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Shaking the Sheik
by Dipinder

My name is Sheik Shazad. I am a very powerful and rich man. My father was an oil rich Arab, and after his death I was named the sole beneficiary to his vast estate. All this wealth came at a terrible price, for soon after the death of my father my mother fell into a mysterious coma and also died. Now I was truly alone. Being only twenty when I acquired this vast wealth left me open prey to many enemies who sought to steal away my riches.

One such enemy who came frightfully close was the woman I loved dearly. After she revealed her fangs to me, I had no choice but to execute her. While I considered this a learning experience, it did however leave me feeling very bitter, and I felt that I could never love a woman again. Make no mistake, I still need women, but only to satisfy my sexual urges. My enormous wealth as well as my physical attributes has made it possible for me to acquire any woman. They have only one specific purpose though, to be my slaves. They live to pleasure me wherever and whenever I desire, for I am their master.

One of my newly acquired slaves was a sexy golden-haired wench, or as the Americans prefer, blonde. I had acquired her two months ago from the U.S., my servant Akeem informed me that she was a playmate. I instructed Akeem to leave her at my mansion in Dubai, and to inform her that I would arrive over the weekend to test her out and see if she was truly worthy of me. When the weekend arrived, I placed a call to my slave from my private jet and instructed her to wait for me by my indoor pool. "What would you like me to wear master?" my slave asked.

"Surprise me", was all I replied as I hung up.

When I reached my mansion, I went to my huge bedroom and stepped into my even larger closest. I disrobed and selected a jet black bikini brief swimsuit. Standing in my multi-mirrored closest I admired the way it highlighted my most obvious attributes. After I selected a leopard skin robe I made my way to my pool. When I arrived I noticed that three white plastic massage beds were pushed together to form a larger bed, and this bed was decorated with large gold satin covered pillows. No doubt my slave had asked one of my servants to prepare this, I was pleased at my slave's ingenuity. Still, my slave was nowhere to be seen. This made me curious, and I yelled, "Show yourself, slave".

Hearing footsteps I turned and saw the sexiest woman I had ever seen step out of the pool dressing room. My slave had the body of a goddess, long shapely legs that knew no end, a slim and sexy stomach, and a flawless face and long curly golden hair. But what struck me like lightning were her breasts, never had I seen such beautiful breasts. They were like two perfectly shaped grapefruits, and they bobbed slightly up and down as my slave started to seductively walk towards me. I was leaning against the bed as my slave stopped in front of me and asked, "Do you like what I am wearing master?"

Staring at my slave, I noticed she had chosen a white g-string bikini. The suit hardly left anything to the imagination - it barely covered her large breasts and I could clearly see the outline of her firm nipples straining through the fabric. Commanding my slave to turn around, I admired her beautiful firm ass that looked as smooth as a rose petal. I was also pleased to see that she had no tan lines, no doubt from sunbathing in the nude on my estate lawns.

The wicked smile on my face left no doubt to my slave that I was very pleased. I instructed my slave the remove my robe, and as the fabric fell to my knees my slave emitted a loud gasp at the huge bulge that had formed in my briefs. Instinctively slave got down on her knees, and as her eyes remained focused on my briefs, she placed her sultry fingers on my hips, and the lustful look in her eyes made it obvious that she wanted to rip off my briefs to reveal my manhood. That action would cost her dearly as I ordered her to remove her hands, for a slave must only do what she is told and not otherwise. This caused my slave to moan in protest, but she did not dare disobey me.

"Lick my cock slave", I commanded. Her tongue was on me like a storm, as she licked up and down my brief's. The saliva from my slave's tongue drenched my briefs, slowly but surely my slave's wet tongue on me started to form a distinct outline of my erect cock, for the front of my bikini briefs was starting to mold to my body like a second skin. "Mmmmmmmmmm", my slave moaned as she inhaled the musky aroma emitting from my now moist briefs. Looking down, I saw a distinct patch of wetness forming on the sheer white fabric between my slave's legs.

I commanded my slave to rise and take four steps back - now my slave was going to learn the meaning of true pleasure, but not until I had some fun with her. As my slave stood watching, I proceeded to remove my briefs. My slave had made them so wet that I rolled them down much like a woman rolls down a stocking. The sight of my huge cock was too much, and my slave couldn't help gasping it's perfection. It stood completely erect against my stomach, much like a desert cobra poised to strike.

"Ooooooo Master, please allow me to remove my bonds too", my slave begged.

"You may, but slowly", I replied. My slave's nimble fingers quickly untied her top, and she heaved a sigh of relief as the fabric fell to the ground, liberating her magnificent breasts so that they almost heaved forward. I could see that her nipples were very erect and begged to be sucked. Next my slave's hand glided down towards her g-string, and proceeded to remove it. She did this excruciatingly slow and kept grinning wickedly at me the whole time. Completely naked, I admired the glistening wet golden triangle between her legs and saw a trickle of her she-oil travel down her long legs.

"Play with yourself slave". Smiling, my slave licked her fingers moved them down to her breasts and started to massage them. The harder she squeezed her beautiful breasts, the more cum oozed from her love box. What began as a trickle turned into a flood as a puddle of cum began to form under my slave's legs. Not wanting to waste her wetness, my slave inserted a finger into her cunt while her other hand continued to play with her breasts. As her hand teased her nipples, so to did her finger tease her cunt as she moved it back and forth, whimpering softly as she took herself to the edge of ecstasy. When she took her finger out, I could clearly see that it was dripping with her juices. Giving me a lustful stare, she inserted her finger into her mouth and started to suck on it, "mmmmmmmmmm master, wouldn't you love to eat me", my slave moaned.

"Not today slave, today your only purpose is to please me", I replied.

I lay down on the bed spreading my legs and ordered my slave to sit between them. Once my slave positioned herself, I squeezed my cock, causing a drop of pre-cum to ooze from the top. After rubbing this liquid on my finger I held it out to my slave. She quickly put it in her mouth, and her magical tongue went to work. She revolved it around my finger licking and sucking my finger as if she had my cock in her mouth.

"Mmmmmmoooo, you taste so good master", said my slave as she licked my finger clean. Knowing that my slave was ready I pointed towards my cock using the same finger she just sucked. My slave bent her head and proceeded to lick every inch of my shaft. Her tongue was like a snake as it traveled from my balls all the way to the head of my erect cock.

"Aaaaaah" I moaned, a primal moan that only caused my slave to be more brazen in her acts. Taking my cock in both her hands, my slave took me into her mouth. Never had I known such pleasure, as my slaves hot wet tongue swirled around the head of my cock. Her tongue drove me wild as my body writhed upon the bed in sheer ecstasy, my head thrashing left and right, but my slave's tongue only kept moving faster and she started pumping my cock with her hands. "I am going to cum slave", but the only sound that escaped from my slaves mouth was a deep sigh "oooooommmmmmmm".

With that I emptied my cock into her mouth. I felt as if I had spurted out a gallon of my hot juices, but my slave swallowed every last drop. The slurping sounds she made drove me wild as I watched my slave lick me clean. As I lay on the bed, my cock hung between my legs, no longer erect for my slave had drained every last ounce of cum from my balls, or so I thought. "Master, I must have your manhood inside me, or I shall simply die", begged my slave.

"It shall take some time for it to rise again", I informed her. At this my slave started to move her sexy body up towards me, her movements were like a lioness stalking a prey. I felt the nipples of her breasts trail over my limp cock, up my stomach before she finally she pressed her firm breasts against my hard chest. Gazing lustfully into my eyes my slave boldly asked, "does my master give me permission to torture him with ecstasy?"

"Permission granted," I replied as my slave gave me a deep French kiss. Her tongue was every bit as talented in my mouth as it was on my cock. It had a life of its own as it explored every inch of my mouth, licking my teeth and engaging my own tongue in a duel.

"mmmmmmmmmmmmm" moaned my slave. Breaking the kiss my slave reached under the bed to pull out an ice container, no doubt hidden by herself. Selecting a large cube, my slave began to rub it all over her breasts as I watched. My slave was so hot that the ice began to melt immediately. The water made her breasts glisten. "ooooooooooooooo" she whimpered. Taking another cube, my slave started to rub it on one of my nipples as her mouth sucked on the other. The difference in sensations was amazing, like fire and water, the chill of the ice and warmth of my slaves mouth. As my slave continued her tongue teasing, alternating from one nipple to another, I felt my shaft slowly begin to rise, my slave felt it rise too as she rose and admired my semi-rigid cock.

Not being satisfied until I was rock hard, my slave positioned herself until we were in a 69 position. Looking up I saw my slaves glistening cunt lips, but she knowingly kept them just out of the reach of my tongue. Swiveling her cunt above my face drove me insane as my slave continued her shameful movements just out of the reach of my very eager wet tongue. As if that was not enough erotic torture for one man, my slave slowly thrashed her head left and right over my now rock hard cock, the feeling was intense as I felt my slave's long hair brush over my cock, and it felt as if my manhood was being struck by thousands of tiny golden whips. Sensing from my ragged gasps that I was about to cum, my slave ceased her exquisite torture and turned and faced me once again. "Prepare for pleasure beyond belief master", my slave moaned. With that she lowered her juicy cunt over my rock hard cock.

Never had I felt such erotic pleasure's, as my slave's wet cunt lips squeezed my cock like a hot sponge. My slave kept grinding her wet mound on my cock until her cunt had completely swallowed my long shaft. "Mmmmmmmmmmmm", my slave arched her back with pleasure and I took both her breasts in my hands. Bringing her erect nipples closer together, my tongue swirled over both of them at the same time. The sensation was too much and my slave started to move her wet cunt up and down my cock creating the most delicious squishing sounds, "mmmmmmmmaster oooooooo you feel soooooo aaaaa".

Sounds of pleasure started to escape my slave's mouth, as she kept gliding and grinding her juicy mound up and down my shaft. "Ooooooooohh maaaaaster, mmmmm pleeeeease cum for meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee", my slave screamed, and soon I too could no longer hold back as waves of pleasure started to travel across my body. "Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhh", I moaned as I shot my juices into my slave, causing her body to shake with sheer pleasure as my hot cum filled every crevice of her love box, fueling the fire that was already burning within. The feeling was too intense for my slave and her body collapsed on top of me. As our naked bodies lay on the bed entwined in each other, my limp cock still inside her because her contractions had not completely subsided and my slave's wet cunt lips kept softly squeezing my meat. My beautiful slave kept sighing in pleasure, "what is your name my slave", I asked.

"Cynthia, my beautiful master", my slave purred.

Gazing into my slave's lust ridden eyes I replied, "well Cynthia, you have passed your tests and you can look forward to many more erotic adventures with me."

"Ooooooooo yessssss mmmmmmmmaster", my erotic slave moaned.

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