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Submissive Trudy
by Richard Janice

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It had been almost a month since Trudy's first foray into the exciting world of dominance and submission and she and Mr. Wilson had enjoyed adventure after adventure. Trudy had found a whole new level of excitement in surrendering herself totally to her lover's desires. Just putting on a blindfold was now enough to cause her pussy to literally drip with excitement. Mr. Wilson had tied Trudy in a number of different positions each more exposing than the last. She had enjoyed being bound to her bed on her back with her hands fastened to the headboard and her ankles spread to the bottom corners. A variation on this had Wilson bend her knees and tied them wide apart to the sides of the bed thus opening her slit wide apart.

One night Mr. Wilson had blindfolded her and had tied her standing with her hands pulled toward the ceiling. Her ankles were also tied wide apart. It had been her favorite position so far. Standing there with her breasts pointing proudly forward, she had imagined herself on display as though at a slave auction from a bygone era. (And what am I bid for this fine specimen). Mr. Wilson had left her like that for quite awhile and had brought all of her senses to a fever pitch by slowly and gently rubbing warm oil over her entire helpless body. He had finally taken her, still standing, until they both cried out in orgasm. Trudy had such a powerful orgasm that she just hung weakly in her bonds, trembling as tears streamed down her face.

Last weekend, Mr. Wilson had put her in what was, by far, the position that Trudy felt most vulnerable in. On Saturday night at his home, Mr. Wilson had blindfolded her and then undressed her completely. He led her into the living room until she felt the cold leather of the back of his easy chair touch her thighs. Wilson had attached the, by now familiar, straps to her wrists and then gently pushed her forward until she was bent double with her head touching the seat. Wilson had tied her wrists to the arms of the chair and then spread her feet and fastened her ankles wide apart. He had left her like that for a long time before finally touching her and by the time he did Trudy was soaked. She had imagined what she must look like from her boyfriend's vantage-point. Her long tanned legs were stretched tight down and wide apart. Trudy could feel a faint breeze between her opened thighs and knew that Mr. Wilson had a perfect view of her blond pussy from behind. She was sure that he would be able to see her juices on her puffed out slit. Trudy had pictured herself in Mr. Wilson's position and realized that her bottom was stretched tight across the leather chair and her buttocks were opened wide apart exposing her anus. Trudy felt herself tremble as she wondered if Mr. Wilson planned to touch her there.

Trudy had always considered that part of her anatomy to be private and had never let any of her lovers touch her there. She was somehow embarrassed when even she touched her herself. It was kind of naughty to finger her bottom but whenever she did it was the most exciting thing ever. Now, here she was, bent over, helplessly exposing her bottom to her lover. Wilson's hands had finally touched her. Starting at her ankles and trailing up the backs of her calves to her knees and then up along the insides of her thighs to her blond bush now wet with her own juices. Trudy shivered with delight as she remembered how Mr. Wilson's fingers slid down from the small of her back through the valley between her buttocks. Trudy gasped as his fingers had crossed the sensitive opening of her anus. Trudy still wasn't sure if she was disappointed or thankful that he hadn't lingered there. The sex that night, with Mr. Wilson taking her while she was still bent over the chair, was the best ever.

That had been last Saturday and now, here it was Friday morning and Trudy hadn't seen Mr. Wilson since. Each night when they talked, Mr. Wilson promised to outdo himself next time.

"When?" had asked Trudy

"When it's time." had said Wilson with a smile.

Trudy had waited anxiously each night for Mr. Wilson to start an 'adventure' but each night their talk was pleasant but decidedly asexual.

Trudy was getting ready for work when the phone rang.

"Hi." said George Wilson "Are you ready for an adventure?"

Trudy giggled "Yes Sir"

"Good girl." said George "Have you dressed for work yet?"

"Not yet." replied Trudy

"Okay I want you to dress in a short white skirt. Wear the pleated one that goes about halfway up your thighs. Wear the pale blue cotton blouse with it. Pick out a pair of heels too. Oh, and there's to be no other clothing; no panties, no bra, no stockings, nothing. Plan to spend your lunch hour at my office. Take a cab so that you're there by 12:15. Any questions?"


"Good. See you later then."

Trudy pulled the clothes Mr. Wilson had asked for out of the closet and jumped into a quick shower. As she dressed, she could feel her excitement building. She was sure she'd be soaking wet by lunchtime. 'What would he do to her this time?' she wondered, 'Would he tie her up in his office?'

What excited Trudy most is that she had no idea what would be demanded of her just that she would have to obey him. The morning at work seemed interminable. Trudy kept looking at the clock and willing it to go faster. Finally noon arrived and Trudy was out of the building and into a waiting cab by 12:01. During the 10-minute ride, she thought over and over again about what might happen. She felt her heat rise as possibility after possibility ran through her mind. Trudy paid the driver and hurried into the tall office building where Mr. Wilson worked. A few moments later, Trudy exited an elevator on the 23rd floor. Mr. Wilson's office was down the corridor. Trudy took a deep breath before opening the door and walking in.

As usual, Mr. Wilson's receptionist Kathy was in the lobby. Kathy and Trudy had met a number of times. Kathy smiled as she walked in.

"Hello Trudy. Mr. Wilson said to give this to you and to have you wait for him in his office."

The pretty young receptionist handed Trudy a large envelope. Trudy looked down and saw the word 'Instructions' printed on the envelope in Mr. Wilson's handwriting. She looked up to see a knowing smile on Kathy's face. Trudy blushed a deep red in embarrassment as she realized that Kathy now knew that she was submissive.

Trudy quickly moved into Mr. Wilson's spacious office and closed the door behind her with a sigh of relief. Mr. Wilson's office was luxuriously furnished. His large oak desk was at one end. At the other end were a small conference table and a small sofa. The office was covered with wall to wall carpeting. Trudy sat down at the conference table and opened the envelope. Inside were a black silk scarf and a letter. Trudy's heart quickened as she picked up the note.

Mr. Wilson's instructions were simple and to the point. Trudy was to remove all of her clothes immediately. She would then stand in the middle of the room and put on the blindfold. Then she was to stand with her feet apart and her hands clasped behind her head until she was given further instructions.

Trudy's face was flushed by the time she finished the letter. Just the idea of taking off all of her clothes in Mr. Wilson's office was terrifying but to do so in the middle of the day with Kathy right outside the door, that was even scarier. Trudy was pretty sure it would be Mr. Wilson who would come in, but there was not even a guarantee of that. As Trudy stood up she realized that, as scary as these instructions were, they were also exciting. She felt her pussy tingling with her own juices.

Trudy's hands shook slightly as she undid the first button of her blouse. It only took a moment before the blouse and skirt tumbled to the floor leaving Trudy completely naked. She moved to the center of the room and carefully put on the blindfold. Instantly Trudy's hearing doubled in sensitivity. She clasped her hands behind her head and waited for someone to come in. Her ears strained to identify the sounds outside of the door. The wait was only a couple of minutes but it seemed like an hour. Each time Trudy heard Kathy move around out in the lobby, she would hold her breath and pray she wouldn't wander in with a memo or something.

The sound of the door opening finally came. Trudy felt her whole body tense. It seemed to take forever for the door to close and all that time Trudy knew she was perfectly visible to whoever might be looking in from the lobby. Trudy let out a small sigh of relief when it finally closed.

Was it Mr. Wilson who was now in the room? Even if it was, did he come in alone? Trudy listened intently as someone slowly walked all around her. She felt her nipples betraying her excitement as they stood to attention under the gaze of her admirer. Very lightly, fingertips touched the underside of her breast and slid upward to her now tight nipples. The fingers left her and then touched her again, this time sliding from the small of her back, tracing the crack between her buttocks. Trudy let out a breath that she realized she had been holding for ages. The fingertips touched here and there, each time making Trudy hotter and wetter. Finally, she heard Mr. Wilson's voice.

"You're awfully hot, my little sex slave."

"Oh God... you have no idea." replied Trudy

Mr. Wilson's fingers moved up and grasped Trudy's left nipple firmly. With a small tug, he pulled Trudy forward. She had no choice but to follow him. In tiny steps, Trudy let herself be led forward, the tugging on her nipples guiding her forward until she felt the cool sensation of Mr. Wilson's leather seat on her thighs. From the height, Trudy guessed that she was standing directly behind the sofa facing forward. The fingers left her nipples and moved upward to grasp her wrists.

Her wrists were pulled forward until Trudy felt herself being pulled down across the back of the sofa. She bent forward until her head rested on the sofa back. Leather straps around her wrists fastened her hands pulling forward toward the front of the sofa. Her now sensitive nipples just touched the cool leather of the sofa back.

Trudy heard Mr. Wilson walk behind her and felt him attach leather straps to her ankles also. Her feet were pulled gently wide apart until her hips rested fully at the top of the sofa back. Her feet were also fastened in this position. Trudy's breathing had quickened during the whole procedure and she knew she was soaking wet with excitement. She imagined the scene, as it must appear for Mr. Wilson. There she was, bent over the back of his leather sofa, her legs spread and her bottom pulled tight from the position she was in. She knew that from his vantage-point he had a perfect view of her pussy from the rear. She was sure that with all the excitement her pussy lips must be puffed out and swollen. She tried to imagine the view from the rear and realized suddenly that her anus must be perfectly exposed also. That part of her that was so private was now completely exposed to Mr. Wilson once again. She knew that Mr. Wilson was standing or sitting right behind her, enjoying the view. She wondered what he would do next.

Mr. Wilson moved closer to Trudy. She felt his hands stroke gently upward and come to rest with one on each buttock. His thumbs slid slowly inward then gently pried Trudy's bottom wide open stretching her anus tight. Trudy had never been so embarrassed. She tried to clench her cheeks but in this bent-over position, it was impossible. She felt Mr. Wilson blowing gently across her sensitive anus and shivered as she wondered what he might do to her. Mr. Wilson held her like that for what seemed ages before letting go. She heard him walk over to his desk and then the sound of a jar or container opening. Mr. Wilson's footsteps moved back behind Trudy and she held her breath in anticipation.

The touch of Mr. Wilson's fingertip directly on the center of Trudy's anus was cold. Trudy gasped. Mr. Wilson had covered his finger in Vaseline and now he teased her rear opening, circling the center slowly. Trudy held her breath again, knowing what must come next. Mr. Wilson's penetration of her bottom came a fraction of an inch at a time. In and out, each push a little deeper until finally his finger was embedded in her fully and Trudy was gasping with excitement.

Mr. Wilson chuckled "You like that do you?" he asked. "Well you're going to like it more because as soon as I get home tonight I'm going to take your anal cherry. Between now and then I'm going to leave your bottom slippery for me and you are not going to touch yourself.


This story was split into 2 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

Another top quality story by Richard Janice.

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