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Slave to the Duke II
by Hardwriter

When I arrived to pick up my fuckslave from her father's house, I was quite pleased to find that the tattoo on her ankle had already been altered to reflect my ownership. At my mention of this she said, "Of course sir, I belong to you now. I long to serve you any way you see fit."

And after I got her home, she proved to be all I had expected and even more. She was a very horny little slut, ready to fuck me or suck my cock on a moment's notice. She did whatever I told her, but was very inventive as well and did things to my cock that I never could have imagined. And the nursemaid I had purchased with her was suiting us both quite well too. I would be good to them; I could tell the three of us would get along quite nicely.

But I had to tend to some business in a nearby town; there was a councilman that I had to speak with in person. So I told the ladies to prepare for a short trip. Soon I would find out how well they traveled, and how well they complemented my business endeavors. I had the nursemaid dress my slave mistress in a very provocative outfit with no undergarments: just a rawhide leather dress which squeezed her bosom in just the right spot to make her big tits almost fall out of the top of it. And they would bounce and jiggle in such a delightful way as she walked. The hem of the dress was quite short too, enough to show the bottom curve of her tight bare ass. As we traveled she got quite a few complimentary stares and comments. I was very proud to show her off, and she was very happy to flash her bare cunt whenever possible.

We arrived at the town in the afternoon. I stopped at a tavern close to the office of the councilman and spoke with the innkeeper. "I am the Duke, here on official business with the council next door. My carriage needs tending." As my slave stepped down I continued, "This woman is my property. In exchange for your services you may use her as you see fit."

The innkeeper was delighted, "Very good sir; we are happy to tend to your needs." And with a snap of his fingers some workmen appeared who seemed very pleased at the sight of my slave mistress. They began to grope at her, feeling her tits and pulling at her clothes.

"But remember," I said, "you mustn't harm her."

"Of course not sir," answered the innkeeper.

The mistress interrupted, "Don't worry Duke, they will take good care of me, and I of them." Then she offered a devilish smile, and I felt confidant all was well as I left to see the councilman.

We talked business next door for maybe half an hour. I thought we were ready to close the deal, but I wanted to make certain the councilman was happy with the new business proposal we had been talking about. As a perk, I suggested he take a look at my newest purchase, which he was eager to do when I described her. As we walked into the tavern we could hear the noises of what was certainly a crowd, cheering and carrying on like it was a party. We made it to the back room and were confronted with such a gang of 10 or 15 men that we almost couldn't squeeze through the door. And in the middle of them all was my slave, fully nude and already dripping practically from head to toe with slippery semen. She was on her back on a large table with her legs held wide apart and a man with his stiff rod pounding deep in her pussy. Another man had his cock in her face, and she had a cock in each hand, stroking them as she got fucked. There were men lined up next to her, all stroking their !
dicks, either waiting to fuck her cunt, or to shoot a load of cum on her tits. And the nursemaid was tending to the whole affair, keeping the men hard who were waiting, and rubbing the slave mistress's clit whenever she could get the chance.

At the sight of this spectacle the councilman was overjoyed. "Indeed she is quite a dutiful little whore, Duke. You are very lucky to have found a slave with such talents." Just then my slave took another load of cum in the face. She stuck her tongue out and lapped it up like a hungry animal.

"Yes of course; I am thoroughly pleased with my purchase. But just wait until we get her alone to see how talented she really is." Then I turned to the innkeeper, "Is our room ready?"

The innkeeper told us the room was waiting for us upstairs, and that we could clean off my slave in the courtyard outside. I appeased the men from the tavern who hadn't had their turn yet by assuring them they would get another chance before I left town. Then I had the nursemaid escort my slave to the courtyard.

Outside she was quite a sight to see. Her beautiful curves glistening in the sunlight from the thick covering of cum dripping off the front of her naked body. The nursemaid quickly prepared a bucket of soapy water and a brush with a long handle. I turned the hose on my mistress, giving her a short blast of water before instructing the nurse to scrub her. I asked as she was getting cleaned up, "Did you get plenty of cock my slave?"

"Oh yes, sir, but you know I can never get enough. I am still very horny and I am afraid those men just made me all the more hotter for your very thick and long shaft, sir. No one does stretch my pussy like you can."

"Very good. We will tend to that soon. Tell me, did you get all of your holes filled?" I asked.

"Oh yes I did. Earlier when I was on my knees giving head, one of the men squeezed his cock into my asshole. That made me howl indeed!"

The nurse had managed to make a thick lather out of the soap, and was doing a thorough job of scrubbing every inch and crack of my slave. "Very good nurse," I said, "now stand back." Then I proceeded to hose the slut down with thick blasts of water which made her tits jiggle and her nipples tighten up. When all the soap was off the four of us made our way up the stairs, the nurse going first with our nude and wet mistress following behind, then the councilman with his face very close to my slave's tight ass, watching her muscles flex as she climbed each stair, and then myself watching the whole parade and feeling quite anxious to get my cock out of my pants.

Once to our room the nursemaid dutifully began removing the councilman's clothes. To get to the excitement I began removing my own clothes. Soon we were all nude and quite horny from the memory of the group fuck downstairs.

I laid my slave across the bed on her back with her head dangling off the side. I quickly moved into position with my throbbing cockhead at the entrance to her cunt. The councilman pulled a chair up next to the bed so that his stiff cock hung right at her face. The nurse joined us by lying next to my slave, ready to serve whenever needed.

I couldn't wait to get my cock inside of her, and thrust it inside of her slit with one hard motion. When I did this her body jumped, and when she opened her mouth to moan the councilman's cock slipped inside of it. He let out a groan himself and said, "My what a hot mouth this fuckslut has got. Go on now girl, suck it good."

And of course she did suck it good, I'm sure better than he had ever been sucked before. I quickly hurried my pace, fucking her slippery tight twat with steady strokes. I'm not sure how long it had been since the councilman had been with a woman, but I could already tell by the look on his face that he might not be able to hold out very long. So I deepened my fucking, pounding hard into my slave with very forceful and deliberate strokes. She knew exactly what to do and relaxed the muscles in her throat. Each time I pumped her cunt her body would move closer to the councilman, and his cock would slide down into her throat. It was getting to be more than he could bear, "Oh my, I do think your young slave is very talented. She is working my cock so that I almost can't stand it."

I quickened my pace again, but still fucked her with deep hard thrusts. With my fuckstrokes I was moving her throat back and forth on the councilman's cock. I fucked her so hard that her face would squash against his balls as his cock was completely buried in her mouth. He started to groan and I could hear his climax building in his voice. I pumped three more times, and then just after the fourth stroke the councilman's cock plopped out of my slaves mouth and struck her face on the chin, erupting with a massive squirt of hot sperm that landed square on her left tit. The councilman cried out in ecstasy, and the nursemaid quickly grabbed his shaft, pumping it with her hand to continue his orgasm with squirt after squirt until his balls were drained. Then she dutifully licked the cum from my slave until her tits were dry.

The councilman leaned back in his chair exhausted and said, "Oh my! I do think we have a deal, Duke. If you agree then pull your cock out and spew a load of cum on this delightful little whore."

"Yes of course," I said and on command I withdrew and the nursemaid began jerking my cock until I shot a milky arc of sperm so far into the air that it landed on my slave's neck. She wiped it off with her hand and then sucked her fingers dry while the nursemaid kept jerking cum out of my stiff dick. We all relaxed a bit on the bed long enough to catch our breath. Then, breaking the silence, my slave turned her head to the councilman and instinctively said, "Nice doing business with you sir."

The councilman laughed and shook her hand, "If this is business, then I'd like to see what pleasure is like!"

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