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Slave to the Duke I
by Hardwriter

The window of my study looks down upon a busy square. I'm not so high up that I can't see the expression on the face of every lovely beauty which passes by, but well high enough to, on fortuitous occasion, see right down the bosom of their dress! I of course make myself prominent as I am looking, so that the pretty creatures can busy themselves by flirting with me if they wish. But on one occasion I saw the most exquisite delicacy in the square with her older sister, looking up to catch my gaze. Immediately I pointed her out to my assistant. "Find out who she is - there, that one. Go now, I must have an answer."

But he already knew who she was. "That's the Mistress Williams, sir. She's a lovely young maid, daughter of a recordskeeper. Rumor has it that her father is anxious to get her out of the house."

Later that day I went to look for her. The Williams house was a big one at the edge of town. I rang the bell and announced myself. "Open the door Mr. Williams, it is the Duke come calling."

Mr. Williams was glad to see me. "Please come in. To what do I owe the honor of entertaining the Duke?"

I walked inside and explained I was here to see his daughter. That I had admired her from my window over the square, and that I thought she was admiring me as well. "Oh yes of course sir, our daughter admires you greatly, as does my wife."

"Do tell me, is she available?"

"Why yes of course sir. I do think you will find her to your liking. She is nineteen; old enough to be bought or married. She is no virgin, but she has a very tight little snatch. I would be happy to let you try her out. " To this I agreed, but explained I had no intention of marrying her; if she was to my liking I would want her as a slave. He went on, "Good enough then; my wife will show her to you." With this he summoned the Lady Williams. But lo and behold in walked the very same woman I had thought was the older sister of the beauty I so much admired. "Sir, do you mean to tell me this is your wife?"

Proudly Mr. Williams said, "Yes of course. She looks very young I know. I married her when she was just a maid herself, already pregnant with our daughter. But she is quite a woman sir, indeed very good at handling a man. In this way I think you will find both mother and daughter very much alike." With this he turned to his wife and said "Please do show our daughter's wares to the good Duke. He is in the market, so to speak."

I followed the Lady Williams to her daughter's chambers. "She will be very happy to see you. She is quite a horny girl, and always excited to see a stiff cock. But do forgive her if she is nervous; she has never been with a duke before."

Then the Lady Williams knocked on her daughter's door. "The Duke is here to see you. He wants to have a look at your bottom and have a go at you."

As I walked into the Mistress's chambers I immediately laid eyes on her as she stood in the middle of the room. What an exquisite sight to behold. A supple young fruit, already plucked but just ripe enough for my consumption. There she was, smiling and blushing at me just as in the square earlier that day. Her mother spoke again, "Where are your manners girl? Drop your clothes for the Duke. He wants to have a look at you." She was already wearing nothing more than a blouse and panties, but it is true I wanted to see her naked right away. As she stripped down so did her mother. Their bodies were similar indeed, quite fit with luscious curves and big full bosoms, and the smoothest skin. The nipples of the daughter were quite a bit smaller than that of her mother's, but her breasts were actually a bit larger. The daughter was also an inch or so taller with just a shade lighter blond hair. I was delighted to see the Mistress's bush was neatly trimmed to just a small spot, but t! he exact same color as the hair on her head. And her pussy was flushed a pinkish red as if it were full of vigor and life. She was visibly nervous to be in front of me; I simply looked her over and waited for her to feel comfortable.

Her mother prompted her again. "Speak young woman. Tell the Duke what you are thinking."

She blushed again and looked at her mother. Then suddenly she seemed to gain the courage to open her mouth, and when she did she blurted out, "I want to please you sir. I am a very horny little slut and crave cock. I will gladly fuck you and whoever else you tell me to fuck on command."

Her mother proudly interrupted. "She can take it in all her holes, sir, and she loves to swallow cum. Allow me to show you sir."

Then her mother began to remove my clothes and neatly hang them on the wardrobe. As I stood there naked the Mistress simply stared at my cock, which was of course by now fully erect, and might I add especially impressive looking that day.

Her mother got on her knees beside me as I stood. She took my shaft in her hand, holding it down by the base next to my balls. She looked at her daughter and said, "Come now, suck the Duke's cock and show him the strength of your tongue."

The Mistress looked nervous again. "But mother, I have never been with a man of his... stature before."

Her mother said, "It's true the Duke's cock is bigger than any man you have been with. Indeed it is bigger than that of any man I have been with too, and that is quite a few. But you must show the Duke how good you can give head. Now get on your knees and put your mouth on this cock!"

With that the mistress dropped to her knees before me, and as her mother held it for her, began to lick my cock like it has never been licked before. She was obviously very well-trained and well-practiced. She could curl her tongue around my shaft the way a cow licks salt. But her mouth was so pretty and sweet, with soft full lips that closed around my cockhead ever so gently. She could also suck each of my balls into her mouth one at a time.

Her mother continued to boast her daughter's abilities, "Her clit will go off with just the slightest attention, but I will show you how well she maintains composure. She can come to full orgasm but never stop sucking your cock." Then her mother called to the nursemaid, and instructed her to immediately strip down and begin to rub the mistress's clit. The nurse, who was only a few years older than the mistress herself, did as she was told. Not only did she finger the pretty young woman's slit, but whispered the nastiest things into her ear. It was obvious that she and the nurse had a bond. But it is true that the young mistress never faltered in her loving attention to my cock. Even as the nurse was groping her tits and licking her nipples. Then as the nursemaid's hand got more and more furious, the body of the young mistress began to tighten. I could sense her orgasm coming, building until almost there. Then she came, and when she did the whole length of my shaft slid down! deep into her throat and she let out a moan that vibrated my cock. But she kept my member in her mouth for her full climax, gasping around it for air, and groaning in ecstacy, all the while bobbing her head to serve me.

"Very good madam!" I exclaimed. "I am very impressed so far, but I must feel her under me. I will need to slide my cock inside of her to get a feel for the fit. Please good lady. Lie her down and spread her legs for me."

With both mother and nursemaid holding one leg on either side of the mistress, I positioned myself above the young thing and my cockhead wavered for a second before entering her. She looked into my eyes and asked me to give her the fuck of her life. Assuredly I would. Slowly I squeezed myself into her almost bare pussy, the tight puffy wet lips giving just enough for the head to enter. Her hole gave much resistance as I tried to push in. She moaned and steadied herself. I placed a foot on the rail of her bed for more leverage and noticed her own foot, soft and delicately cared for with a very small colorful tattoo just above the ankle. Then I turned to look at her as she lay on the soft cloud of bedpillows, the nursemaid gently stroking her hair. I gazed deeply into her eyes and lowered the weight of my body into hers with my cock. Her eyes bulged as the pressure in her hole increased, but I felt her muscles ease just a bit until the thick part of my shaft was able to slip ! past her now-stretching pussylips. I was far enough inside to feel the underside of my shaft twitch and tingle to the friction with her wet pussy skin. Then I slowly but forcefully slid my length into her until I felt the tip hit bottom, and held it there, throbbing and swelling inside of her.

She spoke out, "Oh Sir Duke, your cock does fill me so. I have never felt anything quite as full and firm inside of me. It is a very tight fit, but I will accommodate every inch of your turgid manhood. Please sir, fuck me hard. I want to feel your big balls swinging and slapping my asscheeks as you pump yourself in and out of me."

I could do nothing but simply oblige the young woman's wishes, and began to pound her tight cunt quite hard. Our bodies slapped together and her mouth kept offering moans, groans and more filthy begging to drill her deep. Indeed she was able to take almost all I had to give her. I did however hold back just a little, so that I could give her more the next time. I was already certain there would be a next time.

"Oh fuck yes! Your cock does stretch me so, and it makes my clit tingle with excitement. Fuck me sir, fuck me hard. I'm ready to explode! Pound me fast and the friction of our sex will make me cum," she began to howl and I increased my pace. Soon she was tightening up again, close to climax. "Yes, yes, sir - I'm cumming!"

I continued fucking her through her climax, as her cunt muscles squeezed my shaft, holding me inside as her body arched in ecstasy. She wrapped her legs around me tight, as if to push me into her even farther. I must say I almost came right then, but I wanted to test one last feature.

I turned to the Lady Williams, "Madam, your daughter is a good little slut. She has proved quite skilled at both fucking and sucking. But now I want her to make me cum. I want to see her take a load of sperm in the face."

"Very good sir," said Lady Williams, "Come girl, on your knees before the Duke. Let's show him how much you love cum." Then both mother and daughter kneeled before me, my stiff throbbing cock pointing right at their faces and ready to shoot a massive load at the slightest touch. The mistress grabbed my shaft and began stroking it steadily; her hand was a bit small but her grip was sure. Her mother reached out and cupped my balls in her hand. As she gently squeezed them I could feel the cum inch up the length of my shaft. The mistress could feel the tension in my cock and increased the pressure and pace of her hand until all at once a jet of thick white cum shot from my dickslit and splattered on her mother's cheek. This delighted them both and they opened their mouths as my cock kept spurting stream after stream of hot sperm on both their faces. Indeed my balls were full because they kept squirting out cum, drenching the two beauties, dripping from their chins and landing o! n their titties.

After the last of my cum had been drained the two ladies collapsed on the floor next to each other, smiling. The nursemaid immediately tended to them both, licking my sperm from their faces and nipples. I sat quietly watching them, my cock now hanging limp and spent. But suddenly I heard a splattering noise, and indeed I saw what looked like drops of semen smacking on the naked back of the nursemaid as she was bent over the two ladies. I heard a groan and looked up. There was Mr. Williams in the loft above us, stroking his erect cock, milking out the last of his orgasm. He saw me look up and called out, "I am very sorry sir, but you gave the mistress such a hot fuck that I couldn't help but to pull out my cock and start pleasing it."

I responded, "No apologies necessary. How can a man keep his dick in his pants in the presence of such attractive sluts? I do say, I am quite pleased with your daughter. I shall take her as my fuckslave, and the pretty nursemaid as well to tend to her. I shall deliver the gold tomorrow."

"Very good sir," said Mr. Williams, "they will be ready to leave with you when you return."

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