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Second Threesome
by Jason X

After our first threesome experience we decide to try it again, this time with 2 women. It has always been a fantasy of mine to have 2 women, but the thought of watching you with another woman is enough to make me hard. You have a friend - Joanne who is not getting any at home. Her husband has not had sex with her for quite some time now and she is ready to pop! She readily agrees to join us. You have had discussions with her before and she has always told you she loves to be a dominatrix. I find the thought quite exciting.

Her husband is out of town this weekend so we all decide to meet at her house.

When we arrive at her house, she opens the door dressed in a black lace bra, garter belt, and stockings, NO panties. WOW this woman really is raring to go I thought - this is going to be very interesting. She leads us into her guestroom that she has prepared. There are short lengths of rope tied to each end of the bed, a pillow in the middle and lots of toys on the bedside. My wife tells me that she was so thankful for our last encounter tonight is my night! I already start to get hard.

My wife strips down to her panties, walks over to Joanne and they start to kiss. Joanne fondles my wife's tits as they kiss, their tongues probing each other's mouths. I take off all my clothes and sit on the bed enjoying the show. My wife kneels down and with her thumbs pulls apart Joanne's pussy lips. She gives a long lick watching me and my cock. She licks around her clit inside then outside the folds as Joanne moves her hips in anticipation. I start to tub myself enjoying the "show"

"WAIT" Joanne shouts, "we are not ready for you yet"! She moves over to me and pushes me back on the bed. "Help me tie him up" she tells my wife... She obeys enjoying the moment. They tie me securely to the bed and Joanne places a large pillow under my lower back pushing my hard cock way up in the air. I am very aroused with this and feel my cock getting harder every second. Joanne moves to the nightstand and takes a cock strap and puts a 7-inch dildo into it. She then secures it around my chin.

Joanne and my wife start to lick my balls. One each they take them into their mouths swirling around with their tongues. The sensation is incredible - I feel a sexual wave of pleasure flow through me as Joanne takes long firm licks up the base of my cock and my wife continues to lick and suck on my balls. Pre cum starts to ooze from my dick and Joanne quickly laps it up.

My wife then moves to the dildo on my chin, kneels above my face and starts to massage her clit. I have full view of her pussy and it is an incredible turn on watching her get wet right in my face. Slowly she lowers herself on to the dildo and I watch as it fills her up - juices dripping onto my chin. I feel Joanne licking on my balls, I want to get up and fuck both of them right there but I am secured to the bed. Joanne's tongue moves down from my balls and proceed to my ass hole. I have never experienced this before but it is quite exciting. She teases my ass with her tongue as my wife rides the dildo. I moan in pleasure enjoying all the sensations.

Suddenly Joanne pushes something into my ass - Chinese love beads. This is a painful experience at first and a weird one. I have never had something up my ass before but the pleasure that swept through my body overcame all my inhibitions. Slowly she pushed in another and another until my ass was full with 5 beads. The sensation passed and Joanne continued licking the tip of my cock.

My wife was close to coming now - teasing her clit with her fingers and riding my chin. Joanne lowered herself onto my dick. I filled her up easily as she was dripping wet. Both women were moaning now enjoying my body and the sexual tension in the air. The both rode me, Joanne my cock my wife on my chin. I looked over and saw Joanne's hand moving to my ass. She began to tug on the beads slowly pulling the out of my ass.

I screamed as I started one of the most intense orgasms of my life.

My wife Screamed and came on the dildo - She lifted herself off and pushed her pussy into my mouth as she continued to cum.

Joanne screamed enjoying the sensation of finally being filled up with hard cock. She continued pulling the beads intensifying the orgasm even more.

In unison we all came together, screaming, verbalizing our sex. I pushed my tongue into my wife's pussy as she removed the dildo from my chin. She turned around into the 69 position and licked Joanne's clit as she finished her orgasm. Joanne kissed my wife again tasting herself. My wife then pushed Joanne of me and licked up all the remaining cum. Joane assisted. Now they were both licking me clean again. What a feeling of sexual release.

The women untied me, and then lay in front of me spreading their legs. For the rest of the evening I massaged them at the same time until they came. It was an extremely sexual evening, and I know Joanne wanted to have us back again!


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