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Summer Visit
by Sharon Likely

As her lips closed on my hardened nipple, I closed my eyes and thought back on how it all had started. Six weeks earlier I had been talking to her on the telephone when she asked if she could come spend the summer with me. She is my eighteen-year-old niece who was about to graduate from high school. I was hesitant to let her but her pleading just gave me no choice but to say OK. I thought it would be nice to have her spend some time with me. Little did I know at that time how nice the summer would really turn out to be.

It had been more than three years since I had seen her and then it had only been for about five minutes as she headed out with one of her school friends to who knows where. I really wasn't expecting the well formed young lady that came through the gate at the airport on the day she arrived. Long, light brown hair framed her face. Light green eyes, full young lips which smiled so warmly. Her white dress flowed over her body, clinging tightly in just the right places. Her nipples just barely poked out enough to be known. Legs so shapely. She really had turned into a sexy young woman. A stirring moved through me as I looked first down, then slowly up her body.

I made my way to her and hugged her. She seemed to fit so nicely against me. Almost as if planned our breasts pressed together and she held tightly to me. Immediately, I felt my nipples harden and a tingle passed over me. Her tender body felt so nice against me and I was so tempted to kiss her young lips, but it just was a passing desire as we separated. I looked deeply into her eyes and felt she did the same to mine.

"My, how you have grown Phyllis!" I said as I once again looked down and up her body.

"Aunt Sharon, it is so good to be here. I thought that flight would never end. I tried to rest but it was almost impossible to." Phyllis said.

"Well, let's get your luggage and get out of here." My arm moved around her waist and started leading her away from the gate. I felt the swaying of her hips as we started off. "When we get home, you can get all the rest you want."

It felt wonderful striding through the airport with Phyllis. I know we turned some heads as we walked holding onto each other chatting about how good it was to see each other and how we both had changed. It seemed like in no time at all we were in the car and heading home, my hand moving over to touch her smooth skin and cover her hand during the drive. We arrived at home and soon I was helping her get settled in her room which was next to mine. The thoughts that were going through my mind I knew were wrong but were there anyway. Later that afternoon alone in my bedroom I let my fantasies go and plans were put into motion to have her sweet young body.

We spent the next two days learning more about each other. I grew to feel like she was more of a sister than a niece. Shopping, sightseeing and just spending quality time together brought us closer and closer. I had several chances to see almost every inch of her. I made it easy for her to see me too.

It was going to be a hot day and I decided to try to get some sun on the patio before the heat. Usually I had just lain around in shorts and a halter or tank top on the chase lounge. That day I had put on a teal one piece swim suit that showed more than it covered. Taking the lounge and rolling it away, I spread a blanket down. I was hoping Phyllis would join me so I took a large bottle of wine and two glasses out and waited.

I wasn't sure how long it was before I heard the glass door slide open. I had kinda of dozed off and as I looked up there came Phyllis. She was wearing a light lavender cotton top with string straps and denim short shorts. Her hair reflected the sun's rays and her breasts bounced with each movement, nipples clearly defined pressing against her top.

"Good morning sleepy head." I said as I patted the blanket motioning her to come sit beside me.

"I wasn't sure if you had gone anywhere when I woke up and didn't see you. Been out long?" Phyllis said.

"Long enough to need some of this." I told her as I reached for the bottle of wine. "Want some?"

"Uh, sure" she said and reached for the oil.

I watched as she let drops out on her legs and started rubbing it in. I poured us both a glass of wine and set them between us. She put some oil in her hand and rubbed it across her firm young belly, raising her top and exposing more of her flesh. I was torn between my desire to watch her and desire to reach out and touch her. Her exposed flesh glistened with the sunlight and oil mixture. She moved the thin straps aside as she applied oil to her shoulders, the top sliding down to just cover her hardened nipples.

She reached out and picked up her glass of wine. "You should use some of the oil Aunt Sharon" she said after taking a sip.

"Guess I could at that." I reached out for it but Phyllis grabbed it first.

"Turn over and let me do it." Looking into my eyes and moving over closer she poured some into her hand and set the bottle down.

I turned face down on the blanket and closed my eyes as her hands started to move on my leg. It felt so good having her oil my skin. As her hands moved up to the bottom of my swim suit and I was sure she noticed how wet I was. I let out a soft sigh as her fingers came close to my mound. It seemed like she lingered there longer than she had to but I wasn't objecting. I pressed back to her as she moved her hands around the sensitive area. She lingered there longer than I thought she had to and I was sure she noticed how my breathing had quickened. Her hands moved off my legs and I reached out for my wine and emptied the glass.

Phyllis poured more oil into her hand and was soon rubbing it onto my shoulders. "MMmmmm" I purred. "That feels so good."

Her hands smoothed the oil across my shoulders and down my back, tracing a line just inside my bathing suit. She seemed to hesitate at the top of my rear. Then she traced up my back and over my neck. I wanted to turn over and pull her down on top of me but fought it back.

"O.K. turn over Aunt Sharon" she said as she slapped me on my rear. She was finishing her glass of wine as I rolled over closer to her.

I watched as her eyes looked up and down my body. My nipples were hard and pointed. I felt the wetness below and hoped it didn't show through. I looked at her hard nipples pressing against her top.

"Can we have more wine?" she asked holding both glasses out to me.

I reached the bottle and shakily poured. After filling the glasses, I set the almost empty bottle down and reached up to take my glass from her. We both took a sip and I then emptied mine before setting it down. I saw her eyes drop down to my breasts and stare at them. I carefully moved one of my hands over and placed it on her hip.

"You don't want to get lines" Phyllis said. She pulled the strap holding the front of my suit over my head and let it hang down. My breasts almost fell out as she took me by the shoulders and pushed me down on the blanket. Carefully she rolled the top part of my suit till it just covered both my nipples. She reached up past me and got the oil.

I looked up at her through partially opened eyes. The top covering her breasts slid up and they were almost against my face. I moved my hand up and lightly brushed one of them. I then dropped it to one of her thighs.

She slowly raised herself and poured more oil into her hand and set the bottle down. Her hands, once again covered with oil, went to my shoulders and moved spreading the oil downwards. She moved them to the top of my breasts and then up to my neck. Her palms slid down and pressed along the exposed parts of my breasts once again. I pressed up to her as her fingers moved under the fabric covering me and gently squeezed upwards. I moved my free hand up and placed it on hers. I moved her hand under mine so she was directly on my nipple. She moved her other hand to the other nipple.

"Oh Yes!" I hissed as her oily fingers closed on my nipples and pinched them. I opened my eyes and watched as she slowly lowered her head and opened her sweet mouth. It was as if she had done this many times before, her tongue darting out and licking around one hard nipple. Her soft lips kissed, covered, and then her teeth gently raked over it causing me to press up harder to her.

My hand moved up behind her head and held her to her task. My other hand which had been squeezing her thigh, was pressing against the zipper of her shorts. As my fingers moved down, I felt the wetness that had soaked through. My fingers found the edges of her shorts and pulled them aside. Her juices were slick and hot as my fingers moved across and through her slit. She moaned and pressed her thighs together, holding tightly onto my hand as my fingers moved around.

I pulled her head from my breast and up. Her eyes were full of want and desire. Her parted lips were wet with her saliva and I pulled them down to mine. Our tongues moved around together and we sought to cover each others mouth with our lips. Her hands moved through my hair and caressed my neck. She slid her body down so she was laying mostly on top of me, one of her legs pressing between my thighs, rubbing against my wet mound. I felt her wetness on me, humping my leg.

Pushing her back I looked up at her and said, "I think we better go inside."

It was as if we had done this many times before. She rolled off me and up onto her knees. Taking my hand she helped me raise and we came together as we stood, kissing each other. We held onto each other as we walked into the house and down the hallway to my bedroom. She came into my arms again as we stood by the bed. Her hands came up behind my head as we once again passionately were kissing. Our lips parted only momentarily as I lifted her top off. Her young breasts were in my hands and my fingers were pinching the hard nipples. Her moans were on my lips as our tongues swirled together. She moved her hands down and pushed the swimsuit down past my hips, it fell to the floor and I felt the cool air on my hot wet mound. Phyllis's hands moved up and captured my breasts and did the same I was doing to her. We moaned into each others mouths. I moved one hand down and fumbled with the front of her shorts till I had the button open and was unzipping them.

Phyllis moved her lips off mine and onto the nape of my neck. Her hands continued to caress my breasts as her shorts fell to the floor and she stepped out of them. I saw our naked reflections in the mirror, I thought how wrong this might be, making sweet passionate love with my niece. But I couldn't have stopped. Slowly the image disappeared as we lay on the bed. She moved on top of me, gently biting on my neck, nibbling her way down to my breast again. Her mouth sucked my nipple, and one hand moved down to cover my mound. Her moist mound was rubbing against my leg, her juices wetting me. She expertly bit and sucked my breasts while moving her fingers up and down through my slit. I pressed back to her, and my thought of "This is wrong" changed into moans of "YES, HARDER, DEEPER MORE!".

She increased her tempo when she heard my moans and soon her mouth was sliding on downward. Her legs came up and she parted her knees across my shoulders, her mound opening before me. My arms went around her thighs and as I felt her face lower onto me, I slowly ran my tongue up and through her sweet juicy slit. Her juices filled my scenes. She sucked me and ran her tongue all through my swollen mound as I did her too. Her fingers entered me as mine entered her. As I pressed up for her, she pressed down onto my face. I was the first to explode with an intense orgasm and moaned deeply into her. As she felt my body tense she closed her mouth over me and drank. Not long afterwards, she raised herself up and was soon moving her mound against my mouth. Her moans became louder and louder. Her cum poured out to me and I licked her juices until she collapsed on top of me.

Soon afterwards, before the sensations ended, Phyllis moved around and lay in my arms, panting against my oil-covered skin. I held her tightly and savored the feel of her soft young flesh on mine. Her wet mound pressed down on mine. Our juices mixed as we lay there. My hard nipples pressed up against hers and it wasn't long before my hands started exploring her body.

Phyllis started kissing my neck and soon was kissing my breast. She moved her hips and rubbed her mound harder into mine. As her lips closed on my hardened nipple, I closed my eyes and thought how wonderful the rest of the summer would be.


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