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Story Told To Lana: We Three
by anothername_9

It was certainly a surprise to hear from you after losing contact for so long; even more of a pleasant surprise when you asked me if I was free to meet you at a certain motel that same afternoon. Of course I jumped at the chance to see you and was at the door to the room in a matter of an hour or so.

The next surprise came when the door was opened. Instead of seeing you there I was greeted by a lovely brown-haired lady wearing a white tee shirt and old comfy jeans. She was tiny compared to you and your statuesque presence, voluptuous Lana; she answered my puzzled look by welcoming me warmly with a twinkle in her eyes, calling me by my name and inviting me in. As the door closed behind me I saw you asleep on the bed. "Lana is napping right now, but we can wake her in a bit," she spoke quietly.

Without any warning she began to rub my cock through my jeans. "You like this, don't you?" she drawled, coquettish and slow. I nodded a yes while seeking out her wide, playful eyes. She remarked that it didn't do much for her personally and very casually explained to me that, even though she did enjoy a certain type of man once in a while, that her real passion was for women such as yourself, dreaming Lana . But in light of what was planned she didn't mind helping me get a hardon (as if I might be needing the help!).

Incredibly we stood there making small talk, getting to know each other as she continued to arouse me. After a while she began to fondle her cute breasts through the tee while still working me. Becoming bold I asked her if I could take my cock out so that she could pump it, not knowing if this would offend her sensibilities. "It might be nicer for you if you just took your pants off, don't you think?" was her reply, and I could see that she was already approaching a state of out-and-out arousal from her self-fondling.

We drew apart, and both of us undressed completely. Her dark, long nipples were hard with excitement, and her dark snatch looked delicious, sweet and inviting. She firmly took my hand and led me to you, my naked Lana, still asleep, legs slightly spread out revealing your slick smooth pussy. My cock was almost fully erect now and I began to feel self conscious and strange, having never been with two women before, and more so knowing that one of them was partial to women. I mumbled something about this to your friend and she assured me right away that everything would be fine and that all three of us would enjoy ourselves together, no problem. I seemed to be okay for a guy, she laughed, and took my hand to her breast, to her swollen nipple where it was encouraged to brush against it and give it a pinch. She smiled at me while lowering her hand to her fuzzy mound, rubbing gracefully at first, then more passionately as she headed towards insertion of a finger. Our eyes were locked; silence bathed the room like sunlight as you slept calmly, dear Lana.

After a few minutes of this--deliciously passing slowly, intensely--she moved towards you and, taking your arm let your hand come into contact with my erect member. As you slept, lovely Lana, your new friend brushed your hand along the length of me, back and forth, over and over, first on top, then on the more sensitive underside, putting the back of your hand in contact with my balls, your fingertips on my cockhead. You begin to stir in your sleep. Slowly you exhale; your eyes open.

We are greeted by a deep smile of satisfaction, and I feel aroused and also contented to see how happy you look to see me here with her. Your fingers close around my shaft in a beat; the squeezing is exquisite.

"Doesn't she look lovely as she first wakes up?" your friend asks--almost more of a declaration than a question. Your legs begin to move as you run your fist up and down my erection. "Go on Lana," she continues breathily, "make him happy to be here with us."

She kneels on the bed between your legs as I continue to stand next to you and you continue your cockplay. Her head drops down, her eyes shut, and tongue touches pussy....

****** ****** ******

Being fascinated by what is called pornography I have seen many photos of women pleasing one another, or supposedly doing so. These flash through my mind as I watch her press tongue to your sex, eyes closed, covering you as she holds it there, as if meditating on all sweetness and beauty. All pictures fade into two-dimensional falsity as I now find myself witness to the scene before me. And not only before me--I am becoming an integral part of its unfolding as you, languid Lana, slowly awaken to your arousal, and hold me and pump me.

She begins to move now, her mouth coming down on your slit, covering it in warmth and wetness. I watch as she sucks on it, and I imagine her tongue is entering you as she does so. It is not my imagination, I find, as her head backs off and admits me viewing of her oral insertions. I am slowly being overtaken by the hot beauty of her service to you. Almost irrationally I whisper "Divine..." and bring my hand behind your head, lifting it so you too may watch. As I cradle your head you respond with a squeal of delight, and a slight humming moan as your eyes meet hers.

I lift a leg and place my foot on the bed as you release my cock and support yourself on your elbows. My hardness waves at you, jerking and bouncing impatiently. Catching it in your mouth you begin to suck it like hard candy, slow long draws, little licks, wet unashamed slurping. I rub your neck gently, work up to your ears, and massage both delicate lobes. You seem to enjoy this oh so much and I continue, touching lightly.

Your pussy lips are now separated by long, lovely fingers. She gazes at it as if in a dream, paying no great attention to either your sucking or my fondling--which now has worked down to your round perfect breasts, your nipples: my fingers are charged with sexual energy. I can almost feel it flow upwards through my hands and arms and direct itself downwards to connect with the core of my arousal. Her tongue plays along the outside of you, up and down your lips, darting quickly within and retreating. More loving outside, back in quickly, beginning a pattern, establishing it, and finally creating variations upon it, upon your damp, scented sex. There begins an exploring between jabs now, a rolling, a sucking which breaks the flow but also adds to its beauty. She searches for you, for the connection to your core as the intensity of her tongue's travel increases, as she herself becomes more aroused, as her arousal begins to pass the boundaries of that small place called 'self-control.' She is in the wilderness of abandon now as her tongue completely disappears inside you, as her fingers become coated with herself. God, she loves your pussy; she must love sight and scent of it, touch and tastes within! And I cannot blame her, hot Lana; my own mouth begins to moisten at this vision of primal bliss. Your chest heaves; your belly quivers. Your cocksucking has become erratic, intermittent as you begin losing yourself deep within your own pleasures. Your friend now exhales moans of sexual joy into you as her tongue presses and soothes.

As much as I am enjoying your motions on my prick I discover myself almost jealous of this woman for the pleasure she finds in your cunt. I draw away from you to see if she will allow me to share that soaked spot, to have our tongues perhaps mingle inside of you, liquid Lana, to merge within lust as one, centered in your secretions, intimately aching together.

She does not flinch as my face enters the humid space between trembling legs, approaches your slit, her tongue. She does not withdraw as I begin licking around your mound, barely touching her tongue. Finally, our tongues touch within you; spasms are quickly shared among us, trembling flesh, stuttering breaths of anticipation and release. You are watching us, lascivious Lana, as we pleasure you and ourselves together, as I touch myself, jack myself, as her wet fingers are inserted and withdrawn, plunging, rubbing, twisting inside her darkly-covered dripping sex.

Both her and I tongue each other as you watch, but you can only see our heads' motions as we are pressing together within the sweet wetness of your pussy. You watch, you stare breathlessly, as you pull at your own nipples, making them hard, pulling so that you begin to feel a tasty pain overcome yourself, seeping away from the rigidity of your breasts' peaks, radiating down to where we lap and lick and kiss you, kiss your coming, kiss your sex, kiss her, kiss me, kissing tongues and clit and eyes kissing, breath kissing in the air around us, light upon our eyes kissing from one to another, my cock now spurting in my hands, as I keep sucking and licking, sweating, moaning, your body arching, nipples hardening, her eyes widening, watching me come, her body quivering, tightening, tongues still wandering, savoring, three bodies connecting at your V, moaning, gasping, rocking into each other, fingers grasping anything, holding, squeezing...loving this brief time turned to eternity.

There is no more. The sweetness and silence also radiate inwards, back out among us, as we lie exhausted, all three, upon the damp, disheveled bed.

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