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Shopping Trip
by Shintani

Alyssa thought she was through for the night. It was about 20 minutes to closing time and her clothing store was empty. Not that she minded, it had been a fairly busy day, but she let the last of the workers go just a few minutes earlier. As manager, it was her responsibility to lock up at the end of the night. As her boredom mounted, she decided to straighten a few things up and rearrange some of the dress racks. She picked up a few dresses off the racks and redid their display. "Not too bad," she thought of them, most of them had thin straps and short skirts. Very much like the burgundy dress she wore, a hot little number that did a great job showing off her curves.

At 5'7", she had long, well-muscled legs that ended in a gorgeous ass, and the dark material flattered her ample chest as well. Alyssa didn't even need a bra to keep her perky tits in place with most outfits. High-heeled pumps completed her outfit this evening. As she finished putting one of the display racks back in order, a young couple entered the store. "Hi, folks," she said. "We're closing up in a few minutes, but please take your time. If there's anything special you need, let me know."

They acknowledged her greeting, and the young lady made a beeline for the dresses that Alyssa was admiring. Her boyfriend seemed a little less interested, and leaned up against the counter. His eyes followed his girlfriend over to the display racks, she was a bit shorter than Alyssa was, but she was quite attractive. Nicely shaped legs and a cute butt were covered by a pair of shorts that were a bit too small, closer inspection revealed the bottom curves of that fine ass.

Her halter-top was a bit short as well, and accentuated by the swell of her bosom. Shoulder length blonde hair framed her lovely face, her green eyes had a 'come hither' look about them as well. As she approached Alyssa to look over the selections, it became evident that the store's air conditioning was working efficiently, her hard nipples poked out against the material of her top. Alyssa glanced in a nearby mirror to see that she too was feeling a bit of the chill. Her customer engaged her in brief conversation, inquiring about the dresses and some accessories to complement them, soon Alyssa and her charge were drifting through the store, picking up things here and there.

When she reached the front door, a quick turn of the wrist secured the lock, Alyssa made sure that her customers knew they had plenty of time to finish, she just wanted to keep anyone else from coming in. They then went towards the rear of the store to the fitting rooms. "Don't take too much of her time Suzi," called out the young lady's boyfriend.

"I won't Tom," she replied as Alyssa escorted her into the changing area. She didn't notice Tom's wandering eyes as they followed her shapely ass all the way back.

The dressing area of the store could have been described as a lesbian's dream. There were several individual cubicles, but no doors or curtains. Suzi slipped into one and Alyssa handed her the items that she selected. Suzi proceeded to undress and try the various articles on. Alyssa was at the entrance to the dressing area, not staring directly at Suzi, but she could still see some of the goings on out of the corner of her eye. While she had never been with another woman, she couldn't help but be turned on by Suzi's gorgeous body. She even went as far as licking her lips when she saw Suzi's voluptuous breasts before they were secure in the dress. Even then, the faint outline of her nipples was visible through the black material.

Suzi emerged from the cubicle to examine her selection in the full-length mirror, and Alyssa nodded her approval. "Now if only I had the right shoes to match this," said Suzi, and Alyssa remarked that she thought hers might fit Suzi and go well with the dress. Offering them to Suzi so that she could complete her ensemble, Alyssa watched as she sat down and put them on. Her skirt rode up high enough that Alyssa got a quick glimpse of the leopard print thong Suzi was wearing.

Suzi noticed her lingering gaze, but continued on as if nothing had happened. After she had selected the outfit and its accompaniments, she changed back into her street clothes. Alyssa, who was getting aroused by her sensuous movements, attempted to watch surreptitiously. Suzi returned her high heels and even offered to assist in putting them back on. Alyssa sat on the bench and Suzi bent down between her legs and took a hold of one of her trim calves. "What a remarkable tan you have," she commented.

"Well, I have a natural advantage, my skin tone is darker than yours," replied Alyssa. "Plus, I know a great secluded beach where I can lay out in private. See, no tan lines here," she continued, and pulled down one of her shoulder straps to prove her point. Suzi caressed her leg absent mindedly as she watched, running her hand all the way up Alyssa's thigh.

"I see," said Suzi.

"How about, you know?" she asked.

"Oh, its private enough that I can wear a thong when I go topless," answered Alyssa, "but if you do that, you have to keep yourself trimmed."

"I suppose you do," agreed Suzi. "You don't think I could see just how much..." Alyssa was shocked at how forward this woman was, caressing her legs and asking to see...normally, she would have been outraged but there was just something different about Suzi.

"OK," she said nervously. Sitting back down on the bench, Alyssa slipped out of her lacy panties and revealed her closely trimmed bush to Suzi. Leaning back slightly against the wall, she slowly spread her legs apart, allowing Suzi an unrestricted view. For her part, Suzi knelt down on the floor and placed her hands on Alyssa's knees.

"You're so beautiful," she whispered as she rose up and leaned in towards Alyssa.

"I've never done this" was Alyssa's anxious reply.

Suzi placed a finger across her lips and soothed "don't worry. I'll take care of everything." With that, she brought her lips to Alyssa's and the two embraced. Alyssa felt Suzi's hot breath on her face and her soft lips meeting hers. Her mouth opened, ever so slightly, admitting Suzi's probing tongue. Her own tongue met Suzi's in a soft, passionate kiss. Her eyes, wide with amazement, met Suzi's.

Alyssa felt Suzi's hand on the back of her head, guiding her back yet supporting her all in one motion. Time seemed to stand still for Alyssa as all of her senses reported her situation. She could feel the softness of Suzi's kiss, the firm gentle pressure of their bodies meeting. The other woman's kiss tasted sweet in her mouth, and Suzi's scent filled her essence. Suzi's hot breath echoed in her ears, and her seductive green eyes gazed deeply into her own. Suzi caressed Alyssa's long black hair back behind her back and slowly pushed the shoulder straps of her dress down.

Alyssa felt her breasts fall free from their confinement, and she watched in awe as Suzi sat straight up in her lap and removed her halter-top. Suzi's breasts spilled out before her, full and round, each capped with a rose-colored nipple. While Alyssa's were larger, Suzi were still gorgeous. Her hands found Alyssa's firm breasts, and her deft fingers played circles around the dark tipped nipples. Suzi leaned back, drinking in the fine view of the Asian beauty before her, and then lowered herself onto Alyssa's breasts, her tongue and fingers playfully caressing her. In response, Alyssa embraced Suzi closer, forcing her face down into her cleavage. Her breasts had always been sensitive to touch, and now she was experiencing full bliss. Suzi was expertly caressing her, manipulating her breasts and nipples with her mouth, lips and tongue. Her delicate fingers gently squeezed Alyssa's breasts and ran her hardening nipples between her fingers.

A slow moaning escaped Alyssa's lips. She felt her body enthralled with the pleasure that Suzi gave, and she floated euphorically as Suzi slid her dress all the way down, past her waist and down her legs. Hot kisses from her mouth decorated Alyssa's gorgeous body as her moaning intensified. Suzi managed to pull Alyssa's dress completely down to the floor, and she guided the young beauty in stepping out of the dress and lying back on the floor. Suzi stood over Alyssa, enjoying the view of her naked body in front of her and shimmied out of her own shorts and panties.

Alyssa's outstretched arms greeted her as she lay down on top of her, passionate kisses and caresses freely traded. As Alyssa felt Suzi's kisses focusing in on her lower body, she tensed in anticipation. Suzi's gentle hands shifted Alyssa's taught thighs apart, revealing the pink folds of her dripping pussy. Her own body, in agreement with its recent treatment, was preparing her for the evening's activities. Alyssa had never felt so wet before in her life, not when touching herself, not with her boyfriend, not even the night she shared with him and a couple of his frat brothers. As Suzi reached the smooth skin of her belly, she could smell the musky aroma of Alyssa's hot pussy, waiting for her. A few more well placed kisses continued to tease Alyssa, but she never relaxed the grip she had on Suzi.

Alyssa's hips rocked back and forth as she tried to force Suzi's mouth onto her, her thighs tightening as she wrapped her legs around Suzi's back. While she had experienced oral sex before, Alyssa knew that Suzi was-had to be an expert. As Suzi's tongue made its first pass on Alyssa's delicate pussy lips and grazed her hardening clit, she knew she was right. A gasp escaped her lips at the initial feel, followed by a steady moaning as Suzi ran strokes of her tongue faster and faster across Alyssa's pussy.

With each stroke, Suzi used more and more of the surface of her tongue to caress more of Alyssa's dripping snatch. Each pass and she ran her tongue deeper between those waiting lips. Alyssa lay her head back, relaxing her leg muscles and spreading her legs wide for Suzi, so that she could take whatever she wanted. Her moans grew in intensity as waves of pleasure tore through her body. She scarcely noticed that when her moaning had started, Tom had heard and came back to investigate. Alyssa was barely conscious of the fact that as Suzi continued to ravish her, he had pulled down his own shorts and was stroking a monster hard on.

The two-girl show in front of him was irresistible, and his cock grew as the two women continued their lovemaking. His strokes were short and light, just enough to provide stimulation as he watched his girlfriend continue to lick Alyssa's pussy. Alyssa was screaming frantically now as her orgasm grew in intensity. Suzi continued to run her tongue across Alyssa's pussy, using the tip to trace tight circles around her clitoris as her fingers probed and caressed her lips. Suzi motioned to her boyfriend to come over, and he did, kneeling over Alyssa's head as she continued to scream in ecstasy. Her oral play on Alyssa subsided briefly as the orgasmic waves passed through her and she paused to catch her breath.

Alyssa looked at Suzi, who was playing with her own pussy during the interlude, and smiled. Suzi smiled back and without warning, dove back into Alyssa's soaked cunt. The feelings for Alyssa were the same as before, only magnified as she had barely begun to recover from that first intense orgasm. She opened her mouth to scream again, and threw her head to the side as Suzi drove her tongue deep into her pussy. With open eyes, she saw Tom's hard cock only inches away from her face as he continued stroking. In one quick motion, Alyssa had it in her mouth.

Pulling him closer to her, she felt him sliding the head all the way to the back of her mouth and she stroked him even harder. In no time, she had his cock all the way down her throat and he began to thrust back and forth, fucking her mouth even while his girlfriend fucked her. Suzi didn't miss a single lick as Alyssa positioned herself so that Tom could get at her mouth more easily. She added her fingers to the mix now, rubbing Alyssa's hard clit as she continued to drink in her pussy juices. It was becoming too much for Suzi now, and as she felt Alyssa's body bucking with another orgasm, she pulled her head up and straddled Alyssa's hard body. Her own cunt dripped at the sight that awaited her. Lying on the floor before her was a stark naked beauty, her luxurious tan nearly unmarred by unsightly pale tanlines.

Her pussy was glistening and wet, her love juices matting down her trim pubic hairs and streaking down her firm thighs. Her raven-colored hair was pulled back and her head turned, and Tom's cock forced its way repeatedly into her mouth. Suzi watched as Alyssa expertly stroked his cock, allowing it all the way into her mouth and then almost all the way out, with just the barest part of the tip still inside as he continued his fuck stroke. Her hands stroked his shaft as she sucked his cock, firmly enough to provided stimulation, but not hard enough to make him cum.

Alyssa, feeling the sensation between her legs subsiding, let Tom pull all the way out. As Suzi approached, she stroked the first droplets of his pre-cum out of his cock, and let him rub it into her lips. She ran her tongue across the bottom of his shaft on that stroke, then took his heavy balls into her mouth, sucking them down greedily. Suzi was soon up as well, straddling Alyssa's chest and inching her way forward. Her own pussy was dripping nearly as much as Alyssa's as she fingered her clit in anticipation.

Without losing a stroke, Alyssa was soon sucking Suzi's cunt as Tom looked on. Suzi's moaning grew rapidly as Alyssa lay under her, flicking her tongue at Suzi's most sensitive parts. Teasing both Alyssa and herself, Suzi varied the height at which she sat on Alyssa, from just barely allowing her tongue to lick her gently, to pressing down so hard on her that her tongue had nowhere to go but up her pussy.

Alyssa had never had a woman before, now she was licking and sucking for all she was worth, and nearly oblivious to the rest of the world. She concentrated on Suzi's cunt, trying to return the pleasure she had just received, and she felt Tom's strong hands spreading her thighs again. Without even thinking, she spread her legs wide for him, barely comprehending Suzi's impassioned words. "That's it, suck my pussy honey! Spread your legs and feel him fucking you! Eat my pussy and give him yours!" Alyssa complied with every one of Suzi's wishes, increasing the tempo of her own tongue as she felt her lover approaching orgasm. As Suzi screamed with delight, Alyssa felt the tip of Tom's hard cock sliding between her slick pussy lips.

She spread her legs even farther apart as she felt his shaft slide into her, inch by glorious inch. Suzi's cum dribbled down her chin and over her face as Alyssa brought her to orgasm again, and she felt the first of Tom's powerful cock strokes ram into her hot, wet pussy. He grabbed her legs and placed them against his chest as he stroked hard and deep into her pussy. Those powerful strokes built up in intensity as she began to moan once again. Her tongue quivering, it met Suzi's cunt once again as she lowered herself onto Alyssa's mouth. This time, Suzi's fingers assisted and she came quickly once again, drenching Alyssa's face and the carpet below her. Alyssa barely remembered this as Tom continued his expert fucking of her puss. Each stroke of his cock ended with his heavy balls slamming into her, his huge cock filling her tight pussy. He pressed down on her, in all the right spots as she felt her body convulsing with pleasure. Screams of pure pleasure escaped her lips as she started to cum again.

Without warning, Tom pulled his cock all the way out on one stroke, and lay the shaft against Alyssa's clit. A few short strokes later and she was screaming with yet another orgasm. Before she could recover, his cock slid back into her pussy, and his thrusts grew harder and faster. Pressing into her as deep as he could, Tom felt his balls spasming as he approached his own climax. With a few more powerful strokes, it was too much for him to bear, and he filled Alyssa's cunt up with his hot cum. Each convulsion of his cock spurted more and more of the sticky white cum into her pussy, and as he pulled out, a trail of cum dripped from Alyssa's well-fucked cunt. He leaned over top of her as Suzi stepped away, and gave their beautiful young partner a deep, loving kiss. Alyssa lay spent on the floor, breathing heavily and amazed at what just transpired.

Every muscle of her body was tired, Tom's cum was oozing out of her pussy, and Suzi's taste was still strong in her mouth, but she had never felt better in her entire life. She looked up at her two new lovers, Suzi was already dressed, and with Tom's help, Alyssa managed to get herself presentable as well. She helped them get their things together, and locked up after they left. As she prepared to leave for the night herself, she noticed that Suzi had forgotten her purse. Checking through it, she found her driver's license, and thought to herself "guess I better go and bring it back to them. Hope they don't mind me dropping in for a surprise visit," and hopped into her car.

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