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Sneaking Under the Stars
by Ashlynn

My instincts were right and I knew what he was going to say when he answered the phone. Weeks earlier, his ex-fiancée had walked in on us while we were just beginning our evening alone on the couch. Ever since that day, I knew she was going to try to get him back. She realized he had moved on with his life and she hated that thought. Maybe she didn't really want him and the things that split them up in the first place would still be there, but she sure as hell didn't want him to be happy with me.

I was disappointed to hear that he was going to give her a second chance. Once you're in your late twenties, you don't change, but she had convinced him that things would be different. The caring heart I thought so much about had taken all her words in and was going to give it one more try. Now things had to end with us.

I know I should be a good person and step back and let things take their course, but why do I always have to do the right thing? My mind ran back through the time we had spent together. The more I thought about him, the more I knew I was not going to make this easy for him. I'll be sure to remind him of the time we spent together. Mornings that became late afternoon as we talked about our fantasies and then tried them out hour after hour.

Tonight he brings my house key back. Tonight I'll remind him of what he is giving up. Even if it is the last time we'll be together, I'll make sure it is a time he'll never forget. As my body begins to tingle at my own caress, I close my eyes and let the scene play out in my mind.

I greet him at the door and act surprised to see him. I'm draped in the summer gown he has only heard about. Stepping outside, the moonlight brings his attention to my white shoulders and the thin straps just barley holding the gown on my body. The wind blows my hair back revealing my hardened nipples just asking him to touch them. A slight shiver brings his body close to mine as we try to say our good-byes. The conversation quickly ends as he presses his body full against mine and pins me to the door. His kisses feel so warm and I can't help but smile when he gently bites my lower lip.

He runs his hands over the thin piece of silk that separates him from what he wants. His body stiffens as he gently pushes his hips into mine. Without saying a word, I take his hand and lead him to the front of the house. The streetlights are out and the stars couldn't be any brighter. I remember one of our fantasies and if we have to say goodbye, then this will be the way to do it.

I place myself on the hood of my car and move him in between my thighs, which are aching for him. Gently, he reaches under my gown and slips off the small black panties he finds. They are quickly discarded. His hands run up my legs. The grin on his face tells me that he is pleased, as his hands run across my bare pussy. He pushes me back on the car and kneels in front of me. His lips begin to run up my thigh and then continue to the newly bare skin between my legs. The warmth of his tongue on my clit sends chills up my body as my clit hardens. The feeling intensifies as he pushes his fingers inside of me. My body begins to tighten on his fingers and I whisper, "Don't stop."

To my surprise he does just that. With a very devilish smile he explains, "You're not allowed to cum until I say so."

It is now my turn to return the wonderful agony he has just given me. I run my hands through the hairs on his chest and work my way to removing his shirt. Undoing his pants, I let my lips follow them down to his ankles. I stand and let him feel the sensation of my silky gown rub against his bare body. I gently turn him around and lay him back against the hood of the car. I run my hands from his shoulders to his knees teasing as I pass the twitching cock that is begging for my attention. I kiss all around and then when I think he will wait no longer, deeply take his begging shaft into my mouth. He obviously takes pleasure in the wet, warm mouth that has just taken him in as he tightly grabs my hair. I stay until his piece is firmly standing on its own and then tell him, "You can't cum until I give you permission."

I climb on the car and slide down on his cock. He reminds, me as he always does, "I love how wet you get."

I remind him, "You're the one who makes me that way."

He grabs me and pulls my lips against his. His bite is a bit more intense as he grabs my lower lip and pushes my hips down against him with his hands. I can feel how hard he is between my legs. Just the thought makes me want to touch myself. The moon shows just bright enough that he can see me play with my nipples. I run my fingers across his lips and then take his kisses down to my clit as I ride him harder and harder.

Without warning he decides to take control away from me and flips me back onto the car. As he steps back towards me, he places both of my feet on the bumper of the car; revealing a bare pussy begging for him to come back. He is so hard when he slides back into me. I quietly groan, "Gracious," hoping that none of the neighbors will hear.

My concerns are gone an instant later when the sprinkler system comes on. Neither of us cares. The water makes me slide on the hood each time he slides into me. He pulses quicker and quicker and then looks at me with a begging voice, "Please let me cum."

I decide that we have both waited long enough. He grabs my legs and puts my ankles on his shoulder. I run my fingers across my own lips and then transfer the kiss to my clit as I gentle began to moan.

"Cum with me." I barely get the words out. I feel a tingle all over, as my body tightens down on his cock.

"I'm gonna cum." We both said it together.

My legs tighten around his neck and my fingers around his shaft. He grabs my ass and goes as deep as he ever has. He can't pull me any closer as our bodies twitch with pleasure.

Gently, he lowers my legs and with the slightest touch runs his fingers over my very tingling body. When the sprinklers stop he teases, "I don't know what's wetter, you or the car." He pulls me up on his shoulder and we watch the stars.

He whispers in my ear, "I don't want to go."

I remind him, "You don't have to."


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