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Slave to the Duke III
by Hardwriter

We were awakened in the morning by the innkeeper knocking at the door to our chamber. He called out, "Very sorry to disturb you Duke, but there are some men downstairs from the carriage house who claim you owe them from yesterday."

"Ah yes," I remembered, "it's true. Please tell them to strip and to line up downstairs. I will have my slave tend to them straight away." When I turned to look at my slave mistress she seemed very excited at the prospect of having to serve so early in the morning.

"I love my position with you sir," she said. "What other girl would have the pleasure of waking up in the morning simply to get a roomful of cock. What more could I ask for? I am very lucky indeed."

"You are not lucky, only very talented my pet," I added. "Now let's go down and finish the arrangement with those men so that we can get ourselves home. Nursemaid, please escort the mistress; there is no need to dress her." I followed down the creaky stairs behind them.

We found the men had done exactly as I said. There were three of them, all standing side by side neatly in a row. Their dicks were already hard, and they looked very happy to see the mistress. She looked over her shoulder at me and smiled. I prompted her, "Go on then, enjoy yourself. Suck their cocks."

My slave sauntered over to the line of men and squatted down before the first one. Before I knew it she had her mouth on his cock and her head was bobbing up and down. The man tilted his head back and moaned out loud. This made the other men even more excited and they started to stroke themselves with their hands. I looked again at my mistress, who had her hands behind the man grabbing his ass, and pushing him into her face. His big ball sac must have been very full with sperm because it hung very low, and swayed and slapped my slave's neck as she eagerly sucked his cock. By now I felt my own cock growing and swelling inside my pants. My mistress had reached out to the man next to her and had his cock in her hand; as she sucked the first one she stroked the second.

I couldn't take it any longer and instructed the nursemaid to slip my pants off. Then naked from the waist down I approached my slave and lay down on the floor behind her. "Mistress, do slide your cunt down on my cock while you lick those men." She did as I said and straddled my body, lowering herself onto me. My shaft slid up inside her cunt and then she started to hump me. Her back was to me, so as she pumped my cock I had a view of the back of her head as it bounced up and down on the men lined up in front of her.

I pushed up from below to meet her thrusts. As my body smacked against hers we gradually found ourselves moving forward on the floor, closer to the line of where the men stood. My slave mistress had to lean back to accommodate me and still give the men head. She put both hands out beside me on the floor to hold herself up. I knew what a beautiful sight this must have been for those men; leaning back with her hands behind her like that must have been stretching her chest and displaying those big fleshy boobs of hers quite nicely. The man who had his cock in her face began to moan loudly, and she quickly pulled him out and started to jerk his cock. Immediately he began to spurt a giant load of watery cum, which kept shooting with every pump of her hand. He covered her face and tits with semen. Then the next man moved into position and started fucking my slave's face as I fucked her cunt from below. I reached around her and pushed her soft titties together. The man looked down! at her fleshy jiggling cum-soaked mounds and let his cock slide out of her mouth. I kept pushing her tits together as he slid his cock between them and titfucked her. Soon his cock erupted with a big squirt of white cum that bounced off her chin. She reached out and jerked his shaft to milk out all the sperm.

Now it was the turn of the third man, but by the time he moved into position he must have been so turned on by watching the others that he started to cum right then. He just stood there jerking his cock before us, moaning, and covering her front with semen. The last few shots of jism from his cock landed just above her clit, and I could feel it dripping down her pussy and around my balls. This made our fucking especially sloppy. I called to the nursemaid, who eagerly tended to us. She knelt before my slave and began licking the cum from the front of her body. My slave started humping me faster. The nursemaid began licking our sexual union, from my slave's clit to the base of my shaft and my balls, and back to the stretching pussylips of my slave again. She hungrily lapped at our slapping genitals, slurping and swallowing the slippery cum from the men that was lubricating our fucking. Then I felt her face pushing into my balls and looked around to see what was happening. The! innkeeper had slid into position behind the nurse and was fucking her slit. "That's it, do fuck her hard, give it all to her," I said.

The four of us bucked and humped and groaned as the other three men looked on, their dicks hanging limp and spent. The innkeeper was the first to reach orgasm, and when he did he groaned loudly and fucked the nurse in hard deliberate strokes. My slave and I felt the tension in the nurse's body as she was slammed into us by the innkeeper. By the time the he was squirting his load into the nurse, my slave and I started to climax too. The nursemaid reached under herself and fingered her clit to cum at the same time. After a few suspended moments of group orgasm, we all collapsed in a big slippery heap of sweat and cum. The other men began to cheer and applaud.

The nursemaid, my mistress and I left the tavern that morning feeling very satisfied. We had finished the deal with the councilman the day before and were all feeling like the trip had been a big success in more ways than one. In the spirit of this moment my mistress began to sing the praises of my stately penis. She and the nursemaid went on about how lovely it was, more beautiful than any other man's. And they went on to claim it must be the biggest in all the land.

I had to stop them, and assure them that my cock was indeed the biggest with only one exception. Yes it was true, that everyone in the entire valley had to agree, the king's cock was the biggest of all, whether it really was or not. I went on to explain that as a duke I did hold special privileges wherever we went, but that we must be careful not to boast too much because even I had to answer to the king.

We all had a good laugh about this and were still laughing as we approached the gate to our city. But the gatekeeper wore a frown and had some bad news for us. It seems that word had reached the city even before us about the goings-on at the tavern the day before. People were saying in the streets that my new fuckslave was the best in the kingdom. Of course the king was not happy with this, because everyone knew he was to have the best slaves. The gatekeeper informed us that we were to go to the king as soon as we arrived, and this is exactly what we did. I feared the worst, that the king would take my slave away from me and keep her as his own.

Once inside the palace we knelt before his royal majesty the king. At once he spoke in a very stern manner, "Duke it has come to my attention that you have a special new slave, perhaps the best ever. You know that by my decree the most talented fuckslaves are reserved only for the king. I am very disappointed in you. What have you to say for yourself?"

Trying to be as humble as possible I kept my eyes lowered and spoke, "Your highness, please be assured that I remain your honest and noble servant, and that I would never cross your word or decree. It is true only that my slave is very talented, but she is certainly not the best in all the land. If I were to come upon such a specimen I would immediately bring her to your attention."

My comments were met with silence, and since I knew in my heart I was lying I fearfully raised my eyes to see if the king could in fact see this on my face. When I looked I saw him staring at me, then he raised his voice, "Very well then. We shall see. Guards, take the duke to the dungeon, and bring his slave to me!"

As I was led from the room by one guard I looked over my shoulder to see my slave and the nursemaid led in another direction by a different guard. I had no idea what was to happen to them; I assumed that the king would try them out for himself while I was made to wait.

As the guard led me to the dungeon he explained that I must answer to the dungeonmaster as I would answer to his royal majesty himself. We walked down several flights of narrow winding stairs and through dark hallways. When we finally arrived at the heavy iron door the guard knocked and called out, "I have the duke here for the dungeonmaster!"

The big door creaked open and the guard shoved me inside the dungeon; I fell on the stone floor and heard the door slam shut behind me. I could barely see since the only light was from a few torches burning at the edge of the room. As my eyes adjusted I could make out a figure dressed in a black robe, but to my surprise I heard a woman's voice. "On your feet!" she commanded.

I stumbled up and blurted out, "Are you the dungeonmaster? But you're a woman."

"Shut your mouth!" she said angrily, "You will speak when I say so." To this I simply nodded my head. She had two female assistants in the room with her, slaves I assume, dressed in nothing but a few leather straps which made their naked breasts and asses seem all the more succulent. She turned to one of them and said, "Prepare him."

Needless to say I was very nervous, but I simply followed whatever I was told to do. They stripped my clothes off and took my hands and tied them above my head to a hook which hung from the ceiling. Then they spread my legs apart about as far as they could stretch them, and then attached a bar between my feet so my legs would stay spread in this manner. It was quite uncomfortable. As the dungeonmaster stood before me I could finally see her now. She was nude underneath her robe except for a pair of long black leather boots which ended at her thighs. There was a chain which was attached to a ring piercing her pussy lips. The chain led up to a ring piercing one nipple, then over to a piercing in the other nipple, and back down again to her pussylips. She held a long staff in one hand, at the end of which was a golden dildo shaped like a slender penis, and in the other hand she held a leather whip. I couldn't help but admire her shapely body, then she asked me, "Do you like wh! at you see?"

"Of course I do," I said, "you're a very attractive woman."

"That I may be, but to the king I am a slave," she said, "and to you I am a master. Now you will get hard for me. I command it."

"But master, I don't know if I can. I am under such great stress."

This response from me made her angry and with one flick of her wrist she managed to crack her whip around my body and smack my ass with it. I let out a howl, but to my surprise I also started to get an erection. She looked at my cock as it grew. Then she took a step closer, then another step, and another until she was so close I could feel her body heat on my penis. Still staring at it she spoke again, "Oh my it is very large Duke. You must be quite proud. But tell me," she hesitated and looked at my face, "do you realize it is bigger than the king's?"

Not knowing what to say I forced out a giggle, "Of course not, everyone knows the king has the biggest cock in the land."

"Very good," she said and turned to one assistant, "take your place in front of the duke." The assistant obliged and stood before me, my stiff dick pointing at her. The dungeonmaster walked around and stood behind me then called out to the other assistant, "Raise him!"

I heard some creaking machinery and realized they were raising the hook which my hands were tied to. To my dismay they raised it enough that my feet came off the ground. The pain was excruciating as I dangled there, my legs still spread wide apart by the bar. They continued to raise me until my cock was level with the face of the assistant who stood before me. Then I felt something poke one of my asscheeks. I looked over my shoulder and realized the dungeonmaster was using her staff to set my body swinging back and forth. She would push my asscheek with gentle pokes of the golden dildo at the end of her staff. As the stride of my swinging increased my cock would hover very close to the face of the assistant in front of me. Then I would swing back and be pushed again by the dungeonmaster. At first it was like a gentle child's game, but I felt the staff inching closer to the center of my ass each time she pushed me. I was moving faster and faster. My cock almost reached the l! ips of the assistant before me, and then on the backward stroke I felt what I was already beginning to fear; the dungeonmaster was positioning the dildo at my asshole. One more swing out and I knew this was it; she held the golden dildo steady and with the force of the momentum of my body she impaled my ass with it as I swung back! I let out a scream as it plunged into my hole. Then she gave it a hard shove and sent me back to the assistant. It slipped out of my ass and as my body sped toward the assistant she opened her mouth and let my cock slide into it. How heavenly it felt to feel her warm wet mouth on my cock in the midst of such pain. But as quickly as it slipped in it slid back out again as the momentum of my body swung me back to the dungeonmaster and her golden dildo. Just as before she held it in place and as my body swung back the dildo plunged deep in my ass. I screamed out again and she gave me another hard shove. This continued for what seemed like an eternit! y, alternating between sharp bursts of pain and wet caresses of pleasu re as they swung me back and forth like a toy.

Just when I felt I couldn't stand the ordeal any longer, the dungeonmaster impaled my ass one last time with the dildo. But this time she left it in, pushing me with her arms on the staff, driving me all the way back to the assistant. When I reached her and my cock slipped in her mouth, the dungeonmaster held the dildo in place, keeping me from swinging away. She held my body with the tension on the long staff, never taking it out, pumping it in my hole like a plunger so hard my cock would drive down the throat of the assistant. Between the mix of pain and pleasure I could feel something stirring deep inside me, and I could feel an orgasm building like I had never felt before. Before I knew it my cock was spewing cum uncontrollably in massive squirts with each plunge of the golden dildo. There was so much cum that the assistant couldn't swallow it all, and it started spilling from her mouth and dribbling down her chin.

But then suddenly another guard came to the door and ended my ordeal. I was taken back to see the king again. My slave and the nursemaid stood there with him, naked, but looking somewhat happy. He didn't hesitate to speak once I entered the room. "You are right Duke. I should not have doubted you. Your slave leaves much to be desired. In fact she is no better than an old used-up whore, and at such a young age! Her pussy is stretched out beyond use for me. You can keep her, and this nursemaid as well."

"Thank you your majesty. I am your most humble servant," I bowed and smiled.

Then he asked me, "And don't you agree, that my slave the dungeonmaster is much better?"

Stumbling for words, and caressing my sore bottom, I said, "Yes sire, she is very good what she does." This seemed to please him.

On the ride home in our carriage I gleefully sang the praises of my slave and nursemaid. "But tell me slave," I asked, "how on earth did you get the king to think you were no good? Your cunt is the tightest in the valley. You must have put on one hell of an act."

She responded, "Yes I did hold back, but not too much for fear of him knowing I wasn't being honest. But I don't think it was my act that made him let me go. No in fact I know, it was the fit, sir, of his cock in my pussy. You see, while the king is a very big man, I am afraid that below the waist he looks very much like a little boy. It is said that the king has the biggest cock in all the land, but this won't really be true until you become king. His dick is so small that no amount of contraction from my cunt muscles could squeeze it tight, and much to our great benefit, it was lost inside of me. I don't know how any woman could please him, not even a virgin."

I shifted in my seat a little, "Oh I think I know how he has his pleasure. I know all too well."

The nursemaid joined in at that point, "Is this what you found out when they took you to the dungeon, sir?"

"Yes my pet, it was, how should I say....riveting!" I shifted again in my seat, "It is too painful to think of now, but one day I must tell you all about the king's gold."

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