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Stalking Tango
by KillerMuffin

Tango moved slowly around the verge of the Park, her eyes searching constantly for the slightest bit of motion. Her ears tuned keenly to the sounds around her. Her heightened adrenaline flow sharpened the smells around her to the extant that she could almost pick out individual humans. Her mouth pursed wryly, she was a Dog after all.

The kill had been a quick, clean one. The Target had known he'd been marked for death, but had never suspected it would be from her. Stupid man. It would be hours before anyone discovered his body in the alley she'd left it in, she'd be long gone. Attention to detail and her surroundings had kept her alive this long. She wasn't about to let herself relax her guard now.

After she passed a particularly bulky oak tree, a figure detached itself from the shadows and fell in step behind her. Interesting. She didn't think he was a part of the Target's organization, he simply reeked the wrong the way. However, it always paid to be careful. She stopped a moment, near a crowd and looked across the street. Her new shadow stopped as well. When she began moving, using a much slower pace. He moved with her. Interesting.

He liked the sway of her ass. She'd smelled good when she passed him. An uptight snooty little bitch just waiting to get fucked. She was wearing tight clothing and a cropped off jacket. The bitch had better have nice tits. He liked to bite nice tits when he fucked his women. There was something different about this one, he just knew she'd be a wild fuck.

Up ahead an intersection loomed. To the left was the Park, the right was bright city lights and crowded streets. She picked up speed until she was nearly running. Behind her, her shadow kept pace, drawing closer. He understood that she was nearly to safety.

Decisions, decisions. Should she be a good little citizen and turn onto the crowded streets? Of course not. She pivoted abruptly and bolted in the depths of the darkened Park. Behind her, she could hear his much heavier foot steps as he followed.

Not only sexy but stupid. Didn't the bitch know that there was nothing more dangerous to a woman alone that the Park at night? He was just the man to show her. He waited until he'd turned the corner before racing after her. He could almost feel her in his hands. She was going to be his.

Surefooted, with an almost preternatural sense of her surroundings, she made better time plunging through the wooded, brushy slopes. She could hear him crashing through branches behind her, cursing when they cut into him. Just as abruptly as she'd started her seemingly mad rush into the Park, she stopped. A bike path intersected the woods. There was the distant glow of a lamp off toward the left and empty park benches lining the path. Behind the benches there was a wide strip of grass before the trees started again. There didn't seem to be anyone near.

She would have preferred a more secluded spot, but it would have to do. She didn't have a great deal of time to play with the man. She started backing slowly and deliberately across the grass, freezing when the man appeared suddenly on the path. The very appearance of a frightened, defenseless woman. He stopped when he saw her, then started forward again, all dangerous swagger.

"Hello." He sounded friendly enough. Tango suppressed a feral little grin. He moved slowly, rather like a man trying not to frighten his prey. He kept his voice low and soothing. "You dropped something back there."

She held her ground, waiting for him. He moved across the grass, subtly putting his body between her and the light. She watched him warily, her eyes still darting, seeking any other source of threat, or possible witnesses. He stopped, about three feet from her, an easy lunge for a man his size.

"I'm not going to hurt you." He said. Then he grinned cruelly. "If you do exactly what I tell you to. Take off your pants."

So it was to be rape, not theft. She looked the man over. He wasn't too bad looking, not her usual type, but not bad looking. Tall and, from what she could see, heavily muscled. So far, nothing in his demeanor indicated any particular speed, but one couldn't always tell. She really didn't have time for this, but he needed to be taught a lesson and she needed the edge taken off of her adrenaline rush.

He yanked a knife, a long, gleaming switchblade affair, and held it where she could plainly see it, twisting the blade this way and that. The way he handled it bespoke of a strong familiarity with the weapon. She reached down and undid her belt, then removed it entirely. She popped the top button on her jeans with her left hand, drawing his gaze.

The belt buckle caught him just below his eye, gouging a deep bloody groove on his cheek. He howled and lunged forward blindly with the knife leading. Sidestepping adroitly, she grabbed his wrist and twisted. He went flying one way and the knife went the other. She picked it up calmly and looked it over.

"Nice knife." She told him, then closed it and slipped it into her pocket. "Take your pants off."

He'd picked himself up and was now eyeing her with a bit more care. "Took some judo lessons bitch? They won't help."

"I don't have time for this." Tango muttered. She moved toward him, prepared for anything he might decide to throw at her. Once she was in striking distance, he threw a right cross.

She ducked, stepped into this swing, pivoting, and brought the full power of her leg directly into his unprepared belly. Hard knee met soft abdomen. He yelped and doubled over. Another quick pivot and she swept his feet out from under him. He landed hard, knocking the air out of him. He rolled onto his side, gasping for air. Before he could get himself gathered up to stand, she gave him a solid kick to his belly that would have made Pete Stoyanovich green with envy. About twenty seconds of time elapsed and he'd gone from cocky to nearly heaving his guts out on the ground. She pulled his knife from her pocket, opening it up. He watched her, plotting something no doubt.

"Take the pants off or I cut them off." She said.

"Fuck you bitch." He spat.

"Only if you're a really lucky boy." She stuck the knife into the soft flesh of his throat. "The pants. Unless you want to try your luck."

Apparently, he didn't. He reached down and undid his pants, then started pushing them down. She stood up and backed out of his reach. He wiggled out of them, then lay there, glaring at her. He hated her. Hated how she'd beat him without so much as disturbing a hair on her head. She'd put his knife somewhere again. He considered the best way to get the bitch.

Tango reached into her jacket and pulled the Glock from its holster. The 9mm round from a Glock was far more common than the .357 magnum round from the Desert Eagle. Besides, the Target had gone down with the Eagle. Two killings from the same gun on the same night within half mile of each other was bad karma.

She flicked off the safety and pulled back the slide, chambering a round. He swallowed hard when he heard the slide ssschlack home. Would she or wouldn't she pull the trigger? He didn't want to find out. He ripped at his shoes and yanked the pants all the way off.

"Socks too." She pointed the gun at his balls. He yanked off the socks. "Spread your legs. I want to see your penis."

Slowly, he spread his legs, shocked to feel a stirring in his dick. The mouth of that gun seemed to be 20 feet across, ready to swallow him whole. His heart was hammering in his throat and he could taste his own fear, it tasted like a nickel, not coppery like he'd read about. By rights he should be pissing himself, not getting wood.

The bitch waggled the gun at him. "I want to see an erection. Hurry up."

Hastily, he grabbed his prick and started jerking at it. She squatted down between his legs with a smooth fluid motion, knees spread casually, and watched him passively. The gun was pointing off somewhere else, easing the edge to his fear. He stared hard at her, eyes sweeping her body. Nice tits, he thought. His boner grew in his fist. He could feel her eyes on it, boring into it, but he really couldn't see her face.

She leaned forward and lifted his balls up and forward with the cold barrel of the gun. He almost pissed himself then and there. Incredibly, his dick was harder than it had ever gotten before. She wiggled the gun a bit, lifting his balls this way and that, inspecting them. He waited.

"Don't lose that erection." She ordered, grabbing his pants and going through them. She found his wallet, keys, and a few quarters. She looked through his wallet while he stroked himself. She found the condom he kept in there. How did she know . . .? She tossed it to him. It smacked his thigh. "Put it on."

He picked up the condom gingerly, suddenly confused. The arrogant woman stood up and pushed her pants and underwear off, a quick economical movement. What the fuck? He held onto the condom, jaw hanging, his eyes locked on the pussy in front of him. He noted in a detached fashion that it was shaved. She pointed the gun at him again. "The condom."

He ripped it open and started rolling the thing onto his boner. When he looked up, the pussy was in his face. He almost jumped out of his skin, he hadn't heard her move. She nudged it closer to him with a quick thrust of her hips. She pressed the gaping mouth of the gun to his temple. "Lick."

Tango held perfectly still as he thrust his tongue deep into her pussy, then pulled it up to her clit. Inside, she felt cold, detached, like the gun in her fist. His tongue flicked all over her puss, slurping, sucking and licking. She could sense his hand still stroking over his penis. He groaned into her and dug his fingers into her, licking at her with a frenzy.

He couldn't believe how much licking the bitch's cunt was turning him on. If it wasn't for the sudden rush of pussy cum all over his tongue and his mouth, he wouldn't have had a clue that she was getting just as turned on. The bitch just stood there, unmoving, no sound. Not even a change in her breathing or a rub of her slit against his face. She wasn't natural. He squeezed his prick and nibbled on her clit.

She put her hand on his forehead and shoved him backwards. He landed on his back and stared up at her. She squatted over his prick, lazily pointing the gun at his belly. "Put your penis in me."

Never argue with a lady, he thought. He pushed the head of his prick against her hole and pressed his hips upwards. He felt her pussy lips give, then swallow his dick. She was hot and wet, he could feel that through the condom. She lifted up a bit, then shoved most of his bone into her with a hard thrust of her hips.

Tango leaned over him, one hand on the ground, pressing the gun into the tender flesh below his chin. "Finger my clitoris. I had better orgasm before you do."

He growled, suddenly pissed off that she thought he would actually cum. The bitch's pussy wasn't that good, especially with that fucking gun in his face. His finger slipped into her pussy, then found her clit. He rubbed and tickled it, watching her jerk. He grinned. She wasn't such a cold fish after all. Her cunt suddenly squeezed his dick tighter than a fist.

She bounced up and down on his pole, moving faster and faster. He could tell she was about to cum. He rubbed harder on her clit and shoved his dick in deeper. She stiffened, all of her muscles freezing. For a second he thought she was going to pull the trigger. It took him a moment to realize the bitch had cum. By the time he did, her cunt had milked his cock so well, he shot his load.

Tango stood up while he sprawled out, suddenly relaxed. She picked up his pants, found a clean spot and wiped herself off with them. A few moments later she was dressed again. She popped the round out of the Glock's chamber and slipped it back into its place in the clip. Opening her jacket a bit, she holstered it. He leaned up on his elbows and watched her. She looked down at him, considering. A smart woman would kill him. She never claimed to be smart, besides he would make a good fuck when she was in town and needed it.

She picked up his wallet and extracted a ten dollar bill from it. She pocketed the wallet and once again reconsidered killing him. She dropped the ten between his legs instead, then turned around and walked off. "See you later stud."


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