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Spicing Things Up
by Indy Dark

Kathy always liked this game. They so rarely got away from the kids for these weekend getaways and Indy usually found a way to make them interesting. Last time they had gone to a clothing optional resort and enjoyed the scenery. The thought of the hot tub and all the naked bodies made her wet just thinking about it. She could have sworn the gal across from her husband had her foot in his crotch. The idea of someone playing with her husband was such a double edged sword. Jealous yet arousing. She rode him like a pony that night to a glorious conclusion. She awaited with eager anticipation what this trip would bring.

Nice motel....very nice motel. They played in the pool and generally had fun that day and ended it with a nightcap in the bar. The waitress was striking. Kathy didn't consider herself gay or even bi but this gal was built. Black yet beautiful creamy skin and she was a hardbody firm and high. When she bent over her cleavage was clearly visible. She caught her husband looking which was something he never did.

The room was spacious. A short hallway led directly to the bed. She showered to freshen up and eagerly awaited the usual surprise. This time it was handcuffs on the four corners of the four poster bed oooh this ought to be interesting. Candlelight, oil, hmmm looked promising. She took her position on the bed and let him fasten the cuffs. "This is a nice surprise Indy" she said.

"Kathy, you aint seen nothin yet. He picked up the phone and said "we're ready".

What do you mean "we're ready"! Indy no! She started to protest when the knock came at the door. In walked the waitress. Indy!

"Kathy, this is Sharon, I think you noticed her at the bar."

"Of course I did but Indy what......"

"Oh, so you did notice me", cooed Sharon. "This could be fun, but first Indy I have something for you. You seem to like bondage. You can look but you can't touch. She pulled out a bar which she quickly secured between the walls in the hallway. Pretty neat deal, spring loaded that locked into place.... she had done this before.

"Your turn" as she turned to Indy with a pair of handcuffs. He had a mixed look on his face, enjoying it but concerned that he was no longer in control. Sharon knew it. "Feel a little odd to no longer be in control, Indy?"

She knew what she was doing when she pulled his boxers down around his ankles. "Oh my look at that!" squealed Sharon when his dick popped free. "He's at attention already, and such a big boy. I bet you enjoy sucking on that don't cha honey?" She played with his shaft all the while staring at Kathy. Then she plopped it in her mouth. Kathy sat right straight up as far as the restraints would allow. Indy!

His eyes were bugging out of his head as she swallowed him down to the base of his shaft. Wait, wait! He finally spit out. This is not what we agreed to! He looked at Kathy and it was clear that this is not what he had planned.

Sharon got off her knees and walked across the room "oh I know, but remember you said I was to please do you know she didn't like it." Her stare caught Kathy off guard. It was as if Sharon could see right through her.

"You and I are going to have some fun" she purred as she stroked her fingernails up Kathy's inner thigh.

Indy! Karen had a question mark in her voice. Indy had a look as if he was back in control. Sharon's disrobement was inticing and Kathy watched with guilt yet with each new spot of skin uncovered she yearned to see more. This woman was truly a goddess. In her 30's yet firm. A hint of abs was a clue to just how toned her muscular frame was. Her bush was thick and full yet trimmed. Kathy was caught staring.

"So you like it?"

"well no, I mean it's nice but...." As Kathy stammered a protest, Sharon mounted her straddling her midsection. The contrast between Sharon's black skin and Kathy's lily white tummy below her tan line was dramatic.

"You like the feel of that?" Sharon leaned forward and let herself rub against Kathy's tummy. Indy! Kathy leaned around Sharon to try to get a glimpse of Indy.

"Oh don't worry about him, I've got something in store for him" and with that Sharon dismounted Kathy and picked up the phone. "We're ready!" WHAT! Wait a minute, this is not what we agreed to. Indy was pissed and was still protesting when Sharon answered the door. Indy, Sharon, this is Gary. No fucking way! Cried Indy and he began to struggle with the restraints. He could pull the whole thing down and was just about to when he felt the blade under his neck. Indy fell silent, Kathy gasped.

"I'll scream", said Kathy.

"I'll gag you if I have to' snapped Sharon.

Jesus, he was a big son-of-a-bitch. Black as the ace of spades, nothing but muscle and clean cut. Kathy recognized him as the bartender downstairs. "He's bigger than I expected" said Gary as he was looking at Indy's manhood.

"You know what I ought to do with that?" Gary asked Sharon as he grabbed Indy in a manly grasp by the balls. Sharon just smiled and turned to watch Kathy's reaction. Horror was written on Indy and Kathy's face, their hearts were racing. Suddenly in one quick movement Gary dropped to his knees and sucked up Indy's shaft to the hilt. Indy and Kathy gasped in unison. Was it relief, ecstasy, or a combination of the two. Sharon removed the knife. Indy and Kathy were exchanging glances now with bewilderment each not knowing how they should react and wondering just how much about themselves they should reveal. Sharon knew what they were thinking.

"Lets fix this" and she put a blindfold on Indy. Indy here's the deal, you're getting sucked off till you are dry whether you like it or not. When Gary is done I'll ask if you want to continue. We will respect your wishes at that time, understood? Indy nodded in agreement. Gary stood up and quickly pealed off his clothes leaving him stark naked in front of Kathy. He was huge, big, thick and veiny.

His torso made a sharp "V" down to his trim ass. His thighs flared from his butt and were lean and long. His smile melted her. He turned and knealt down in front of Indy running his hands up and down Indy's abdomen. The stark contrast between his huge black hands and Indy's gut was alluring. Indy was heaving in so hard at Gary's touch that his abs took a chiseled cut as he flexed.

"Now then honey, I'll show you what I have in store for us." And with that Sharon climbed over Kathy and settled in behind her. Her coarse bush pressed against the flat of Kathy's back as Kathy sat up. Sharon's mouth was right next to Kathy's ear and it almost tickled when Sharon whispered, "he's enjoying that". Sharon slid her hands up Kathy's ribcage and clasped a nipple in each hand as her mouth worked on Kathy's neck. Gary turned to look at Kathy and smiled approval at Kathy's intense stare. Gary took Indy in his hand and turning so Kathy could witness, began to rhythmically suck.

Kathy was dripping, Indy was moaning. Sharon moved one hand down and began to work on Kathy's clit. Garry was sucking and stroking and with one hand began to probe for Indy's asshole. In an overly obvious way so that it was assured Kathy knew what was going on, he inserted a finger in Indy. Pulling Indy from his mouth and furiously stroking him, Indy spewed all over Gary's back. The sight of her husbands white cum spread across Gary's black back sent Kathy over the edge. She arched her back until she was almost on top of Sharon as the waves came one after another. Sharon's breasts were pressed against Kathy and she could feel Sharon's coarse bush grinding into the small of her back. Sharon was probing Kathy's dripping wetness and pressing Kathy hard against her, grinding her bush harder, when she came in a wave of her own.

Moments passed before everyone had caught their breath. It was Sharon who broke the silence. "Lets see I count three orgasms and four people. I don't think we have been to fair to Gary here." She let Kathy free, took Indy's blindfold off, and made room for Gary on the bed. He took up a position at the end of the bed sitting directly in front of Indy. Then with his feet still on the floor he leaned back on the bed. Hi huge erection was now sticking straight up. "Come here Kathy, you've got to feel this, you can hardly get your hand around it." Kathy walked over apprehensively and reached out to grip his shaft, glancing for approval from Indy but grabbing hold before she got it. It was huge and she could just touch fingertips as she held him, he responded by getting even harder, his head was swelled.

She stroked it slowly. "GO ahead, sit on it, you know you want to." Kathy looked at Indy this time waiting for approval. Indy barely made a nod and Kathy never looked back. Looking at the black man before her she placed her hands on his chest and noted just how appealing his face was. He was anticipating this as well. Gripping his shaft with one hand she straddled him and having to raise up on her feet and not just her knees, she guided it in. It would take several strokes to work it in. Gary's huge black hands covered Kathy's breasts, kneading them and making the nipples even more erect. Indy's eyes were bugging out and he was at full attention again.

Sharon unleashed him and knelt invitingly with her ear to the floor and her ass in the air between Gary's legs. Positioning himself behind Sharon he was now just a foot or so away from Gary's manhood as Kathy began to inch it further in. Sharon reached between her legs and pulled Indy into her.

Sharon was sopping wet yet tight and Indy slid in to the base of his shaft. He could feel himself bottoming out in Sharon. Kathy had now worked Gary completely inside of her and began sliding the length of Gary. Her hands pushing on Gary's chest. Gary was content to let her do the work but soon began to accentuate the bottom of the stroke by thrusting upward. Kathy whimpered in agreement as Gary's massive hands reached behind her and gripped her ass. Gary's black hands on Kathy's white butt and Indy's own white hands on Sharon's were mirror images.

Kathy was getting close and with a quickening of strokes succumbed to a selfish end. Her arms were giving way as her chest lay on Gary's. Indy had full view of Gary within her. Gary was close as well and with brute force gripped Kathy's ass harder and forced the motion. He was on his tip toes pumping long, deep, forceful strokes into the now ragdoll limp Kathy. She was screaming with delight, but was too weak to move. He pulled her ass way high and gripping his own shaft pulled himself out and spewed a white trail up across Kathy's asshole and further up her back. It seemed like quarts and Indy came at the sight of it running back down her ass and dripping off her lips..

The pulsations of Indy within her, sent Sharon over the edge as she furiously rubbed herself beneath Indy with one hand and thrust him by the balls with the other.

It was just the beginning.


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