to have fun together.

Janet found that she was wildly excited if Mike tied her up and ravaged her with no regard to her feelings. He was uncomfortable with that, but went along because he knew she enjoyed it. His fondest memory so far was the day he greased his cock up with a lubricant, and spent a half an hour slowly working it up her tight anal opening. They were both shocked one day when Sara and Jim demonstrated "golden showers", but they were both turned on enough to try it, and somewhat surprised to find that they actually enjoyed it.

As the end of their stay at the Institute drew near, Janet and Mike were tanned, fit, and completely comfortable with their naked bodies. They had even put on a show similar to the one Stuart and Elizabeth had performed. As they prepared to leave the island, they came to a mutual decision to go back to school for their Masters degrees in Human Sexuality at the school where Janetís parents were professors.

Waiting for the shuttle that would take them to the airport, Sara hugged and kissed each of them. Jim wrapped both arms around Janet in a bear hug, and shook hands with Mike. "Remember us and all you have learned here. After you get your degrees, think about coming back for the course we teach to sex therapists. We would be very happy to have you back anytime.

"Whatever comes along in your lives, remember the love you share for one another, and always enjoy each otherís company, both sexually and otherwise."

The End

This is the end of Mike and Janetís first adventure at "the Institute". But, who knows? They may be back someday for a little "advanced training"!


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