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Stalked Pt. V
by Eve

Emily was stiff with tension. All of her worst nightmares were coming true. She had come to trust Mike, and to find out that he was involved in this somehow, frightened her. Who could she trust? "I thought that something had happened to you," her lips quivered giving the impression that she was about to cry.

He took a seat on the bed beside her bound body. He leaned over and kissed her softly on the lips in reassurance, and gave her one of those smiles that had always made her heart flip. "Mike, what do you have to do with all this?" she asked barely above a whisper. "Please tell me that this is some terrible mistake," she pleaded. This time the tears ran unheeded down her cheeks.

"Shh. Angel don't cry. I don't want to hurt you. I will explain everything," he stroked her hair as if she were something very precious. He leaned over once more, this time to run his tongue along the wetness on her face where the tears had fallen. Emily turned her head away. She felt so torn. How was it possible that this man who had brought her so much fear and anxiety, bring her the pleasure that she felt? He sighed heavily and got to his feet. "Okay, I guess I should start at the beginning, and be patient, this is a long story, but I'm sure you'll realize how you come into all of this soon." He raked his hand through his hair in a gesture of frustration, as if to gather his thoughts. Emily waited silently for him to begin his story. Mike paced the floor up and down before taking a seat next to her once more.

"Well, as I told you, my father died when I was nine. We had always had a comfortable existence. Dad earned the living and Mom stayed at home and kept house. Mom was one of those women, who let the man do everything. Dad controlled the finances, and ruled the household. Mom was content to let him, so when he died, it was a bit of a shock to discover that my dad had kept a mistress. He had set this woman up in her own house and had apparently bought her expensive gifts. It had drained his resources. Our house was heavily mortgaged, and dad had been in debt. Mom's only option was to sell the house but with all the bills that were owed there was barely anything left for us to live on. For the first few months, we lived like nomads, moving from relative to relative. When we out stayed out welcome in one place we would move on to the next place," he paused for a moment as if in reflection. His mouth twisted in an ironic smile.

Reluctantly Emily's heart went out to him. She could not imagine growing up in those circumstances. Sensing her pity, his jaw tightened rigidly and he continued with his story. "Anyway, Mom did what she could, taking a job here and there, mostly cleaning people's homes and working in a grocery store as a cashier. We were able to move into an apartment of our when Mom was able to say up enough money, but of course the neighborhood was a pretty shabby affair as was the apartment we lived in. It was pretty trashy, homeless people sleeping openly on the pavement, hookers on the street corners, the blare of constant police sirens. Mom busted her ass trying to make ends meet by taking on yet another job. Steve and I helped out all we could too. Steve got a paper route, and he didn't have a bike so he would get up around three in the morning, to get the papers delivered a but risky for a twelve year old especially in that neighborhood. I would run little errands for a local shop keeper and he gave me twenty dollars a week. It wasn't much most of it went towards groceries and she let me keep five so I could get a school lunch. Sometimes that school lunch was my only meal that day.

"Mom was proud that she was able to keep us off welfare although we didn't have much. Steve and I both hated it, but we never let Mom know because sometimes when she didn't think either one of us was looking, she would cry. It tore me and my brother to see her like that but there really wasn't a lot that we could do. Things went on like this for about a year and then Mom met Robin. I don't know how they met but meeting her, had changed our circumstances for the better. It was Robin, that had made the suggestion that Mom could be making more money for doing less work, if you catch my drift," Emily could only stare back at him blankly.

"Oh, yes, I forgot that you were such a babe in the woods. Well, to make the picture a bit clear, Robin, ran a house of ill repute. A whore house. Of course I didn't discover this until much later on, but anyway Mom started working in that house. And just as Robin had said, Mom was making more money. We were soon able to move into a bigger apartment in a nicer neighborhood, and Steve and I didn't have to work anymore because Mom was making good money. Very good money. She said that she cleaned offices buildings, and in our ignorance we believed her. Mom worked nights but we saw her in the day time, and I had a pretty good life. Steve and I didn't want for anything. Robin would come and visit us often and I believe that she was my first real crush. She was a goddess, a long mane of chestnut hair, and beautiful green eyes....kind of like you actually. She was stunning. She was a big flirt and she'd make me blush all the time. I offered to marry her, but of course she told me that she would wait for me until I was a proper age. Steve was a little in love with her too," he laughed.

Emily wished that he would get to the point and soon, because her muscles were beginning to ache from being tied up and she couldn't see what any of this had to do with her. As if reading her mind he began to need her limbs, "Patience little one. It's all part of the story. It wasn't until I was about fifteen and Steve was eighteen when we found out the truth about Mom. Everything was cool, I was a sophomore, in high school, Steve was taking classes at a community college and was assistant manager at a gym. Life was pretty good. One night when all three of us were home, which was a rare thing, there was a loud banging on the door. I was the first one to the door, and when I opened it, Robin, collapsed in my arms.

"Mom was screaming and Steve was talking about calling the police. Robin, as weak as she was, was very firm about not calling the police. She was a messed both of her eyes had been blacked and blood was running out of her mouth, she was missing some teeth, and she had bruises all over her face and body from what we could tell. Mom said that we would put her up for as long as she needed to stay. Steve and I didn't know what to make of it, but neither of us said anything about it. Robin stayed with us for a couple of weeks. It was on that last night that she stayed with us that we learned the truth. I had come home that day from school, and Robin and Mom were waiting on the couch for me. They told me to take a seat so we could wait for Steve. He came home, not long after, and it was Robin, who began to tell us, about the type of business she ran.

"Like mom, she had a family to support and her husband had left her in a financial bind when he had died. That was one of the bonds she had with Mom apparently, anyway she told us how she had started out turning tricks to feed her children, and how one of her johns suggested the idea of her opening up her own service. She ran with that idea, with the help of the john who financed for her. Well, business was good but unfortunately she lost her children. She didn't say how, and we didn't ask because it seemed a raw subject to her. Anyway, she had gone on to say how she had met Mom and had gotten her involved in the business and how they became good friends. It was then she explained that a john had gotten a little rough with one of the girls, and she had gotten involved which was how she had gotten beaten up. There was no way she could go to the police with it in her line of business. Steve and I sat there stunned wondering how Mom could have done this.

"It was then that Mom explained that she agreed to go into a partnership of sorts with Robin, and she wouldn't be turning tricks anymore. As if that was supposed to make us proud! Can you fathom that? She then had told us as boldly as she pleased that she wanted our support. I was just floored because I didn't know how to react at first. Steve stormed out of the apartment without a backwards glance, and we didn't see him for days after that. I pretty much kept out of the house as much as I could coming home only for meals and sleep. I knew that it was hurting Mom the way we treated her, but we were hurting too. It was Robin who finally made us see what a sacrifice my mother had made for us. Sometimes you have to do what you have to do to put food on the table. She then went on to explain that the partnership would not be the two of them running a whorehouse, but then going into a whole different direction in the sex industries. As opposed to selling their sexual favors, they would be selling sex. They had an idea to start an adult catalogue service. Have you ever heard of that before?" He asked.

Emily shook her head.

"Oh yes, you are an innocent aren't you? But after tonight, you won't be," he promised. She shivered involuntarily. The veiled threat should have frightened her, especially since she didn't know how this story would end. His comment had the opposite affect and excited her to the extreme. She could feel a wetness seeping from between her legs. His eyes followed her squirming lower body. He smiled as his hand moved downward from her taunt belly to her swollen pussy lips. He squeezed them slightly and Emily instinctively bucked up against his hand. he played with the folded until slipping his forefinger inside, making her gasp in pleasure. He slid it in and out, loving the way her muscles clinched around his finger. "I am going to love sliding this cock in that tight cunt of yours," he murmured. Emily grew wetter, as she watched in amazement as he removed his finger and inserted it in his mouth. "Mmmm," he relished the taste of her, "and you taste good too.

She blushed furiously. He stood up and then began to pace the room. "Okay, back to the story. Now where was I.....? Oh..yes, well, I didn't understand this thing either but Robin had taken some business courses when she was in school. Steve, and I eventually forgave Mom and things were cool again. The four of us got a house with the money Robin and her had saved up over the years. They started their business in our basement. You know about LL Bean of course, well this catalogue was like that but, it featured adult aides like dildoes, vibrator, whips, porn videos. The first year was a bit of a struggle for them, but to everyone's surprise, it was a wild success.

"By this time we all moved into a huge house. Steve got into the business, and when I turned eighteen, they asked me if I would be in it. I worked with them, but my heart wasn't really in it at the time, so I went to school, and started working on my teaching degree. That my dear is the family business. Most people wouldn't admit to having heard of us, but a lot them have. We're international now," he said proudly.

"But what does that have to do with me?" she finally voiced the question that was on her mind.

"Listen and you will find out. One of my first girlfriends in college was into the kinky stuff, I mean like S and M. I won't get into another long drama about it, but she gave me a taste for it, and I haven't gone back since. I find that I like the be the dominator. I found a club that I meet people who enjoy my lifestyle as well, ordinary people by day, but we gather every now and then I have for a little fun. There are about eight people in this little club, excluding myself, two males, four females. I believe that you've met Zeke."

Emily's eyes widened trying to comprehend what she was telling him. "Ah I see that you're trying to figure out how this all fits together. Well, I didn't start this little thing until after we met so let me tell you where this all comes in. I was substituting at your school and I was stunned when I saw you. I was bowled over. You looked like Robin, but a younger version and I couldn't help wondering why you always seemed to melt in the background because you were such a beautiful girl. Against my better judgment, I asked you out. I knew that I shouldn't but you intrigued me. You turned me down but that was okay, that night I was talking to mom on the phone and I told her all about you and your uncanny resemblance to Robin. Mom made a big deal about knowing what your name was. I told her. She said that she would call me back.

"I didn't think much of it but Robin called back and asked me in detail all about you. I told her and then she broke down in tears. It all came out then that she had had a son and a daughter, and there had been a freak accident and her son fell down some steps and broke his neck while she was sleeping. The state had found her an unfit mother, and took her daughter away. Apparently they put her in the custody of her only living relative. A spinster aunt. Your mother was never set eyes on you again, because your aunt Ruth moved away without leaving a forwarding address."

Emily was stunned. "My alive?"

Mike shook his head sadly. Emily's heart beat fast. How could this all be? It sounded so improbable. "When I disappeared, because of that family crisis, it was because Robin, had gotten into an automobile accident. She was coming to see you."

"But Aunt Ruth said....."

"Your Aunt lied to you. You mother was very much alive and she wanted you with her, but she didn't know where you were. She also left you a very wealthy young woman."

"But.....why have you...why have you done this to me."

"Emily, it started out with me coming to find you, and tell you everything but I saw you walking home one day from the bus stop and you were still the same dowdy little thing you were three years ago. I wanted to wake you up. I knew when I left you that first time that I would come back for you. You just weren't ready for me then, especially with your upbringing, but I think you're ready now. It was me who put the book in the book drop. I got this idea in my head to make you realize that you are a beautiful and sexy woman. I only wanted to keep it to a few phone calls and little things like the underwear. That was me by the way who took the pics and there are no more pictures, that was Zeke's idea. I got Zeke involved to throw the scent off me. I forget that he gets a little over zealous at times. I wanted it to just be a secret admirer thing. He got into the whole thing and ran with it."

"But he called you Master....." she pointed out not understanding how this all worked.

"Yes, I am in a sense, because I am the leader of this club and they all call me that, I suppose someone has to be. He listens to me, but I never gave a him limit of what he could and couldn't do with you although I told him that he would not harm you physically. The trashing your house thing, was a bit much, and I'll deal with him later on that but, really this is all just a game to him, and I keep him around because he keeps the other slaves in line."

"Do you ever....punish people?"

"Sometimes. Look, I've wanted you since I first saw you, but I won't keep you against your will. We can talk some more about this later, if you want, but right now, I want you too badly. If this is all too weird for you, say so, and I will let you, go. If not, I will call Zeke back in and we can have start having some fun." All the information that she had taken in was overwhelming. Her aunt a liar, her mother had been alive all that time, Mike into some kinky S&M thing. Why was she even thinking about this?

"Oh, by the way, if you choose to stay, you will refer to me as Master."

To be continued...

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